Aaron:†††††† Alright, welcome to the Truly Amazing Life show.Iím your host Aaron Kennard, number one best-selling author of The Positive Thinking Secret.Today Iíve got an even more number one best-selling author, Steve Scott on the line.Howíre you doing, Steve?

Steve:††††††† Pretty good, Aaron. How about yourself?

Aaron:†††††† Iím doing fantastic.And just to introduce Steve to everybody a little bit, he has actually got dozens of books. And heís been ranked in the top 10, sometimes top number one ranked business and investing author on all of Amazon for like the last seven or eight months.Super impressive what Steve has done.Heís been on a mission the last few years.He literally like writes amazing books and publish content that brings value to peopleís lives. And so, Iím just been super impressed.And Iím honored and thrilled to have him on the line. So, welcome to this call, Steve.

Steve:††††††† Thanks for having me. Thatís a pretty large introduction.So, hopefully, Iíll live up to it.

Aaron:†††††† Well youíve done some amazing things in the author space in the time that youíve been doing it.So, itís really cool, and itís inspiring for other people.Iím really excited to hear, you know, just kind of your insights on life, actually, from just your perspective. And another piece to everybody, what Steve has focused on, is heís got a lot of books in the habit niche.Like in personal development and habit training and development, and stuff.So, itís really in-line with what we teach, what I talk about a lot in the Truly Amazing Life principles and stuff.So, thatís another reason why I was really intrigued to get Steve on the line. But, Steve, let me ask you something.As we just jump in here, this call weíre focused on what it means to live a truly amazing life.And so, before we kind of get into more about your story, or what youíre up to, just tell me what it is that makes life truly amazing to you right now?

Steve:††††††† I would say a number of things.For me, it really about finding kind of a balance.Like, Iím kind of one of those weird people who actually enjoys working.I actually kind of enjoy the process of getting up every day and building something, and I actually truly enjoy like the entrepreneurial stuff. So even when Iím like quote, unquote taking off, or what people describe as the four-hour work week, actually, that for me would be like kind of a nightmare because I actually like the process of doing stuff and making money from it.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† But I would say that a truly amazing life would be a balance of just doing what you love on a daily basis while having time to spend with people in your life.Like for me, I really make it a priority to see my parents every other week, my brother as well.I might spend time with my fiancť, friends, family that sort of thing.And also have enough time to travel, for me thatís a huge personal passion.So, I try to at least do two to three monthsí worth of traveling every single year.So, a pretty substantial part of my time, I like to just go to different parts of the world. So, I guess to answer your question, for me itís a balance of trying to do everything without like succumbing to the temptation of doing one area too much.Not exercising too much, not traveling too much, not working too much, but trying to achieve, I guess, that work-life balance.

Aaron:†††††† So, balance is a pretty huge value for you then?

Steve:††††††† Extremely. I would say that thatís the most important.Iíve just learned from my own personal experiences when I go to an extreme degree in any area of my life, overall, Iím just not as happy.Iím just kind of like working hard, and then Iím running an hour later.And Iím able to enjoy that and just kind of breaking parts of my life into smaller areas. And I just, I guess they all kind of work synergistically, I guess thatís the word.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† But they just work well together.

Aaron:†††††† I like it.I like that a lot. So, it sounds like within that balance, the things that are important to you are family, travel, work. I mean, all of that.It sounds like youíre passionate about each of those areas and wanting to include each of those in your life on a daily, regular basis.Is that right?

Steve:††††††† Yeah. I would definitely throw in exercise in there as well.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah, exercise.So, we talked about family, exercise, travel, and work, are those kind of the core areas?†††††††††††††††††††

Steve:††††††† Yeah.

Aaron:†††††† Or is there anything else that I missed?

Steve:††††††† Yeah.Thatís pretty much, and I typically tell people, I donít really live a very exciting life.But at least I try to.I enjoy it but itís not like some of these people itís a lifestyle [inaudible 04:15]. There are people that are jumping out of airplanes, and videoing themselves running down the street from bulls and stuff like that.I donít have those experiences but I do feel the experiences that I have are fun for me and other people I share them with.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Well, thatís the important thing.I mean, it doesnít really matter what other people are doing if weíre happy with ourselves, right?

Steve:††††††† Yes.

Aaron:†††††† Iím probably similar. I mean, my life probably looks pretty boring to a lot of other people. But I really feel that itís truly amazing.I love being alive and I love what I do.††

Steve:††††††† Yeah, absolutely.

Aaron:†††††† It sounds like what you do too.I mean, getting up and working.I do think thatís funny how it could seem weird that you like to work but I think thatís because thereís just such aÖitís pretty pervasive in society that we have to go to work. We have to get up, and we people doing work they donít really like doing and living for the weekend and stuff.Right?

Steve:††††††† Yeah. Absolutely. And actually, I kind of hate saying this, but I donít really enjoy the weekends.I spend the weekends with my fiancť. Sheís a 9-to-5 employee.Actually sheís a teacher.So, she works, I guess itís like 7-to-3. But, yeah, I would say by like by seven, Iím definitely kind of just like rearing to go, get back to work so I can kind of start tackling that next idea that I have.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.And it just sounds like youíre just super passionate about what youíre building then, right?†††††

Steve:††††††† Yeah, exactly. And I think thatís something about being an entrepreneur, in general.Like, I think itís the best job out there.But some people prefer kind of the 9-to-5 life.So, itís really a matter of what you enjoy.But I just, I kind of like making up my own rules.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Thatís interesting.Itís funny, perception because I think thatís potentially common among entrepreneurs because we just really get passionate about what weíre doing.And the last interview I had was a guy named Preston Ely, and he said the same thing. Heís just like, I just love Mondays. And he almost said that exact same thing.Like I donít really get into weekends because then I have to do other things that Iíd rather be working on this thing that Iím passionate about, or whatever.

Steve:††††††† Yeah.Exactly.He sounds like a fun guy.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah. Exactly.So, you would definitely relate to him.Well, thatís cool.Itís cool to hear your experience on kind of like what makes life truly amazing to you. Tell me, was it always like this for you?Were you always thrilled to wake up each day and work on something passionate like that?Or is there a time in your life where you just really didnít love life that much? Or when you were kind of more drudgery to get by, and what not?

Steve:††††††† Yeah.I would say even, definitely when I worked a 9-to-5 job, especially when I was in the military.Because you really donít have a choice of where to go, or what to do.When I had the 9-to-5 job for a couple years after that, I would say, that was pretty bad. When I had a sales job for, I think it was likeÖI didnít last that very long.I got fired from that one.But I had to do cold-call sales. And I only think I lasted a month or so.But I used to have panic attacks in the car before going to job.I didnít last very long and I truly, truly hated those jobs.But I would say, even when I run my own business, thereíre definitely some days where Iím not looking forward to doing stuff.So, itís not all what they call rainbows, and kittens, and unicorns.Itís definitely some days where Iím just not really into what Iím doing. But overall, it is enjoyable. You just have to kind of take the bad with the good.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah, definitely. Thatís cool.So, what got you into writing about habits?I mean youíve written a lot of books about habits and personal development space. What kind of spurred you into that?

Steve:††††††† I would say itís a combination of a couple things. When I first got into Kendal Publishing was 2012.And I was doing moderately well in 2013, but I was specifically focusing on affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, kind of all the different online business principles. And just one day I justÖI guess, Iíd like to give an explanation.I just got tired of just making money by just basically talking about making money. I wanted to kind of share that.With Kendal Publishing, with self-publishing, in general, you can build a business by talking about a variety of topics.And I did what some people do when theyíre trying to figure out what they want...what kind of business they want to do, or what step they want to take in their life.Is I just wrote down a bunch of my interest and the one theme that kind of came back again, and again, is the idea of habits. And I feel Iíve improved my life immensely just by adopting habits regularly and building new habits. And I just felt that by starting by writing the habits, Iíd already established and knowing that I had to write future books, it kind of acts as the impetus to start developing new, positive habits in my life.So, I guess the reason I picked that topic is because it gives me an excuse to figure out ways to improve my life and then write about each experience.So, I guess itís one of those things were the area you really want to focus on is what becomes the topic of your market.

Aaron:†††††† Thatís smart.I like that. I mean, thatís cool.Because then, youíre passionate about what youíre doing. I could see that would really lead into you loving what youíre doing every day because itís the area that you want to grow in. Right?

Steve:††††††† Yeah. And thereís actually, I forget thereís an actual concept. But I forgot the name of it. But just when you look at something, and when you learn about something, you see the world a little bit differently.Like as an example, Iíve always been kind of a person that collects stuff.And Iíve really started to kind of develop the minimalist decluttering kind of mindset.And even doing this one habit for the last month or two, Iím really starting to see the world a little bit differently, about how we donít need stuff, and how you can reduce the amount of clutter in your life.And so actually, in fact, sometimes even feel better about yourself.Itís just weird like when you just start developing these little ways of improving your life, you start to just not only improve, but you start to look at things around you a little bit different.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Yeah, absolutely.That is very cool.So, what are the habits that kind of are most important to you? And maybe, letís talk about some of those that youíve either developed, or taught about that you think would make life the most amazing.Like it was the most beneficial habits in your life.

Steve:††††††† I would say a couple things.For me, itís writing but obviously thatís not necessarily would be the habit for everyone thatís listening.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† So, to put it in a broader category, I would say doing the most important thing first in the morning. And thatís been a proactivity hacker, proactivity strategy that lots of different gurus have recommended. But you wake up every single morning and you identify one to three tasks that you need to complete by the end of the day.And the key thing is to really drill down and identify what task it is. So, itís just not, write a little bit.Itís write 1,000 words, or make 10 sales calls, that sort of thing.But the focus here, is like these tasks should be like them most important aspect of your day.Like if you had to do just one, two, or three tasks, and nothing else, how would you feel about your day if you only tackled these three things?And Iíve found that just by writing those ideas down, and just focusing on them first thing in the morning before anything else, I just find that my outcomes have definitely, or my results have like definitely like skyrocketed, in general. And I would say beyond that, I would just say another habit is the idea of just kind of time-blocking is the ultimately, like while Iím look for free and flexibility with my day, I find that actually blocking out time gives me that flexibility.So, for instance, today is Wednesday and I try my best to schedule all conversations and phone calls for only on Wednesdays.That means, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I have the flexibility to do other things.So, itís just a matter of kind of identifying what you have to do with your work, or exercise, or family obligations, and just putting them in the most optimal time slots of your weekly routine.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.I love that habit as well, time-blocking. And thatís funny because we do, weíre like two peas in a pod.I do the exact same thing.Wednesday is like my day for calls, in general. And doing that whole priority focus thing first thing in the morning has been like a game changer for me over the last few years. Itís absolutely critical for getting things done, for getting a lot of things done.

Steve:††††††† Yeah, definitely.I would say a lot of people start their day, what they do things that really donít matter. Like theyíll respond back to emails, or theyíll check their Facebook, or theyíd do stuff that seems like it work and then next thing you know itís lunchtime and they really havenít accomplished anything for their day. But just kind of like purposely ignore certain things like what I just mentioned, like social media, Facebook, email.Focus on the important tasks so youíll get a lot done.And then you can kind of goof off and answer emails. And surprisingly, theyíre usually still there.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.It takes discipline though.I mean, I have to practice this constantly because email is a big one. It can be so easy to just turn it on.But every time I do, it just sucks you in and then itís like youĎve distract yourself, youíre not focused, and youíve missed like 30 minutes or an hour, or whatever.

Steve:††††††† Yeah.

Aaron:†††††† Do you find that hard to discipline with that still?Or do you just get so in the habit and you just never turn it on until a certain time of day, or what?††††††

Steve:††††††† Iím definitely guilty like everyone else.IĎll look at an email and Iíll never respond back. I [inaudible 13:28] myself not to respond back unless itís a super, huge emergency.But what I found works for me is turning off all notifications on my phone, turning off notifications on my computer.So, unless I actually load the page, or go to Gmail, or load the page to go to Facebook, nothing will pop up on my computer telling me that thereís a mail there.And I like that technique for the simple fact that a lot of these notification are [inaudible 13:52] where a bell goes off and you have to respond.Where if you learn to kind of short circuit that notification, and purposely ignore certain sites, then you can kind of discipline yourself.And theyíre tools like RescueTime that really does definitely kind of give me some clarity on how often I spend on certain applications. And fortunately, I find that 60 percent of my time is on Microsoft Word.So, Iím like, OK, thatís what I should be doing.I should be focusing my time on writing.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Thatís cool.So, that whole concept of shutting off notifications, thatís a big one for sure.I teach a lot of people this priority-focused habit.That first one you talked about is huge.Itís one of the pillars actually.Like, I teach whatís called the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.And one of them is, just succeed right now, to focus on your number one priority right now.And that that is success.And so, youíre like right in line.I totally agree with you.But when Iím teaching that itís like, if people donít shut off their notifications, I mean, if youíve got like your phone on, and youíre trying to focus on your priority, that thing rings, like youíre automatically taken away from your priority, right?

Steve:††††††† Oh, absolutely. And then sometimes I have to get really extreme.Like Iíve heard some people they work at a 9-to-5 job put on noise cancellation headphones even if they donít listen to music and take their cell phone, put it in the backpack or their bag.Or they justÖyou have to really like train yourself to be disciplined. And if youíre one of those people thatís looking at Facebook while Tweeting and then, looking at your phone, and then having to scroll the fancy football headlines coming across.Itís like if youíre trying to do all these things, you really wonít get anything done.Itís like you just have to be willing to sit down, identify the task that really matters to whatever job that youíre doing and then just do that first thing.

Aaron:†††††† Well, and I want to point out right here like for everybody listening, this isnít actually just talk, or like this might be kind of important.Like I think thereís a reason why you brought that up as the first thing. And itís directly correlated with the results that you have.Like, you would not be talking to me right now probably, or top 10 ten, like business investing author on Amazon if you hadnít mastered this particular habit.Because you accomplished, that is probablyÖtell me if Iím wrong but this is probably, this habit of focus on your highest priority is probably the, I would guess, the number one thing in your success as, you know, a successful author.

Steve:††††††† Oh, yeah.Absolutely. And I guess I do this because, truth be told, I donít really enjoy writing all that much.I like to create a process but sometimes writing is just veryÖ

Aaron:†††††† Itís hard.

Steve:††††††† Itís hard.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† Itís not enjoyable and I know that just by studying habit development, thereís a concept called ego depletion. And that basically says that, your will power is like a muscle, and the more you use it throughout the day, the less youíre able to stick to schedules, less able you are to resist temptations that sort of thing.And by doing it first thing in the morning, youíre at your freshest, so youíre more inclined to follow-through with you commitments.So I just, I know I can be lazy as hell when it comes night time.

Aaron:†††††† Yes.

Steve:††††††† So, I try doing it first thing in the morning.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Itís huge.I mean, and the result speaks for themselves.Your results of like having lived that, we can all see now.Anybody can go to Amazon and see the dozens upon dozens of books and how theyíre just like tons of reviews.I mean, your results speak for themselves as far as what focus does.And I can say for certain like when Iíve missed on doing that habit, thatís what stops me from doing anything good. And I think that thatís a thing that really is pervasive in todayís society.The distraction is greater than ever.

Steve:††††††† Yeah.

Aaron:†††††† Thereís like notifications on all of our phones are like beeping off notifications. Everybodyís face is stuck in the phone and it seems to me that like, itís widening the gap between opportunities.Like so many people are so distracted.That if you can focus in todayís day and age, if you can focus, it sets you a part in a major way from everyone. What do you think?

Steve:††††††† Yeah. Definitely.Actually, thatís another habit thatÖ††††††††††††

Aaron:†††††† Whatís that?†††††††††††††††††††††

Steve:††††††† Because like everyone else, I used to have a trouble of constantly looking at my phone but it didnít really affect my work.But if Iím sitting with my fiancť, and I have my nose in the phone and she made couple comments. So, it got to the point that it was justÖIím an obsessive stat checker in the evening.Iím always looking at like how are my books doing?What are reviews?†† Whatís going on on Facebook? All the stuff I talk about.Iím good during the day. At night time, Iím bad. So, Iím like, you know, what I have to get this area of my life handled.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† So, if youíre familiar with BJ Foggís, Tiny Habits, itís a simple, after I do this, which is an established habit, after I walk through the door I will do X.So, all the habit I really did was just, after I walked through the door, at the end of the day, after I exercise, I will put my phone in the charger and leave it there for the rest of the night.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† And just the simple fact of doing this, literally, it was a, itís a one minute change and itís really changed, I guess, kind of the quality of my life. Because I always store my phone in my office from 8 oíclock at night to 7 oíclock in the morning.And itís away from me for 11 whole hours.And I have the ringer on max just in case something happens to my family, I can hear the phone.But otherwise, I donít touch my phone.If I decide I want to read a book, I read it on my Kindle Paperwhite, which doesnít have Internet access unless I wanted to.

Aaron:†††††† Thatís smart.I mean like, youíre designing your life to avoid being overburdened by the whole distraction of the world, right?

Steve:††††††† Yeah.I guess Iím a bit of a curmudgeon.But I think that as a society we definitely like, technology is amazing but itís also set us back a bit, in my opinion.Itís just people are too reliant on just the constant stimulus of cell phones, TVs, radios.I enjoy it like the next person.I just find that you have to be real intentional about what you put into your mind and what you do on a regular basis.

Aaron:†††††† If you want certain results in your life, right?

Steve:††††††† Yes.I would say even if you are just happyÖlike you go to a 9-to-5 job and youíre happing coming home and watching the Walking Dead, and I love that show like the next person. I would say, even if youíre like that, I think to a certain degree, if youíre doing one thing you shouldnít be multi-tasking with phones, TVs, conversations. Enjoy something for the sake of enjoying something. And not try to do 15 things at the same time.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Like for example, if you want to be happy in your relationship with your spouse, or fiancť.I mean this habit that you just did, this one simple change of saying, Iím just going to put my phone over here. How has that changed your relationship?†††††††††††††††††††

Steve:††††††† Pretty well.I wish she would to the same thing sometimes.

Aaron:†††††† So, itís always one-sided.

Steve:††††††† No. Sheís pretty good.We actually haveÖeven before that, we actually had a no cell phone at the table.And when we get married and have kids, Iím going to be the one whoís really over the top parent about when it comes to technology, and where it comes into our lives. Because for some reason it drives me nuts when Iím at the restaurant and I see kids, every single kids with their nose in their game device.††

Aaron:†††††† [inaudible 20:52].Yeah.

Steve:††††††† Yeah.I just think thatís not very healthy.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah. Absolutely.I mean, thereís a lot of issue.And I have four kids myself and I see that, and itís, yeah.Youíre good to be preparing yourself now because itís a real challenge.Itís a real issue with the technology that we have.And like, are we actually socializing, or are we just being addicted to technology from the day weíre born, right?

Steve:††††††† Yeah. Exactly.And this is kind of turning into a rant between the two of us.But my one friendís daughter I watch her and sheís two years old.And she doesnít know what a book is, but I see her on the Tablet and she already knows how to swipe through pages. And itís a little scary to watch.Iím like, thereís a thing called a book. You should go check it out.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.And obviously, they can read books there too, but yeah.Itís interesting. So, weíre talking about Tablets.Youíve talked about writing, or doing a number of projects.First you talked about time-blocking, which is also another super important one.Thereís another habit you talked about, is just these tiny habit, of just kind of like switching the phone off. What other ones do you have? What other kinds of things, habits do you have that improves your life, or that are really important for you in your life?

Steve:††††††† I would say exercise which I kind of mentioned at the top of the show.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† For me, I actually kind of exercise now sometimes twice a day, where Iíll do a 30-minute walk pretty much first thing in the morning.Iíll wake up, Iíll do a bunch of small little habits to improve my life.What I call habit stacking.And then from there, I merely switch into going for a 30-minute walk. And I find I personally enjoy the walk because I get to listen to Podcasts, a bunch of different Podcasts.And I just kind of walk around. Like, itís a good way to kind of wake up and prepare for my day.So, Iíll do that right before I start writing.And then in the evening, Iíll either do another walk with my fiancť, or Iíll do a run. And then I try to run marathons at least, a marathon twice a year. So, Iím usually training for something.So, I just find that the exercise kind of bookends my day. It really helps me blow off a little bit of energy and also kind of clear my head.And a lot of times, my best ideas for my business comes when Iím either walking or running. And usually, I come back, Iím covered I sweat and Iím writing down ideas [inaudible 22:53].

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Totally.Totally agree. I like the bookending of the day thing.I donít usually get a lot of exercise at the end of the day but I do really like that idea. Thatís kind of cool.

Steve:††††††† I guess for me, I would be honest when I say, I donít think most people have the time to do it twice a day.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† But I donít really consider a 30-minute walk that strenuous.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† Still, for me itís just like kind of just getting out. Even with right now in about 30-degree weather where I live.Itís still nice to get out there in the brisk weather and kind of just walk around a little bit.Just not always be stuck indoors.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah. Where do you live?

Steve:††††††† New Jersey.

Aaron:†††††† Oh, cool.So, itís a little colder there this time of the year?

Steve:††††††† Whereíre you from?

Aaron:†††††† Iím in Boulder.Itís pretty cold here, too, Boulder, Colorado.

Steve:††††††† Oh, I can imagine.Yeah.††

Aaron:†††††† But itís winter.So, exercise is a pretty important habit.I totally agree on that one. Thatís a similar thing for me. Itís kind of staple like for me thatís actually been a life changing habit for me.In years past when I wasnít doing it, and then when I implemented it, it just shifted everything in my line.Because without that youíre just missing out on so much.I donít know, thereís just something really important about exercise.I was going to ask you, you said something about habit stacking before and I know you wrote the book called, Habit Stacking.Iíve actually read that.Itís a very good book Iíd recommend to people.So, what is that routine for you like before your 30-minute walk, when you wake up in the morning, whatís your kind of morning routine habit?

Steve:††††††† OK. Yeah. Iím actually redoing the whole book, and hope to have that out in a month or so.

Aaron:†††††† Is that the Wake-up Successful book?

Steve:††††††† No.This will be habit stacking too.

Aaron:†††††† Oh.OK. Got you.

Steve:††††††† To be perfectly honest, thereís some things I wrote that just, it didnít quite resonate with people and itís actually my worst reviewed book. So, I kind of want to tweak all that stuff that went wrong with that book and just improve the whole, kind of process that can show people how to actually incorporate in their lives.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† To give the quick cliff notes version, I find that a lot of times in life thereíre literally one minute habits, or five minute habits.Things that we all know are just super easy to do.But itís hard to always remember.Itís like, OK do I floss my teeth?When do I take my vitamins, or when to I drink that smoothies?Itís like stuff that you know is super easy to do, but you just, you never seem to quite find the time.And I was kind of struggling with that myself.So, I find that just, like alright, Iím just going to figure this out.So, every time I wake up, Iím going to literally follow the, like 10-part checklist.Iím going to do all these little tiny habits, put them all into one solid routine and just do this the first thing in the morning before I even give myself a chance to goof off on it.So, I was doing that for about a year or so.And it just, for some reason the name just came to me one day.Itís like I just take a bunch of habits.I stack them on top of each other.And I just follow one routine that Iím able to do, in a single swoop. So, as an example, itís drinking kind of like a smoothie, itís like a combination of different ingredients.A lot of positive, healthy ingredients in different smoothies. So, Iím always trying different one.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† But Iím drinking a glass of lemon water, washing my face to kind of wake up.I tried rebounding for a while but that kind of went disastrously.Reviewing goals, writing down what we talked about the most important things.When I lived apart from my fiancť, I would text her like a really nice cute message just to let her know I was thinking of her.All these little things you know you should be doing but just put them in kind of a logical kind of step-by-step process.So, itís literally get up out of bed, make bed, walk into the bathroom, wash your face, weigh myself.Itís just all the stuff that you know you should be doing.And to kind of like get that balance in your life in many areas but you put it into one single routine where you just, you do that routine in the morning to get it out of the way and you donít have to think about it the rest of the day.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† Thereíre so many different variations on it. Some people like visualizations, and yoga that sort of thing. Really, itís just a matter of what is important to you, is what you put into this routine.

Aaron:†††††† And the ones that are important to you, it sounds like you have some of these physical ones, like drink lemon water, drink a smoothies.But you said something like, review your goals, write your priorities for the day. Those go into that stack?

Steve:††††††† Yeah, exactly.I describe like a logical process.So, it is literally a logical process.I used to not walk in the morning. So, the logical process was, I would do all this and by the time I sat down at my desk, Iíd write my priorities.And then, boom, I just start writing.So, it really followed the kind of just like take you from room, to room, to room.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† Until youíre doing like the one thing you should be doing.But now Iíve disciplined myself enough where I write down my things I want to do for the day, go for my walk, come back, and then I can sit down. Just somehow for me just toÖeven though I donít start working like I used to. The clear in my head kind of gets me into the mindset of all right, here, let me start writing now.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Thatís very cool. I do this similar checklist and habit thing.And I have what I call the truly amazing morning. And itís like a 12-step routine which actually covers one habit from each of the 12 pillars that I teach. And so, itís kind of like it covers my core values.And it makes sure that Iím doing one small thing from each of my core values.First thing in the morning, like before I even start the day. And so, I love the way you do that where you set it up in kind of a checklist. Do you actually have a checklist priority thing?Or do you do it kind of like, you write it down once and then just remember it? Or do you actually have these things written in on a checklist?Like you do this thing?

Steve:††††††† I had it written on a checklist.Now I actually just kind of know it.

Aaron:†††††† Because youíre just in the habit of it?

Steve:††††††† Yeah.I literally, itís weird.Like, I actually canít remember my last three walks.Like I donít remember anything of what I saw, but I remember where I did them. And itís almost the same thing principle where I know Iíve done this the last couple mornings. I just canít remember exact examples of it. Itís like I literally have trained my self-conscious to go through this whole process and do it without even thinking.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.††††††††

Steve:††††††† I would say when youíre starting out, you absolutely want to do a checklist and think about how you actually move through your home.It seems stupid but like, if youíre going from your bedroom to your kitchen, back to your bedroom to yourÖlike it just seem like itís just wasted effort.

Aaron:†††††† Oh. So actually planning it out. Saying, hey, Iím going to do it in this sequence.So itís more efficient?

Steve:††††††† Yeah.

Aaron:†††††† And actually thinking through the process of how you do things in the morning just to kind of make it more efficient, and more, and just better.

Steve:††††††† Yeah. It sounds so, I guess itís a little obsessive.I donít necessarily think you have to do it that way.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.

Steve:††††††† I just donít like wasted effort.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.Thatís interesting. But it also sounds like you like making sure that these important things happen by habit every day. So that theyíre just, so that youíre living in aÖyouíre making living well as easy as possible on yourself.

Steve:††††††† Yeah.Exactly. And thereís another conceptive called cognitive load. And thatís just the idea that our conscious mind, if youíre constantly thinking, having to think of all these things you have to do, youíll get to a point where you just feel overwhelmed and stressed.But, if you put everything into some sort of a routine, or checklist, or any sort of thing where you arenít relying on your conscious mind, then youíre less likely to feel stressed or anxious.You just know that whatever you need to do is just written down somewhere where itís in the process somewhere. So, whenever you have to do that thing, just pull it out and just follow the instructions.I guess a great example is a lot of times like in hospitals and stuff. I wish I had the case study off the top of my head. Theyíve actually proven when doctors follow a certain checklist, that thereís less cases of staph infections, less cases of people getting sick. All they do is just follow the checklist that they know is already in their head. But they literally look at it and just repeat the process.

Aaron:†††††† Yeah.I think itís a hugeÖI think itís super important. I mean personally, I think, like I said, I use a checklist every single day for my morning routine. Even though I do the same thing every day and I remember it, I could remember it. I quite frankly love having a checklist because it just feels good to check something off the list. It like, keeps me on track and it just kind of, itís like this completion thing of these things that I know are important. And, I donít know, I think itís really valuable. So, I like what youíre saying. Very cool.Itís been great chatting with you.Itís getting near to the end of the time here, so letís wrap up.I just want to before I let you go, just kind of find out how people can contact you, and learn about your books. They can obviously search SJ Scott, or Steve Scott on Amazon. But is there a certain website they can go to to get access to all of your habit books?

Steve:††††††† Sure.Actually, Iíll give you two websites.The first is, I made it really super easy for people to find my books on Amazon.Itís habitbooks.com. ††††††††††††††††††††††

Aaron:†††††† OK.

Steve:††††††† Which automatically redirects to my Amazon page. And actually, Iíve been kind of negligent on my blog.But Iím actually starting to commit to publishing regular content on my blog. But that can be found at, developgoodhabits.com.

Aaron:†††††† Developgoodhabits.com. Cool.Thank you so much for being on the line. I want to just wrap up. If you could tell us one thing, that any final piece of wisdom that maybe has been most important to you that you could share with people on. What they could do to live a truly amazing life, kind of starting today?What would you say?And then weíll wrap up.

Steve:††††††† I would say, think about maybe the one direction that you want to go with your life. Like if you want to improve your career, or you want to improve your exercise, or you want to improve your nutrition, that sort of thing.Identify the goal, and think of like the most simplest actions you could do today to start moving towards it. So, if you want to start becoming a better writerÖIíll just use that as an example since thatís what I do every single day.Is just find a routine that youíre already do, anchor with a habit. And this is what BJ Fogg talks about in tinyhabits.com.But just so for instance, if you sit by your computer every single morning, then write the habit, after I sit at the computer every single morning, I will write one paragraph. And just start that simple where you just develop a kind of muscle memory where you do this on a daily basis. And just start building it up from there. And I think people really look for these like extreme resultÖ like extreme type of situations to improve their life. So, for instance someone whoís never exercised, theyíll go join p90x and theyíll beat themselves up and think thatís the only solution to improve their lives.I think itís been proven from countless studies that small incremental changes really have a more lasting effect on your ability to live a better life.

Aaron:†††††† Fantastic. So, take one thing, whatever your goal is, take one thing, the smallest thing possible.That definitely goes along with kind of Stephen Guise's, thing too on the mini habit, right?

Steve:††††††† Oh. Yeah, definitely.Yeah.I love his stuff.

Aaron:†††††† And just like if itís exercise, if you want to get feeling better, then commit to literally just doing one push-up a day.

Steve:††††††† Yeah, absolutely.

Aaron:†††††† And get yourself in motion.And Iíve actually done that. Itís phenomenal.That approach is awesome. So, thanks for sharing that with us.And again Steve, thanks for being on the line. Thanks for taking time out of your busy time and writing to come on and share with everybody.Itís been valuable to chat about these important topics.

Steve:††††††† Thanks for having me on. Itís been kind of cool to talk about all these ranting things about technology and stuff.

Aaron:†††††† Absolutely. Alright. Weíll let you go.And everybody have a fantastic day.