4 Keys to Loving Life and Being Healthy and Happy

I listened to the I love marketing podcast by Joe Polish while running around in the mountains this morning and was surprised to hear him interviewing Dean Ornish.

Surprised and pleased, as it turned out.

It was refreshing to hear Dean so clearly articulate his assertions on health since they match exactly what I have come to believe and know personally.

And he’s been doing scientific research on it for 36 years!


And his research is boiled down into what is now called the ornish spectrum

You want to be healtier, FEEL better, and REVERSE or cure diseases of all types?


It can all be accomplished best by SIMPLE lifestyle choices.

Here’s what he recommends focusing on improving:

  1. What you eat
  2. How you respond to Stress
  3. How much activity you have
  4. How much love and relational support you have


Bottom line:  Improve in any of those 4 areas and you will feel better AND start reversing disease or illness.

For me this means in its most basic sense:

  1. Eat healthy food
  2. Meditate, Write, Get quality ‘me’ time daily.
  3. Exercise my body and mind daily
  4. Purposely give meaningful love and attention to my family, freinds, and community daily

And since that seems so simple and obvious, the question is, why aren’t more people doing that?

Why is it so hard for so many?


Also, do we even know what ‘heatlhy food’ is?

I used to think I did…a year ago.

Found out I was dead wrong in many ways.

But food is only ONE of the 4 main ways he (and many others) has proved in his studies.

Maybe it isn’t so obvious after all…


…in fact, I wonder how many people actually even realize the physical health implications of all those things.

Especially meditation, writing, and interestingly, most important and trumping them all…

Loving and supportive relationships!


Dean Ornish has proven through research that loving and supportive relationships are absolutely paramount to physical health and well being.

I love it.


Gives me yet another great excuse to keep moving service and acts of love to those around me higher up on my priority list every day.


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