A quick story about your big scary fear

A quick story about your big scary fear

Let me tell you a quick story.

I hope it gives you more power to live the truly amazing life you were born to live.

This morning I browsed over to Amazon and saw this review of “The Positive Thinking Secret” on Amazon:

1 Star – This is not a self help book

“I downloaded this book as I thought it would give useful tips for positive thinking. It was actually just the grotesque details of a mans battle with colitis. It contained emails between him and his wife and journal entry’s. This book was free but I would still not recommend it.” – Jo, Amazon reviewer

Then directly below it, the day before sat this review:

5 Stars – This book changed my perspective on life

“I read many books about positive thinking and all of them were saying the same things, but none of them was as good and useful as this one. This book is very different and very well done. The story of this book is definitely imprinted in my mind and it’s impossible to forget it. I am sure I will always remember and use this “secret” in my life. I have already done it and it absolutely works. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to be always positive and happy about life.” – Oana Latascu, Amazon reviewer

Wha? Huh? [head scratchy scratch] Could there be more polar opposite opinions?

When I was writing and first publishing the book there was fear of rejection, of people hating it, of being laughed at, or ignored, or I dunno – fears are irrational – I just know there was fear.


You’ve felt it.

You know what I’m talking about.

You probably feel it right now toward something.

If not, you need a goal.

Cause if you’re not facing some fear, I would bet you’re nowhere near the edge of your comfort zone and you’re probably not growing. And as you know…if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

So set a goal – don’t go dying on us!


Back to the story –

But acting anyway, I published the book. In all its truthful detail. I didn’t hold back. Total exposure to the real me.

In complete vulnerability I pushed ‘publish’.

To the entire world. For all to see. For all to judge. For all to criticize, or condemn.

But also, for all to potentially benefit from.


And what happened?

Now I get heart-felt emails and reviews of thankfulness, sometimes multiple per day, for what the experience has done to positively impact someone’s life.


So am I worried about the naysayers?

Not anymore.

Now I embrace the negative reviews. They don’t bother me, because they confirm to me that I spoke the raw truth from my soul.

If we’re not striking nerves, we’re probably not getting to the root of the matter.

It confirms to me that I was authentic.

And that’s going to make some people mad.

Some will hate that, for whatever their reasons.


But it is also deeply impactful for those who need to hear it. For whatever their reasons. And so I’m grateful for it all.


Now back to you –

What are you afraid of?

That you know in your soul is right and good?

Or at least that you feel deeply drawn to do?

Are you afraid of critics, of polarization?


Just do it.

Don’t think.

Follow your heart.

Your heart is right.

Listen to your heart.

You can’t please everyone NOR should you want to!


There will be haters. There will be mockers. There will be naysayers. There will be doubters.

Don’t let yourself be one of them.

Know that, and do it anyway.


And have faith, because when you are true to you – you won’t go wrong. And if you are not true to you, well…it’s pretty much impossible to go right. There will always be a nagging doubt, a pestering wonder whether you fulfilled your true potential.

And regret.


Let’s stay uncomfortable!

Let’s keep living the truly amazing life we were born to live.



P.S. – If you’ve read my book, and haven’t left an honest review on Amazon yet, I’d REALLY appreciate you posting a review there. Whether it’s 1 star or 5 stars, it’s valuable and helps the people who need the message to hear it. Click here to leave a review real quick. Thank You!

Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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