Aaron: Welcome to the Truly Amazing Life podcast. IÕm really excited to have Mea Blauer on the phone today. Are you there Mea?

Mea: IÕm here. Hi Aaron.

Aaron: Hey. Welcome to the call today and for everybody listening, Mea is one of the Truly Amazing Life family members. We met through her jumping on the email list and this is our first time chatting so IÕm looking forward to getting to know her and sharing her story of kind of her experiences with in the journey of living a truly amazing life with everybody here so, just really looking forward to getting to know her and hearing her story. She had an opportunity to be really impacted by Emily Filoramo who is a previously guest on the show and who has a lot of impactful and insightful things to share. So, if you havenÕt heard those podcast interviews with Emily, thereÕs a couple of them and I would highly recommend going back through and I think after this call, Mea youÕre going to see and hear and understand better maybe how impactful that stuff is that Emily was talking about. So, with that, I just want to jump in and start chatting with Mea today. So, Mea, how are you today?

Mea: IÕm very good today Aaron. Thank you for having me and thank you for your work. ItÕs been truly impactful on my life. I wouldnÕt be talking here right now had it not been for some of the experiences youÕve shared. So, thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us.

Aaron: Yeah. Absolutely, itÕs my pleasure. ItÕs what brings me fulfillment to be able to share with people and to help people and thatÕs my mission, is to help people live a truly amazing life and discover those principles while they can live every day out of mediocrity so, IÕm just really grateful that youÕre in my life, youÕre in the Truly Amazing Life family and that youÕre willing to stand up and share and talk about some of your experiences. So, Mea, just tell us, tell me briefly, what led you to joining the Truly Amazing Life family and where did you come from just prior to this before we met?

Mea: Sure. Well, let me tell you first how I came across your book. It was right around Christmas and you know, I had done virtual self improvement work for about 5 Years and I  really thought I had kind of got pretty far until I hit another rock bottom, so to speak and it was one of those moments where my inner voice was so viciously self critical that I had realized that the one thing I had not taken control of in my life was my own thinking. So, I was kind of browsing through Amazon books, IÕm an avid reader, I came across your book. But IÕve finished it in like 2 days and like, by the 3rd day, I was already on a month long program with you for the ÒFive Minute MasteryÓ. So basically, thatÕs how you entered my life. It was a very low point for me. I was really surprised after all of the work I had done for myself through all those years, it still hit a new rock bottom but if it was more of a wakeup call for me that I really needed to take control of my thinking and really kind of looking where this is coming from, why is it so vicious and critical, my inner voice? What I had discovered when I was doing the ÒFive Minute MasteryÓ in the morning, I encountered a lot of inner resistance and through the positive affirmation. And then, that really correct me. IÕm like, curiously really positive thoughts and really positive energy that should help me have a better life but my inner environment, there were such resistance and when I see resistance, you know, I mean, thereÕs a lot of constriction especially around my heart, around my throat. It was just as if I was telling myself I was alive by having these positive affirmations.

Aaron: What did it feel like, you said thereÕs a lot of constriction. Can you describe that?

Mea: It was as if somebody was taking my heart and just squeezing it. You know, itÕs just a lot of just heaviness in my chest. I guess thatÕs all how I feel my inner resistance on the physical level, itÕs just a lot of tightness.

Aaron: And you would feel that when you are repeating a positive affirmation that was like through the stuff that I was teaching in ÒFive Minute Mental MasteryÓ?

Mea: Yes, yes. So, it was very interesting that that has happened and it got me thinking why is this?

Aaron: That is really interesting, to jump in there because it is, you know, in general as weÕre speaking truth, quite often, it feels really good and empowering right? But here you are, other times, what happens when we speak the truth if weÕve got something inside that contradicts, it can lead to what you felt which was this heavy, constricted like, conflict feeling, right?

Mea: Yes. And it makes no sense because here I am, telling myself great things that could happen in my life and yet, in my inner environment is encountering the exact opposite, the result that I would expect, it was just pushback. And, you know, it has really, really motivated me to find out what that is and sure enough I had asked the Universe. I had to ask God or higher power or (inaudible) or whatever you want to call it for help. I really needed the people, the resources, the tools to find out whatÕs going on and you know, sure enough, a couple of weeks later, there was a call with Emily and her work and what struck me the most in that conversation that you had with her was the work that she had done also, the (inaudible) idea of getting in touch with you inner children and really giving them the love and support that they needed at the time. So, it was just that there was just something that really touched me inside my soul and I knew at that moment that I needed to do her work. It was very spontaneous, it wasnÕt anything that was scripted, it just came through me. So, you know, after you called like this download or books and the following night I did the work and oh boy, it was not that I never even knew existed within myself. It just came to the surface and it was a very wah, very intense emotional moment but itÕs exactly what needed to happen.

Aaron: And the work that youÕve mentioned, is what, the work that youÕre mentioning kind of in simple, just simplistically, itÕs a pretty simple process that take you through but what, can you kind of just recap that first what that means that you did the work?

Mea: Sure, sure. And I think she did the booklet of actually kind of letting go of energy that keeps you stuck in moving forward with your life. And basically, revisiting the parts of you, especially the younger parts, a very, very young part that might have been hurt or they might have acquired very different ideas and beliefs about life and how life works and getting those parts unstuck and really providing them the feeling and the love they needed. And also, and allowing on to let go of these ideas that most of them are, most, if not all, are untrue. And just to give you an example, and this is kind of tied with why this resistance had been coming up inside of myself while saying the positive affirmation. My inner truth, my inner truth as I call it, that was acquired when I was a child was simply, youÕre not worthed, youÕre not good enough, youÕre not smart enough, you canÕt do it, youÕre not worthy of success, youÕll never succeed, that was my inner truth. So, when I was saying, you are worthed, you are successful, you can make it, thatÕs choosing the exact opposite position of what I have called my truth. So, of course thereÕs this (inaudible), two energies that are completely opposite of one another. So, I had actually had done her work and whatÕs great about it is itÕs that very increment, that very emotional, itÕs very vulnerable but she makes it, you know, the work you do it on your own. ThereÕs, you donÕt have to share it with anybody. You donÕt have to expose yourself in front of everybody. ItÕs just you with yourself, you with your younger self and you with some people that might have caused this kind of thing in your life.

Aaron: And the pain that youÕre talking about is the pain that was a result of those lies that youÕre believing that you thought were true?

Mea: Yes. And, you know, the hurt that you might feel when (inaudible) as a child, IÕm not good enough. You know, that shame and that guilt really hurt, the energy that comes out of it is very painful. And a child, you know, we donÕt know to release this energy. They just thought, theyÕre just stuck inside these bodies, and we carry them with us until we let them go. And I have carried these energies with me you know, IÕm in mid 30Õs now. I have carried them since I was 5 or 6 Years Old. But I carried them with me for 30 Years, not knowing that they were blocking me from you know, self worth, self love, self fulfillment, really giving myself opportunities that could make my life truly amazing. I was really stopping myself from having all these things until I did the work. And it was, I mean, I carried on for 30 Years or so, of now and half of work that I did was nothing. And really release these energies and it took awhile for it for, you know, my emotional body or my energetic body to settle down but, let me tell you, ever since IÕve done this work, my idea of myself and my self worth and self confidence and what I think I deserve in life, itÕs a 180 Degrees.

Aaron: ThatÕs amazing.

Mea: You know, I think one of your callers previously, I think it was Al Diaz that said that, the one thing thatÕll make difference in your life is self love. You know, you tell yourself, you love yourself unconditionally every day. I couldnÕt even (inaudible) those words before I had done this work and now I spend time every day you know, in self love, just by myself, you know, itÕs not anything spectacular, just, I am okay just the way I am. And itÕs all a result of this work I did and I guess my intention of being on this call today with you is, if thereÕs anybody out there that will be listening to this thatÕs going through the same thing, there is hope and there is a way out. If itÕs not EmilyÕs work, it might be some other tool or resource that could help you. All you need is an intention of wanting a better life for yourself or of self healing and of self love. And if what IÕm saying is helping anybody at all or at least one person, then, I am forever grateful for that opportunity.

Aaron: Well, I really appreciate your heart on that and where youÕre at and it is the natural thing. I think what youÕre feeling right there is exactly what I felt when I had some of these breakthroughs myself. ItÕs just that that natural tendency we wanted to share this like, weÕve been going through these, weÕve been stuck for so long or this pain, to be able to see the way out and to see this light, to feel the fresh freedom of being relieved of all these burden, of all these baggage, itÕs something that we really want to share with other people and I think, everybody listening and hear pretty clearly how grateful and how liberated you are for having gone through that so, I really appreciate you jumping on here and sharing that. I want to go into what, a little more detail in what you say. So now, when you say, I spend time everyday in self love, kind of take us through what does that look like for you when you say, what does that mean?

Mea: Part of that is, me spending time in the morning by myself, you know, I have two little ones. I make sure I get up before everybody else gets up and I spend some time in meditation and I allow myself to connect with God or higher energy or source power or however you want to call it and really allow myself to receive the love thatÕs coming from the higher power. Whereas before, I didnÕt feel worthy, I didnÕt feel worthy of receiving this free gift thatÕs from God, the love and the light and the energy that comes freely from the higher power. And now, I spend time just priding my mind and allowing this love and this light come inside of me and just really feel loved and thatÕs part of me loving me, allowing this love and light to come inside my body. And also, just looking at skills and abilities I have and allowing myself to really reach into the larger opportunities out there. I used to work so hard and I was very good with everything I did but it was the intention and motivation behind of it was, IÕm working so hard to prove that IÕm actually worthed when the (inaudible) behind is, IÕm working so hard to cover up how worthy I feel. Well, that intention truly turned on its head. Now, I truly believe and I truly allow myself to feel worthy and I allow the larger opportunities in life to open up. I wouldnÕt box myself and to hold myself back because I think IÕm not worthy anymore. Even though you can say that the thoughts are the same intention behind it and the energy and the motivation or the place where all these are coming from, they switch from a place IÕm working so hard that IÕm not worthy to I am worthy and, I can allow life to bring me the love I truly need to actually fulfill that thought and that intention.

Aaron: And this is only been a couple of month really or less that since you met, since we did that thing. I think February with Emily and this really transformation for you. What has it been like, the last couple of months? What does it, I mean, you mentioned how just your life was completely 180 Degrees different in what ways has it changed for your life?

Mea: Well, so one is my confidence level. You know, I used to feel, I felt such fear and worry and just trepidation about life. And that has all but gone away. I feel supported by life, I feel embraced by life also my confidence in my work, I used to be timid and question myself in so many things. Now, theyÕve just kind of thereÕs this energy that comes through organically through me that I feel so confident in what I do.

Aaron: Well, what is it you do for work?

Mea: I actually work, I am an environmental planner and I work with people you know, who want to build a house or get a building permit and my job is looking at the natural resources that would be impacted. And itÕs a lot of technical kind of left brain knowledge. And I always felt you know, a little bit intimidated by it and that is all but gone away but I know that that has been a job for me about a year ago when I kind of realize it. Wanted to do something more in my life. I went back to school and IÕm probably by the end of the year I will graduate from life coaching program and I just canÕt wait to bring not only the skill IÕve learned in there but this inner transformation and work with people to really help them live a truly amazing life. I truly believe in every fiber of my being, that is my calling in life and I am just so excited that having on through this transformation, having gone back to school gave me that opportunity.

Aaron: ThatÕs really, really cool. But in the mean while, itÕs changed the way you lived in your current place to where youÕre just a lot more free with what happened.

Mea: ItÕs also motivated me to work with a career coach and my goal is to work with this person to help me bring forth the best qualities of me and really take that fort into my next step. I sort of never even dreamed of putting my quality forward. I was just so, oh no, no, IÕm not good enough, IÕm not good enough to really lead my own drum or IÕm not good enough to really highlight my quality because I really didnÕt feel worthed. Well, having removed that energy from my body and from having removed those false ideas about how I am, thatÕs not stopping me anymore. And it may sound as if you know, like full of myself. But itÕs truly not, itÕs truly that is in all of us. That is the basis in all of us and we donÕt feel that, it is worth looking at whatÕs in the way of that.

Aaron: Yes.

Mea: It truly is because if we did the work to remove these blockages and if youÕve removed these stuck energies that are stopping it from having a truly amazing life, then that is what itÕs waiting for in truly amazing life.

Aaron: I love it. IÕm so thrilled for you that youÕve made this breakthrough in your life. ItÕs just really fulfilling to hear that youÕve found the things that have given you the breakthroughs and what I want to highlight for people is that youÕve been searching reading for years, isnÕt just like, youÕve decided one day, youÕve been really on this path of seeking and it does take years sometimes. You know, like, youÕve been growing over these years and then certain things come at the right time for you that you give you the transformations and breakthroughs but, the reasons that you have found and discovered the truly amazing life that is your birth right is because you were seeking and looking and you believed it and youÕre praying for it. I mean like, before this stuff happen, you were saying, God, please just show me, give me help and  just help me discover how I can get out of my own way and I mean, thatÕs what youÕve mentioned originally so, I just want to highlight that to other people you know, if you will ask, if you will seek and you will, we all are going through these different challenges in our lives but, if we really believed it, we can get help, that the help will come one way or the other and so, I just commend you for seeking that out and kind of not resting and now you see that transformation just coming in your life, itÕs really amazing.

Mea: Yes. And you know that help in whatever way they come, itÕs there for all of us. All we need to do is ask for it. And weÕre truly cool about it, you act and then you look and you see and you discover what shows up and then follow the lead. Some things may turn out, some may not but, for me itÕs been, this hasnÕt happened and this would have happened and you know, itÕs just kind of like, you know, putting pieces together and truly you know, one of the major principles that you talk about that everything happens for your own benefit, the worst, absolute worst thing that have happened in my life, they have been the absolute, theyÕre just blessings. Has it not been for those blessings, I would not have thought to help myself, I really would have not read everything IÕve read, I would have not asked for help so, I am truly grateful for those darkest moments because I wouldnÕt be here talking to you had it not been for them. And thereÕs been plenty and theyÕve painful but if you put them in the light of what has come out of it, and why they have had happened, it had truly is, it would truly was for my highest benefit.

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs awesome to hear. You know, IÕve asked this, sometimes, like a slight fear or future hardships like, knowing that, hey, you know, thereÕs something hard probably coming down the pipe, like, I think I used to have that before I kind of made this discovery for myself that everything is really conspiring for my benefit. And once, I have made that discovery, I realized that there is nothing to be afraid of because yeah, so things come to their heart, thatÕs fine, those things too are conspiring for my benefit that it release some of that fear from me and IÕm wondering, I mean it released most of that fear like I donÕt fear the future anymore, it doesnÕt faze me at all because I know that whatever comes up, itÕs there for me and IÕm perfectly capable of handling it and itÕs absolutely itÕs going to be there for my benefit but, and thatÕs like a faith and the choice that IÕve made thatÕs changed the way that I can live in peace or what not. But IÕm just wondering whatÕs that had done for you now that youÕve experienced that and you looking back in gratitude on this dark moments, what does it do for you looking forward or as you think about potential hardships that might come in the future? How do you think that might change your reaction to those?

Mea: You know, you canÕt un-know what you know and that it happens for you know, your highest benefit. It if comes, you know, and it has, like, things have happened and IÕm like, oh my gosh, how am I going to deal with this, you know. And in that moment, yes, I have that choice, wait, this is happening for my best, my best and highest benefit. And that has removed my anxiety and fear and worry that would just eat me alive in the past. And you know, thank God for that. Thank God that you know, there is people like you who say it out loud and thank God for our ability to live from past experience. I mean, my worst fears, whatever I couldÕve imagined in life, they have come true. And here I am still today, I am so grateful for them. It transformed my relationship, it transformed my life, it put in front of me infinite (inaudible) possibilities of where my life could go. And I know that in that moment, if it happens, for one, I have a connection with the divine that I have asked for and I am an active participant in. So, I am never alone, never ever alone. And second, I know that whatever is happening in that present moment, is for my highest benefit. So then, I kind of let go of that need to try to fix or correct and just kind of turn myself over to the higher power and trust that everything will be okay.

Aaron: Yeah. That just feels so much more refreshing. So, itÕs such a more peaceful way to live, just living in that trust and that faith.

Mea: Yeah. But you know, itÕs been cultivated over the years, I mean, to be honest with you, before I started on this journey, I was a convince Atheist.

Aaron: Wow.

Mea: They couldnÕt convince me one way or another that there is a God and if there was, I gave up on him and he gave up on me.

Aaron: And this was like the 5 Years  ago before you started a spiritual journey, is that what youÕre referring to?

Mea: Yes. I would probably say about 5 to years ago. And, but you know, that, whatever happens to me, there was absolute worth and (inaudible) around as well and I am further grateful for that. And, itÕs not something that I believe in as in, a light in God (inaudible), I feel it. I feel it in my heart, I feel it in my soul, I feel it in my body, I feel it in my environment, every moment I live in faith.

Aaron: Yeah. So, itÕs not an intellectual thing, itÕs an experiential thing, right?

Mea: Yes. Correct.

Aaron: ThatÕs how it is for me too and I think everybodyÕs on their own path and their own place in that regard but once you experienced certain feelings and certain things, you canÕt deny your experiences, itÕs really hard to deny experiences and feelings.

Mea: And there is no right or wrong the way you get to it. ItÕs just having an open mind and having an open intention and having this motivation. So, opening yourself up to higher possibilities than your current life is showing you. And you know, I think in the Bible it says, if you have a faith of a (inaudible), all it is required, itÕs just the funniest thing is the desire to open yourself up to something different and the Universe will just wash you with.

Aaron: Yes.

Mea: IÕm just keeping an open mind to see what shows up and just go with it. There is no right way or wrong way to go about it.

Aaron: Yeah. Okay. IÕm really intrigued by what youÕre saying about having to come from being an Atheist and some really dark experiences that led you out of that. Is that an experience youÕd be open to sharing with us? Kind of transpired how you learned from that?

Mea: Sure, sure. Well, you know, when this one event in my life has happened, I had you know, tried to control events, tried to control people, try to control circumstances, and I have come to a 12 Step program where I knew I needed to change my life around because you know, life really knocked me down in at that point in my life. And, you know, the basis of the program very much like a 12 Step based on that AA Program. But one of the pillars on that program is, you believe that a higher power can help you out of this mess.

Aaron: And that is the same pillar in the AA 12 Step program, right?

Mea: Yes.

Aaron: I believe thatÕs what IÕd like the first thing.

Mea: Yes. So, for me it was such a blessing. For once, I didnÕt have to control things. I didnÕt have to make life happen anymore. I was so tired, I was so exhausted from trying to control everything in my life that, hereÕs this program that allows me to just say, you donÕt have to, just let it all go. Let it all go and let turn things over for the higher power and just focus on the things you can control which is your own life. And I guess at a deeper level, I really wanted that, I really wanted that connection with the higher power but because of the ideas I held and because of how my life had turned out, I really couldnÕt trust it. I was so tired and so exhausted that it didnÕt require much for me to just turn things around. And it was a process there too, I mean, it was a learning to get along with God. Really from the beginning and turning things around from somebody who didnÕt even believe or didnÕt trust the higher power to turning my entire being completely. It was a long road but, like I said, all worthwhile, all worthwhile.

Aaron: I can just feel the relief in that when you talk about how heavy of a feeling it is to feel like, you are responsible for everything and you got to take everything on your own shoulder, to be able to go in and just sit down and relax and take off that burden and hand it to God rather than feeling like, I carry all these heavy burden yourself, itÕs such a relieving feeling, I just sensed from you and that. So, it took you, it was like, you went there the first day and it gave you that little relief and then there was this long road, it was like years learning to,

Mea: It was probably, you know, like thatÕs the most of the work I did when I had my (inaudible), I thought, you know. Every rock bottom, it sends you awaking, I mean. So, IÕm not even looking at it that way, just another level of awakening but you know, I had,

Aaron: Well, youÕre peeling back the layers of an onion kind of like, your life is, you peel one layer back and you get more kind of enlightened and then you peel another layer back and it exposes a new,

Mea: More is revealed.

Aaron: Yeah.

Mea: But you know, the more that you turn over, the more I let things go and people, situations, circumstances, everything. The more I let go, the easier life is, you know, I saw the same thing, you donÕt worry about this or you donÕt worry about that or take control of this or take control of that, things wonÕt happen. And thatÕs simply not true. My intention is to there, itÕs not like IÕm sitting on my hands doing nothing but, it is more of a clarity and guided and just kind of easiness with which I make choices and make decisions and they come from a place of connection whereas before, there was me trying to control life but it was just me. There was nobody else there. Now, I feel confident and connected to God or a divine nature or whatever and that is by my side now, whereas before it wasnÕt. I mean, itÕs like the weight on the world was on my shoulders and often, God, and I have really come down so hard on my knees that I was life worthy to put that weight aside. So, thatÕs just one example and I thought, really thought that I had things together and everything unraveled and I was really you know, upset by that. But it turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me, you know.

Aaron: Yeah. You know, sometimes we need that, I mean, that fact is, itÕs just as proof by your life here is that everything is conspiring for you best and highest good and the thing you needed to humble yourself, to wake up, to do certain things and to let go of other beliefs was, you really need to be kind of brought down to your knees and humble then you were so tired and youÕre finally able to let go of some of these beliefs that you were holding so tightly on to right? That lack of trust.

Mea: So now when I feel that when I feel constriction, I immediately stop and ask myself, you know, what is it? What do I need to pay attention to? What is that I am thinking that is not serving me that I need to let go of. Now, I used to push these negative emotions and negative feelings on, basically, I didnÕt want to feel them, you know, the more I am on this path, the more I realize what gift they are.

Aaron: Exactly.

Mea: They are simply there to catch out attention to really show us here is what youÕre thinking that is serving you. But if itÕs not, that is the opportunity and the choice to invite something else that will.

Aaron: I love how you say that. That are feelings that or this gifts, you know, they like to gauge. They show you what youÕre thinking because we donÕt really notice what weÕre thinking but you can tell what youÕre thinking by looking at your feelings as the guide, right?

Mea: Yes, absolutely. And I thank God for this body I have because you know, it shows up to the physical level, like, I always feel this constriction and this tightness that are on my chest and I so wanted to just push it away and not feel it. And now IÕm grateful for it because okay, itÕs catching my attention and there is something there that I need to look at and investigate it and see if itÕs serving me and if itÕs not, let go and replace it with something that so, IÕm looking at it like on a completely different way and I can give you a specific example that on Monday.

Aaron: Yeah.

Mea: Mondays are like kind of rough on me because you know, I spend a weekend with the family, with my 2 boys and I have a really good time. So come Monday morning, I really do not want to go work. And, this Monday, I woke up and I sometimes (inaudible) on emails and you feel just so low, so absolutely low. And I had absolutely no motivation to do anything of anything. I didnÕt want to talk to anybody, I didnÕt want to go to work, I didnÕt want to do work, I didnÕt wanted to do anything.

Aaron: Yeah.

Mea: And, before I would feel this, itÕs low feeling and just I would live with it. Well, thereÕs another part of me that came up this Monday that said, you are feeling low and I love you unconditionally, I love you with more feeling low. And I was so grateful for that feeling of low and feeling not motivated, it didnÕt even matter anymore. You know, I always thought that being on the spiritual path, eventually I wonÕt feel these low feelings or low emotions but, what has come up to past is that, yes, I will feel them. But, they wonÕt push me anymore. You know, I can embrace them and I could still unconditionally love myself when I feel that way and I am so grateful for that experience because it has truly freed me from you know, these ideas of what spiritual enlightenment would be like because I really thought that I would just live on this cloud and not feeling because youÕre happy all the time. And thatÕs simply not true.

Aaron: And that is a great message. I really love that youÕve brought that up and that youÕve put that so beautifully because when we say, hey, this is a truly amazing life, there is that impression that hey, weÕre living on clouds of bliss and smiling and never feel any pain, it tends to what you think  when we initially hear that. But thatÕs not true, right? ItÕs like,

Mea: ThatÕs not true at all.

Aaron: It doesnÕt have to be that way.

Mea: I still feel bad, I still feel low and I still feel IÕm motivated and I still feel angry sometimes and anxious. But you know what, there is a part of me that comes up now that says, I love you regardless. And that takes the edge off, it went away. Like, I used to lament and this wallow and these feelings for a long time and now that work comes up and that I love you anyway. And you know what, those emotions are just old and disappear in that moment.

Aaron: Yeah, exactly. We get so much better at living with them and letting them go and not being controlled by our emotions but, being able to use them and serve us and for healthy purposes and we donÕt have to be in a state of bliss all of the time in order to be living and aware and conscious to how amazing this life is. We can experience the pain and we can experience the joy, all of it. Right?

Mea: Yes. And also well for so much compassion for other people who are going through the same emotions because we are able to feel and just say, I love you anyway, you know, when you see your kids that your (inaudible) going through those emotions, you can look at them, allow them to feel what theyÕre feeling and say, I love you anyway.

Aaron: Yeah.

Mea: Which thatÕs just a huge jist of help to allow the people in your life to be who they are and love them unconditionally or regardless of what theyÕre going through on them and theyÕre feeling just like you.

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs beautiful. When you were talking about those, I was just going to ask you, have you read, well, I was just reading this book recently, a friend of mine had referred to me, itÕs by David Hawkins called ÒLetting Go the Path to SurrenderÓ. And everything that youÕre saying  about letting go is like, itÕs all embodied on this book and itÕs been really fascinating so, if you havenÕt seen that one, I recommend you check that one out because itÕs just right in line with everything youÕre saying about the importance of letting go and it gives us these tactics of how to let emotions go and sounds like youÕve pretty well figured that out in maybe something that and I want to point that out for every other people too because as a tactical reference point, IÕd recommend this book. I havenÕt even read the whole thing yet but everything IÕve read so far is really impactful and really right on point. And right exactly about youÕve been saying here, so.

Mea: Yeah. I just finished this ÒPower Versus ForceÓ (inaudible). I am always on a, IÕm never stopping reading, IÕm never stopping to grow, IÕm never stopping in evolving. So definitely, that will be on my list of next book.

Aaron: Yeah. If you like ÒPower Versus ForceÓ, this oneÕs cool. It doesnÕt talk so much about the physiology or the muscle testing and definitely (inaudible) drills in right into the, you know, how do you let go under these circumstances and whatÕs the technique and itÕs so pretty cool. I think youÕll really appreciate it given all that stuff that you just said. IÕll be interested to hear what you think about. Wow. ItÕs been really cool talking today Mea. ItÕs just a pleasure to hear of the transformation that youÕve gone through and to hear of your insights like thereÕs been so many cool nuggets here that I know that people are going to gain out of this. So, thank you so much for taking the time to come out here and share so openly.

Mea: Thank you, thank you Aaron for the opportunity, thank you for the work you do and you know, thank you for the people who are listening and if you decide to go to these presses. Just one piece of advice is to just take it easy on yourself, donÕt beat yourself up, be gentle and kind to yourself. I havenÕt and I learned it the hard way. I am finally there where I can give myself a break but you know, it doesnÕt happen overnight, itÕs a process, itÕs a journey, it never ends. And if you are worthed, youÕre absolutely, unequivalently worthed of the truly amazing life and I wish you the best. IÕm talking to your listeners now.

Aaron: No. I love it.

Mea: My best in thank youÕs and my best love and my best support with you is there.

Aaron: Thank you so much Mea. I appreciate that and I know everybody else does to. So, alright everybody, weÕll let you go for now. Have an amazing day and weÕll talk to you on the next episode.