Aaron:  All right. I am here with my friend Brent Clayton today. Thanks for being here.

Brent:  It is a pleasure being here.

Aaron:  And just a quick intro from Brent. We have known each other for quite a few years in business together. In real estate and various things and we are good friends. And he was actually one of the first people to test out and go through the program that I built, a system called “The Minute Mental Mastery”. That was over a year ago or so and he just emailed me the other day and he told me, shared with me something that was quite impactful because he showed his journal that he had filled out after, it has been about a year, right?

Brent:  Yes.

Aaron:  So, it has been about a year since he first went through that and he has just had a lot of really cool stuff happening in his life.  Since then and since going through it for the first time, I just thought I would really be cool to have a conversation with you and see what happened, what all it does, so. Anything else you want to tell us about yourself before we jump in and talk about that?

Brent:  No, no, not really. Except that I just really have become addicted to writing in my journal. I never really was a journal guy before then, so. I really did not have a consistent journal or even an inconsistent journal at that point before I started.

Aaron:  So this was last summer, right?

Brent:  Last summer, it has not been quite a year. It has, if I looked right into here, I started July 10th and July 12th of last year.

Aaron:  That is cool. Okay, so tell me what was going on at the time when you started that and take me through the process of what happened for you when you went through that?

Brent:  You know, I everyone has got the ebbs and flows of life is cool, life is has and I was in a very life is hard. Especially with the relationship were the person was very unkind and I knew I was going to leave but I did not really have the guts to do it. And anyway, I finally did. I was feeling really poorly and you just do not feel good about yourself. And what I noticed, I started writing in my journal and instantly feeling good. So when I would go to her house, I really get that excited feeling that you get like, oh my God, music sounds great. I am just on top of it all.

Aaron:  You are feeling like the high of life or sort of?

Brent:  Feeling like that high of life that the excitement of another person gives you when you have that connection and what was really amazing in me and really cannot blow my hat off was that, I was having that feeling every single moment of the day. I would still to this day have three reminders on my phone and…

Aaron:  What are they? You have time reminders?

Brent:  I have time reminders to do my affirmations to get on high flying disc as some people say it but just to refocus me like, hey, you know what, what this life is amazing. And here is why it is. I have got a journal that gives me a bunch of reasons. I was having that, I realize I could create that feeling for myself every day, all day long and that really changed. It was that month that really launched a thousand ships for me and made a huge difference and that started in July and here I am, May 14th, 2014 and an addict if you will.

Aaron:  Well, that is cool. So at the time you said you were going through this, it was kind of tumultuous relationship like, it was just hard before you, tell me about that.

Brent:  Yeah. It was hard and sometimes you get into a relationship where people are emotionally abusive and I was experiencing a lot of that and so I was not feeling good about myself on top of all the other…

Aaron:  Because you are being beat down by another person.

Brent:  Yeah, yeah.  It is like, it is the opposite of belief.

Aaron:  Were you beating yourself down as well or was it just from the outside?

Brent:  You know what? I really was not but to the point that you allow that kind of relationship to continue, when it goes beyond that, there are things that are ebbing away from your worth.

Aaron:  Yeah, just like constantly eating away at you and…

Brent:  Yeah, and everyone that has ever been in a relationship like that, knows that there is that one moment that once you accept that, then beyond that, it just continues to eat away who you are. So you do not want in the too soon, so you have to be sure so pretty soon you will feel kind of hollow and that is kind of where I was.

Aaron:  And so then, you started this thing. I sent you that link and you sorted “The Five Minute Mental Mastery” which is basically is a 30-Day daily email, right?

Brent:  Right.

Aaron:  That I started teaching you to do one thing which was to what?

Brent:  What I took out of it, the one thing that what was just to, was to listen to the five minutes every day. And I was like, oh my God, I can do five minutes. That is something that I can do and even on one of them, you were like, I went six minutes today, I promise I will not do that again and I was like, Aaron is on it. So, the one thing that I got was for 30-Day and the email came every day when I did it. And that is the format that it was but every day I could count on it and then I could say, okay, I can do five minutes and that is just who it started.

Aaron:  So you took a part of that like, yeah, I can do that, I can commit to that and then in that time, I basically was saying, do this one simple thing every day which is to set an alarm or just say this, repeat these two affirmations three times a day and try to get your feeling behind and try to believe that, right?

Brent:  Right.

Aaron:  And so that is why you set that alarm, right? In your phone?

Brent:  Right, yeah. That is what I have said. Well, I was instructed to. In five minutes, you can have my attention for five minutes. I need to set an alarm. Well, I am not going to, I can do this for 30-Days. I can listen to something five minutes for 30-Days. If you are going to ask me to set an alarm and at least thinking about it, I am not that lame that I cannot do that. After 30 days, who knows where I am going to be. But for right now…

Aaron:  Please set an alarm.

Brent:  I can at least do these simple things and I knew I was at least capable of that, yeah.

Aaron:  Well, that is the whole thing for me. I know for me personally, for me to get a new habit going on, I need to make it super small and super easy like, if I want to start working out again, I may have this big goal to be like, oh, I am going to run a marathon someday but I need to forget that that would be like, I just need to run two steps today. At least if I run two steps, well, I know if I get out and run two steps I know I am going to run a little bit more and stuff like, whenever I try to start something new like right now, if I am doing push-ups or pull-ups, I try to do push-ups and pull-ups three days a week and I never really know what I am doing. Every time I want to start doing them, that first pull-up, first push up, I never want to do it but I know that I’m like, look, just do one. It does not matter how many you do, forget about like you need to do three reps and even just do one rep today that is fine. I try to make it as easy as possible as simple so I actually start doing something. And then, once you start, it is easy to keep going on stuff but that is the whole essence behind “The Five Minute Mental Mastery”. I try to make it so simple so it is just like there is no, any resistance. The least resistance possible with starting, right?

Brent:  Right. All you got to do is show up.

Aaron: And so I had sent you the email, you would show up, you started the affirmation so what started happening? Like, explain what that 30 day was like.

Brent:  Well, what I noticed is immediately you realize, okay, I need to think about the things I want and I want to just completely not putting any attention on things that I do not want unpierced so. I got that habit over the 30 days and I actually kept doing after that. I have wrote long after the 30 days but…

Aaron:  So not only would you, I invited you on that first program, “The Five Minute Mental Mastery” to say these two affirmations, this is a truly amazing life and everything is conspiring for my benefit. To say those things every day and then also to write them down and then to write other affirmations, to start writing other affirmations down every single day like, yeah.

Brent:  Right. Yeah, that really was what I found with me is that it just took off a life of its own after I did the fundamentals. And then, I just start kind of doing my own thing, it is your personal day. Everyone starts doing what is personal to me and what I started doing when I noticed is I start power math testing which means is that I felt like I am folding space and time and I was being able to just, money would come pouring in, my life situation took a drastic turn for the better.

Aaron:  Your relationship, you were saying?

Brent:  Relationship. Yeah, I instantly felt right back into like an awesome relationship.

Aaron:  So through that 30-Day process, you mentioned you were going to visit her and you just be feeling, I think we were going down that path where you would be feeling awesome and then, you would go visit her and then that whole thing kind of resolves itself or what?

Brent:  Well, yeah. I know I am feeling good on the way to see her and that was the only time I felt great.

Aaron:  Okay.

Brent:  And so what I did is I completely stepped away from that situation. Luckily I was able to do that and just stop. And then, that feeling that I would feel rarely when because of her, I depended on her in a relationship.

Aaron:  You had basically chopped away this negative portion out of your life and just blocked it out completely?

Brent:  Blocked it out completely. And because I was able to feel good, not just on a daily basis but like really a minute to minute basis. Like it was a habit, just my body would glow. And I never knew it could be that way. I never trusted my own thoughts to allow me to be alone with myself for [inaudible].

Aaron:  Interesting.

Brent:  And really, I was always [inaudible] of that. And then, what happens is not only was I able to feel good which was all I wanted, I do not want to be bored and I did not want to feel bad. So I feeling good and I was not bored and I was lightening up my ideas for the future and then my whole world started changing. So all these great things just started happening in my life. But the most important out of those things is that I felt good. That is all I wanted in the first place and nothing else.

Aaron:  Nothing else even had to happen because you already got what you wanted right now.

Brent:  Yeah.

Aaron:  Like all of sudden you are feeling good because you are directing your thoughts on the truth, on the true things that life is amazing and then that everything is happening for your good regardless, right?

Brent:  Well, yeah. That is exactly right. I did not know that I can sit and smile and be truly happy for a really good reason, a reason that I came up with. And that is why I say I never trust myself to be alone with myself because and I am like, I cannot do that. My label is boredom. I cannot be bored because secretly, I just do not trust myself. That is really what it is.

Aaron:  That is so funny. It is very true though. I think there is a lot of that, I think that is very pervasive in society in general and we see it in all these escapism of everything. Drinking, TV, food, whatever, we are always trying to escape from ourselves.

Brent:  For the love of God, get me away from myself.

Aaron:  Exactly. Whatever I can do, do not leave me alone with myself, right? And yet for some reason, when you found the ability to enjoy being with yourself, everything shifted, right?

Brent:  Yeah. I kind of put it like, I think the reason I felt good in this relationship was that I would take my energy and I would focus it outward towards her. So I [inaudible] her the best that she could be, all these things pretty much making hers, probably she was not or more than it was right. And then, I think that I found a way to turn that light, that lamp in on myself. It is that simple thing that I actually start saying, okay, I deserve that kind of attention from myself. It is just like really turning around, inward thing, I could give myself some shine.

Aaron:  So before and you were in this type of relationship, toxic relationship, you felt like you had to go out to her. Like, you did not have this inside so you are trying to seek that love on the outside her or something or you finally figured out you could find it inside?

Brent:  Yeah but talk about feeling like a hostage. I mean, I feel like my happiness had been held hostage and I knew how slippery that slope was if I kept, you could lose yourself.

Aaron:  Well, it is dependent upon that?

Brent:  Yeah.

Aaron:  So that is where I guess it was. You were depending onto them for your happiness and yet, it is turning toxic. It was like almost, yeah. You were not even feeling good going over there anymore, right?

Brent:  Yeah. That is exactly right.

Aaron:  By that point, that was when you realized that you had happiness within and that you have made that shift. You are like, you did not need that relationship to be happy, that type of thing?

Brent:  Yeah, yeah. It honestly felt like someone has whispered a secret in my ear. One that I had waited for years and years to hear.

Aaron:  Which is?

Brent:  Which is, you can feel good now. And not only can you feel good now which is what you wanted from all the money which is when you [inaudible] all the recognition and from people liking you, you can feel good now. And in addition to getting what you always wanted, that feeling good is going to make a bunch of other cool stuff in your life. It is going to literally make your life amazing so you can get your, my life becomes amazing that instant. And then, it creates the foundation and the structures for your life to be amazing for a long time to come and [inaudible].

Aaron:  And for you, that started last summer like, this shift. As you went into that program and then it is just carried on and you now have these full journals like you showed me those full journal of awesomeness here that is basically, you creating your life or what? What is that?

Brent:  You know, it is, a lot of it is the 30-Day Mental Mastery and then, things just grow out of that and so I kind of go down on my little tangents. I will make an entire list and then pick my favorite [inaudible] and cast them forward, all cleansed, my list is all safe.

Aaron:  So, list of affirmations and truths?

Brent:  List of affirmations and truths, list of things that I want. Just anything.

Aaron:  Yeah.

Brent:  Anything that I want. Like, this is all the stuff that I want.

Aaron:  Stuff that you want to manifest in your life and write it down.

Brent:  Or things that would make me feel good. And then, one of the things that I got from you is that I just made a master list of what, like a blue print of what I want my life to look like. So just little things from health to this to that, a complete list so that way whenever I am really getting in down or I really want to get back to it, I will go, okay, here is what I want my life to look like. I will make these affirmations depending on how I am feeling today. Today’s affirmations just kind of come off as what speaks to me.

Aaron:  Yeah. I do that too. I have a big list of affirmations that often in times in the morning, and I will just go from scratch and look in the mirror and I will just be like, just whatever comes in my heart. This is what I need to day and I will just repeat that. I kind of have my own pep talk, just random, it may bring out some of my affirmations written down or maybe just whatever comes into my heart that I felt that I need that day so it is like I am constantly riding as well but then sometimes it is just, we take whatever our hearts speaks to us that day as well.

Brent:  Yeah. It is funny how it just pops out too. You do not have to try. You just go and look at through stuff and then, oh man, I do not why but I really need this today.

Aaron:  Yeah. So then you said, a lot of stuff has happened. A lot of stuff has changed. You have seen like all these miracles. Can you tell me about a few of them? Or some of the things that happened to your life. I mean, the biggest miracle, the biggest thing that is just, you feel it, awesome. And you know how to control that and you can decide and change your feelings then, right?

Brent:  Yeah.

Aaron:  And so that is just like, you have that now and you do not have to, you have mentioned you have gone back through “The Five Minute Mental Mastery” again. That is kind of like, just to rekindle that fire or something?

Brent:  Yeah, yeah. It is like something that just keeps spinning around and I just like to spin that mary-go-round. You got to keep it going.

Aaron:  What other stuff beyond that is happening for you?

Brent:  The most amazing thing is and this really did not make the person I was seeing feel too good. I quit actually speaking to her but all the while, I have been doing this and I have the Mental Mastery and I had a list of my dream relationship and literally, it was not even two weeks. I met like someone amazing that had all these things that I have been missing and all these things that I wanted and just fell into that. Just fell right into and then, today it is nine months that we have been together, so.

Aaron:  Is it that during that 30-Day period when you met her?

Brent:  Yes.

Aaron:  That is interesting. And you are still together and things are going well?

Brent:  Yeah, yup. And it is true, it has been amazing relationship and there is not much that has not been amazing about what I have experienced in the nine months in this relationship. And then, then on through. From what I mean, everyone has money problems and stuff. And now I learned to be like, I just needed to find a way to feel good about that. I am not going to focus on that money that I do not have. I am not going to focus on to bills that or I know are coming or already here. I just know I am going to be okay. I am going to feel good and I know that, more things in the Mental Mastery was, I know that by finding what feel good about that, it is going to give me the energy I need to actually do something about it. I am going to be excited enough about my life that I am actually, it is going to fuel, it is going to create that enthusiasm and energy to go, you know what, I will at least get started on filling out some of those bills or at least get started on this list of things that I know of.

Aaron:  Whereas before, how would those obstacles have impacted your life?

Brent:  Grid lock, grid lock. When you are negative and you are imagining things, you certainly do not want to move because you know they can move in a negative mindset. You might kick a couple of rocks over to get bees underneath them or something. You know what I mean?

Aaron:  So you fear of doing anything.

Brent:  Yeah. Which is worse because sitting still is the worst thing that you can do. So no movement, is I think what happens.

Aaron:  So, yeah. It sounds like it kind of shifted your whole paradigm of how you go about the day of your life every day.

Brent:  Yeah. I think you and I have talked about this one a couple of times but there is a mentality, if it does not feel good I will not do it. And luckily, I am an entrepreneur. I can afford to do that, so to speak.

Aaron:  Meaning, like you are your own boss. If you are not going to do it, you are not going to do it.

Brent:  Well, I am my own boss. No one is going to breathe down my neck about it but so yeah, if it does not feel good to me, I will not do it but what is really cool to know now is that I can work on making myself feel good and I feel like doing lots of things. You know what, I have passion in things that interests me. I actually have things to be interested. I am not apathetic. I am not bored. I am not, like everyone else when you are walking around. Everyone is like looking at each other’s eyes like, do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it?

Aaron:  Actually they are looking into their smartphone.

Brent:  You are right, you are right. And then, there are some other people that are looking back at them.

Aaron:  Exactly.

Brent:  Yeah. And I think that everyone just kind of looking for, do you get it? And it is really, are you excited about life? Have you found a way to be passionate? After 80 Years, we are gone. Or you are just going to float through it or you are going to ride big waves. At least that is fun, you are not, at least you are getting ways of big energy, you are going to meet cool people and you are going to do fun, cool things that only maybe you are interested in. So I think when you find that way to be excited, if fuels your action. You can actually feel good about the work that you ended and you do feel productive and at the end of the day, you feel like, I did all the things that were important to me. And so it is building itself and a sense of accomplishment while being that you do not really get if you are standing still.

Aaron:  That is cool. It is really cool to hear. Any other things that stand out to you or that you recall from over this period of time that has done for you?

Brent:  I always focus on things that, I guess if I was to add anything, I focus on things that feel good. It is so funny how we are conditioned that life is not supposed to be fun or all fun. And before I do anything, I find things. So one of the things I did, add in. Someone gave me a journal that I could not use and it is really nice, it is small. And so you know what, if I am walking down the other day, I was walking down in the gym and a really cute girl gave me a smile. That made me feel pretty good. So where did they go? It went right into my small, little journal of things that feel good. This made me feel good and I realized I noticed that I really was not paying attention to things that have that and it is not just the thought that happens, the whole body. You feel it in your whole body and it is changing your state and that helped you, so. I keep a collection of things that made me feel good, so. I am sitting here with three journals. My old one, my new one, pretty soon I am going to need a tote just to get around my great thoughts.

Aaron:  That is cool. You were talking about when people say that life was not meant to be fun, earlier I, there was a statement that my dad had told me when I was young. I think I was always trying to have a lot of fun and I think my dad was trying to help me see reality. And so I do not really know what he was thinking on this statement but it really stood out to me that I did not agree with it. He said, life is not all about having fun. And he was like trying to get me to stop, to be responsible and to be like, but it really stood out to me. I did not agree. I was like, no. If life is not fun, what is the purpose of life? Like, I just did not want to agree with that. And when I sit today, I still do not agree to it. If you are not going to have fun with life, then what is the point?

Brent:  That is like hearing, there is no magic or Santa Clause or [inaudible] or whatever.

Aaron:  But that is reality that we live in and it is like, as a parent, I can see where he was coming from, I think and I do not what his emotional state was at the time when he said that. And if you are listening dad, today, well then, I do not know what you are thinking about. I just telling, when I heard that statement and I was at that time, I did not want to believe it and I resisted that. I was like, no, life can be about just having fun and I think I still, I just really believe that life should be fun. If life is not fun, then, we are doing something wrong. Like, it does not mean that you have to take responsibility, you have to go to work, does not mean we do not need to go in and take care of the people like when you do take care of you family and get a job and do the right thing. It does not mean that those things have to not be fun.

Brent:  I think that comes from the great depression. I really do. My mom said the same thing.

Aaron:  She did?

Brent:  Life is not supposed to be fun. I was like, that is the most horrible thing ever heard in my life.

Aaron:  And Elton John or somebody said when he was like in kindergarten, his teacher asked him, hey, what do you want to be when you grow up? And he said, happy. And she said like, no, and she was like, he did not understand the assignment. And he was like, you do not understand life. Wait. There is something wrong about that.

Brent:  No way.

Aaron:  I think that was like Elton John or somebody that the teacher was like, telling him that he did not understand the assignment. He told the teacher that she did not understand life. And there is a lot of truth to that like that, what else is life if it is not about being happy, having joy and despite the circumstances, right?

Brent:  Yeah. And I think that is what this almost a year now has taught me. And I have read a lot of the stuff that, like the think and grow rich and these other great works that we are building off of, the secret. All these talk about the law of attraction. And what I think I have learned is, it is not just what I thought up to this point which is I am going to auto suggest or I am going to self-brainwash and get my thoughts going. That, I did that and I did not see long lasting effects. The difference here is that, now I know how to turn those thoughts into feeling. So I am not affirming. Affirming is just emotion that I am taking. I am actually just saying, you know, I am going to firm this but I am also going to realize what my life look like. I give myself permission to believe that this really can happen. This really, whatever I am creating can happen and as soon as I allow myself to feel good about it, now I have cracked the code. So I think that is probably is the biggest thing that I have learned in the last year with the help of this program is like, okay, I can think the cool thoughts. Now what I got to do is just be living that in my head and let my body vibrate about it and that affects the entire matrix, it affects the whole universe and all of a sudden, the tectonic plates of the world are moving underneath me to organize to my favor. And that is why things are conspiring for my benefit because that is where it come from.

Aaron:  Exactly. And that is just a critical point that I obviously I must have made that in “The Five Minute Mental Mastery”. You have got it and it is like, it sunk in that you repeat the truth, you repeat the affirmation but you have got to get yourself to believe it and then feel it. You have that permission. Like you said, you give yourself permission to believe it as a possible so you let go of the need it to prove it wrong. Because there are a lot of times, people will say these affirmations like, people will say this about everything is conspiring for my benefit, then all of a sudden things, all the way things are harming them. And it is really natural to think, no, everything is not [inaudible]. I can think of this, this and this that is not conspiring for my benefit. Well, the next step is to, like you said, give yourself permission to at least try on that belief to just say, maybe it is possible so that you can, possibly. And then, start to feel inside what would it feel like if that was the case? And like, start to connect the feeling to it because like you said, once you connect your thoughts, your beliefs to this state of feeling good about it, then, that is how you know you believe it because you feel good about it. If you do not feel good about it, that makes you feel bad, you can clearly say that, no, you are not believing that inside. That you are believing the opposite, right?

Brent:  And it is all that [inaudible] to feeling is always the truth, right?

Aaron:  Yup. The feeling is what indicates what you are thinking.

Brent:  And I will break down. I will be honest. Every time where I would tell myself everything is conspiring for my benefit that was probably the hardest one for me to connect with between the two.

Aaron:  And that I would say is for everyone because it is such a firm stand against almost everybody tends to believe, that like the feeling that is pervasive in the world. Everything is conspiring against me, right?

Brent:  The whole world is.

Aaron:  Yeah. But the truth is you can choose to believe and that is, you can choose to believe that everything is conspiring against you and that is the reality you will manifest. Or you can choose to believe that everything is conspiring for you but yeah, it is a big stand to take. And so you said that was hard for you. Bridging that gap between the feeling and the belief on that or what?

Brent:  Yeah, I would say it and then I would feel something different.

Aaron:  What would it feel?

Brent:  Well, one thing you talked about it is if you feel something where is down about it, and so I actually had to write about what is going on. And it was just too big of a concept for me because I did not [inaudible] from the kids. We hear all those subtle, suicidal suggestions, like, if you cannot beat them, join them, living for the weekend and isn’t that just that is just my luck, a lot of us have things that we tell ourselves that have built over time. That is a big shell to crack, to say everything is conspiring. And that was for me, that was the case too. I was like, okay, I said it, I kind of like allowed myself to think about it but I felt something different. So what I would do is I would look into right about me like you have talked about which I thought was a really great idea. And then I would go, okay, well, I need a break that down to much simpler things which is, I am going to be okay no matter what happens. I had it back like way up and do some affirmations just to lead up to that belief. You know what, I am going to okay. And that was one of the things I really needed to hear. You know, I am going to be okay. No matter what happens, I am going to be okay. And you know what, I am pretty okay right now. It is a good place to start and I kind of build in to that. Then, I gave myself permission to go, okay, I gave this time, I thought about it for a while and I can kind of see how are things conspiring for my benefit. I think I could feel that now. I am feeling you now. I am going to go with that.

Aaron:  I loved how you figured that out and I wonder how many people who have lost to have not been able to bridge that gap and what you have just said is like, okay, maybe I need to add that in and say, hey, if you cannot believe that everything is conspiring for your benefit, why don’t you just try and say, hey look, you are going to be okay no matter what happens. And I love how you brought that up. So like, I do not know the way everybody else is going through and what place they are at and what they need to believe in so, how you found that on your own was fantastic. That is awesome.

Brent:  You know, I think one of the key things and I have thought about the same things too, that I am like, oh, is there a lesson here? And I think for everyone that to have such a personal journey that is yet, everyone comes to a point going, hey listen, how important to decide how I want my life to look like. Is my life sitting on a park bench? Or is it being the president of the United States? It does not really matter because maybe in your own mind you want to be like some sort of super spy or something that is really exciting and, or a rock star or a great father, it does not really matter, it is just something that you care about and that is cool to you and you know what, if you are not getting that, then you figure out, maybe by thinking about it, the only good about it, that is how I do it. And to me, the sit down and writing a journal was what it took. And I think is what it takes from people just to get clear on what you want to do. So you know what, writing helps you get clear and that is why when I did not feel good and I would follow “The 30-Day Mental Mastery”, all I had to do was say, okay, I do not feel good, here is why, and I kept showing up that five minutes after five minutes and after a while, you know what, it is you who are the teacher. It changes. Now, you are becoming a leader to yourself and that is the transformation that happens. You are no longer being led along by bread crumbs. Now, you are actually setting down the bread crumbs for yourself and now you feel like you are in control. Now, what is great about the program is it allows you to be participating on your own rescue. You have got to be your own savior by choosing your own action. And so it takes a life of its own and pretty soon you are going to get yourself a pat on the back. And you would be like, listen, I finally did something I said I was going to do all this time, I did it.

Aaron:  There is so much value in just even that was just doing being true to yourself. And how good that feels. Not to mention all the other benefits that now are coming through, right?

Brent:  Making a promise, fulfill your promise to yourself and that feels good. Especially if you are putting it off of for a long time.

Aaron:  Yes, exactly.

Brent:  I have done a couple of those [inaudible]. It feels good.

Aaron:  I love that imagery, that feeling that you just have and that statement of yes, the truth is within you, we are connected to same source of truth. Some of us are here to help others just to make that initial connection and just help people find that where to plug in, right? And I feel like that is kind of my job is to like how may I help you plug in to yourself so that you can refine this course of infinite wisdom, happiness, everything within you which is all there. And now you are on this journey just discovering more everyday like learning more from within yourself, right?

Brent:  Yeah. And you had me on five minutes because if it was six minutes, there was no six minute ads man. I was like, I am not sure I have go ten minutes but I know that I can do five. I think I could eat my toast and drink my coffee or whatever at the same time and I think I can get away with that and you had me in five minutes because that is something I can do.

Aaron:  That is something for me too. I could not, I have a lot of things I want to do. I got a lot going on except for me to, when I see other programs and other things out there that are like 30 minutes or an hour and then I was just like, I like the idea but I need something that I can do every day. Like, I cannot commit to an hour a day for something right off the bat. I mean, sure I can build up to that but so, yeah. That is good.

Brent:  It going to have to be something pretty especial to dedicate an hour or two.

Aaron:  Yeah, exactly. Well, that is awesome, great feedback. Anything else you want to share? Is that pretty much it?

Brent:  Well, not really but it is the last that it always has to be shared is thank you because without something, I have been looking for a way to putting the pieces together and to actually make a practice out of it. Kind of like a samurai that, to really do it with genius and clarity, so yes, thank you. I mean, it is one of those things that put all the pieces together, the puzzle came together and now I can see the whole picture. It is kind of nice to be able to do that. And now, you can leave me alone with myself and I will be just fine.

Aaron:  That is awesome. Well, you are welcome and that is just, I am so glad to hear it. It just thrills me that you have had that experience that you have just had helped and then it worked and then you did what I hope it would do. So I am just honored and thrilled that that helped.

Brent:  Honor is all mine.

Aaron:  All right. Thanks Brent. Well, everybody that is listening, thanks for tuning into our little conversation to my office today. Actually I have Brent here live. Normally, I am over the phone but anyway, thanks for joining and we will catch you on the next episode of The Truly Amazing Life Show.