Are you being broken? Or refined?

The TAL website is back up thankfully! It’s not fun being hacked. We’re up now and running now though on a new server with a new host.

So I’ll be posting a new podcast episode this week, and all the other podcasts and blog posts and resources are available again for those of you asking.


Today I want to share how inspired I am by so many members of the TAL family.

Just recently in the TAL Mastermind, a couple members have been sharing some pretty intense situations with health challenges they are dealing with.

Betty said:

“I’m down to 116 now, from 230 a year and a half ago…without trying”

She cannot find the reason and she’s spending days in the hospital doing tests to no avail.

And here’s what she says in the midst of that, after writing many of the positive things she is grateful for:

“Just remember, everything is conspiring for my benefit! THIS IS A TRULY AMAZING LIFE!”

And she truly believes that. It’s real. She truly feels blessed and grateful despite her circumstances.

And Paul said this recently:

“I’m just back from my urologist and multiple tumors were discovered in my bladder. Finding it very hard right now. First discovered my liver, then pancreas and now my bladder.”

And in the same paragraph he said this:

“I did it before and I will do it again, My Creator, My God, I know just isn’t finished with me yet. I have a story to tell to the nations, this is a TAL, I may never know what to expect but something good has always happened as a result.”

I am inspired by you Paul.

We are so blessed.

When we can exhibit the courage that leads us to that faith and trust, we see that life is beautiful.

Despite our circumstances, we can rejoice when we see the truth of our greatness, God’s goodness, The universes goodness, the inherent goodness of life.

The power that created us loves us beyond our physical ability to comprehend.

But we can feel it when we quiet the noise, the distraction, and the lies.

Knowing that and feeling that love is the source of my positivity and optimism.

This line was underlined and jumped out to me as I opened my book of scripture this morning:

“I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.” (Isaiah 48:10, 1 Nephi 20:10)

We are all being refined, not destroyed.

It takes immense heat to refine silver. The beauty comes through the refining. It’s the same with us.


We are free to choose to believe or not believe that everything is conspiring for our benefit.

Why not choose the positive?

Life is so much more fun that way.

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. It’s determined by what we choose to believe.


Make today amazing!


P.S. – Come join us in the TAL Mastermind, share your journey, inspire and be inspired with the optimistic energy that is powerfully combining there.

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