A couple answers to a couple foundational TAL questions

Do you ever doubt that everything is conspiring for your benefit?

Well you’re certainly not alone if so…

…And thanks to a couple great questions raised the other day…now’s a good time to re-address some foundational points of the Truly Amazing Life mindset.


Hi Aaron,

I like your program so far. I wish you would give more examples of why you said having a sore throat was a positive thing. Is it because you’re alive and you have a sore throat vs. not being alive?

Also, I wish you would explain (more) how everything is conspiring for my benefit…and give examples.

And why do you use the word conspiring? To me, it seems more of a negative word. I looked it up and it had a negative meaning. So why conspiring when we are looking for positivity?

Also, you said there is positivity in everything. How would you find positivity in violent crimes and terrorism and such?

I am a believer in positivity but so far am struggling with these things I’ve mentioned. I hope you can give me a little clarity.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and your positive attitude!

– Lori


I love those questions! Thank you for speaking up Lori!

Here’s my response:

The main reason I found that the sore throat was a good thing was because it led me to the epiphany that I can use any type of pain as a built-in reminder to express gratitude, and thus improve my own state.

These days, because of that lesson, every time I experience any type of pain my default response is to think of things I’m grateful for.

I don’t immediately feel grateful for the pain per se…

Pain has simply become a trigger to remind me to express gratitude.

Whenever we express gratitude, it shifts our heart positively.

Even if only slightly slight. Every word or thought of appreciation carries a positive impact.

Gratitude is the simplest and fastest way to improve one’s feelings and state regardless of the circumstances.

So…much more than just being alive…that sore throat transformed my life dramatically (and in fact was the catalyst that started the TAL movement which is positively impacting lives all over the world every day now).

Make more sense now?

On the next topic…

…Every time I get the sincere question, “How is everything conspiring for my benefit?” I absolutely love it!

I think it may be the most important question I want to help everyone answer within themselves – because fully adopting that belief has been the most transformational thing I have ever seen in my own and other’s lives.

The word conspiring does have a negative connotation, but it also has a positive one….

…Which is kind of cool in itself…because central to the EICFYB belief is a recognition that there is positive and negative potential in literally everything.

Conspiring is defined: working together toward a common goal.

It’s an important choice of words, because it places you firmly in the driver’s seat of your own life – by embracing a state of trust in the inherent goodness of life – and recognizing your own opportunity to make the best of every situation that presents itself to you.

Believing that EICFYB, you can be totally released from any fear or worry that you may somehow be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can simply accept and embrace this very moment as the perfect place in time for you.

With that acceptance you can now tap in to the power to find the good in this moment…somehow, some way…and turn your present circumstance to some advantage, or benefit, or goodness in the world – despite whatever horrible or evil influence may have caused the event. Or despite whatever failing, or weakness, or neglect you may have been a party to.

The fact is you are where you are, and you have the power to find some advantage or benefit to this moment – right here, right now.

This releases you from the bondage of regretting the past and worrying about the future.

It focuses you on the present moment – which is freedom.

I have written at great length on this topic…

…here are just a couple articles I recommend that will help expand your view on this important belief:

Why will I continue to ‘Bleat On’ that EICFYB?

“I don’t believe that everything is conspiring for our benefit.”

And of course there’s the book I wrote where EICFYB is the central point…and I cover many examples in the final chapter:

The Positive Thinking Secret

Finally…I read a fantastic book recently! It gives dozens of great stories of people throughout the ages making very convincing cases of how powerful the belief “Everything is conspiring for your benefit” can be in your life:

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph – By Ryan Holiday

He doesn’t use my exact words – but his entire book is essentially a very well written case for the EICFYB sentiment…

…He presented some very beautiful descriptions of the value of this belief.

Hope that all helps…

Make Today Amazing!