7 thoughts on a vulnerable share and an open invitation

I got an email this morning from a TAL Family member that opened my eyes. It became clear to me one way we can help each other live the Truly Amazing Life we want to live.

It also opened the flood gates on my tear ducts almost immediately. She shared so openly, truthfully, and vulnerably…which tends to do that to me. 🙂

I’m going to share some of her words first. Then I will give you (and her) an invitation that I think will change a lot of people’s lives.


“I am not sure why I am sending this email really. I guess I am hoping that you are somebody that cares, and that you do in fact read your emails and maybe even reply.

Your emails always sound so real, so genuine, and they always touch me in some way. Your last email really resonated with me, because I am in a place at the moment that I can only describe as limbo, a rut.

Okay let me explain a little about myself. I’m 30 years old, married and mother of two boys under 5. Other then that I haven’t achieved any else great in my life. I go around everyday carrying a great dissatisfaction with my life, I feel like I am existing as opposed to living. I guess I’m kind of in a rut. I constantly try to change my life but its like I have no discipline or lack the motivation to ever actually achieve lasting change.

I have never in my life set a plan for myself and stuck to it… NEVER!! Can you believe that? Its hard to put into words how I feel, but what I don’t understand is why I am unable to change my life.

I am just not happy, but I am trying to be. I never stick to anything I set for myself, like trying to lose weight, building up an online business from home, pursuing my dreams. I just don’t know how to change my life.

It’s really affecting my ability to be a good mother, and it’s not only that, I feel a deep dissatisfaction in my marriage. I look at my life and this is not what I had planned for myself. I wish I knew my life purpose…I wish I could feel whole and be a better person.

Okay so I’m still not sure where I am going with this email, but I felt compelled to write to you, like you are somebody that actually cares. Somebody I can tell all these things to and they are just going to understand. I know this is a little crazy, because you send those emails to thousands of people and probably don’t have the time to read one from me. For the record I have never done anything like this before, but I don’t know, I just felt the need to send this. Even if you don’t read it that’s okay, its just nice to get it out there.

My dream is to act…I get this feeling deep inside me, like I feel this is what I was born to do…it’s the only thing I have ever wanted to do with my life, tell stories that have important messages, that encourage and uplift people. But at the same time I have to find a way to raise more income from home for myself and my family In order for me to fulfil my dream.

My family is living from pay cheque to pay cheque, so times are hard. For so long I have pushed my dreams aside and made myself feel like they were childish fantasies and I wouldn’t achieve them, however reading your book was the first step to actually believing that I can achieve the dreams I set out for myself.

So as I am writing this I just had a euphoria moment, I am writing to you to have somebody that I can be accountable to.

I want to tell you exactly what I plan to do and I want to be held accountable. Somebody believing that I can achieve the things I set out for myself.

Maybe even a mentor to guide and encourage me, I am in definite need of a mentor, there isn’t anyone really in my life that is striving for more, that sees there is so much more to life.

So here’s my plan: There are 14 weeks until the end of the year, and I want to use the next 14 weeks to really transform my life. I want to give 100% to the task of working on me, changing me, making my life different.

Step one: Get Closer to God

Step two: Get Fit, healthy and lose weight

Step three: Start my online business.

That’s my three step plan, and I plan to give those areas 100%, any tips would be helpful.

Okay so that’s me, and please don’t think I am crazy or anything (although I know sending a really personal email to someone I don’t even know is a little crazy), but trust me I am perfectly sane.

Anyway thanks for reading.

God bless.”


Well, here are 7 thoughts I had for anyone who can relate to this TAL Family member’s situation:

1. If you are crazy for being so open and sincere then the world could use a lot more crazy!

2. Yes! I understand very well how you feel.

3. Your timing couldn’t be better asking for help connecting to your true self and to God and discovering your life’s purpose!

This Thursday, September 24, is the release date of my new book — Remember Who You Are! It is specificially created to help you with those exact things. You can pre-order the book right now on iTunes here, or Amazon here, or Google Play here. The system in that book has already proven transformational for dozens of people.

4. Regarding ‘Believing you can achieve your dreams’.

Yes! I can definitely help you start believing in your dreams again so that you get filled with the hope and enthusiasm that starts you acting on them. That’s the whole point of The 12 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Life book series (Remember Who You Are is book 2 in the series).

Start today by downloading my free 12-step daily checklist here. If you do those 12 things every day your life will be truly amazing. It’s inevitable.

The 12 Secrets series is all about helping you make each of those a habit — one month at a time.

5. Regarding ‘Mentors’.

Yes, you do need a mentor! We all do. And yes, I will be your mentor. But as you pointed out, it really isn’t possible for me to give one-on-one personalized help to every single person in the TAL Family. But you gave me an idea that should work, if we all work together. (See below.)

6. I love your commitment to 14 weeks of transformation! The 12 Secrets to a Truly Amazing Life series is created to help you stay focused and committed to transformation every day of the year. It is specifically intended to help you with your steps #1 and #2 above. #3 will benefit as a by-product of your progress on the first two.

And where should you start? See response #3 above. Get the new book on iTunes, or Amazon, or Google Play. It will hold your hand and guide you every day for the next 4 weeks and completely change your life.

This Book #2 is HIGHLY applicable to where you are at this exact time in your life right now.

7. I LOVE that you followed the promptings in your heart compeling you to write!

Your heart is your best advisor. It will often feel like it’s leading you into the dark. That’s because it is! It’s leading you to take steps into the dark in faith which will open up new worlds of possibility that you had no way of seeing before.

Yep, it’s scary sometimes. But learning to listen to and follow your heart in faith is an absolute imperative if you want to live a Truly Amazing Life. There’s simply no way to live a life of pure joy without a connection to your heart — a relationship with the true You.

Your email to me is a wonderful example of how to follow your heart. See how it produced fear and made made so little sense to the logical mind? Yet you kept doing it because something inside compelled you?

That’s how the heart works.

Fear is a great indicator that I’m on the right track…I feel some level of it every single time I share deeply from my heart. And that’s when the most good always happens as a result.

So what is the big idea this email gave me?

…It’s The TAL Family Facebook group!

Previously, all the 5 Minute Mental Mastery subscribers gathered in a private Facebook group called the TAL Mastermind.

Effective immediately that group is now open to everyone in the TAL Family. And I renamed the facebook group to ‘The TAL Family’.

As a subscriber to my emails, you’re a member!

Just click here and request to join the TAL Family Facebook group.

Anyone in the group can approve you to join and everyone is welcome.

Here’s why this is important and what it means for you:

This woman, like every human at some point if they are honest, was craving understanding and support. Then in the act of reaching out for that support (by writing me an email expressing her heart), her higher self stepped in and gave her the support, understanding, inspiration, and motivation she craved.

That almost always happens for me when I write from my heart.

Many times I have felt like nobody truly understands me and I can’t really share my whole self with anyone like I wish so badly I could.

But I am always led back to remembering that I absolutely can share openly any time with my higher inner self and God…just by opening my journal and writing what’s in my heart.

Every time I do that I feel completely understood.

I feel loved and I feel connected to a strong inner motivation to take action and do good.

But sometimes, even though I know that’s where I can turn for true understanding and peace, I still wish there were another person on this earth I could share completely openly with and have them relate.

I think that’s because as humans we thrive most in loving communities and families.

So here’s my invitation for you and anyone who wants to surround themselves with a loving family of people striving to live a Truly Amazing Life.

Come join us in the TAL Family Facebook group.

This an open invitation for anyone who wants to be a part of the discussion and the TAL Family community. It’s a ‘closed’ group, but all of you can invite and ‘approve’ anyone. It is closed just so we have the ability to remove people who may not follow the rules.

What are the rules you ask?

Here’s what the TAL Family Facebook group is:

Rules: Friendship, Love, Acceptance, Support, Kindness.

– This is a safe place where everyone can feel supported in sharing their dreams and their struggles.

– This is a place where we can post our goals and ambitions publicly and hold ourselves accountable to staying true to your heart, but where you aren’t going to get ridiculed if you falter. You’ll simply be encouraged and accepted and embraced for giving it your best.

– This is a place where we can openly discuss our challenges and triumphs with living true to ourselves and making each day amazing.

– This is a place where you don’t have to feel awkward about sharing from your heart because everyone in the group is only here for one purpose: To live in a state of unconditional love for everyone and everything. To live a Truly Amazing Life.

When you share in The TAL Family Facebook group, the only people who see it are other TAL Family members. It doesn’t show up on other people’s Facebook timelines who just may not get it.

Everyone who joins The TAL Family is here because we get it. We want to here truth from people’s hearts, and we want to talk openly about how to live a Truly Amazing Life, because we are no longer willing to settle for anything less ever again.

And if we do find ourselves settling, we really appreciate being surrounded by people who will lovingly lift us and remind us again of the better way.

As I write to you in the future, I intend to end my emails with a link and an invitation to come to The TAL Family Facebook group to discuss and share your thoughts and feelings…

…Rather than just replying to me only. That way everyone can benefit from getting to know each other and we can all support each other.

We are the TAL Family.

By sharing openly, vulnerably, and truthfully with each other, I know we will all lift each other in amazing ways.

I am committed to leading by example, by continuing to write frequently and share my own insights and triumphs with you. And I hope to have the courage to ask for help and support when I face my own fears and challenges as well.

As you join the conversation, and step out of your comfort zone (like this courageous woman today has), you will find that it opens you to new possibilities of growth, fulfillment, and joy in your life.

So what do you say?

Come join the TAL Family Facebook group and let us all hear your thoughts.

Look forward to seeing us grow and connect a lot more going forward as a worldwide Truly Amazing Life Family!

Make today amazing!


P.S. – Even if you’re not ready to speak up much in the group forum, still come and join so you can be lifted by the conversation. You don’t have to be super vocal to still be welcome and a valued member of the family.


Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover


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