Are you the ocean? Or the wave?

Seriously, are you the ocean or the wave right now?

And do you have a choice?


I am the ocean.

I just remembered that yesterday. It helped a ton!

There’s a statement in the Bhagavad Gita that I sometimes repeat to myself while meditating (thanks to my friend Dan for sharing it with me years back):

“As the rivers flow into the ocean, but cannot make the vast ocean o’erflow, so flow the magic streams of the sense-world into the sea of peace that is the sage.”

I have loved the feeling behind that imagery.

But I hadn’t thought of it recently, until yesterday, as I did my inner connection journaling.

I have felt a bit bugged by things lately. More easily ruffled. And somewhat unsettled internally.

But as I wrote yesterday about the external things that were bugging me, I realized it was me, inadvertently playing the victim.

Then I remembered who I am: I am the ocean!

I am still and calm beneath the surface.


Unbuggable. 😄

Immovable, yet totally flexible.



In control.

A calming force.

Impervious to external circumstances.

I flow calmly through all storms and discomfort.

Wind and storms may ruffle my surface, but they can’t penetrate to disturb my peace or change my state.

When I forgot who I am it was easy to think I was the wave, and then of course I was annoyed!

The wave is in control of little. Blown around at the whim of every passing gust of wind.

But the ocean lives in rhythm with life and nature.

It is always at equilibrium.

And I am the ocean!

Turbulent waters flow into me and they instantly become calm.

I love being the ocean! It’s the best! 🙂

And by the way…you’re the ocean too 🙂

(Just in case you were stumped by my first question)

You just gotta remind yourself sometimes.

Make today amazing!


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