Are you talking to yourself?

If so…good!! Keep doing it!

Most of the time that question “are you talking to yourself?” is used as a derogatory statement – questioning someone’s sanity.

Sometimes we’re surprised in life to discover that what we thought we knew is suddenly flipped on its head and we embrace the exact opposite.

In this case – my personal view is that NOT talking to oneself regularly is actually much crazier than talking to oneself.

Here is the reality that a lot of people are not seeing: We all have a source of infinite intelligence within our own self.

Knowing that – couldn’t it be considered ‘insanity’ to not be tapping into it?

Are we frantically searching for answers everywhere EXCEPT there?

And then wondering why we can’t figure out what’s going on in our life?

I got this touching question in my inbox just now:



I am in a relationship, almost a year now. I have never been happier being with someone. I truly know that he and I are meant to be together. He treats me like a queen.

I have a problem with trust issues, I think its from past relationships, and I can’t seem to let go of the past.

I am worried this is detrimental for us.

How can I let go of the past?

I’ve thought of counseling, but too much money…… I just don’t know.

Last night I asked him who he called during the day. I’m so done with my not trusting completely. Why am I even like this?!

I cried half the night.



These are deep questions.

I don’t know the answers.

Here’s what I do know…

…I know this is happening for your learning, growth, and happiness and I’m proud of you for seeking to know yourself.

…I know that the practice of personal writing daily about these type of questions with pen on paper in a journal is the best practice I have ever found in discovering answers to my challenges.

This is the best thing I can recommend everyone do who has questions in their life:

Ask your inner voice.

You actually have all the answers within you believe it or not.

Write your questions on paper.

Dump out your souls concerns and ask why whenever you wonder it.

Then listen for the answers.

Then just write whatever thoughts come to mind.

If none come to mind, try to answer your own questions.

Just guess!

Think of possible reasons in your mind.

Write them down. There’s no right or wrong…this is an exploration. It’s a conversation with your self. Open up the dialogue!

You will be amazed at the infinite source of knowledge and intelligence within you if you start doing this.

This is a fundamental practice that anyone can use, any day of their life to find peace, guidance, and direction.

It will become more natural with practice and you will see amazing things come out of the tip of that pen some days.

You are wise beyond what you know – or there is a source of wisdom that can flow through you – however you want to see it

The habit of writing and all of its amazing power and intricacies will be my entire focus for a month in December with all daily TAL training members…

…And I can’t wait 😉

This is such a fun topic for me…I love it!

The habit of journaling is the foundation of how I create the life I want.

There are 8 different practices and strategies I use to get massive value from journaling…

…I’m super excited to share them with you.

Writing is one of the main tools that bridges the gap between you are your soul.

Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Click Here To Join 5 Minute Mental Mastery for guidance on connecting to your amazing inner voice.

P.P.S – And meanwhile – just start talking to yourself more regularly in writing! And let me know your experience…I’d love to hear from you.

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