You can escape stress and anxiety fast with this one shift

I mentioned I would share my brief story about how the habit of MOVING MY BODY transformed my life…

Here it is in as brief a version as possible:


[insert image of fatness]

I felt weak, tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy, burned out, discouraged, anxious, & unconfident.

Finally something inside me snapped and I suddenly refused to accept that state of being anymore.

I made ONE COMMITMENT to myself.

I would MOVE MY BODY vigorously FIRST THING every day before any other distraction.


[insert a few months later image]

I don’t look happy in that picture, but I felt much more confident, strong, happy, joyful, & playful with life in general…


That picture shows 7 months later…and as you can see I didn’t lose TONS of weight…just 12 pounds.

But what’s important is I BEGAN FEELING GOOD INSTANTLY when I started moving.

Even though my outside circumstances didn’t change immediately, my inner world was suddenly filled with peace, confidence and tranquility.

I can’t say I understand exactly why that is.

But I can say it is real, and it is powerful, and it was purely the result of ONE SHIFT:

A 100% commitment to myself to MOVE MY BODY vigorously every day.

The peace that filled my life rippled out into an amazing year of growth and happiness for me in EVERY area of my life in 2009:

  • My relationships were more healthy
  • My body felt better
  • My spirit was strong and I was happy
  • My business took off as I had clarity and focus


[insert a recent picture]

Since then this habit has become second nature.

I almost forgot to include it as one of the habits of the 12 pillars because I nearly overlooked how much it was benefiting me.

But it is FOUNDATIONAL to my happiness, peace, and joy in life.

If I stop moving my body for any extended period of time, I ALWAYS feel less happiness and an increase in negative emotions.


Just like I did, I believe you can create the habit of MOVING daily on your own without further help from me or anyone.


But how many times have you tried to establish the habit of daily, rejuvenating physical movement on your own and fallen short?

I don’t want that to happen to you again!

It’s just not necessary.

There is a better way…

Part of the problem we all face is a deep commitment to WHY moving daily is so important.

Let me and the TAL Family community help you succeed here!

You don’t need another blow to your self-confidence…it’s time to massively boost your inner strength.

Together we’ll be knocking out the mental barriers this month and establishing this habit one small step at a time each day.

And it’s going to be easier than you think.

  • You DON’T need to do tons of hard work
  • You DON’T need to carve out an hour or more of time every day to have this habit change your life.
  • You DON’T need a gym membership.
  • You DON’T need ANYTHING SPECIAL that you don’t already have.

All you need is 20 minutes for movement and 5 minutes for my daily training.

You and I BOTH KNOW you can find 25 minutes.

Could you find 25 minutes to focus on one important thing today if your life depended on it?


Because your life does depend on it.

Your happiness, and your long term enjoyment of life depend LARGELY on this one thing.

And I guarantee it will massively bless your life.

If you’re already in the habit of moving your body daily…fantastic!!

Maybe you don’t have a huge need for this month’s training.

But then again…the things I’m going to teach you are going to enhance upon your habit no matter where you currently are.

Quite frankly, some of us are too extreme in our exercise habits.

This month we’ll cover a that side of it too…we’ll help you find that happy balance.

Many of us are overworking ourselves to compensate for the ‘junk food’ we so desperately crave some days.

I’m going to cover the mental issues around that also…and help you begin thinking properly about this whole concept of ENJOYING YOUR BODY, YOUR FOOD, AND YOUR LIFE.

And not being a slave to food or your bodies craving for comfort.

This is very important to your freedom and ENJOYMENT of your life.

Join us in 5 Minute Mental Mastery Now.

Before the train leaves the station on Monday August 3.

Make Today Amazing!




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