Are you letting your smart-phone silently rob you?

For many thinking consciously, rather than just letting thoughts happen, is a big challenge.

Let’s talk about it…I don’t like hiding from challenges.

I think it’s far too easy for us to go through life without ever making the effort to guide our thoughts in a focused manner.

But thinking is the source of power!

It should not be overlooked.

OK then…think about what?

What you want of course!

Quite often we find ourselves busy escaping the act of thinking because we have defaulted to the pattern of thinking about everything we don’t want to happen, which feels horrible.

So to escape horrible, we fill up our head with whatever is easiest, most soothing, and habitual:

Email, social chatter, a book, TV, whatever.

Anything but that negative voice that makes us feel void.

There’s another way.

Your thoughts are things and they create your world and you get to choose which ones you think.


The most important thing is to first accept responsibility for this

Are you filling your head with meaningless chatter?

Or even uplifting things that could be much better?

What about you? What do YOU want?

Why not think about that?

That is how you create the reality you want.

If you constantly fill your head with other people’s thoughts, then you can expect to live out other people’s lives and agendas.


Think your own thoughts.

Spend every spare moment envisioning your desires, creating crystal clear pictures in your mind, allowing excitement, and feeling amazing.

Create the habit of getting excited about your visions for life in your mind when you are ‘in between things’ rather than letting your so called ‘smart phone’ phone silently rob you of your dreams through distracting your powerful mind.

Your clear visions will come to pass, if you keep them in mind.

And meanwhile, you feel fantastic.

It’s a win/win = Amazing life achieved right here and now.

Write them down, review, re-envision.

I’ll leave you with this: Why not choose the world you want to live in?




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“I have to admit that I did feel my frustration level drop a couple of levels, and it surprised me!” – Betty

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