Aaron: Alright. IÕm here with my friend, Matt Ritchey who I met at Awesomeness Fest last year. I was just super impressed with Matt as we are talking out on his boat in the middle of the ocean. It was kind of cool, it was really cool conversation and he mentioned to me kind of some of his past and his philosophies and it was just so in line with what IÕve come to learn in as far as what I have been teaching in the Truly Amazing Life Community that I just had to get him on a call to share with you guys his experiences. So welcome to the call, Matt.

Matt: Yeah, thanks for having me Aaron. I really appreciate you bringing me on board. IÕm excited to see yet another Awesomeness connection has manifested in my life. I feel like the pretty awesome people that I met there, IÕve been really blessed to connect with and a few IÕve been doing some project with some already and this is just another addition to that list, so Thank you.

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs awesome. Did I see that youÕre doing something with Al? Al Diaz?

Matt: Yeah. So thatÕs (inaudible) of you will then come out in May is called Radical Awareness so Al and I and another woman, sheÕs not on the Awesomeness Fest so we are putting that one on.

Aaron: Nice. I actually maybe Al and I are discussing doing an event as well out here in Boulder together so itÕs kind of cool, really cool. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you guys. So just to, for everybody to be aware of kind of who Matt is, what heÕs doing, heÕs involved in Lifestyle design coaching, heÕs an event producer, like he just mention heÕs putting on another event and he focuses on unique experiences, I will let him tell you a little bit more about that, letÕs just brief background on Matt. So Matt, tell us a little bit more, what are you up to these days and what do you get excited about, what gets you excited these days?

Matt: I get excited pretty easily but what IÕve been focusing on most of my time, energy and passion on is, I have an online program called ŌThe Best Life RoadmapsĶ and IÕve been guiding people through that to really have them take care of those lives and be clear on what they really want to create and help them move all the blockages and all fears around creating that in my life and compelling them to action, help them manifest as quickly as possible in their life. And thatÕs the core of what I do with my coaching because I love helping people, I love connecting people with their life, their purpose and then seeing them take action on that and then put that in to reality. ItÕs awesome because every time someone does that our worldÕs a better place. ThereÕll be more life, like a ripple effect, it just keeps going and going. IÕm just really excited in working on that. Yeah, and thatÕs something that I do on a bigger scale, since itÕs scalable online, I can do group stuff and not have to do the one on one, taking more of my time. I also do one on one coaching as well for select few people and thatÕs awesome as well. I love connecting with people one on one and I love really getting to know people, and seeing what their fears are, what their blockages are, and how I can help them transform those in to positive energy and really propel them moving forward.

Aaron: Nice. I like it. ItÕs really cool to hear what youÕre doing, what youÕre excited about. For me, basic question, how did you get to this place of being able to help people in that way and what is it that youÕre life is like. It sounds like you have a pretty awesome life and I know that you do because from talking to you, youÕre just a happy dude and youÕve got a lot of really good perspective in life and so I know how you can help other people in these ways. But I want to hear about kind of from you, why donÕt you just tell us, explain to us what makes your life truly amazing right now? Some of the specifics about what it is about your life and how you live right nowÉ

Matt: Yeah. Basically, great question. I get this question a lot being a lifestyle design coach and for me it comes down to waking up every morning and being excited to what I have to do that day. And for me thatÕs been an evolution, everyday, you know isnÕt always the same, every year it wasnÕt the same as the one previously. I just take my journey one step at a time, about 18 months ago, I was in Cambodian highlands and I had a transformational experience where I connected with local people and I just really connected them on a level of they didnÕt have any material possession, they didnÕt have any of the things that I thought people needed to be happy and they were so freaking happy and I was just like blown away. And the way they treated me, the love I got from them, the connection instantaneously it was such an amazing quality that I just never really had experienced in America. We live in a beautiful, unique, awesome country but sometimes you donÕt get to see from the ways that other people live. They are actually happier that we were and I felt a lot of people I talk to were happier than I was and I was like Ôwow! ThatÕs just profound that they can be happy with *** obsessions, none of the things that I was brainwashed to believe that I need to be happy. So I decided to create happiness from within and when I did that, came that conclusion, I decided that I wanted to change what I wanted to do in the world. I was currently a Marketing expert, my company did online marketing doing, did SEO, building website, great things, great. But I just (inaudible) things a little different and I decided to start coaching and I just jumped to it right away to the coaching to the people I knew and had some great successes. Then I decided to get some skills, so I did get a coaching program NLT/NLP certificate master practitioner. And between those two things that is going to allow me to connect with my clients and help them transform whatever it is thatÕs stopping them from taking action.

Aaron: ThatÕs really cool. Thanks for sharing that. I like that. I may want to dig in more to that transformational experience. Kind of get more of those details, so what was that shifted        for you that in your life, how did that experience, seeing their happiness without having any material things to speak of shift your beliefs and your thinking?

Matt: ItÕs great question. Thank you. I really felt my whole life up to that point was sort of false, was sort of going out now. I really saw the line with this fact that I didnÕt need these things to be happy. Even though IÕm one of them, (inaudible) a connection with them and you know the air is pointing to them, they really got connection with, I didnÕt really need them. I felt deep down it was something that was optional. Like what does this something that I had to do in order to be happy.

Aaron: But before that you felt it was, like you just have a deep belief that it was required?

Matt: Yeah. Before that I felt that I didnÕt achieve sort of things, have sort of things in my life that I wouldnÕt be happy. So putting my experience on that next goal or that next success or that next material obsession that I bought and I realized that thatÕs not really how happiness works. It had to be how happiness works. And I found after that, after IÕve switched is the (inaudible) most profound happiness came when I helped other people, when I help transform their life and have some sort of connection with them that made their life better. That actually had made me more happy than anything that IÕve ever done previously, buying a new car or anything else. And so I realized that, it was like a drug for me. Why donÕt I continue to do this? I wanted to continue to help people. I wanted to continue to serve people on their journey and help them see the things that IÕm seeing in as far as what it really takes to be happy – where true happiness comes from. And since weÕre creator of our true reality, I started to have the mindset of being able to conquer [basically] conquer our subconscious mind which runs 90% of our body, where 90% of our actions come subconsciously. So thatÕs why I studied the NLP classes and became a mass practitioner to really know the inner workings of the mind and subconscious mind and how they affect our day to day lives.

Aaron: ThatÕs cool. I like that. So just that dawning of awareness, I mean it really seems like that in your face of feeling loved, just feeling this happiness, totally rocked your paradigm. Is that gives something likeÉ

Matt: ItÕs like a new set of glasses I was wearing looking at the world in a definitely different way. It was beautiful.

Aaron: ItÕs cool to really hear that people canÉ everybody has their own experiences on that and then we get blessed with our own experiences for their own reasons and so obviously that may not be as impactful hearing about it as it was for you, for the people, but then again it may have, I mean because people can visualize and step in to your story and I can really feel hearing that, IÕve visualized. What country was that by the way that you were in?

Matt: thatÕs Cambodia. Very poor country in general, we were in a poor (inaudible) but we were in an areas out of the county where they are living in grass huts, you know what I mean, cows just hang out on the front door, they donÕt even have any clothes, just kind of hanging out, we run around having fun and loving life. And then, the way they treat us we very awesome.

Aaron: I just can picture and visualize, I mean IÕve never been to that country, IÕve been in support areas in the United States but nothing IÕve never been to that country that poverty level and IÕve seen images and pictures of really happy people in those areas and so I can visualize what you are talking about and IÕve heard that from other, IÕve heard that from the sentiment of other people so I can just imagine how impactful that would be and I want to ask what habits of change is for you since before that paradigm shift to now? Like how are you living then versus what are you doing, what are some of the habits that you have implemented on your life now that contribute to your life feeling amazing and just happiness?

Matt: Great question. So the 2 main factors that I contribute to my happiness and whatever actually started before this experience. And I think there are level of things that led me to this experience that had led me open to experiences the way it is was meditation. I started doing meditation practice January 1st 2012 and shortly after that it was on March when I started doing my Daily Gratitude pact. So I read about how doing gratitude would help rewire your brain to see the positive in every situation so I gave it a shot, I can (inaudible) that itÕd definitely rewires your brain and be positive and be great in everything that you do and those are the things that I contribute to be happy because for me, if you can look at every situation as good and bad and everything and when we have a situation that we call ŌBADĶ for me I just take it as ÔlessonÕ itÕs the learning and pull off the good out of it and then just carve the rest and not let the bad hang around. And in those good situation I am able to just transform in to where IÕm so grateful, give gratitude for every amazing thing in my life and having a great rewire to sort of do that automatically now keeps me professionally happy. ThatÕs where IÕm happy 90% of the time or 95% of the time where before it was of a struggle of where IÕd like to think about or I wasnÕt even happy half the time. So really the rewiring, which means meditation and gratitude that has helped me to bring these. And it took months, I mean doesnÕt happen in a day and in a couple of weeks for me it took me months and (inaudible) 8 months before I went to camp (inaudible) when I went to camp Williams I was wipe and ready to have experience.

Aaron: So, did you? That will be really cool point, I love that you show us that buildup and how it is a process and you became prepared to have that epiphany in (inaudible) that is, I think more often than not way it happens, like we have these epiphanies after the preparatory time thatÕs how was for me to over a whole lifetime of preparation but when you said, you started gratitude and meditation around the same time?

Matt: Yeah (inaudible) like every month, In March I started gratitude and in January I started meditation.

Aaron: And yeah, thatÕs awesome. (inaudible) ThatÕs how it kind of works if you donÕt have the yeah donÕt expect like overnight epiphanies to happen all of a sudden, if you just started to think first you build a habit and it builds up, it starts to change who you are, it changes the way you looking at things and opens you up to so many new experiences and then looking at what happened to you Matt, there is this major turning point that 8 months later, huh?

Yeah, at that time I didnÕt know of course, but now IÕd see that in our thoughts creates our reality so when you are looking at the situation and pull out the good things and you are having good thoughts you are creating a reality, creating better things in your reality, your (inaudible) make decisions, theyÕre going to make you feel happier or you just (inaudible) be happy person to other people which affect me to have happier space (inaudible) it just kind of felt lifted that way off (inaudible) you are bringing that inspiration to everyone you talk to, to every situation youÕre in, itÕs all like creating your reality to be happier, to be in a better space

Yeah, what lead you to start meditating and doing a daily gratitude practice then?

You know, IÕve always been a seeker and I read books somewhere and then our (inaudible) he moved in with me in January of 2012 and he had just started meditating a couple of months before me, 6 months before that, he mentioned how much he enjoyed it so I decided to just take on and (inaudible) and you know what, IÕm going to try for 3 Weeks and see how it goes. And, after 3 weeks, I just didnÕt want to stop.

Aaron: Yeah.

Matt: And I havenÕt felt this. I only missed probably, 10 or 12 Days in the last few years or 2 plus years with meditating.

Aaron: How long did you meditate each time?

Matt: Say again?

Aaron: How long? WhatÕs your meditation practice like? Like, how long did you meditate for each day?

Matt: Yeah. What (inaudible) with my meditation practice is so I donÕt get bored. I get bored usually so I try and mix it up but generally between 15 and 30 Minutes.

Aaron: Yeah.

Matt: Anyway, average usually at most I do 20 to 25 Minutes but sometimes, (inaudible) 30 and IÕm pushing up sometimes I only get 15. But, I do that and actually get readings. So, a 10 Minute visual (inaudible) I do every single time. Generally, I dot the 25 Minute sitting for about 40 Minutes of sitting straight.

Aaron: ThatÕs exactly what, thatÕs very similar to mine. ThatÕs interesting to hear. I mean, doing that medication and just directly into my vision process. For me itÕs the, I have a one page vision statement that I kind of defines for my vision, for my year, for my life, of kind of my next step and then, I review that directly after I end that meditation. WhatÕs your vision process like after that?

Matt: You know, I had a meditation process that I do before (inaudible) and then, IÕve been using a pretty close version to what mission youÕve shared with us. Do you remember that process?

Aaron: No. Refresh me on it.

Matt: I donÕt know what they call it but, theyÕre giving you a soundtrack on MP3. Basically, it takes you through and the first one itÕs like, in a state of consciousness where you imagine your head in the field of consciousness and the white light and then expanding out your room and your expanding out your town, your city, state, you know, your country, your (inaudible) you know, and then the whole world. And I think itÕs a feeling of oneness of connection. And then from there, hyper-(inaudible) the gratitude, and I give or in all sources of kingdom of gratitude, what weÕre grateful for. Just feeling how happy and how (inaudible) that makes me feel. And then from there I do a forgiveness (inaudible) where IÕll think of somebody that I may have charged or someone or some sort of conflict with (inaudible) for hours or you for something that I was working on (inaudible). Imagine that person (inaudible) as well. And just, I am (inaudible) myself with forgiving them and really accepting them and giving them unconditional love.

Aaron: ThatÕs cool.

Matt: And then from there, I do a 3 Year visual vision of where would I see my life and then, after that, it will (inaudible) into a daily  visual vision of how my perfect day would go. And then from there, IÕll just give thanks to God the creator source. Whatever you want to call it, a mass of thank you for being alive and (inaudible) into my body and step out and (inaudible) day.

Aaron: ThatÕs cool. So, you have that stuff written down? I mean, do you have like aÉ

Matt: You know, IÕm looking into it for about a week, 5 or 7 times in the audio, that mission gave us. And then, after that, I kind of a (inaudible) on my own, I kind of get to process than skip through it.

Aaron: But I mean, what youÕre talking about your 3 Year visualization and your whatever. Is that (inaudible) written or is that just stuff you had in your head?

Matt: I mean, I did write in the beginning of the year but itÕs something that it access some kind of visualize, I donÕt have to read it.

Aaron: Got you. So, you just go back to those pictures that you credit in your mind every morning.

Matt: Exactly. Yeah, I know. ItÕs kind of it might take you a week or whatever to remember it. Once youÕre sucking on that vision or you have a vision in you head. And, IÕm just pretty clear if youÕre (inaudible), you can make it. ItÕs better than (inaudible) of us.

Aaron: So, rather than reading it, youÕve written it down but then, youÕve gone more into the vision than in your head on it as a record.

Matt: Yeah. So, the conscious mind work in pictures. So, the more pictures you can create instead if you sitting and reading something, visualize it, you know. Put yourself in the cars or house or the location or which person or whatever that you want to create. You visualize it and smell it and feel the senses. Take out as many (inaudible) as you can get and when you do that, it becomes more real. And the thing more real than the sub-conscious mind seems easier to obtain. When you believe it more and youÕll manifest it in the future.

Aaron: Interesting. So now, youÕre just sitting, youÕre meditating where itÕs just silent and eyes closed and everything. And then, beyond that, youÕre going into this visualization process of those five things youÕve just mentioned right? And that whole process is an hour of kind of sitting there or doing that? Is that about what that is?

Matt: In that process, those 2 things (inaudible) 40 Minutes. But, mine about now. I do 20 Minutes of stretching in Yoga before I do any of that.

Aaron: Oh, got you.

Matt: Just kind of (inaudible) and get my thoughts working a little bit. Circulating my blood flow in my cheek bone.

Aaron: Well, I really like diving into these habits because this is stuff that you know, we look at other peopleÕs lives that are so, Oh, theyÕre so happy, this and that, whatever. Well. TheyÕre not looking. Nobody sees you when youÕre doing this stuff. This is just your quiet time. Nobody realized it that this the core of why youÕre so happy partially because you have practice each day of taking care of yourself and reflecting and rejuvenating. Like, what does it do for you like, from your standpoint, youÕre addicted to this and why? What is so important to you about those practices?

Matt: I canÕt find anything that weÕre addicted to. Whether it be, sugar, you know, alcohol, drugs, anything, you need a certain feeling . And, it all chemically went into something in the body. So, you know, meditation has been linked in some studies and you know, I can just verify from my experiences. I can feel the coldness that it gives me and the connection to my purpose, the connection to source to God. This just gives me clarity of feeling and allows me to be confident and step out on my mission every day. Without that, youÕre a little disconnected. You know, not aligned with what you need to do today or weÕre (inaudible) with your , itÕs scary. And if we donÕt have that knowing and that connection and that really, you know, strong why, then thatÕs really to do some of this stuff. I mean, I would probably give up going through the drive and inspiration I have. So, when I connected that every day, it just gives me enough feeling that I can create and do everything I want to do.

Aaron: Tell more about whatÕs hard and whatÕs scary for you right now. The things that want to let you give up. That you didnÕt have that connection.

Matt: Hey, thatÕs a good stuff, right?

Aaron: Yeah.

Matt:  So, letÕs see. IÕm going to give you a good example. I had a conversation that I want to have with my girlfriend. And, I really want to sit down and have a conversation but I was scared. IÕm scared that if I had a conversation, it would change our relationship that I was uncomfortable. I was very comfortable with our relationship. I didnÕt want to mess anything up. I didnÕt want to take a row. Just really wanted to stay safe and I felt very constrictedÉ I had this fear of change, right? And, itÕs abnormal, especially if you know, this is nice and everythingÕs good but, for me, when thereÕs something inside that just need to come out whether itÕs some sort of conversation or some sort of feeling or extension, you know, itÕll keep pushing from me until I get it out. So, I eventually had a big fear of having a conversation and the fear was made up. I had made up this whole story about how I thought sheÕd react or basically, worse case scenarios, right?

Aaron: Yeah.

Matt: And, when you actually did it, it was nothing like that. Connection (inaudible) to do it, itÕs about a couple of seconds. I hide all these fear. I really want to do it but I want to take an action on it because I had this fear. And so, I decided to look at why was I fearful of it. I had this thought of the worse case scenario going wrong. IÕm like, well, thatÕs stupid. I mean, it was like a million different scenarios of how itÕs going to end up. Why not create a good one?

Aaron: Yeah.                        

Matt: So, IÕm creating what I want to happen, when in you feel confident enough to take action and have a conversation and the outcome was much closer to what I wanted to happen than to what I thought my fear of what would happen. And it was like the fear was made up. The fear was completely made up. I was just a story that I was telling them.

Aaron: Yeah. Like, I think that tends to be the case to a fear all the time, isnÕt it? It tends to, usually itÕs not.

Matt: A lot of times when we feel comfortable where we are trying to step into something bigger, something better than the outside that comforts (inaudible). And, thatÕs when it seems to steps up to one thing. Woah, this is alright, weÕre comfortable, I didnÕt want to do that.

Aaron: Yeah. So, how did that connection to God, into your source through your daily habits, how did that assist you in this regard?

Matt: I think it really just gives me more awareness, awareness of my thoughts. Like I was saying before, that I had this fear, I just donÕt want to make connection on at all and so might as well like, stop. Like, I need to figure out why IÕm not taking connection on this. WhatÕs the story, whatÕs the (inaudible) around that? There really kind of awareness, letÕs say, hey, you know, I could change this if I want to. Or hey, you know, why am I doing it? To figure out the thoughts behind the actions were taking. And sometimes, most of the times, we are saying, (inaudible) our actions are done based on our sub-conscious. WeÕre doing and we donÕt even know why, weÕre just doing them. And so, do I really have that conscious awareness stuff that (inaudible) cycle? Break the pattern and look into the why and really flip it. Like, they just made the change, the story changed or changed the scripts and you know, debunk the myth of the fear because the fear wasnÕt really real.

Aaron: That awareness word I think is big. I think thatÕs the same for me. And when you said that, I resonated like, when I do the process of meditation and writing and visualization this morning, it really brings me into awareness of whatÕs going on and itÕs like, itÕs so easy to get caught up in life in the things that you just experience. You get caught up in this fear and you get caught up in your mind and so, taking yourself back and just looking at it from the outside view in the morning and just really separating yourself from some of that awareness. Kind of observing this thought rather than letting them run you, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Aaron: ThatÕs cool.

Matt: I mean, we have so many thoughts and it can be overwhelming sometimes. I mean, for me, thatÕs why the meditation and itÕs really (inaudible) meditation for me, itÕs not stillness.

Aaron: Yeah.

Matt: And, you know, not only physical stillness, but the mental chatter and just the spiritual liveness, the connection, that stillness when you get, that beautiful delta meditation, it just bring you to a place where youÕre able to  floating down and up. ItÕs like when youÕre talking about people (inaudible) athlete, specifically, getting in the zone or in the flow. And, (inaudible) time, space, slow down a little bit and you feel like youÕre able to step back and look at it from 30,000ft and look at problems be and become more aware on whatÕs going on in your situation.

Aaron: Yeah. Do you have those mornings where your mindÕs just running like an 80 Miles an Hour and you canÕt seem to separate, or itÕs harder to on some of those mornings on meditation?

Matt: Oh yeah. I mean, absolutely. ThereÕs definitely days where I wake up and I go sit down however.  IÕm just got exciting. Well, (inaudible) exciting, honestly because I also have excitement level. IÕm going to do that today.

Aaron: Yeah. Me too, I get these bombarding inside you, itÕs like.

Matt: IÕm going to sit down and do this practice letting go that will help me in all of my every day (inaudible) But IÕm definitely getting excited. And IÕve been lying if I didnÕt say sometimes fearful. And definitely those fear have a big, something that is bigger, probably I didnÕt figure, something outside my comfort zone, IÕm going to do. I was searching right and left, I must say. The more times you take on this year, the less times it next year. So, the last thing you can get, like anything, itÕs kind of like a (inaudible). So what IÕve noticed is that (inaudible)  come up but we need them, the (inaudible) show up.

Aaron: Yeah. I like how you said that, about the excitement. I have that too where I get these ideas when IÕm meditating. ItÕs all clear, all of a sudden, I get flooded with these ideas and I want to stop and write them all down. But, I donÕt want to break the practice of sitting there too. Sometimes I give in but then I say, no, better write that down. What do you in that? In those cases?

Matt: Yeah. I mean, I definitely (inaudible) that situation. I need to stop and write stuff down every now and then. And now, I just sort of like come in and out and I know, I donÕt even kind of say you know, itÕs important, I will remember it later or itÕll come to me later. And, that reminder, things come up. You know, I definitely, everyoneÕs priced up (inaudible) at some point. (inaudible) as well.

Aaron: Yeah. IÕve found out that mostly I donÕt, IÕve only done that a couple of times because, really, that thing is, that itÕs, it comes back like you said. If itÕs important, itÕs like, it comes back. When IÕm meditating, IÕm trying to kind of just let go of the thoughts of things come in and itÕs almost like this trusting thing and you know what, let me just let that go and still my mind regardless of what it is. And itÕs interesting on how the do come back later but itÕs.

Matt: Yeah. And I do a little practice of, if IÕm sitting down (inaudible) if IÕm creating something, IÕll sit down and just breathe and I mean, (inaudible) the breast is so powerful. Breathe for 30 Seconds to a Minute. 5 Minutes if I need to, whatever it takes to kind of get back to that state.  (inaudible) comes back. TheyÕre not going forever. They just come and go and when come back to that state, you can get there quickly. I do something that is called 4 Sided Breathing.

Aaron: Oh, whatÕs that?

Matt: Where you take 4 Seconds you breathe in, hold at the top for 4 Seconds, breathe out for 4 Seconds, hold the bottom for 4 Seconds and then repeat that. That I call 4 Sided Breathing, Quadrilateral Breathing and it really just helps me to center. I just completely, itÕs just gets me very still there quickly. I do that before I jump on a car or (inaudible) and now, itÕll take me 3 or 4 Seconds to go through that. I feel great.

Aaron: Yeah. You know what, I havenÕt actually heard of that before and I do that actually, I just realized I do that too. You know, if I feel myself tensing up or anything, I just sit back, breathe and it just feels me up with energy. It just relaxes me and calms me and thatÕs really cool.

Matt: Yeah, I mean, air is our life force though. When you get yourself in line with that, itÕll give you a lot of energy. (inaudible) when youÕre feeling fearful, generally, youÕll find yourself holding your breath. So, you can say that fear is just excitement without breath.

Aaron: Yeah.

Matt: Deep breathe, youÕll  feel a lot better.

Aaron: Well, youÕve got a lot of amazing things to share. I love digging in to your habits here and hearing how you do it. I think thatÕs really valuable for people to hear just more details on this kind of stuff because little things in our lives that make such a humongous difference. Just breathing, meditation, I love hearing that for you. ItÕs been really cool. IÕm sure thereÕs a ton for experiences youÕve had in the past. Is there any one thing that sticks out to you from just from any past experience that kind of led you that you could see any other things besides that Cambodia one that you feel you need to share. You donÕt have to but just  curious if thereÕs any other thing that stood out to you right now that might be in line with the topic weÕre talking about.

Matt: Yeah. I appreciate that opportunity. Thank you. You know, thereÕs probably about 20 different (inaudible) I could tell you. I am going to go with this one though. So, I donÕt know about you but, being the American male, I grow up in a small town. I never dance. I was kind of looked down upon the guys in there but didnÕt know to dance. I felt too good. I felt the (inaudible) to touch me. IÕve had the now opportunity on multiple (inaudible) to have so much fun dancing. But I had experienced  when I was 18 Years old that I went to Florida by myself and I was staying at the (inaudible) area where like club there. You donÕt have to be 21. And so, thereÕs no drinking or whatever. But anyway, so I was dancing and I go out there and like, IÕm so scared. I want to dance, but IÕm so scared, right? And I remember thinking about, IÕve never seen one person from here again in my entire life. IÕm like, just go out and have fun.  If I went out and dance, for like hours, like, 3 or 4 hours probably, I had like the night of my life, right? So, I was like dancing. I could just feel like air flowing through you and being around other people dancing. It was such an amazing experience. And I want to make another probably 7 or 8 Years before I had another opening on dancing. And, every time I go on (inaudible). And now, I love dancing. I think I dance (inaudible) my apartment here, my house and you know, IÕll come sitting for an hour and get up and move and sometimes I just crawl on music and just dance. Just let it flow. I feel like the movements of the body. You know, the breath is important, equally important just to move your body because energy are all around. So, youÕre moving that extra Chi. I feel like it just helps us stay clear, to help us feel better for whatever youÕre going to do. So, IÕm seeing movement for people, IÕll say, a lot of people talk about physical fitness, thatÕs highly important. But some people, if you just get up and move more.  Just movement of some sort, it could be dancing, it could stretching when itÕs Yoga or anything, any kind of movement. I feel like itÕs a great doorway to feeling happier, to being happier as a person.

Aaron: ThatÕs a cool experience. Thanks for sharing and I totally agree. I actually grew up ballroom dancing. My mom was like, really wanted me to do that. I was like 12 when I kind of resisted.

Matt: You look awesome though.

Aaron: Yeah. It was cool but I resisted it a lot but I was grateful later that she had me do that but, no, thatÕs, I totally agree. ThatÕs cool to hear that youÕve kind of broken through that resistance, the movement and now you feel this more free flowing. I can just feel the freedom in your voice when youÕre saying that kind of a sense of liberation that you can move yourself and feel free to do that. ThatÕs cool.

Matt: Yeah. IÕm actually thinking a hip-hop class. You know, it starts next week. Once a week for the next 6 Months at least and IÕm excited to take that through to the next level and get a little bit something better. And I think, letÕs have a little more knowing of what IÕm doing. I like when IÕm doing something that I like to be knowing and really

Aaron: Yeah. You improve your skill at the thing and that makes it more enjoyable even because then it just grows together that way. ThatÕs cool. ThatÕs been super cool chatting today Matt. WeÕre going to wrap up here pretty soon but, just before we go, can you just tell us how we can get in touch with you and learn more about your coaching in any ways. Anything youÕve got as far as resources online or anything.

Matt: Sure. Yeah. So, my websiteÕs called thebluespoke.com and (inaudible). I have people as writer coach, a writer coach myself. (inaudible) business relationships (inaudible). Much (inaudible) is the holistic experience. You know, as an entrepreneur, your business only goes as far as you do. So, I believe that having all areas of your life elevated, you know, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, you have all areas in top form. You canÕt just have one area (inaudible), the others to catch up on their own. So, I do articles on a lot of (inaudible) and things but I love the human potential movement and I love expanding our  possibilities of what is possible. And, so that is, once you have checked out the bluesbook, I have a product called the best way roadmap, itÕs pretty awesome. IÕm actually signing up a group of 10 people right now to start (inaudible) I believe on the calendar it would be the 1st Monday in April, 7th. I got a couple of people that are actually I call (inaudible) another woman up. SheÕs going to be (inaudible). IÕm going the take 10 people through. I generalize how to get people through on their own and then if they want to do (inaudible) with me. But I this is I want to get people through and really see how I can better facilitate their (inaudible) before we journey. Address in that, give me an email. matt@bluespoke.com will work. Send me connection you know, IÕd love to hear from you, I love to hear about your stories, see where youÕre at, see in any if I could be of any service to you. And yeah. If you just put a shout out and say hi, I love this meeting with people regardless if weÕre working together or not. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into this show Aaron. I really (inaudible) the value for everyone to tune in and really pick the most out of your show.

 Aaron: Yeah. Thanks for your contribution to just thoughts  and ideas on how thatÕs a really cool conversation. And yes, so people if you want to check out more on Matt or get in any info on what heÕs doing. Go to thebluespoke.com. And IÕm going to also put links to this and MattÕs email address and everything so you can get that over on thetrulyamazinglife.com/podcast after this episode. And feel free to leave comments and thoughts over there and IÕll make sure Matt hears about it and otherwise, thanks again Matt. And weÕll catch everybody else on the next episode.

Matt: Yeah. I appreciate that. Thanks. Have a great day everyone.

Aaron: Alright. Thanks.






















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