Aaron:                     All right. I am here with Luminita Saviuc who is the author of the blog “purposefairy.com”. She actually wrote one of the most viral personal growth blog post in history which was called “15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy” where over 1.2 Million people shared it on Facebook. It is pretty incredible and I met Luminita last year and first heard her really touching story and rough is actually a total understatement of what her childhood was like and she had just every reason to be bitter and unhappy about the cards that she was dealt, so. But yet, she is deeply happy. She now inspires millions of other people with her words and her attitude and so. Just really thrilled to have Luminita on the phone today. Welcome to the show Luminita.


Luminita:                It is so good to be here. Thank you Aaron.


Aaron:                     Yeah. So glad to have you and you are in Romania, right?


Luminita:                Yes. In Romania.


Aaron:                     So welcome from Romania. There is True Amazing Life family members listening to the show from all over the world. South Africa, just really like every part of the world. So it is really cool to have you here representing a different part of the world. From where I am at in the United States. And so, just really excited to have you here and to talk. It is a real treat to have you here. And Luminita, just tell us a little bit about what you are doing now with purposefairy and kind of what you are up to these days and I want to get into kind of your story in the past. But let us start with what are you up to today?


Luminita:                Well, I am currently in Romania where like you said and I am working on writing my first book. So that has been my main priority like, since October, November last year.


Aaron:                     That is kind of a time consuming thing isn’t it?


Luminita:                Well, it is and it is actually because it is like I am also sharing so many personal stories. It is also actually a cleansing process for me. So I am writing these things, I actually going to past and facing my shadows and all the things that I thought that no longer are affecting me, right? And healing a part of me. So it is a really beautiful process.


Aaron:                     Has it been challenging sometimes in that way?


Luminita:                Oh yes. Yeah.


Aaron:                     It is hard when you start uncovering these wounds, right? It is not always an easy process.


Luminita:                No. You have moments that you think you are going to lose it but I guess you are never going to lose it, so.


Aaron:                     Yeah. So you are writing a book right now and what else are you up to? You are still writing on a blog consistently at purposefairy, right?


Luminita:                Yeah. I am writing on the blog and just being engaged on with on people on social media and just doing these kind of interviews and enjoying life. Just being here and doing my best to just enjoy where I am and connect to people.


Aaron:                     Yeah. That is awesome. Well, I am always inspired by your posts. So people who want to hear your post or see what you are doing, just look up her purposefairy on Facebook and you can kind of see the post. She has got a lot of following over there and she is always putting these really cool posts with these lists of just fantastic ideas. I mean, where do you get all these ideas and posts you write about? I am curious about that.


Luminita:                Well, I would like to say that I get it from my soul. I like to say that this thing, just souls, right? And these are only machines and the souls, they know everything. They are like connecting to whole Universe and they have so much knowledge and wisdom, it is like unlimited, right? So I feel like, the more you connected with a part of you, the easier it is for you to actually, let us say, channel these things and you feel like singer to like, sing like so many beautiful ways. If you are a writer, you just write and all these things running to you. It is like, so that is what I think. This comes from my soul.


Aaron:                     That is really, really cool. And is that something that you do? Do you have like a process daily where you kind of write and reflect? Or how does, what does your process look like on getting that connection to your soul?


Luminita:                I realize that I kind of going with the flow. So it is based on what I am experiencing in the things that I need to learn. So I know that there is a [inaudible]. For example, I had a peer when I was like very, like drunk love relationship and marriage. So I just felt like this need to write about these things. I think you know what they say that you are teaching that you need to learn yourself. So it is the thing that I need to learn, that is what I am writing. And the process, you just do go in the flow and if I am feeling something, I am just writing it and I am doing my best not to just, okay, sit down and just write. When I feel it that is when I put it out there.


Aaron:                     So this would be living your life and sometimes, you just feel the thing welling up and that is when you sit down and write it out? That type of thing?


Luminita:                Just, yeah. I have that or maybe I do it later. Yeah, I just wait for things to just come to me and feel the experience. If I go outside and I have some interaction with people who is, I see something. That kind of like triggers something and all kind of ideas come to me and that is when I like blog postings for.


Aaron:                     Did you notice that that happens because you know  that you want to post something and maybe every week because you have these audience with people waiting, do you think that it encourages you, helps you to keep your mind be focused on these things that are inspirational?


Luminita:                Maybe that is a part of me but I also think, even if I did not have the blog, I guess, I got to a point where I am just like observing everything. And I am like, soaking wet. I am doing everything for everyone and I am just like, looking at everything and everything that happens, I see an opportunity for growth and lessons, good or bad. I just stick it all and then I just like, converse it and [inaudible] and wisdom for me.


Aaron:                     That is cool. Oh, it sounds like that it is so much like a part of you that you are seeking to grow, seeking growth all the time that it just kind of comes to you. That is really cool. Tell me, I want to ask, so this is the Truly Amazing Life show and my focus is to discuss the principles of what it means to live a truly amazing life and I would like to ask everybody when they come on. What for you makes life truly amazing to you?


Luminita:                I think it is being yourself fully and living life the way you wanted it, live it, the way you feel like living it without being constricted. People think that you should live by all these rules and because a lot of times it get caught up in how they should behave and what people think of them. It this right? It this wrong? Right? So instead of just listening to their heart and going fully with their feelings and what they know is right, they just get trapped in life and they just do what everybody wants them to d    o and not what they want to do, right? So I think  for me, living a truly amazing life is just being yourself with [inaudible] hear and your intuition and you are going where your heart wants you to go because that is where like, happiness, freedom and bliss and all these beautiful things coming your way.


Aaron:                     I like it. Always going where your heart wants you to go. That is beautiful. Have you experienced then transformation in that regard where that was not always the case for you where you were not able to listen to your heart and follow that throughout your life?


Luminita:                Well, I have like, I think I was able to tap into like my heart and intuition and I think one or three years ago. I do not know. Probably because I was like meditating so much more and doing so much more work on myself and I was able to listen to my heart and to tap into like listens to my inner voice and to know who I really am. Before that, I was really disconnected so. If somebody will [inaudible] and listen to you, how will I, yeah, what does that mean? Right?


Aaron:                     Yeah, interesting. So you said that was a couple of years ago. When did you start the purposefairy blog?


Luminita:                In November 2010.


Aaron:                     So was it around that time when you are referring to, before you started feeling like you could listen to your heart? Was it before that point or after?


Luminita:                After. Oh, maybe I was starting then. I think that was when I was starting but I was not yet aware. It was just like very soft voice. I could barely hear it. When you started like, the moment I went to Malaysia and working my body. I think that is when actually the whole process accelerated. That is when my, it is like, really loud and I could hear it.


Aaron:                     Yeah. And so, what made you start the blog purposefairy.com? What was it that led you to doing that?


Luminita:                Well, at that time I was in a very unhappy place and it felt like everything was falling apart. The relationship I had with my longtime boyfriend, the life here in Romania, I did not have any friends, I felt like I was like I had, I went to do different things but I did not know what exactly and I was so tired living my life the way I lived up until that point. And I guess like so much pain and so much struggle build up. I just felt like I cannot live like this anymore. There has to be a better way and that is how it went. I started reading a lot of books and going for like a spiritual programs and a lot of meditating and that is how I actually felt I need to write. And you know Aaron the funny thing is? That I never felt that I could write. Like, I start, I tried it a few years before but I just could not do it. If you would give me a book and ask me to give you like, to tell you in a few phrase what does the book is all about, probably I would not be able to tell you what. And suddenly, I was able to write which was such an interesting thing. So I guess I was tired of the life I had before and I was like so desperate for change that I just opened up like this part of me that was able to write and I did it.


Aaron:                     That is interesting. So it was like this transformative time when you finally felt like you just had enough like you are sick of it and it is like something clicked inside and it was able to pour out of you then, something connective to yourself?


Luminita:                Yeah, for sure. Exactly. I realize that my tolerance to pain is very high that lucky enough without the limits. So [inaudible] when it is like, okay, enough. And that is when I just leave it all behind and going a different direction.


Aaron:                     Well, that is a good transition because I can dive. I actually want to talk about a little bit more at the end how you started. Like this process when said you went to work for Mine Valley in Malaysia and this process of listening to your heart and really, I want to get in more of that until the end here but I wrote a note to myself to come back to that but I wanted to go back because I have heard your story. I actually heard what you spoke of last year when we met and it was just so touching to me and I could relate to it so well that I just want to get that out there for people to hear. Kind of what you’ve come through and what has led you to be able to feel just truly happy and kind of on fire with life and tend to the past that you came through because I know what happens is when people hear this, they are going to be motivated and moved, to be able to see their experiences and their circumstances and realize that we can, it does not matter where we have come from, that we can live a truly amazing life. And so, I want to go back in time. Take me back to, tell me the story of how you grew up and what your life was like back then and let us go back to there.


Luminita:                Well, I guess what can I say, that the first 12 years of my life was very difficult maybe because that was when my father was alive and I never really had a life. I called him father but he was never really like a father to me. He did not thought me how to love or know how to go through life. He was just life more, very challenging. He was like, drink a lot, he was very aggressive and he will abuse me and my family all the time. And for the first 12 years of my life it was like, I felt like I was living in such great fear all the time and I would share like the story that I share at [inaudible] because that is something that you take with me and it feels like so vivid like, I remember it was like not even 10 years old. And it was like night time and we were watching TV with my siblings and all of a sudden I hear my father like yelling and asking who took the candies. And he was like screaming so loud and I looked at my sister and like just from the look from her face, I just knew that it was her. She took the candy. And then when I [inaudible] side like she begin crying and then he like started screaming again even louder, who took the candies? And I just got up and said it was me even though I did not took them, it was my sister. And he just started like grabbed my hair and he just pulled me all the way to the bathroom and started screaming like thought he would bring gasoline because in the house, there was gasoline and bottles of gasoline and I was just so horrified because I had no idea what in the world was he doing with the gasoline and he just inserted like paper between my toes and threw gasoline on my toes and just lit it on fire. And it was shocking because I mean, I was there but I did not really think that it was happening to me. It was like so weird, it was such a strange experience and eventually I just passed out and I was not even taken to the hospital because my mom and my siblings took care of me. So that is one of the most painful experience that I remember from childhood in the house.


Aaron:                     So he put paper between your toes, he was yelling at your family to bring the gasoline and he put you in a bathtub?


Luminita:                No. It was just only the bathroom floor.


Aaron:                     Oh, on the bathroom floor. And he literally dumped the gasoline and lit you on fire? Are you there?


Luminita:                Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Aaron:                     And so, I mean like, your clothes like, everything was burning like your family could not do anything to stop it?


Luminita:                Everybody was like, they were afraid of him. You get to a point because I had people who are like, what was the mother doing? But, and so, all those years, all the terror and all the fear, he like awakening in all of us that nobody dare to say a single word to him because if somebody like said something, we were just like, we were all actually in a big, great trouble, so.


Aaron:                     And how many siblings did you have at home?


Luminita:                I have five sisters and one brother.


Aaron:                     And then, everybody was there?


Luminita:                I mean, I do not remember it exactly. We were there but yeah.


Aaron:                     I mean, everybody was at the home, everybody lived at home at that time?


Luminita:                Yeah, yeah. Everybody was home.


Aaron:                     Wow. And so, did you get burned? Like burns and stuff. You say you passed out because of that?


Luminita:                I passed. I had like because I knew I went to school. I was like [inaudible] in a few months, right? It was very hard for me to walk and like my classmates and my teacher will ask me if I was okay because I was like was not walking properly and the interesting thing is that I never wanted to tell people what was happening because I did not want pity. I felt like it was enough for me to deal with this pain at home. I just did not want anybody else to pity me or just point a finger because they would have brought even more pain upon me and I just thought like being vulnerable. I saw it as a weakness at that time.


Aaron:                     Wow. So you said, you never went to the hospital. Your mother and your family just took care of you after that? Wow. I mean, I am sure they were afraid to even take you to the hospital. They did not even want to do anything to upset this tyrant of a man, right?


Luminita:                Well, [inaudible] like the whole experience like talking, because right now when I see injustice, I always open my mouth and speak up because I saw what it can do like you are silent, you are nothing, anything. It is like, this person gained powers and feed with your fear and becomes powerful. And from that thing, I learned like keep quiet. If I see injustice, I always speak up because I am not afraid. I went through all these mess. I am not afraid of anything right now. So if I [inaudible].


Aaron:                     Yeah. I imagined, so. That was just one thing and it sounds like there was experiences like that throughout your childhood, right?


Luminita:                Yeah, right. I actually share a lot of these things in my book. It is like every chapter I just like put one experience, thing that happened. So it is interesting as I write, I remember things like probably because their painful, I just suppress them and they come to the surface just to heal them and just to let go of them.


Aaron:                     So, you have come to remember things now just in the last few months that you have kind of put out of your mind.


Luminita:                Yeah, it was like, oh my God. I totally forgot this and I actually asked my mom. Did this truly happen? She say, yeah, it did because now, you have probably been so painful, it was just like hiding and hiding for so many years that it is like, it this real or is this fiction? So I remember and it felt like all this dreams, was these real? And then I found out that no. They happened, so. Okay.


Aaron:                     Wow. Do you have another brief example of something like that that you just remembered?


Luminita:                Well, there are a lot of things but I rather keep them for my book.


Aaron:                     Yeah. Keep them. That is cool. When do you think your book is going to be done?


Luminita:                My book is probably going to be done in August and it is going to be published next year.


Aaron:                     Nice. That is really cool. I am excited to hear that because I am sure there are so many lessons you have been able to pull out of that. So what happened next in your life? You said you were up until 12, your father was there. What did this do to your life? Like, you were living in fear of this craziness. What happened after that for you?


Luminita:                So, my father when I was in fifth grade.


Aaron:                     He died?


Luminita:                Yeah. He died, I was like 12 in fifth grade and I remember. Like, women [inaudible] in Romania. You transitioned and just from having one teacher, then you have like many teachers in fifth grade and I remember, I went to school and I was like in so much pain. And so, in that, even though he was not behaving like he was my father and he was like so brutal. I feel like, I never hated him. So, he was still my father. So on top of all the pain he inflicted upon me, I also had the pain of his death. And even though I was always like wear a happy smile on my face and just like being cheered for and hiding [inaudible] inside. Things began to show in like in school, in like my grades and actually, in fifth grade, like I almost failed History class and like Math and things are getting really bad, that is when I realized that because I believed that nobody cared about me, right? So why should I care? And there was like so much pain like I just could not take it anymore. And yeah, it just started showing in my school situation but luckily because of experience of I almost failed, I think it was like my first wake up call. And I was like so tiny so, and I realized that it does no matter if people do not care about you or you believe that they do not because you have to take care of yourself. And you are doing, if I was not like studying, I will have even more problems and I already have like so many and I did not want more of that. That is how I actually start studying and like from failing, I actually became like History, it became my favorite subject and there was a point like I was one of the best students in my class. So, these experience is so interesting to see like I was such a little kid and going through life felt like I was on my own and I have to figure out things and seeing that more pain could come my way. I was like, okay, I have to find a way to make sure that I do not have more on top of me. Yeah, I guess it was like my first wake-up call and it would be great.


Aaron:                     So then, you grew up. You had this, the painful experiences. Did your family life get like smoother and easier because now that there is no more abuse in the home?


Luminita:                Well, I do not know. I think it was like had been before he was the fear and then because I was used to living in fear, right? And then I started creating all kinds of psychological fears because when you are used to like misery, like you [inaudible] more, you look for even if it is done, it is done. Mostly you get used to it and you think that maybe it is normal whether you like to admit it or not, you started getting more. Like, I was living in fear and kind of like fear of not being good enough, people that did not like me and I am very insecure. And like blaming my mom for everything that happened and just arguing a lot with my siblings. So I would not say that things got better, I think it just got different but a bit. That is when I was starting to realize what actually happened.


Aaron:                     So you were like becoming aware coming out of this shelter of just fear of this abuse but now that that is out of the way, it is exposing these other internal emotional challenges that came with that and insecurities, huh. So what happened? What was it that led you out of that then? What was it that got you to the place? When you talked a little bit about 2010 and before you started purposefairy and how you had this broken relationship. Where was the transition in your life? What led you out of these feelings of insecurity to really feeling secure in yourself and being able to love yourself?


Luminita:                I think it is a long journey and I will try to make it short. I think because I never really knew love. Nobody thought me how to love. Nobody really gave me love. So when I was 19, I met my longtime boyfriend and that is when I realized that actually some people, he can love me, he can make me happy, right? And I came from one next thing to another believing that no one can make me happy, to believe that only this person can make me happy and my salvation will come from this person. He was like in University, I was like [inaudible] University. So we were kids. We did not have jobs and all these adult worries. But then, after three years, we traveled together in U.S. to work there and actually that is where things started to fall apart between us and my life also fall apart. I can later on, come together. And I realize that because he was, he had like this job, I had my job right. We were like becoming more responsible and because I did not know how to deal with all those changes, I started like blaming Jim and criticizing for everything. And things were like trying to get really bad. And like from loving him, I just became like [inaudible] and thinking, aren’t you making me happy anymore, you used to make me happy. Why won’t you do that anymore? Why don’t you love me anymore? Right? And then things like starting to fall apart like worse and worse and until a point where we broke up and I realized that I am really in big trouble because I saw this person made me happy but this person, I cannot tie this person to me, right? So they can walk away whenever they want, they could do whatever they want. And those are the wakeup call and it scared me. No I am so scared and like when you realize that what if I have to look for happiness? What if I have to create my own happiness? And that is when like the whole process like, soul searching of myself, my past started. It was like very dark and like painful and a lot of drama. And I had no idea what I was doing. I just felt like to so lost and disconnected and in the dark. But eventually, I just came back to Romania just feeling so much pain and I feel like I cannot take it anymore. I just like go down and I started cleansing myself and just removing things because that article. This is what it is all about, just letting go of the past or the identification of the past, letting go of my fears, the excuses, the need to control my boyfriend, control everything that is happening to me. My attachment to the struggles to old harbor thing in the past, to blame, excuses. Now, all these things and by letting those go little by little, I was able to realize that actually there is something [inaudible]. It just feels like I was feeling lighter and I could see like who I was underneath the old and gain my confidence and feel happier. I realize that actually, I am a beautiful person, smart and confident and there is so much love I can offer and I do not need people to know. Needing people, that is actually a weakness because you cannot hold into you because you have to make sure that your own love and your own happiness and if you cannot get to the place where you cannot get that for yourself, where people come your way, you will be like so easy to be around them and them around you simply because they cannot beat that pressure, that you have to give me something in order for me to feel good. So yeah, this is how it is. Like, it is tidy but it is what I think people like that this relationship falling apart and realizing that nobody can make you happy, nobody can make you feel yourself, you make yourself happy and if you yourself do not have love for who you are because you cannot ask people to give you something that you yourself do not have. In my work in the beginning but eventually you will go back to not feeling how I used to feel.


Aaron:                     Yeah. And we had a lot of challenges to overcome with that you have been able to overcome that and work through those pains and work through those insecurities that your dealt, you did not have any control that your dad was going to be so abusive and make you feel worthless as you grew up. But that is what you got and I think it is beautiful that you have been able to take that what life handed you and turn that into happiness and enjoy in finding yourself and that is just fantastic. I wanted to go back to what we were talking about earlier when you have said, okay. So you went to Malaysia and that is where you really learned to listen to your heart. It sounds like you had been on this journey of self-discovery and growth and kind of letting go of these fears and things and all these insecurities. And what was it that was going on in Malaysia? What happened there that really helps you connect deeply to yourself?


Luminita:                Because I said it, like two years like from the West when I was in Romania three years, West and then Malaysia. And in those three years, waiting like crazy like, I will wake up and read books and all your books in my ears. I will like, go to bed would only book. Also I feel like so thirsty for all those things and I still needed all those things in order to like cleanse all the mess that was covering me and become who I am right now. And going to Malaysia I realized, because I was doubting myself who I was, what I knew and just being there in my [inaudible], in Malaysia. I realized how much I actually knew and how important and powerful all the things that I knew work. Because when being around like vision and who is like so aware and so connected to him and being able to kind of like see something in his mind and know that he will create it. The minute that I realize that, I cannot knowing that these things are true and then, here he is, this guy will actually shows to the whole world that it is like real and it is possible and seeing him is like breaking so many limiting beliefs that I had because it is so easy, you think it is impossible but then you see somebody who is doing it and was like, oh actually, I can do this too if I really want it. And in the environment is like, the energy was different. So what you felt like I was like, I was home. Like I knew those people and if I like to do with my family and I made like so many beautiful and meaningful connection and meet so many great people. That actually made me realize that why was it was so beautiful and so powerful and that I knew so much. And it gave me like confidence and the courage to just like embrace who I were. And another thing, [inaudible] and I.  He is like, so authentic and so childlike and playful and full of life and you kind of like seen him like that and it gave me like, courage to just allow myself to be who I really am and just embrace my authenticity. And that is what I did and it was like, so easy and I realize that the more you are embracing who you are in yourself fully, authentic, without any mask, that people will like be drawn to you because in this world, people are trying to be like other people. And why would you want to be a copy because you know a copy is like worst way less than in an original. So when people see something that is unique, just I think is a reminder because at soul level, we are all unique, right? When you see somebody who is authentic and who is living their lives like that way they know they should live it, it is just like something, it just draws yourself to that person because you know that you too are like them but unique in your own way and that you too can do that. And that is what I have learned, just to embrace myself fully and just trust that who I am and it is enough and it is beautiful and it is powerful. And by doing so, all these beautiful things started to happen to me.


Aaron:                     It sounds like just that environment of being around other people conform to you who you were. So it is like this…


Luminita:                Yeah, yeah, yeah, I needed that. I needed that and where I needed to confirmation that what I knew and what I was good enough and that I was on the right path. It was like, yes, you are on the right path, keep going. And I so then gained confidence and it is just building myself up and just becoming more courageous and more powerful and more confident.


Aaron:                     Yeah. That makes sense. It is like you had immersed yourself in all of this reading and all of this, and kind of, immerse yourself in this environment of truth from all these books and then, it is when you actually had the environment of other people living authentically and living joyfully that you are able to, it is like, put all the pieces of the puzzle together and allowed you to connect to yourself, it sounds like.


Luminita:                Yeah, yeah, yeah because sometimes you need that, right? Because here, I did not really had people who were thinking the way I do, was beginning to thinking, just in seeing things, right? So I needed to see that for me to embrace that fully and not down with myself.


Aaron:                     Yeah, I think we get so, it is like, we want to believe that ourselves when we are here when we are reading a book but until we have that personal connection and see that personal person in our life, in our environment that is doing it and living it, it is hard to bridge that gap, right?


Luminita:                Right. And even though like, I mean, it is good to have those but you never have going to have them, probably constantly, right? So it was good for me to be there but at one point I had to leave, right? Malaysia and that is what again is kind of shaky but that is what you have to learn then on your own. To feel, and even though it is like sunny, it storms, tornadoes, and know to always stand your ground and know, this is where I am, this is where I am going, I trust that there sun. If I keep going, I see the sun and it is there.


Aaron:                     Yeah. Well, since you have left, I mean, it is since you left that you started writing your book and kind of digging back into this darkness and I am sure it sound like it has been more challenging to be alone through that and not be surrounded by those peers and friends, right?


Luminita:                It was actually, up until like recently because I had like [inaudible] ones, of course like, I was here and my body but my spiritually and mentally I was there, missing everybody and like, thinking, was I right to come here and actually, I got to a point where I got really mad that I was here and it felt like so unfair that I had to leave the life I had there just to come here for what? It just does not make any sense and I was struggling again and like, my mom was making so much [inaudible] and eventually, I just like started to surrender, to accept that, hey, it happened before when I was, I came back from the West. Again, my mom was making so much [inaudible] and after almost a year, I gave up, I surrendered and then I found peace. And I cannot believe it happen. And this time so intensely because it is like my mind like, stopped thinking and I am like, so present, it is like, so amazing. I am like, so present and so high and so visible. I feel like so much love in my heart. I just go outside where ever I live, just feel love and I am like, is this day as beautiful as I see? I am just because I am high.


Aaron:                     Yeah, I have noticed that in your post and everything. I can feel that energy of just love that you post a picture and just like, I am so in love with life.


Luminita:                Yeah, [inaudible]. Then, somebody was telling me they, what are you doing except that you are high all the time?


Aaron:                     Yeah, but this time was the down less? I mean, were you able to surrender quicker this time?


Luminita:                I think with a few months quick.


Aaron:                     I mean, you came back and you had this, it is like, you felt this dark oppression again and going into the past and now, it seems like you have been able to let that go. I think that is a great example to hear from you of this because life, once we figure out time, once we connect to our self and remember who we are and embrace our self that does not mean that now we are done and we are done and we are all set. Like, that we are never going to have chat [inaudible] or something. It is like, we have our path, we have our past to follow for a reason and I just love how you are able to embrace that and be open and authentic about it and just acknowledge that hey, you have dark struggles to deal with sometimes and yet, that does not mean that anything less about you as a person. I think that is a hard thing for us and I know for me, when I go into those dark places our human nature tends to say, oh, you are not good enough, this and that, when you are not feeling happy, right? Is that how it is for you?


Luminita:                It makes you feel like you are worthless and you are not good enough and who do you think you are and like, all these voices and it is so painful because a part of you knows that is not true. So you know it is not true but it seems like you are feeling ashamed when you are seeing those things and that shame that you are feeling actually, adds even more like pains yourself and makes like getting out of it harder. So what I have learned to just, when you are feeling that, okay, feel it, let it be there. If you do not try lo like, get out of it, just be there fully, let the pain be because eventually it will go away and just do your best to be compassionate, just like a little child. When you are talking to a little child, the child is something that you will see. Oh, you should be ashamed of yourself that you are not strong enough. No, you just hug that little kid and just give him love and just comfort him and make sure that he knows that eventually it will go away because it will go away but it is like so high in those moments to do that and you are just like, your mind is bullying you and then you are bullying yourself. So it is just chaos, in the whole April I felt like I was bipolar, I thought I am going to go crazy. I was like, what the hell is going on? I thought I was going to go crazy but luckily, because I noticed the thing, it is just for me, I live so intensely and I experience I live in so intensely. So if I am into darkness, that dark is really dark and it is really painful. But when I get out, I am just like so high and I am floating, so.


Aaron:                     Yeah. So that is what I want to highlight there because I feel the same thing like, I live, I teach and I feel this passion to teach the principles of how to live a truly amazing life and that does not mean that I am like on a blissful high all the time and I do not feel like experienced pain and like weakness and have to work through these same measures that everybody else does. That I think it is just an outlook of awareness and acceptance that what you are saying. And this quote that you posted today, I actually loved the last thing. I am going to share this with people because you said this at the end, as time goes on by, we start to realize that life is all about awes and the relationship we have with our own self because only by knowing ourselves can we know others and only by loving ourselves can we love others. And if you can get to that place where you only have unconditional love and acceptance for yourself then that is when you get it. You get what life is all about, what you are all about and you get what the world is all about. And I think I am finally getting it. I love that. Well thank you so much for sharing that by the way on that thing today but do you have any other thoughts that you kind of add to that as we wrap up today to show all the people how they can love themselves, how they can accept and let go and really live this truly amazing life that that is their birth right really.


Luminita:                I think it will be just to trust that when you are running out is exactly where you are supposed to be because I will share the same quote that I share in April. Life will give you whatever experience is most beneficial so that evolution of your consciousness. How do you know that is true? Because that is the experience you are having right now. And a lot of time we think that we should not be unhappy, we should not be in trouble, we should not be feeling fear but, what is if that is a part of our path, our growth. We need to go through those experience, we should experience fear in order to know love and appreciate love, we need to go through darkness and know what life is to appreciate it and instead of actually charging and pointing the finger, just think that, what if soul actually chose this experience because it will help me grow, it will help me get back to myself and just trusting when you are like having a hard time and like day or week or month. And just like, to surrender do your best which is detach. Just keep in mind where you want to go because a lot of time when it is so beautiful when you fly like, a lot of times are cloudy but when the pain goes up, you realize that the sun is there and all you have to do is just keep going, keep going like all these painful experience like having the whole month or like darkness and think that I am going to go crazy but after I was done with that darkness, I found like so much bliss and so I joined my love. So I am actually grateful that I have those experience because the intensity of this love is like so powerful and I am just so grateful for it. And you should trust that everything is happening to the way it was supposed to be happening. Just like being loving and compassion for yourself and just talk to yourself in the same way you would talk to a little child, somebody you loved dearly. Because those moments that you are down and feeling that you are unworthy and maybe like bitter and criticize everybody, that is normal when you need the most love, right? And just keep that one to yourself and by giving to yourself, others will give it to you as well.


Aaron:                     Yeah. I loved that. Thank you so much for sharing that. That is so powerful and that is exactly kind of the essence of what I always come back to is that everything is conspiring for my benefit and I would just finally ask and just say, knowing that because you knew that from before you went into this dark times, this time. How did knowing that help you get through the most recent, dark feelings?


Luminita:                It is so interesting. Once you are in the dark because it gets so heavy and like the pain is so unbearable like your mind will tell you, this is going to be like this forever. You are not going to get out of it. But a part of you knows, hey, do not worry, this happened before, you are going to get out of it, right? And even though you just feel tired and you are like giving up, you are actually not going to give up. You just keep on going even though you are like walking slowly in the same or are not making any progress. And like slowly but surely, you actually get back in to life. Oh, how did that happen? But you just have to keep on walking. People walk and just know where you want to get, where you want to get, just ask, where you want to be. And just keep on walking, keep on walking.


Aaron:                     Nice. Very beautiful. Thank you so much for joining on the call today and sharing that in your story and everything, Luminita. It is fantastic. And everybody listening, you can visit purposefairy.com and I will put a link over that to the show notes on this episode at trulyamazinglife.com/podcast and so, go ahead and feel to free to check out Luminita Saviuc and follow her on Facebook, you can search purposefairy and thank you again Luminita for coming on. It is such a pleasure. Looking forward to hearing about your book when that comes out and just keeping in touch and everything.


Luminita:                The pleasure is mine. Thank you for having Aaron.


Aaron:                     All right. Talk to you soon.