We are the TAL Family

We stand against all mediocrity!

We reject the status quo!

Good is not good enough! ‘A Good Life’ is a tragedy. To settle for ‘good’ is to sacrifice our birthright of amazing!

This is a Truly Amazing Life and it deserves to be lived that way.

We Stand For Freedom!

Freedom from the suffering and bondage of false beliefs.  We all suffer at times and we are here to help each other.

Freedom is not something we achieve once and then we are done. It is something we stand up and fight for valiantly every day of our entire life as a team and a family. Freedom is a way of life and we lose it when we don’t stay committed to it. But it is not won alone. It is won when hearts are knit together in love and unity for the same cause.

We choose to stand back up each day and fight for our personal internal freedom the rest of our lives.

Physical, Spiritual & Mental, Emotional & Relational, and Financial Freedom. We strive daily for more freedom in each of those areas until the day we die.

Freedom is not black and white. It’s a long scale scale and we can always be more free.

We may be entrenched deep in mental bondage or soaring through the air in peaceful liberation, or anywhere in between, and there will always be limiting beliefs holding us from moving farther up the scale.

We are committed to releasing limiting beliefs and lies that hold us back.

We believe the truth will always set us free.

Our mission is to expose limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering beliefs in our own heart and mind and to help every other person who desires the same to live a Truly Amazing Life of freedom.

There are enough naysayers and negativity promoters who want others to be miserable like them. We feel for them, we wish them happiness, but we will not be deterred from helping those who are crushed right now under the weight of the crumbled building of negative, false, oppressive thoughts and lies. Who are desperately, though often silently and inwardly, calling out for help.

We are here to help any who are suffering who want to be free.

We hold high the banner of a Truly Amazing Life for all to see. And extend our hand and our heart openly to all we hear calling for help.

The Truly Amazing Life Rally Cry

We speak to all who feel deeply that there is more to life than you have yet realized.

To anyone mired in mediocrity

Feeling stuck due to fear of criticism, or the unknown. Wanting to take a leap of faith, but not trusting yourself, or your God, or anyone.

So you stay where it’s safe. Quiet your ambitions. And stay with what’s comfortable, while inwardly deeply longing for something more. To fulfill your true potential. To be who you were born to be. To let your heart’s song out, into the public, for all to see, haters and lovers.

To anyone sabotaging yourself

Pummeling yourself daily with self-criticisms, self-doubt, self-loathing, mad at yourself for who you are.

Hating your actions and despising yourself. Putting on a happy face but inwardly disgusted. Going to food, or drugs, or alcohol, for comfort. Or any other mindless habit where you escape from the dysfunctional dialogue you constantly, unwittingly deluge upon yourself.

To escape the pain for a moment. Only to find more pain afterward, and a vicious cycle. Just relieved when the day finally ends and you can close your eyes. Exhausted from the torturous effort of the near constant internal battle raging. Sometimes wishing you could just not exist.

To anyone going through the motions

Bored, unfulfilled, trudging through the rut of life you are in, finding momentary pleasure in TV, or movies, or hobbies, or family & friends, but living with an undercurrent of unspoken dread for the next morning, knowing there must be something more, but not knowing what, or where to look.

To anyone bombarded with pain and sickness

Feeling hopeless. Daily barraged with pain and despair. Unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Relying on drugs as the only relief, and even that’s not enough.

Not having suitable answers, and crushed under the oppressive mental weight and anxiety of the unknown future pain.  Feeling oppressed by a medical system that is unable to offer cures, only temporary relief with negative side-effects.

To anyone content and comfortable.

Content with your good life. Content with your comfortable salary, your comfortable home, your comfortable relationships, your comfortable space. But in quiet moments when the TV and the noise goes away deathly fearful of the quiet because you realize you are dying inside.

To all who wanted the comforts of life, and fought hard for them, and sacrificed, and now achieved them! And took some pleasure in that. But now it’s waning. And you realize you are not truly happy.

And now you want desperately to get out of your comfort zone! To be deeply fulfilled and happy. To live the Truly Amazing Life you really wanted all along but mistook for the comforts of life. Realizing now if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

To anyone who feels alone

Even surrounded by friends, or family, or co-workers feeling isolated in your own mind. Nobody to turn to, no love being exchanged. Everyone sitting at the same table but with hearts miles apart, distracted by phones, or just internal chatter. Desperate loneliness engulfing you and not knowing how to interact, to love, and be loved by the people surrounding you on all sides.

Feeling like nobody understands your pain, so you mask it and keep moving along. Trying to convince yourself that this must be normal, but knowing there must be so much more.

And finally, to anyone who believes that This Is A Truly Amazing Life

We raise the rally cry to all who are ready to live a Truly Amazing Life to stand up. Join together. Continue to take a stand for yourself. For your own sake. For the sake of your life, that precious gift, that you won’t squander it.

That you will devote yourself fully, for every precious remaining moment you have on this planet, to the pursuit of love, growth, celebration, enjoying each moment, giving to others, empowering others, smiling, remembering who you are, creating art and beauty, progressing your worthy ideals, thinking faithfully, and always believing that this life was meant to be lived amazingly and not just ‘gotten through’ or survived.

We are here for each other.

To wake each other up to life each day, to love each other, to serve each other, and to experience an abundance of joy, embracing the pleasure and the pains of life and fully living them together!

We are the TAL Family!

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Aaron Kennard
Chief Life Lover
Truly Amazing Life Inc.