You only need courage when you are out of confidence

I heard that sentiment from Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach on a podcast the other day…I liked the distinction.

We may think someone is confident, when really they are being courageous.

They are way beyond the limits of their confidence and yet they are acting anyway.

This is an encouraging thought if we turn this back on ourselves…


I hear a lot of feedback from you guys and gals that a lack of self-confidence is a big struggle, one of the most difficult challenges you face.

Well…here’s a thought…forget self-confidence for a sec.

Just be courageous!

You don’t need self-confidence to act with courage.

You just need to ACT.

And the beauty is…your confidence will grow a little with each courageous act.


Remember…if you’re acting with confidence, you probably haven’t reached the level of courage yet…that only happens when you run out of confidence.

If you’re starting without it, great!!

That means there’s no better time than NOW to stand up and be fiercely courageous in acting in response to whatever you are facing.


On that topic, the 4th letter of my A2Z of a TAL:

D – Dare

“It takes courage to live a truly amazing life. You have to dare to stand up to your own fears. The essential actions are:

Stop settling for mediocre and
Start living life fully right now!

Stop worrying about the future and all the potential problems and
Start creating the life of your dreams right now!

Stop waiting for tomorrow to be happy and
Start feeling good right now!

Stop complaining about the lack, hardship, or pains in life and
Start being thankful for the every single thing!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and
Start empowering others to greatness right now!


Go forth! Make something happen today.


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