Aaron: Alright. IÕm here with Katie McCarthy. She is a coach. She helps people get connected to their unique purpose and design a life that fulfils that. She also hosts a podcast where she interviews entrepreneurs and she focuses on the conversation on the human aspect of entrepreneurship. And IÕve met Katie a while back and we became friends. SheÕs just a real pleasure to speak with. SheÕs just really real and honest and she believes that life is amazing. SheÕs got this bright light, kind of just shines around her and itÕs just the joy to be around her. So, IÕm really excited to have her on the show. Welcome to the show Katie.

Katie: Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. IÕm so happy to be here. That was like, I am the biggest grin on my face after you (inaudible).

Aaron: Well, thatÕs true. Sometimes we donÕt always see that and itÕs interesting because on our initial conversation before we started recording, weÕre kind of just catching up and I realized, we got to quick record because thereÕs so much great info here and just to kind of tell everybody else, Katie was just mentioning some of the challenge she had with her podcast in different things and just life that kind of hits us all and I just wanted to say that to you that I see your greatness and I just want you to know that you do have this light about you and itÕs just a real pleasure to be around you. So, IÕm really glad to have you on the call.

Katie: Thank you so much. IÕm so excited to be here Aaron.

Aaron: Well, good. I told here where you got this podcast. ItÕs called ÒGive GoodÓ and youÕve done, youÕve been interviewing these entrepreneurs and youÕre also a coach to people that. Tell me, just starting off, what is it that gets you thrilled to wake up and maximize life each day? What is it that makes life truly amazing to you Katie?

Katie: What makes life truly amazing to me is the adventure of it all. I think itÕs really easy. I previously had a corporate job and it was especially easy when I had the routine of you know, the routine of that kind of life like, wake up and be to work by 7:30 and leave at 4:30 and go home and have dinner and make plans for the evening like, it was really easy for me to forget that we actually never go, whatÕs going to happen next.

Aaron: Like when you were in that job, you would forget that and just kind of start going with emotions. Is that?

Katie: Totally. Yeah, and I had to actually plan things like, I could get really scheduled in life and I had the plan time for like being spontaneous which would sound really weird but thatÕs something thatÕs important to me and, even in the day to day of life, itÕs like, and especially, I have this, now that IÕm an entrepreneur and I pretty much make up what IÕm going to do every day. I wake up and IÕm like, okay, did you ever watch ÒPinky and the BrainÓ?

Aaron: Oh, I love that show. ItÕs awesome.

Katie: So good and itÕs like, what are you going to do today Pinky? Same thing we do every day. Try to take over the world. Like, thatÕs how I wake up every morning like, wooh, what am I going to do today?

Aaron: ThatÕs awesome and thatÕs a great thing to do. Trying to take over the world. Yeah. ThatÕs funny. For people who didnÕt grew up in the 90Õs wouldnÕt know what the ÒAnimaniacsÓ are I guess. So, thatÕs kind of secluded to our area probably, right?

Katie: Yes. It was a really cute cartoon of two lab mice, every night when their like, whoever was working in the lab was gone, they would come up with rich schemes of how to take over the world. For all of you who did not watch the ÒAnimaniacsÓ. And oftentimes, I feel like both Pinky and the Brain trying to like hoax myself to what my next biggest mission is. And then, scheming on how to contribute to the world and make a difference or have more fun than I ever thought would humanly possible. ThatÕs what I love about life.

Aaron: I feel the same way too like, except, sometimes I feel like Pinky was like the kind of a so ignorant and I feel like the smart person sometimes and youÕre like, we see like dichotomies of ourselves. ThatÕs funny that you pointed that out. I mean when we start comparing ourselves you know, and itÕs kind of back of what weÕre talking early about. So, you love the adventure of it all, you mentioned? Why is that? What does that do for you?

Katie: Yes. It really keeps me feeling alive. Like, okay, so this is a kind of something really, I havenÕt shared this with anyone else actually. A week ago, I was sitting at my house in San Diego and a kind of residential area but itÕs like, the outskirts of the city so, IÕm pretty you know, it feels like a relatively high traffic street (inaudible). And IÕm sitting at my house and I think I was doing something I wasnÕt supposed to do and I was laughing (inaudible) and kind of like in the middle of the day when I was scheduled to be working. And I heard this like really horrible like, screeching of tires and thereÕs a massive thud. And the only other time IÕve heard that kind of thud when there was like a 6.1 earthquake here.

Aaron: Wow.

Katie: In San Diego. And I was like, you know, I had chills all over, actually IÕm getting them right now. I had chills all over my body and I ran outside and there were cars in you know, one car had kind of T-Boned another car and they were you know, this is a like a half a block in front of my house and I ran over to see whatÕs going on and there were like tons of people down the street and people had started to direct traffic and there was this kind of like, eerie chill over the group of people and they were huddled in a circle in the middle of the intersection. And there was a girl who had been running and a man ran the stop sign and hit her and she liked, flew from the crosswalk into the middle of the intersection and she was laying like of kind of in the crumpled mass in the middle of the street and you know, people are trying to, there were nurses like, off duty nurses already trying to help her and make sure she was okay and she was in shock and like asking, you know, trying to like make words and it wasnÕt really working and it was a really jarring experience. And I havenÕt told anyone about it because I didnÕt want, I thought it was kind of like I donÕt know, it just seems really like personal and kind of inconvenient and also, I donÕt tend to bring dramatic and upsetting things up in conversation for like the shock value of it and I couldnÕt really figure out a way to have it be a contribution to people in the conversations I was having. But what IÕve noticed is that ever since that instant, like, I have been, and I already started like my world has started to shift just a little bit in the past two weeks that we had been talking about that and I thought I experience last week. It was just, I have to say in a way, joyous. And I think itÕs because I had that experience because it was so shocking had me instantly realize how like nothing is ever (inaudible) in life. You know, this girl was like in her 30Õs, sheÕs you know, they and just so you know nobody is like completely traumatized by this.

Aaron: Yeah. Finish what happened.

Katie: SheÕs okay. Like, you know, the ambulance came, they were like, she looks like sheÕs going to be okay, she probably has a concussion on her head and you know, may have broken a bone in her arm but like, she was moving and lucid but once the ambulance got there,

Aaron: Was the sound that you heard the car hitting the body or hitting another car?

Katie: I think it was a car hitting the other car and then (inaudible), was driving by my house down. The car hitting the other car and like the air bag exploding. I think was the combination of the car hitting the car.

Aaron: So, the car hit one car and then they hit the other girl? Or what?

Katie: They hit the girl and then they hit a car.

Aaron: Oh, wow.

Katie: Yeah. So, it was like, you know. And everybody was like shocked and upset. And after that, you know, this is so, this girl is like 32 maybe and she was running. IÕm like, you know, having a healthy, doing something healthy outside and like that happened. You never think that when you go on a run, like, that you could that injured, youÕre doing something that is like healthy and not destructive for your life and that happened and it just had, this reminded me like, because like silver lining kind of a bad experience was that you know, this is our life right now, not when itÕs all worked out. You know for me itÕs like, not when my business is like this exploded multimillion Dollar extravaganza that I wanted it to be. You know, not when I have a big house and married with 2 kids. ItÕs really right now. And I got in that moment that I had the choice to either really be alive and then experience it and tell the people in my life how much I love them and you know, contribute to them or I said, be hanging out in my house while watching Netflix in the middle of the afternoon hiding, basically.

Aaron: Wow, its powerful stuff. I mean, that contrast like literally just sitting there, hiding and having that realisation of, what did that do? I mean, did it shift you right then? Did it kind of wake you up right immediately? Or was it like, a couple of days?

Katie: I was like, I was upset and I was like, I didnÕt know what to do. I wanted to help her and it was, but the moment I saw all of those people like, come together, you know, there is something horrible that happened and but it instantly everyoneÕs bringing into action. It was like, magically like, 2 off duty nurses were there taking care of this girl and somebody out was directing traffic and somebody else had called 911 and somebody else was like making sure that the neighbours are okay and people are making sure that the people who saw the crime like to have to actually saw what happened didnÕt leave and then thereÕs somebody who like, wow, weÕve really got the right (inaudible) person and get a life put in at this intersection. And just to see how people come together and how they are like, our inherent human nature often shows up in the worse of situations and to just be able to like, I think what I was struck with at that moment was one, like, how pleading life is and how every moment is precious because thatÕs what I was first struck with. ItÕs like the preciousness of life and then, the second thing was really like how people always want to help and theyÕre always like, quick to jump to the service of other. You know, and to take charge and that is I think who we are all innately. You know, people who are concerned and who want community and then to see like, my neighbours. You know, the neighbours like talking and coming together over this tragedy but, yeah, really to see that that is who we are. You know, itÕs really easy to walk around life and be like, oh, people donÕt care about each other and you know, kids (inaudible) you know, whatever people like humbug about on a regular basis but, in that moment I could just see like all of you know, this whole array of like, the beauty of people and how much we all just want to like take care of each other and how willing people are to be of service.

Aaron: ThatÕs really cool. How does that impacted you like, I mean, thatÕs really cool, that recent experience and I was just curious how does that impacted you. I mean, because we started talking like, I could feel this energy you talked to me a little bit about just the challenge youÕve had over the last couple of months and maybe weÕll get into that in a bit if itÕs right about like, kind of just struggle of going down the path and starting to get caught up in, and for getting what your vision is and what not. And then, now having this experience. How does that affected you in the last week or so?

Katie: Yeah. It has really affected me. And IÕll just touch on all that right now. I had been before the show, you know Aaron, we had been talking about how I really, a year ago, almost a year ago now, I left my job in Corporate America. And I had one of those jobs that people think itÕs like, really kind of, well, all parents are proud, you know, like my dad, I didnÕt even really realize how proud he was that I was the Corporate Consultant and I was contracted to the Navy and I had one of the job that people were like, wow, thatÕs a great job, how did you get that job? And it sounded really prestigious and I just wasnÕt happy. You know, I spent 4 years in that job and I went through various different places with it and I loved it in the beginning but I just got to the point where I knew it wasnÕt who I wanted to be, it wasnÕt a fulfilment of my, you know, we talked earlier about I touched people and discovering their unique purpose. It wasnÕt a fulfilment of my purpose.

Aaron: Yeah. So, what happened? I mean, that was a year ago you said? About a year ago.

Katie: Yes.

Aaron: April?

Katie: March 11th of last year I had been creating being loving in my life and really what IÕm looking at what it would take to be loving, love other people and myself and the task in doing just being loving every moment of my life.

Aaron: Because you were in this place of not loving it. Is that what, you found yourself not loving your job and just kind of, was that bleeding into life and everything?

Katie: No. I just found it like, you know, in the absence of a created life, you know, you talked about, you teach people how to master their mind, right?

Aaron: Yeah.

Katie: It could be in the absence of creating something with our minds. Often, weÕre like, dealing with my inertia and drama and resignation and (inaudible) and I was just like, taking a stand against that you know, and IÕm like, IÕm creating being loving.

Aaron: ThatÕs awesome.

Katie: And I have no idea how to work it out. And I wasnÕt necessarily overcoming anything in particular. I just knew that creating that every moment of my life would be to some kind of like, explosion of wonderfulness, you know.

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs so cool. I love that.

Katie: So, I had this like 7 OÕclock in the morning call with a girlfriend every day and we would talk about different actions. We had this things we were up to like, I wanted to be, you know, I was thinking that there were things I wanted like, to be in a relationship and I had been looking for maybe another job. I would kind of have to like, I donÕt want to be doing this with my life anymore necessarily. But, I wasnÕt like on an abstract believing. But so, we had our 7 OÕclock call and I told her what actions I was going to take in the day and I declared that I was like, the possibility of being loving and IÕm all fired up in going to work in by 9 AM. So like, 2 hours waiting, I am a (inaudible). IÕm like, I hate my (inaudible) are terrible and you know, I was just a mess, like (inaudible). And my co-workers talking to me while IÕm typing and IÕm ignoring him and that has been one of the things I would like trying to overcome. I was like, okay, when this guy comes and talks to me, even though IÕm busy, IÕm going to turn, I give him my full attention and be loving and I was not doing that. I was like, this guy talks to me while IÕm trying to get work done, (inaudible). And I went out into the parking lot at work and I called my friend and IÕm like, I canÕt do it. I just canÕt do it. I am so miserable. And IÕm like, complaining to her and she said, look, they are never going to fire you. YouÕre really great at your job and people love you there and youÕre never going to get fired. And I just saw in an instant, my life at 70, IÕm still working at this dry cubicle, still having the same experience of myself and my life that I was having and I started crying. And she said, are you crying in the parking lot at 9:30 or 9 OÕclock? And I was, oh my God, and she said, you got to go quit. And, I went in and I Googled resignation letters and I filled one out and I put a date on it by which I was going to resign and I emailed it to her and all was that was like 15 Minutes and I said, hey, if I donÕt have the courage to send them by X date, I need you to send it for me. And, it was decided. Then, I had a whole other set of problems like, oh my God, what am I going to do? And so, July 11th of last year was my last day working in a job. And since then, and when I, you know, I didnÕt know what I was going to do when I left, it was actually a really interesting conversation to have with people because theyÕre like, what are you going to go do? And I said, I donÕt know. And her like, where are you going? Why did you quit for? Then I said, nothing. And they were like, what company are you working for? I said, nothing. IÕm just not doing this anymore. IÕm like, this is just, all I know is IÕm going to do for sure is not that.

Aaron: Yeah, well like, I just love the fact that you took the courage to do that because itÕs such an example for us all to, I mean, thatÕs a huge leap of faith. Not knowing where youÕre going, but your heart is like screaming at you that this is not, you canÕt keep doing this and youÕre not happy and you had to stop and itÕs just, thatÕs powerful. So many people I think like, quiet that, like they will just quiet their heart and say, no, like their fears will quiet all that stuff and will keep doing that stuff for years and years shutting it down. So, I think itÕs so awesome that you just followed your heart and did it. So, tell us more.

Katie: Yeah. Thank you. It was really one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, you know, itÕs like, I totally just jumped and I really trusted that, it takes a lot from me to trust that I was the kind of person that could just make things happen. But also like, I really knew that that thereÕs never been a point in my life. You know, we all have these experiences of scarcity. And like sometimes live in this life in scarcity, like, weÕre not going to be provided for but when and I think (inaudible) is a great exercise in less than a 4 hour of work week but like, really look at what the worst case scenario is. And when I look at what my worst case scenario was, it was like, it actually looks pretty good. You know, my worst case scenario was going back to like, IÕm from the East Coast so, moving to the East Coast and living with my dad and helping him with his business which when I thought about it, I was like, wow, that would be an incredible bonding experience for me and my father. And when I looked at all the times that, when I looked back at my life, I couldnÕt remember a time when things ever been, hadnÕt been taken care of, like, I had never had a job where IÕve never not made money, IÕve never not been able to like, make ends meet, IÕve always had amazing friends, so, it was really great to like overcome that scarcity conversation in a way and of course it still comes up. And I get to overcome that, you know, every month, really.

Aaron: Yeah.

Katie: And so, my journey began of like, alright, I want to become and entrepreneur, I didnÕt know what I wanted to do, so, I just kind of like, I feel into this world of podcasting and I had this, you know, and I ended up listening to entrepreneur on fire. We both know John (inaudible) and he is an incredible guy and heÕs been so freaking successful podcasting and I think at this point, he was making like, $15,000 a month podcasting or something like that. And I was like, John (inaudible) can do it, I can do it. And you know, bright, big dreams and bright sparkly eyes, I was like, thatÕs it, IÕm going to start a podcast, this is the message that I want to get out to the world which was that like, we are not our circumstances, start like people who are built to do, who are born to do extraordinary things than people who are born to do ordinary things. TheyÕre not like 2 different breeds that came into (inaudible). ItÕs like, there are people who can see whatÕs limiting them and put it to the side long enough to take action in side of a bigger commitment. And those people do extraordinary things.

Aaron: Can you say that one more time? That was a really powerful statement.

Katie: Yes. There arenÕt 2 different kinds of people. There are people who see whatÕs in their way, who see the limiting beliefs that are stopping them and put them to the side, see them as a belief and put them to the side long enough to take action inside of some bigger commitment or possibility. And those people do extraordinary things. ThatÕs what it takes.

Aaron: ThatÕs a very powerful statement. Yeah.

Katie: And you know, that is, thatÕs what my podcast is about. So, I was like, IÕm going to start this podcast, itÕs going to be freaking awesome, IÕm going to exactly what John (inaudible) did. I mean, IÕll get this message out there and IÕm going to become a coach and I had been coaching people for a long time, just not getting paid, you know, like not having to be a paid thing. And you know, thatÕs going to be a part of my business and itÕs just going to explode and thatÕs whatÕs going to happen. And I created that with a whole bunch of people and it was amazing. Like, the experience of being able to say youÕre doing something have absolutely no proof for it in the world. Like, you know, when I started telling people I had a podcast named ÒGive GoodÓ, and I was interviewing entrepreneurs about this specific thing. And then I was a coach. I didnÕt have a website. I didnÕt have like a LinkedIn, I havenÕt updated my LinkedIn profile that it still said that I was an employee of my old business, on Facebook, like, I really had no in the world proof and people were like, listening to me. And they believed me because I believed me. And it was like, that was like the first magical experience of entrepreneurship.

Aaron: ThatÕs cool. ItÕs awesome.

Katie: And before my podcast even launched, before I had website up, I had interviewed like 40 different people and everybody was super pumped about the mission that I was on and that awesome and then the podcast number like, when you podcast, you have download numbers for anybody who doesnÕt have a podcast who might be listening today. And I had some real expectations about how the podcast would grow and basically that I would become like overnight success, like, thousands, people would be tuning in to hear my voice. And it just didnÕt go that way. And I didnÕt even realize it but like probably about a month after the podcast released, no, maybe I think it was like a week after the podcast released and I hadnÕt had like, tens of thousands of people listening to each episode, I just decided I was a failure. IÕm like, IÕm brought into this, really shrinking, downward spiral.

Aaron: But you didnÕt realize this at the time right?

Katie: Oh my God. No. I had no idea.

Aaron: Yeah. So, this is stuff that just came out in the last couple of weeks. But youÕve realized that, right?

Katie: Totally. Like, I knew I was a little bit disappointed.

Aaron: Yeah. Well, first of all, people listening, if you check out her podcast, give good, sheÕs done like 95 episodes of like really cool interviews with amazing people. So, definitely she wasnÕt a failure by creating this really cool value in the world but thatÕs just to give people, itÕs called ÒGive GoodÓ if you go to iTunes and search out Katie McCarthy. So, just to give people a context of what youÕre talking about a little bit more. But keep going. So, you realized?

Katie: Oh my Gosh. Yeah. And this is the thing that said (inaudible) like, this is the madness of being human is that people would, you know, I had one woman, we were at Awesomeness Fest.

Aaron: Which is where we met. I just realized.

Katie: Which is where we met, yeah.

Aaron: Actually no, we didnÕt meet there. I think we met after but thatÕs how we got connected. Yup.

Katie: Exactly. We met in Vegas like months after Awesomeness Fest. You were at Awesomeness Fest, thatÕs crazy.

Aaron: Yeah.

Katie: When I was at Awesomeness Fest, my podcast had been live for a month. And I didnÕt release anything because I did a bad job planning. And I was like, IÕm on vacation, IÕm not going to worry about, you know, releasing any podcast episodes. And when I got back, I had an email from a woman who said, I found out about your podcast a week ago and in 7 days, listened to 29 episodes, and itÕs radically changed my life. And I donÕt IÕll ever be able to express to you the difference that made for me. And, you didnÕt release all last week and so, are you okay? IÕm so concerned because this is message that needs to get out there. IÕm like, and I really feel like I know you and I want to know whatÕs going on with you. And so, thatÕs just one of like, of one instance of somebody telling me the difference of the podcast and listening to the interviews had made in their life.

Aaron: Yeah.

Katie: So, itÕs like, so crazy that we make up all of these stuff of being a failure or like, not making a difference for people like, that disconnect who we are you know, weÕre talking about forgetting who you are like, I totally forgot who I was.

Aaron: Yeah. I mean, because if you that at some point you didnÕt hit those numbers, you had attached your self-worth to the numbers of your podcast and the potential money that it was going to make, you had somehow attached that inside, right?

Katie: Absolutely.

Aaron: To you as a success, as a person. And so, you told yourself, you are a failure and in that moment, you had forgotten who you are because you are not a failure, you cannot fail, right?

Katie: No, no, no, you canÕt. Oh my God. It is so amazing. And so, I sent like, I didnÕt even realize and I was so disconnected from who I am, and so (inaudible) in this story, and so confused by all of it because you know, I just started collecting evidence. Not even on the conscious level but, collecting evidence for the story I had made up about myself.

Aaron: The failure story?

Katie: The failure story. Yeah, and I, it wasnÕt until this past week, it was like this experience that I told you about earlier with the girl getting hit by the car and a couple other things that happened that I just like, I really got that IÕm nothing and everything. There is no story like, this failure story with something I had completely concocted.

Aaron: Yeah.

Katie: And what it was keeping me from was really experiencing my greatness. And I really had to do was look around me, look at the people around me, you know like, I do believe youÕre the sum of the five people we hang out with though. And that everybody who is in our life is our reflection. So, if you find somebody who is amazing. You know, you find yourself talking to somebody who is extraordinary, really be grateful for who you are because you are that person. Like, you are each otherÕs mirror. You canÕt see in anything and anyone else that you can acknowledge in yourself.

Aaron: ThatÕs just cool. ItÕs a very cool and powerful principle. The whole, if you spot it, you got it. On the negative side and positive side. But if you see this greatness, then itÕs in you too, right? ThatÕs really cool.

Katie: Yeah. And I just love that and like, when I found myself at dinner this Tuesday night and surrounded by like, ridiculous people who IÕm like, wow, these people are like real game changers in the world. And you know, thank God I have had this awakening like I am not that story that I had created about myself and I had so much faith and just be free and be me knowing that I drew these people in. And theyÕre no different than I am. And IÕm like committed to huge things in the world to empowering people to step into their greatness and connect to their purpose, to design a life where they get to make the difference the day they were put on this planet to make. And these were all my partners. And thatÕs how life has been in like for the past you know, ever since I had this breakthrough.

Aaron: For the last week or two, you were saying. ItÕs like, youÕve reconnected with who you are. When you had forgotten who you were, you were still going forward doing really great things. You were serving people, you were still loving people but youÕve kind of got off track and youÕd allowed yourself to believe this lie, this story that youÕre a failure and it had started really kind of a subtle degrading of your happiness, right?

Katie: Oh my gosh, yes. And everything took like, this like, the biggest impact I think was everything was so much work. Like, because IÕve always been, you know, who IÕve known myself to be in life is a pretty happy person who knew that they were powerful and you know, smart like, IÕve always, you know, IÕve had pretty like these self-esteem throughout my life and IÕve done a lot of really incredible things and I know that I have an amazing network of people. And so, I was always trying to hide, I knew that, IÕm trying to hide my failure story and so I would go out in public and I put on my happy air at times, sometimes I was really straight with people like I do not know whatÕs going on me. ThereÕs something up and I just canÕt even pretend to be happy and excited about life right now.

Aaron: But you hadnÕt figure out what it was yet, right?

Katie: Yeah. I hadnÕt really figured it out what it was or I had to keep figuring it out but on varying degrees. You know, I think we have this like, you know, weÕre definitely have layers to all of these and I had gotten to like the core conversation or (inaudible) to uproot the core incident yet to like actually have whatever it is disappear on kind of. IÕm like, really into energy work right now.

Aaron: Yeah, totally.

Katie: On an energetic level like, I just couldnÕt release it. There was something in my body that I just kept holding on to that story.

Aaron: Yeah, and it was like, that belief is still there and you hadnÕt acknowledged it, become aware of it or forgiving yourself for it or lots of ways to look at that I think. But somehow, it was still lodged in there, right?

Katie: Yeah, it was. And it was just like so much work pretending to be happy that a lot of the times I just, to some degree, just became kind of like, hermit-ish and hang out at home and share myself selectively with friends. And it was really hard.

Aaron: ItÕs really interesting now IÕm hearing this story from where we are because weÕve been kind of trying to connect for an interview and I think itÕs just so perfect that we connected at the time we did now that you had this within a week. We couldÕve connected a month and a half ago and we would have been talking about a totally different thing but I think this story that you had shared and the openness and the honesty of being willing to look at the things that donÕt work out on how you want, l mean like, to acknowledge that that belief that you had chosen to do. I think there is so many people that need to hear this and itÕs just amazing to me to even just right now, how the timing of this kind of stuff all works out to where, you know, I just wasnÕt the time for us to meet until now and this is really powerful stuff. I mean, that youÕre acknowledging and exposing for people with these kind of conversation because so many times, we just donÕt want to acknowledge it like youÕve said. You go on and you put on your happy face and we donÕt want to talk about the truth, we want to avoid the truth but itÕs the truth that will set us free. IÕm really just stoked so that we can talk about this right now. So, you said right now than a week, this last week or two, itÕs just completely changed weÕve kind of come back to the forefront here. So, where are you now? What is it, youÕve said who you are. Tell me now who you see yourself as now that failure story is gone.

Katie: Awesome. I will. Now, this is so great. I had been actually going through, I always lay it on all out on the line. I donÕt think I have any kind of (inaudible).

Aaron: ThatÕs awesome.

Katie: IÕm a coach. And I have been, I just recently partnered with the woman who has been coaching me. And she has a coaching program where, well now, we have a coaching program where you will get connected to your unique purpose. So there is, itÕs a 3 Month coaching program and there is a 4 Key conversations that you have and theyÕll get you connected to your purpose than like the lifestyle that you want to live, you know, what you really thrive and in the past like, in a job kind of environment, what you have in life. And then, you know, the key things to have your really feel alive and on fire and then, that all swirls together in this 3 Month process to have you be able to design a career in life that is the fulfilment of your purpose. So, I had been in that program like a total poop head. You know, my unique purpose is that people experience being vibrantly alive and are present to the joyous journey of life. IÕm like, those 4 colour conversation that you have in this coaching program, they took me like 4 months because I was just in such a breakdown about who I was.

Aaron: Was this over the last, was this during over the course of the last 4 to 6 Months or so or something?

Katie: Yeah. The past 4 to 6 Months. And so, I created this purpose which is really like my unique purpose. You know, being the people experiencing vibrantly alive and are present to the joyous journey of life. Like, that is what my life is all about, thatÕs what my podcast is all about, thatÕs the coaching program that I coach, that is what I was coaching people in and before, I was coaching with my partner. ItÕs what all the conversations that I have with people about. ItÕs like, taking personal growth and development courses.

Aaron: Can you tell me that purpose one more time? Can you repeat that for me? Tell me your purpose one more time because I wanted to hear that again. ItÕs like, this powerful.

Katie: Oh yeah. That people experience being vibrantly alive and are present to the joyous journey of life.

Aaron: And are present to the joyous journey, I like that.

Katie: Totally. Yeah, like, wake up. And are like, oh my God, this is my life. And then, they have that random interaction with a person at a coffee shop where youÕre like, ah, my day is completely changed because I said hello to this person and they told me some random facts. And then like, you know, life can really be fun every moment. And you know, that was IÕm all about that I had been in this program like, so disconnected from that. And, in the past two weeks once I got over this kind of failure story, it was like, that purpose went from something that I had been saying myself and like, really trying to create (inaudible) here. ItÕs like, duh, that is so why IÕm here. Like obviously, why would I be on this planet other than that reason? There isnÕt one. And IÕve started to acknowledge like, the actual gift that I have which are connecting people, which is conversation, standing for peopleÕs greatness and really like empowering them to have the life that they want and before two weeks ago, my concern and attention had been like, how to have an impressive business, how to have a business that generates revenue, like, all the things that kind of are like the egoic aspect of business, which isnÕt I got into business for, thatÕs not why I became an entrepreneur. I became an entrepreneur to make a difference and to be able to express myself in the world. ItÕs like, my vision in the world and to make a bigger impact. It had really evolved into like, time, money and looking good. And I had just been like cutting people off and these past two weeks, once I got over, when I was able to reconnect with who I am. IÕm like the divinity that we all are and really be centered and grounded in my purpose. ItÕs like, oh my God, look at all these amazing people who are around me. What did they need? What kind of contribution can I be to the people who are in my life? And all of a sudden, everything in my life was like, refrained in a positive kind of way. Like I should see all of the hard work that had gone into my podcast and how much value that really provided people and how the abundance of resources that I had in my social circle and that I could really make a difference with people in that social circle by helping them like, you know, by contributing to them, it was just this instant shift where everything went from like, weak and IÕm not good enough to like, my God, my life is amazing and all I want to do is support people and help them really experience that life can be like this wonderful contributive, joyous place where we get to like, be alive and now, you donÕt ever want to go to sleep or this is becoming a problem.

Aaron: That is so beautiful. I like, seriously, when the first question I asked you, why are you so thrilled to wake up every day and you said something about the adventure and now, youÕre saying, the root behind that which I think is just the most beautiful thing and it is this thing that you said when I was able to reconnect to who I am. Like, that you know who you are, you know your unique purpose, youÕre actually connected to it, youÕre not just saying it and you can hardly go to sleep because youÕre so excited about life and I can just feel that energy, that excitement about it. ItÕs palpable when you talk about it that way and just the energy that youÕre living with from it now. So, that is amazing.

Katie: Thank you. Yes, so, so good and I had a, you know, I just can see, like, IÕve always been the kind of person who did a lot of research about things, and like, learned a lot of new things and one of the places that IÕve never really looked and I always resisted looking was inside. And the one thing that IÕve been doing also in the past two weeks which has been really incredible was asking myself. And I actually talked to my body because I think that are in many ways that our mind lives in our head but our consciousness lives in our body in lots of ways. And IÕve been asking my body what it wants and asking myself questions instead of asking other people for their opinion and you know, their guidance, IÕve been asking myself, and you know what, IÕve been answering.

Aaron: Wow.

Katie: And that has been so profound to know that the things that I was looking for and seeking for, seeking outside of me that love that I was seeking outside of me but I have like an infinite well spring of that inside and all I really needed to do was to ask the right question, to look in the right direction which was inwards.

Aaron: Instead of out, yes. This is really, really intriguing to me. I mean, itÕs just amazing to hearing you talk about this because itÕs just, from the timing of it all, like literally, IÕm currently right in the midst of writing the course, finishing the course for the Truly Amazing Life Mastermind on this topic of remembering who you are. And literally like, everything youÕve said is, I may have to quote some of your things and put that in the course because itÕs so perfect, so exactly, itÕs such a vivid picture and example of why this principle is so important and why IÕm doing the whole 30 Day habit transformation course on this particular thing of remembering who you are and creating this habit throughout life of doing that. So, itÕs kind of amazing how timing works out here.

Katie: Well, you created me.

Aaron: What do you mean?

Katie: You like, pulled me in. ItÕs cool like that whole concept of acknowledging the like, you know, weÕve (inaudible) itÕs like, you could almost think of it like the reason that I showed up with this message or this time is because thatÕs what you are creating.

Aaron: ThatÕs true. I mean, thatÕs very cool.

Katie: Look at how magical you are.

Aaron: Well, we co-create, right? YouÕre creating you.

Katie: Yeah, absolutely.

Aaron: I am always blown away by those kind of things like the synchronicity and the non-circumstance of it all, and like, the non-randomness, you know what I mean. These seem so random but yet, this crazy web of people and things that are happening in our lives, how it fits together so amazingly perfect. ItÕs so beyond miraculous to me that I, when you really look at how things fit together so perfectly, itÕs just mind boggling and it blows my mind.

Katie: Oh my God. IÕm so with you. ItÕs like, when that kind of magic happens all the time, itÕs like, itÕs so exciting, I want to tell people about it, like, the magical things that happen in life to me all the time but theyÕre happening so frequently, IÕm trying to tell people.

Aaron: You know, those times you were struggling in the last 4 Months when you had gotten into the mire and into the grind and forgotten who you were, itÕs like, you had stopped seeing that magic, right? I mean, thatÕs what we do. Whenever we forget, we stop seeing the magic and things become challenging but itÕs not like the magic wasnÕt always happening going around, itÕs like, we just need to wake up, be aware of it, remember who we are.

Katie: Yeah. I was just honouring a different story with, you know, which just the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Aaron: Yeah, totally. But, we could go on for a long time on this but I think thatÕs a really good closure point that we hit and IÕm just thrilled to be able to share this with everybody. Thank you all for listening and tuning in. Those that are hearing this and I hope this has been a great value to you to hear, to walk through this process of watching how  we forget and then how we remembering the great impact that makes and Katie, why donÕt you let people know how they can get in touch with you, your website and the best way to reach out to you if they want to connect.

Katie: Awesome. Well, if you guys would like to listen to the podcast, its www.givegoodpodcast.com or youÕre all very familiar with iTunes. IÕm sure some of you can just put in give good podcast or Katie McCarthy in iTunes and you will see me sitting on a set of spheres smiling right back at you and you can find out about my coaching services through, you know, through that website as well or you can email me directly at katie@givegoodpodcast.com and I love to talk to people. So, if thereÕs anything that youÕre dealing with, if thereÕs any connections that youÕre looking for in business, IÕve interviewed over 96 different entrepreneurs. So, IÕm pretty well connected. And I would just like love to hear from you, talk to you, hear whatÕs going on in your life. So, please, donÕt be shy, feel free to reach out. IÕm here to support people in really experiencing the joyous journey of life. So, if thatÕs something youÕre up. Well, IÕd love to talk to you.

Aaron: Thank you, thank you for sharing that. And I want to finish by saying, I just love your honesty, your openness, your willingness to not hide from anything to express that, itÕs so valuable and I am, itÕs a service to the world for you to be so truthful and I just really appreciate you being on and sharing, itÕs so super refreshing. I just want to finish off, I guess is give you one last, any final thought or insight before you leave us about this thing that youÕve learned and any thought you would leave with people on, you know, how to live a truly amazing life right now.

Katie: I think, you know, IÕm going to, the thing that I would invite people, invite you guys to do is to share yourself and share your life like, to be vulnerable, to be courageous. I know that the times in my life when IÕve been willing to you know, even on this interview, to really share these things where I donÕt feel like IÕm necessarily looking good but, thereÕs this whatÕs going on with me right now, like, the people in our lives want to know us. And, we really want to know the people in our lives and so, share, be courageous, be bold and really like, be alive. That feeling that you got, that nervous or afraid, I invite you to feed that of excitement that youÕre just excited to share yourself and if thatÕs what it feels like to be alive and then to tell the people in your life how much you love them. You know, tell them whatÕs really going on with you. You make requests for support because ultimately, thatÕs like the biggest gift you could ever give them is to let them contribute to you. And to really just step out and take that bold first move to stand for who you are and really share yourself with the people in your lives.

Aaron: That is awesome. And those are so many powerful statements. What you actually said could go on for another 20 Minutes just on the (inaudible). IÕm going to leave it at that because our timeÕs probably out here. That was powerful. Thank you so much Katie and thank you all for tuning in and weÕll catch you all on the next podcast.

Katie: Alright. Love you guys. Thank you Aaron.

Aaron: Alright. Take care.