“This has made compassion so fluid”

Carley posted this the other day on the TAL Facebook page:

“The truthful words within your book has completely changed my life and fills me with continuous joy and happiness, so I will continue to thank you.

I am also participating in the 5 minute mental mastery and this has completely empowered, strengthened, enlightened me spiritually and has made compassion so fluid because I know the truth about life, that it is Truly Amazing and that everything is conspiring for my benefit.

Yes!! Carley got it!

Take notice of the comment embedded in there re: 5MMM…

…this ‘has made compassion so fluid’


That is the Positive Thinking Secret in action.

Just like Carley said, because she ‘knows the truth about life, that it is Truly Amazing and that EICFMB’ compassion has become fluid.

Have you felt that?

That’s the essence of what I felt when I first discovered those truths.

And it’s what I feel every day whenever I remember it.

For some reason knowing that opens the door to unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others.

I don’t fully understand why.

But I know it does for me.

And for Carley.

And for many others.


And being able to go through life feeling love, compassion, and mercy toward yourself and every person you come across or even think of…that is a truly amazing life!

Can you think of a better feeling than feeling love and compassion?

That’s one reason the ‘Positive Thinking Secret’ is so powerful.

Thanks for highlighting that point for us all Carley!


Make Today Amazing!


P.S. – Go here now if you haven’t gone through 5 Minute Mental Mastery yet.

P.P.S – If you have gone through 5MMM, reply and tell me how you’re doing now, and how I can support you better going forward! I am getting close to launching the next two 30 Day 5MMM systems…hopefully in May sometime. I’d love your input as I’m finishing them so I can make them better for you specifically.

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