Can you appreciate in advance?

There was an awesome quote I heard that I shared with the 5 Minute Mental Mastery monthly members in our training last month on the habit of appreciate:

“Life was not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect” – Dieter F. Uchdorf

He was talking about living in the present moment, and being grateful for everything that happens right now, while it’s happening…rather than just seeing in hindsight how everything was conspiring for your benefit.

But then I got this great question and comment from one member Neeraj, so I had to share.


“Sometimes, when things are not your way, you are not able to feel grateful, and even if you do express it, that feeling doesn’t accompany your words of gratitude.

And, can I appreciate for things which I want in future or which I aspire for? Because as they say, “Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect.”



I totally understand that challenge with not being able to ‘feel’ grateful.

At those moments I usually move on from that challenging topic, and search my mind and heart for something I DO feel grateful for.

Then I allow myself to truly FEEL grateful for that other thing.

Soon enough I find myself in a positive frame of mind and that tends to positively affect the way I feel about the challenging thing.

On the 2nd point…ABSOLUTELY YES!

Appreciating in advance is one of the BEST things to do!

If you can visualize yourself with the thing or the state that you want, and then allow yourself to feel deep gratitude for it, even before you have physically experienced it, that is a beautiful thing.

It increases your alignment with the thing you want, or the happy, loving state you want to achieve.

This reduces your resistance and increases your belief, so it generally speeds up the timeline of you experiencing the thing.

Plus you get the main benefit of feeling wonderful feelings of gratitude RIGHT NOW.

And that’s all we really want anyway.

Practicing appreciation is the best way to be happy right now…and you can appreciate the past, present, or future!

It’s all fair game.

Go try it…and make today amazing!!



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