A limiting-belief exposing conversation

How are you feeling?

Are you living in a state of love, enthusiasm, and peace of mind right now?

I hope so.

I know it takes daily vigilance to stay in that place though. At least it does for me.

Some seasons of life seem to flow easier, and other seasons seem to require more effort to stay connected and present to the pure joy of life.

But regardless of the season, we absolutely can live in a state of joy each day if we truly want to.

Here’s something that helped me get back to that place today.

Christine openly shared this in the TAL Family facebook group this morning:

“The last couple of days have been hard. How do you all keep faith and a positive attitude when you’re mind is playing extra hard with the negativity? I’m still saying the affirmations and everything. Just didn’t feel the same as all the other days of the last couple of weeks.”

As I began reading the ensuing conversation, and then responded, it opened my heart…

…Which coincidentally had been feeling similar to Christine’s.

Here’s how part of the conversation went:


John replied:

“Sometimes when we choose to make changes to ourself for the better, our conditional mind tries to hold us back. That is what we know. Do not worry, this is normal. Do not give it any power.”

“Keep doing what is making you feel good. Do not worry, it will feed the negative. Pray and stay focused on all of the positive in your life. You got this.”

“Remember to have patience. You are moving on the right direction, it takes time. Trust me I experienced the same thing.”

Christine replied:

“Thanks John, what you are saying make sense. However, I’m by nature a worry wart and having a lack of patience lol. I’ll try to relax and let the process work. I can’t give up, I want these changes in me to much!!”

In her response I noticed a belief she was holding onto that is not only not serving her, it is actually sabotaging her efforts. So I replied:

“One affirmation you may consider adding to your daily list is this: ‘I am calm, serene, trusting, at peace with my circumstances, and patient by nature.’

“Based on what you said, deep down you believe you are a worry wart and impatient.”

It’s really helpful if we can allow people to reflect back our words to us, because it exposes our beliefs. The process of affirmation is the very process of changing your deeply rooted beliefs.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t want to keep being an impatient worry wart, do you?”

“If not, the first step is to believe that you can actually change your nature. You absolutely can. And that is exactly the point of affirmations.”

“Step two is to craft the truth into a statement that you want to believe.”

“Then step three is to simply make your subconscious believe it through repeated affirmation. You can replace any belief you want if you repeat it to yourself consistently enough with feeling.”

“I just gave you a new affirmation for step two (which is easy, just write down the opposite of whatever negative belief it is you want to change). So now you just need to do steps 1 and 3 :)”

“What do you think? Do you believe it?”


It’s a lot easier to spot limiting beliefs in others than to see them in ourselves.

One of my biggest challenges personally is in the area of food. If I begin thinking negatively, I can often trace it back to feeling defeated when it comes to eating healthy.

My issue is that ‘eating healthy’ for me has become a super extreme challenge ever since I recovered from a life-threatening encounter with Ulcerative Colitis.

I have now set an incredibly high standard on myself for what I want to be eating, and the feelings I feel when I deviate from that standard (which is quite often, because it’s a hard standard to live by) are strongly associated with the huge amounts of pain and fear of death that I felt when I was sick.

When I don’t live to my standard, it often produces a lot of negative thoughts and feelings inside me.

This conversation with Christine, and other similar conversations I’ve had in the last week, have reminded me that I have the ability to change my own inner dialogue about food just like everything else.

Even though it’s harder to see in myself, what I’m going to do next is write down everything I believe about food and my ability to eat healthy so that I can expose any false or limiting beliefs. Then I can craft new affirmations of truth for myself.

Then my simple task will be to repeat the truth many times each day, with feeling.

It’s a proven process that I know will have a positive impact in my life…when I take the simple action and do it.

How about you?

Do you feel bombarded by recurring negativity in a certain area?

One of the easiest ways to expose the false beliefs you may have that are opening the door to that negativity is to share with others.

That’s the beautiful thing about the TAL Family facebook group. It’s open to everyone and it’s a great, safe place to have your beliefs reflected back to you.

I encourage you to join the conversation with us over there.

I’m personally so grateful for every one of you who share so openly in the TAL Family group. Just this morning Christine’s words really helped me remember and re-connect deeper to the joy within myself.

If sharing openly in the facebook group is hard for you though, you can also do just what I described and have the conversation with yourself in writing.

In fact, regardless of whether you share with others, writing openly to yourself each day is a habit that will serve you immensely.

It’s super helpful to have other people help expose our blind spots to us…

…But simply writing down your thoughts and raw feelings on a topic is also very powerful.

When you write down your thoughts you can expose damaging beliefs that are stealthily floating around inside you wreaking havoc on your peace and hoping to get away with it as long as they can.

Once they are exposed to the light of day, then you can remove them systematically over time by affirming the truth that is their opposite.

That’s how “the truth will set you free.”

Make today amazing!



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