Aaron: Alright. Welcome to the Truly Amazing Life podcast. Today IÕve got my friend Jake Nawrocki on the phone and he runs a podcast called ÒOperation Self ResetÓ. And IÕm really excited to talk to him and then share his, and to dig into his insights, I guess today because we share a lot of the similar values and he interviewed me on his show a while back and I just really like his mission, what heÕs doing. We met at a conference recently and itÕs just, heÕs got a ton of experience and wisdom to give us. So, IÕm really looking forward to having him on the show. Welcome to the show Jake.

Jake: Hey, Aaron man. Thank you so much for bringing me on. I appreciate it.

Aaron: Yeah, really glad to have you here. So, as I have mentioned everybody, heÕs got this ÒOperation Self ResetÓ podcast. I just wanted to first off, just ask you Jake. Why ÒOperations Self ResetÓ? Why do you do that podcast? And, kind of what are you up to right now with that?

Jake: Sure. You know, I guess IÕll kind of bring you back of why I started in the first place. When I was 26 Years Old, it was December 15, like around 8:30 AM and that was the day of my birthday. At the time, I was already a fire fighter. IÕm a fire fighter since the age of 18, I got into this program. Right out of high school, very blessed from Milwaukee fire departments, the big department and things went well. You know, after high school, went into the academy, I started accumulating money, I started buying real estate, I started just, you know, enjoying life to the fullest. And, as the years pass by and I bought a house, I had a girlfriend at the time, you know, you have a dog. I was truly living the ÒAmerican DreamÓ. And when I woke up that day December 15 and when I was 26 Years Old. For some odd reason, I really had this gut turning, achy, disgusted, lonely, depressed feeling. And it was really weird. It was like I was nauseous or oh, like I was partying to hard last night or, I feel like that. I was really, I just felt down. And that phone calls, the text came pouring in and hey, happy birthday, happy birthday. And I just didnÕt feel happy on my birthday, hence, happy birthday. And so, my dad gives me a call around 8:15 and I pour out to him. My dad has really been a big influence in my personal life. He showed me how think positive and believing in myself, all those traits that later weÕll get into this conversation. And so, I laid it out to him. IÕm like, dad, you know, IÕm not feeling good. I feel like IÕm missing something, you know. And IÕm trying to identify what that feeling is. The first thing that came to mind, I think anybody when you have that like youÕre missing something feeling, is you need more money, you know. That was like the first time, oh, maybe I ought to buy more real estate so I can accumulate more money, you know.

Aaron: Funny how that works, isnÕt it? It seems like the default answer, thatÕs if I wish I had more money, IÕd feel better.

Jake: It is. It was so crazy, you know. ItÕs the first thing that pops up in your head because, well, maybe I need more things. Maybe I need a new car or going to trips, whatever. And my dad was like, you know what, I donÕt know what the answer is for you but, all I can say is, you need to go and find it and once you do, youÕll get really clear on your goals and objectives in life. And my dad is really supportive and he is never pushing me to anything like that. So, from that point on I was like, alright, I started reading books, I started going to seminars, I started traveling more, I started really trying to figure out what that pain was. I was trying to identify what was going on from within. And along that journey and path, I stated to identify, man, you know, positive thinking, motivations, self belief, inspiration. All these key words that I was, that was instilled in me as a young kid. I always wanted to do full time, I always wanted to be a motivational speaker but when youÕre young, little guy, the last thing youÕre going to say to your grandma who says, who youÕre going to be when you grow up? You know, youÕre not going to say, I want to be a motivational speaker, you know, youÕre thinking astronaut, youÕre thinking doctor, policeman, fire fighter, you know youÕre thinking.

Aaron: Of course youÕve watched ÒSaturday Night LiveÓ and youÕve seen Chris Farley, motivational speaker. You obviously would get laughed off the stage if you try to do that. If you want to be a motivational speaker.

Jake: By the way, that is one of the funniest skits to the States that I believe.

Aaron: I love that. If anybody hasnÕt seen, just go to Google and search for the motivational speaker with Chris Farley, itÕs hilarious.

Jake: Oh. It is awesome. It is you know, God rest his soul, also too, heÕs from Market, Milwaukee Wisconsin. ThatÕs where he graduated and so, I feel like I have that connection with him. But anyway, itÕs also like, you know what, IÕm going to start motivating people. Inspiring people to take action in their lives and I realize, you know life is short, why not get the most out of it that you can. And weÕve all gone through difficulties. Aaron, youÕve gone through some crazy stuff. IÕve gone through some crazy stuff. The only way to get past this is to like reset your thinking. ItÕs a take a different path. Some people feel when they go down these paths and journeys, itÕs like, IÕm stuck. You know what, thereÕs no way IÕm going to be able to get out of this. You know what, IÕm depressed the way I am. IÕm an angry individual. IÕm addicted to this, that. I donÕt think positive because thatÕs just the person I am. But thatÕs not the way you have to be. You can reset your life. And so, when I was kind of creating ÒOperation Self ResetÓ, I was listening to all my podcast. You know what, podcast is a great way to share my voice. And along with that, I could hear other peopleÕs stories because I believe that every single person on this planet has a story of struggle. And also has a story of success. So, if we can hear these stories and learn from them and apply them into our own life, think how much better of an individual you will become because of it. So, thatÕs kind of the basis that ÒOperation Self ResetÓ and along kind of a, I launched it on May 10th of last year, 2013 because that was the day my son was born.

Aaron: Oh, wow.

Jake: And, the reason I did it because in the fire service a lot of people say, oh, itÕs a joke but they would say, oh, you have a kid, your lifeÕs over. Your lifeÕs over when you have a kid. IÕm like, you know what, screw that.

Aaron: Yeah.

Jake: My life is not over. And you know what, my life is just beginning. And so, I took the bull by the horns and I went with it. And along, not only with having a child in May of last year, but I was going through bankruptcy, foreclosure on my apartment buildings, I was really in the negative with my life. And for some odd reason itÕs built within me and for the people that are listening, itÕs built within you too. You just got to find it. When I come across adversity, struggling times, I donÕt fall back you know, on just addiction things like drinking and wanting to push away or run away from a subject. I take it full on and I tackle things in life. And thatÕs why I decided to do talk about adding something else on your plate. On the date, literally at 11 OÕclock, the day of my son being born, I launched the podcast. And you know what, thereÕs no turning back now. And from then on, IÕve been pumping through ÒOperation Self ResetÓ and trying inspire people around the world.

Aaron: ThatÕs pretty cool. You did that specifically because just to put that.

Jake: Yeah. You know I did it because I wanted to prove to my son that IÕm taking on a huge responsibility, not only caring for him but also showing to him later on in life when he gets it and also to the other kids that we will have in the future. You know what, thereÕs never a good time to start something. ThereÕs never a good time to like, you know what, next week Thursday, thatÕs when I start my diet or you know, tomorrow, IÕm going to start that thing. You know what, thereÕs no good time to do anything. ThereÕs no good time to pretty much, I though early on, that to have a kid, youÕre never right, you feel like youÕre not responsible, youÕre like, oh my gosh, I canÕt handle somebody elseÕs life when IÕm struggle through my own. ThereÕs never a good time.

Aaron: Yeah. ThereÕs never going to be a good time. Like, oh, this is the perfect time to have a kid and yeah.

Jake: Right, right. There is never a perfect time. So, I was like, you know what, forget it. I lined it up so it would be ready to go on the day he was born. And some day heÕll reflect on it and go, wow, thatÕs pretty cool that my dad decided to take on this big journey and hurdle on the day I was born because he was going to come through struggles. HeÕs going to have a kid someday. If he does, great, if not, no big deal but, I just wanted to show that thereÕs never a good time and the timing, you just got to do it right now. I donÕt know, I donÕt have that perfect answer for it but, I just wanted to prove to him that you are able to accomplish things in the most hard times of your life.

Aaron: ThatÕs pretty awesome. Well, IÕd like to say. So, tell me then, you went through this gut turning, achy, lonely, depressed feeling that you said and what was the turnaround for you? Have you found that answer? Now, until like until what fulfills you? And what is that?

Jake: Yeah. And you know, during that process of identifying what was that issue, what was that feeling, what was that you know, mental aspect. And I realize, it was this, it was taking action towards a dream and a goal that I always had but I felt like I could never take action on. You know, I always wanted to be a motivational speaker, I want to be in front of people and in to inspire them and take action in their life. And when I started to embark on ÒOperation Self ResetÓ, like, I found clarity, like I absolutely love this. And you know what they say, the people say, find your passion and all that stuff, passion? I believe thereÕs passion out there, I believe everybody has a passionate subject that they really enjoy, if itÕs a career job, thatÕs fine or if itÕs an entrepreneur mindset, thatÕs fine. Whatever may be for you, thatÕs fine but, passion is not something you can really put your finger on until you start searching it without an answer. ItÕs like one of those things, well, you know, you like to cook and you might not realize, you wanted to open up your own restaurant until after other people start identifying like, hey, you know Susan, youÕre an awesome chef. You know, you should start opening your own restaurant. Nah, you know, you never really think of that. YouÕre always looking for the next thing. But, itÕs the internal desire, thereÕs something you already have within that just as long as somebody or yourself brings it out, I think youÕll find that clarity and it turns into your passion. So, instead of trying to search for your passion, like take these workbooks and read these books, find your passion, your passion is there, itÕs just carrying through and trying to listen to everything else around you as opposed to internally because those things are there, you just need to go and listen to others youÕll find it within. And from there, itÕll kind of roll downhill. And truly, I did find my passion. I did find my course in life and it is this. Do I love the fire department? Yes I do. ItÕs great. IÕm able to serve the community. You know, itÕs a great responsibility all that stuff. But, this is something where I am able to really connect mentally with individuals over the podcast, over my videos and blog, to really identify the struggles that theyÕre having and realize that there is a way to get out of it.

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs really interesting how similar our stories were kind of in that regard and our businesses and being in real estate. I mean, youÕre a fire fighter. I was a real estate business and we kind of hit that point of just feeling that point of emptiness, going that void or feeling like, weÕre just not fulfilling our purpose or what not. What year was that you had that on December 15th?

Jake: Yeah. That was back in 2011.

Aaron: ThatÕs so funny because December 11th, 2011, was kind of this major turning point for me.

Jake: Destiny has brought us together.

Aaron: Yes. WeÕre also aligning somehow at the same time. ThatÕs very interesting. So, anyway, cool. LetÕs tell me then a little bit more what your life was right now and just tell me what makes, I think youÕve (inaudible) to it and youÕve taken us through when you were not feeling so fulfilled, where now, you feel really on fire kind of passion, about like because youÕve found your purpose. But, tell me, in your words then, what make life truly amazing to you right now?

Jake: Truly amazing. You know, thatÕs a, itÕs a complex word because you think itÕs so you know, it can be so broad and I love life and that kind of stuff. WhatÕs truly amazing to me is setting small goals and objectives in your life and hitting them. You know, whatÕs truly amazing too, is to see a young child grow up and to think to yourself, wow, itÕs amazing how fast time really goes flying. And so, understanding that and man, youÕd make the most out of my life, I need to start to get a handle on my time here, to start setting goals so I can achieve greatness in ÒOperations Self ResetÓ, in my personal life, in my family life and in you know, my relatives lives. You know, everything that surrounds me, truly amazing is just a whole atmosphere that surrounds me. And IÕm in control of this amazing life. You know, I like to reflect, wow, itÕs great and look, the stars are beautiful. I take these moments very personally but I understand that IÕm in control of this amazing life. Wherever I want to go, do I want to be successful, do I just want to be good, do I want to be financially free or do I just want to give? You know, IÕm in control of this amazing life because truly, itÕs pretty much in your title. This is an amazing life. ItÕs spectacular the things that come into our world and the events that happen to you and I truly believe that our journey is kind of laid out already for us. You know, there are times that you feel like, oh, you got that gut turning feeling like, gosh, I go left or should I go right? I believe that our decisions kind of already laid out for us. In the background, it feels like we have a choice but we really donÕt. You know, buying those real estate properties when I was younger, at the time it was the right thing. And then, when I was going through that struggle in the bank and refinance these buildings, I was like, oh my God, it was the worst decision ever. But, look at me where I am today because of it. I found my new path. If it wasnÕt for the struggle, the buildings, maybe I wouldnÕt take action and take control of my life. And thatÕs when I think of whatÕs amazing about  this life is, obstacles that you have in front of you, can either take it two ways. One, you feel, oh my gosh, IÕm depressed, I hate my life, all these stuff, IÕm negative, I hate my job, I hate my relatives, I hate my wife, whatever. Or you could think, wow, this really stinks, this really sucks, okay, how can we get out of this? You know, whatÕs the best way? I know positive thinkingÕs going to help but itÕs not going to be able, itÕs not going to allow me to take action in my life. So, from there you start connecting dots, you start pulling in different resources, you call other friends, you identified different problems and youÕre able to shape your life in the way you want to. YouÕre in full control and sometimes we donÕt feel like we are because itÕs like, well, the bank doesnÕt refinance these buildings. Oh well, IÕm going to bankruptcy, my life is ruined, IÕm not going to get a credit card for the next 10 Years. But in actuality, you are in full control. ThereÕs nobodyÕs holding you back but yourself.

Aaron: I like how you keep coming back to that you are in full control. Did you feel like before when you were in that state, you said something earlier, it was like, I had this dream and this passion but it didnÕt feel like I could take action on it. Was there this point where you realize you could, like, you did have control. Was that part of the shift for you?

Jake: Yeah. Do I feel like I was in complete control? You know, going through the process, I always wanted to be a motivational speaker, right? Okay or, identify that early on my life. I never really thought it could be anything now IÕve discovered this and IÕm having a lot of fun with it. But even going through it, you know, you have those doubts and you have those fears and you have those like, am I even really this good? You know, do I ever really sound that good on this microphone? You know, you start doubting yourself and everything that comes into your life and truly, I have lost a lot of friends because of this project. And itÕs not because people are like, oh, youÕre the motivational guy like, thatÕs ridiculous. No, itÕs because, they donÕt understand like, why do want more out of your life? Like, why are you doing this? Like, why canÕt you just be happy? Why canÕt you just be fulfilled and take care of your family? I guess normal, I donÕt like that word normal and my wife brings it up all the time. SheÕs a school teacher, raised traditional way, and she has (inaudible) mind set. You work hard, you save money and next thing you know, you retire and you have a family and you just kind of hang out with your friends and you carry on with your life. I hate that structure, I hate normal. IÕm not want to be in the normal  realm because when I was growing up, I was in the 3rd grade, you know, I got stamped with ADHD and from that point on through my educational career, people would just assume that I was going to (inaudible) much. That youÕd really donÕt get it, youÕre not that smart, you know what, you did even get into the fire department, thatÕs going to be tough. How know how tough that written exam is? Oh, and you have to sit in front of a panel of people that you know, oral interview and theyÕre going to be asking you questions. Are you going to be able to do well with that? You know, and itÕs just something that, I just hate that because itÕs like, you know what, youÕre not normal either. Yeah, and my ADHD, who cares? IÕm like, these are just stamps we put on people and itÕs like a crotch. You know, that the last thing I want to do is lean on this crutch and go, hey, you know what, I never encountered or I never became anything because IÕm ADHD, you know. Forget that, you know, we all have struggles, we all have issues. And you donÕt have to be mental, there might be a physical disability that you have and youÕre concerned about, who care? Everybody has something wrong with them. Nobody is totally mentally stable, nobodyÕs totally, mentally perfect. Those people that you want to see on the magazines, on the TV and movies, theyÕre all fake, itÕs all flop because they want us to feel like, you need to watch these people excel in their lives because you want that. But, you are just as capable as they are. You look at all the crazy stories of how, you know, the movie stars made it to where they work. A lot of people struggled. They were you and instead of looking at as icons. Think of it as motivation to say, you know what, I can do that too. I will become and I am and you know, whatever path you may go. And I donÕt even know if I answered your question there but,

Aaron: ItÕs good though. ThereÕs a lot of good points in there. And I was kind of getting, what is the point that got you to take action? To move out of that phase where you were like, not feeling, you felt like you couldnÕt take action towards your goal, you felt blocked by that to being empowered. What was it that made that shift for you feeling empowered to take this step in doing what your heart was wanting you to do?

Jake: You know, when I talk about a lot on this podcast, itÕs worthy. You know, like, I am worthy. I am able to become a motivational speaker. There is literally nobody whoÕs holding me back, literally, no one. ThereÕs no finger of God on my shoulders pushing me down into the ground. The only person that is literally holding me back from success is me. If I set goals and I donÕt reach them, the only person that IÕm hurting is myself. Once I overcame that obstacle and once I realized, you know what, IÕm not good at speaking out of a microphone but I will become good. Man, I donÕt know if these blog posts make sense but I will become good. I am capable of achieving greatness. I am able and worthy enough to be the next Tony Robbins. Yeah. Is he like a superstar and you know, around the world and huge seminars and people love him, yes, but why canÕt I be like him? I am worthy. I am worthy to achieve that and for the people that are listening too, you are capable of the exact same thing. It doesnÕt have to be in the realm of motivational speaking, it can be, you know what, you have a knack for writing books. You are worthy enough to become the next New York Times best seller. You are worthy enough to be the next CEO of your corporation. Truly, the only person thatÕs holding you back from yourself is you and your mind set. Once you start breaking these mind set hurdles, you will become unlimited. And once I found out within and once I started to think to myself, man, I suck, I donÕt know if I can do this. I have to stand in front of people and motivate them. What the heck am I thinking?  And then I started thinking, what? Screw that. When these negative people, my life start dropping out like flies and they started leading my distraction, everything like that, I sort of understand, you know what, forget them. Obviously, theyÕre not the people I need in my life. IÕm going to tackle this. IÕm going to prove them wrong. You know, I can do this for myself. And it started breaking down and now, I have formulated to, there is like 3 powerful phrases that I use. Anytime that you want to overcome an obstacle in your life or you want to achieve something great in your life, and it is called, I can, I will and I am. And I say it like this, say it like for example, you wanted to become a doctor,  and you know, youÕre looking in to a brochure in a college and like, okay, yeah, I can become a doctor. Yeah, sure, I think so. So you start taking classes. You start getting into like a knack and youÕre like, man, I like to suck, yeah, IÕm going to be a doctor, I will be a doctor, you know, you start telling your family, your friends, relatives, whoever, I will. Then, when you reach that pinnacle, once you graduate and you become a doctor, you say, I am a doctor. And as these phases we go through, and once you identify that initial, (inaudible) idea, whatever it is for you, youÕre going to go through in these phases. But, if you know at the end of these phases, there is that I am, then the world would be unlimited. So, when youÕre going through and youÕre like, oh man, I donÕt know if I can anymore. Think yourself, I am going to be a doctor, I am a doctor. You start breaking these mental barriers in your head to allow yourself to succeed in a direction.

Aaron: ThatÕs really cool. I love those three statements. ThatÕs really powerful. What was it that gave you that initial push though? IÕm trying to zone in on that. Like, what shifted it for you? And I donÕt mean, this is quite fantastic stuff. IÕm just trying to dig in a little deeper so people can hear how did you do it? How did you all of a sudden feel worthy enough to do this because that is a huge thing to hold back. ItÕs our own internal image of ourselves of what we think. And as soon as we can shift that and start believing in ourselves, trusting ourselves of who we really are, thatÕs when we can take action and from those beliefs, if you donÕt believe that, then we canÕt take action. ItÕs like, our beliefs hold us back. And I just want to zone in here on what was it that shifted that for you? How did you start feeling worthy to take that action all of a sudden?

Jake: Yeah, you know. ThatÕs a good question. You know what, IÕm trying to reflect. I guess IÕll take it way back, you know, going, I played hockey in like 6 AM in the morning. My dad would pop in, tapes his (inaudible). All the classic motivational people and truly, I believe that it went into my sublicinal mind, you know what I mean? It kind of got absorbed into my brain when I didnÕt even think of it. So throughout my career, IÕve always been upbeat, motivational, inspiring guy. Through sports, I was always voted captain, all that stuff because it wasnÕt my talent, I am skilled but itÕs not like I was the all-star. It was because I was able to built self belief and others around me. So, itÕs something that I always had, I always knew about and I understood very well. And when it came to really breaking that barrier of IÕm worthy enough, I think it was the people that surrounded me. So, obviously like I talked about, I had numerous friends that I dropped out of my life. And thatÕs okay. You know what, I think thatÕs fine. You know what, at first, it sucked. You know, my best man too. He was my best man yet totally called me out. He was like, what are you trying to do this for? Are you trying to be wealthy and just prove us that you know, you got more money than us? And I was like, you know what, forget you. I pushed him out of my life and IÕm so glad I did. So, once those distractions left and I started really identifying where do I want to go with this? It was the real people that was surrounding me. It was my parents and my wife. And you know what, my wife, I donÕt know if she really believes in this. I donÕt know if she really thinks that this is going to go into anything great and if I will become successful, you know, after this. But she is just very supportive. She understands my goals and objectives and my dreams and sheÕs willing to, you know what, lessened them on the time that we hang out so IÕm able to reach that and dedicate time to podcasts and all that stuff. So, I guess the initial thing that was not only pushing negative people on my life gave me clarity, but then, my wife and my dad really allowed me to believe in myself and thatÕs one thing that I think is holding a lot of people back. They donÕt have those good people to surround themselves with. And, going back to that attitude when youÕre a kid and you wanted to be an astronaut or whatever, and your grandmaÕs going to go, Jake, you canÕt be an astronaut, you donÕt have good eye sight, youÕre not tall enough, youÕre not smart enough, you donÕt have this, that, an education. You know, you should be a plumber, you know what I mean. ItÕs like these self beliefs that already pushed down on us and like, oh, you canÕt do that. You know and I think once, when I opened up and removed negative people on my life and I had a good support group of my wife and my dad and also thinking of the end game, knowing that I will be successful because IÕm doing this for my son also who is brand new into this world. It gave me that positivity and that internal drive saying to myself, I am worthy. Why not me? And watching Tony Robbins and learning from him. Like you know what, I want to be the next guy. Who is the next guy? I donÕt know. SomebodyÕs going to take his place, itÕs like the next president. SomebodyÕs going to have to take his place. I donÕt know who it is, but why not me? I am worthy to achieve that. So, those were the two things, the two turning points that I believe that excelled me into the next atmosphere.

Aaron: Those are really cool points. I love how youÕve said that. Our belief in ourselves is so often is coming from those people around us. The beliefs of those people around us and as family members, as parents or as you know, our parents have such a huge influence on our kids, their belief in him. Like your dad, how to you, in like your son. But a lot of people, I see the same thing. A lot of people in the Truly Amazing Life family are struggling with self belief because they donÕt have that belief from their family and thatÕs the thing that we have to break out of. I mean itÕs like, you didnÕt have to break out of that so much but you had the limiting beliefs of your friends and your peers and that was really important for you to get rid of that out of your life. Those people that do not believe in you and they want to hold you back, itÕs like that crabs in the bucket or whatever, I mean, you have crabs that will pull each otherÕs back down and they wonÕt let each other out of the bucket even though they could climb out if the other crabs were pulling him out but, thatÕs kind of like, we have to get out of those negative environments because they will pull you down. ItÕll cause you to question your beliefs and yeah, thatÕs pretty clear to how you getting out of those negative influences and allowed your true self to thrive and believe in yourself right?

Jake: Yeah. And you know, going off through the front thing. Those are very tough for me to overcome because I was like, man, you know man, maybe IÕm not doing the right thing. I lost a lot of good close friends and I thought were awesome. And it sucks and it really does. And for the people listening, if you want to change your life, if you want to transform, do start believing in yourself and you know what, thereÕs a lot of people like, Aaron, you just said, that donÕt have that mentality. You are able to create that and the best thing that I can say to you is, if those people donÕt believe in it and they donÕt like your new mind set and the beliefs and all that stuff, fine. Just let them go. ItÕs not worthed, but the thing is, fine, new friends to replace it with. They are positive that do believe in themselves. And the best place that I say is, go out in you community or whatever you meet up .com and search for people that are interested in the same stuff that you are. If itÕs yoga or working out or eating healthy (inaudible) or even just reading inspiring books. Whatever it is, surround yourself with people that get it and you get them. That is the best people to allow yourself to achieve greatness and to achieve whatever you want in life.

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs really good advice. But, itÕs not easy. I mean, itÕs not easy to let go of friendships. I mean, thatÕs a really, really hard thing to do. And you mentioned, you kind of eluded to how hard it was. But, I mean, how hard was it really? I mean, what was it like for you going through that of actually losing those friendships?

Jake: Oh man. You know, itÕs funny because you know people usually think, you know males are you know, once, youÕre just talking in front of each other and they disagreed, they just let it all hang out and get over it. Well, you know, that wasnÕt the case so much with some of my friends. You know, a lot of them were just texting back and forth and just started small like, you know, hey, what are you doing tonight and IÕm like, oh, working on the podcast and IÕve never wanted to push him. Never want to say, hey, look at me. IÕm the guy with the podcast, IÕm so cool, all that stuff. And, you know, working in the fire department, itÕs like a very tightened family. You know, thatÕs why they say, you know, weÕre all brothers and sisters because we eat together, we sleep together, not at the same pad, but we sleep at the same fire house for 24 hours a day at a time. So, you really know these people, you really understand them and you get them. And so, when I started kind of pulling myself away from that mentality, that brotherhood that we had, people started questioning what I was really doing before. And it really hurt me because I knew the greater good I was doing for the people that are just hearing this information for the first time. You probably get a lot of people that never really had that idea of understanding this is a truly amazing life or the 12 Pillars that you talk about all the time. Probably, this is the first time that they heard or maybe they havenÕt, never in detail. And theyÕre like, wow, okay, cool. You know, youÕre affecting a lot of people. But the people I was surrounding with, you know, I live in the Midwest. We have a work hard mentality, after work, you know, take care of your house, you take care of your family, you eat dinner, you know, you either you get in to grab beers with friends and you go to bed. And thatÕs what pretty much the circle of life in the Midwest because weÕre just so blue collar. So, having this different mindset in going outside of the traditional box, it scared a lot of people. IÕm putting a lot of pressure in them to question what do they want in their own life and they couldnÕt handle it. So, instead of going, good for you Jake, thatÕs awesome. How can I help? How could I be a part of this? or, what do you think about this idea? Instead of that, they just turned it into negative and question what am I doing? As opposed to questioning themselves. And I think that was the big turning point for themselves, they couldnÕt figure out like, wow, how does he have this mentality? HowÕs he able to pass this traditional box that surrounds us and step outside of it? Well, I donÕt feel comfortable doing that. So IÕm going to put him in a negative place in my life and push him down to make myself feel better. And, you know what, it is what it is. ThereÕs a hundred and billions of people out there. You know what, IÕm okay with losing a couple of friends for the greater good and looking at the relationship you and I built for a second. And we just talked about this of Mike. You know, Aaron and I met in a conference and Aaron actually sent me an email well before going into this conference. And, once you send somebody and email, itÕs kind of like, oh, okay, you really donÕt connect with them. Aaron and I, we connected at this event. We actually flew home in together, we picked each otherÕs brains, we talked about stories and I really built this friendship and Aaron gets it. And Aaron really gets it and I hope he gets me too and itÕs a give and take and we understand each other and thatÕs a whole new relationship that I wish you were closer to home because we can hang out more but we canÕt you know. But itÕs okay.

Aaron: But even though weÕre not, like, the fact is you let go, this is what people need. Here is the let go, you canÕt make room for the new if youÕre still holding on to the old. And you wouldnÕt have time to, we wouldnÕt be friends, we wouldnÕt have met each other if you didnÕt step out of your way and stop hanging out, stop spending time and actually like, do spend time going to new environments right?

Jake: Exactly, exactly. And people go, oh, you go to seminar, that would cost money. You get an airplane, a hotel, food, all that stuff but the connections you make with people, itÕs well worth every penny you will spend. So, if you feel thereÕs nobody around you that gets you or identifies what youÕre going through, you know what, maybe take a drive, take a flight, whatever, go on vacation in your area where thereÕs people meet up and experience that because IÕm telling you, once youÕve built these new connections, those old people that were bothering you in your life, you will let go and itÕs just water in the bridge, whatever. And the best thing that I did too is just remove the negative energy from the whole situation. DonÕt get in arguments with them, donÕt try to prove them wrong, donÕt try to say, oh, you know what, IÕll show you what IÕm doing, IÕll show you the great things. Look at the emails I get. DonÕt, if they want any part of it, thatÕs fine, just let it go, remove the negative energy and move on towards the positive one.

Aaron: Yeah. I really love that. Just go, replace, go, find something new and the old will fall away. You donÕt need to try to remove, itÕs the same thing with negative thoughts. If you want to get rid of negative thoughts, donÕt sit there and try to kill the negative thoughts you know, just forget about them and start thinking the positive thoughts and the old ones will fall away in the same way. ThatÕs really good stuff. Well Jake, tell me, youÕre quite familiar with the 12 Pillars that I have, that I teach this kind of the basis of the truly amazing life. And, if youÕre looking at that, which one of those 12 Pillars stand out to you most right now and why?

Jake: Well, you know, first of all, itÕs awesome poster. If you guys donÕt have one currently, I suggest you to AaronÕs website and pick one up. I have it sitting in front of me right now and itÕs great pillars that you created Aaron. And, thereÕs actually 2 that really stand out. Number one, something that IÕve done throughout my whole life and thatÕs smile. People know me as the smile guy. You know, when I first came to that department. Man, how the hell do you smile so much? You know, I just love what I do, I love the life that I am in, I love the people that surrounded me. Obviously, there were some difficult times we just talked about. But if you smile and you carry that positive attitude, it will get you through the dark times in your life. You know, if I was smiling and enjoying life and I went through bankruptcy and at the top of it, IÕm having a child and IÕm questioning (inaudible), am I even good enough to even support a new person being brought into this world? If I didnÕt have that smile, I didnÕt have that positive energy around me, I donÕt know if I could get through the same way I did. And also, the smiling too, yeah, youÕre smiling but I know youÕre negative on the inside or whatever. ThatÕs okay, you know, itÕs okay to put on a fake smile because that smile will start to pump up your energy, your positivity, your output a little bit more than a frowned will. So, if you carry that smile, even though you hate life and you hate people around you, try it. Just give it a try and your energy levels will increase a little bit as opposed to not smiling or giving that frowned.

Aaron: And the reality is there is always something to smile about. Something for real to smile about. Like, thereÕs never not a reason to smile and just because you may feel crappy about one thing, doesnÕt mean that you canÕt find something else that is worthy of a smile, right? So, even we say itÕs fake and that is one thing but, hey, at the same time, if youÕre having a hard time smiling, think of one thing you possibly could smile about and smile about that. It doesnÕt matter if you have a bunch of hard things going on. You can, wow, thatÕs something else and you can be totally authentic, right?

Jake: Yeah, exactly. Oh, for sure, and then, one thing that I use as an example, think of like a standup comedian example or a funny movie and you go into this movie and kind of like I heard itÕs not that good, and you sit through that whole movie and you donÕt smile once or you donÕt laugh at that joke once. And youÕre like, this movie stinks or whatever, who cares? Get into the movie, get into that environment, smile, laugh, force yourself to laugh, you will enjoy life so much more. If you be a part of it instead of trying to push yourself away from it. I hate people that go like, it didnÕt make me laugh at all. Who cares? You paid the money, you see this guy, laugh your butt off even if itÕs ridiculous, laugh at him. Whatever you got to do to make your self feel involved in the moment. Whatever that maybe for you and just using those two as an examples but,

Aaron: ThatÕs great examples, I like it. What was the other one you were thinking of?

Jake: That other one is succeed. Personally, because I am on this path and my goal is to become a motivational speaker. My goal is to write books that will inspire people. My goal is to do weekend seminars to allow people to absorb the things that I grew up with, the stories that IÕve accumulated and the things that I want to share with the people on this great planet and I know I will succeed. I know succeed is a broad term and there are so many different levels to it. But, once you have that flag, that steak at the top of Mount Everest, and you know thatÕs what youÕre shooting for, thatÕs where I really succeed, really identifying with myself, you know. All the other pillars are great but those are the two that really sink on me.

Aaron: So, for succeed is a lot of that clarity that of what you are all about?

Jake: Yes, yes. And going after that clarity of what IÕm about and what IÕm trying to accomplish in trying to do with my life on my legacy, you know, along with that to be able to prepare for those moments, you know, I do a lot of visualization to get myself ready to go and to prepare myself for this journey, prepare for the struggles, prepare for the great times and the times of sorrow because just like any climbed Mount Everest, youÕre going to have good days, youÕre going to have bad days and for the people that donÕt know, when you climb up Mount Everest, thereÕs actually days that you climb back down the hill. You climb up for one day and you climb back down the hill for two. So, itÕs like, man, am I really making progress? But you are, thereÕs days that you feel like youÕre not going anywhere, you feel like, man, IÕm falling off the band wagon. You know what, youÕre on this new diet, I just ate that snickers bar. Oh boy, the wheels are falling off. No, catch yourself or you ate the snickers bar, who cares, who cares, letÕs move on now. You know, letÕs start getting back on the horse and eating healthy and focus on that goal at the top of the mountain. So, succeed towards that.

Aaron: Yeah. That definition which is a quote from (inaudible) the poster is that, success is the progression of a worthy goal. So, what youÕre talking about there is youÕre just so clear on what youÕre going for.

Jake: Yes.

Aaron: That you succeed everyday because you take steps no matter what, youÕre always progressing that goal. No matter how long itÕs going to take, thatÕs really cool. Why donÕt we finish up, if thereÕs any one book that you kind of recommend or youÕve read recently that really help people on their path on living the truly amazing life?

Jake: Yeah. You know, itÕs a golfer book for a second, a lot of people like, I donÕt like reading books, I donÕt really get much out of them. What was instilled to me early on and IÕd love sharing is, my dad maybe read a lot of biographies about successful people. You know, heÕs in the business world. He does real estate full time and he wanted me to understand success, you know. So, IÕd be reading these autobiography like, Ted Turner, whatever like, dad, this guys,

Aaron: How old were you by the way when you started to?

Jake: Oh man, heÕs been laying these books on me since the age of 8.

Aaron: Wow. Cool.

Jake: You know, always something, if it wasnÕt a whole book, it was pages or chapters that he kind of forced me to read and IÕd be reading this like, dad, I donÕt get this, this doesnÕt make sense, whatever. Then he goes, Jake, if you gain 10% out of this book and you apply into your like, think how much better youÕre going to become because of it. And I took that approach with me throughout reading all these books. You know what, these books, some of it are big, some are small, some you connect with, some, you donÕt. But in every single book, thereÕs always 10% you can pull away and implement into your own life. And once you start doing that to the array of books that youÕre going to be reading throughout the course of life, wow, I mean, imagine all that information that you have collected, and to go off of that, I guess, the book that really resonates well with me is ÒThink and Grow RichÓ. ItÕs not because, itÕs about money and you know, all that stuff. But it really gives you an idea of the basis of belief, visualization, understanding of the power you have to achieve, I donÕt want to say financial freedom but, success in business and in life. ThereÕs a lot of good tools and steps and foundational quotes and lines and paragraphs and chapters that help you start that foundational belief, visualization, all those things that I truly believe in. So thatÕs one book. And the second book that really.

Aaron: And thatÕs ÒThink and Grow RichÓ by Napoleon Hill right?

Jake: Yes, Napoleon Hill. Correct, correct.

Aaron: Yeah. A fantastic book.

Jake: Have you read it?

Aaron: Oh, yeah, multiple times. ItÕs such a great book. I mean, and like youÕve said, itÕs not just about money, itÕs about living a truly amazing life. Like his definition of rich is not just money. ItÕs like, rich in life and so, itÕs a very, very good book for sure.

Jake: Yeah. And so, this second book that really resonated with me is called ÒOne Simple Idea That Will Change Your LifeÓ. I think thatÕs what itÕs called. I totally messed it up. I totally canÕt remember the title of the book, IÕm so sorry.

Aaron: ThatÕs okay.

Jake: But itÕs basically talking about grabbing one word that resonates with you for that year. Whatever it is and apply it into your life. For example, it might be determination.

Aaron: Would it be the book, ÒOne Single IdeaÓ by Steven Keith. Turn your dreams into a licensing gold mine?

Jake: No. IÕm sorry I donÕt. I canÕt think of it right now. I donÕt even have it in this room. I just gave it my dad to read.

Aaron: Well, if you think about it, you can email me, IÕll add it to the show notes and we could put that off.

Jake: Yeah, sure. But, the basis of this book is to gather one word, just one word, not a quote, not a phrase or a whole paragraph. ItÕs one word that you resonate with and you carry on for 365 days. So, whatever that is for you, itÕs health, if itÕs thrive, if itÕs success, or even just family or love, whatever resonates with you that you really want take a hold of and bring into your life, itÕs just like, if you buy a white car, youÕre going to start noticing these all other white cars. So, if you hold on to this one word, youÕre going to start seeing this one word pop up all over the place, keep on identifying with you, wow, IÕm really focused on this one word for this year and it was a really quick book, itÕs really not to the point and itÕs a really powerful way to live your life and you know, you and I, we love quotes, we love digging into different ideas and the cool thing about the 12 Pillars is because itÕs 1 word that really resonates with people and itÕs exact same thing that I.

Aaron: Is the book called ÒThe One ThingÓ? I just heard that from somebody else by Gary Keller but, ah, sorry, youÕll email it to me when you figure it out.

Jake: Yeah. IÕll email it to you.

Aaron: Okay.

Jake: So sorry man. But, yeah, thatÕs the second book. ItÕs like the unknown, the ghost book now. (inaudible) into my paperwork and I canÕt find it.

Aaron: Whoever is listening, weÕre going to be so excited to hear this book now because itÕs like this (inaudible)

Jake: Yeah, youÕre building up this anticipation of, what is that book?

Aaron: But, itÕs cool that you hear that because thatÕs exactly, that one thing I create a theme every year with one word and doing that for the last couple of years and itÕs really powerful thing to do, to have a word that becomes your theme for your life that youÕve kind of lined up to say, this is what IÕm about, this is at the highest level, what IÕm going to focus on. It brings you back simply and easily to your highest purpose and reminds you of what you want to be doing. ItÕs really grounding.

Jake: Yeah, for sure. So sorry guys, IÕm going to email that to Aaron here.

Aaron: ThatÕs cool. But, itÕs really been awesome chatting with you. I appreciate all your insights and hearing more about you, more about your story. Why donÕt we wrap up and just let us know how people can get in touch with you and any final thoughts of wisdom you may have as we wrap up here.

Jake: Sure. You guys can get in touch with me. Go to osreset.com, that stands for ÒOperation Self ResetÓ and also, if youÕve want to email me ask@osreset.com and youÕll find all the links to the podcasts and that stuff. You can search ÒOperation Self ResetÓ on iTunes. If you want to hear my podcast along with AaronÕs great podcast. So, but, my last kind of words of wisdom will go with, is to kind of go back to that subject of you know what, I am. You know, whatever it is, you know what, life is tough, itÕs struggling, thereÕs issues that youÕll encounter, itÕs people are going to believe, people are not going to believe,  thereÕs so much that overwhelms you, if you just keep on thinking I am the best, I am the greatest, I am going to be successful, I am going to be financially free, IÕm going to healthy, whatever it is to you, you can achieve it. And, you know what, you are worthy of it. NobodyÕs holding you back but yourself.

Aaron: ItÕs awesome and very, very true. Thank you so much Jake. Everybody, check out JakeÕs podcast, itÕs got lots of other great interviews over there if you want to have more inspiration in your life on this topic. So, thanks for being on the call Jake and weÕll talk to everybody else on the next episode.

Jake: Thanks. Take care guys.

Aaron: Yeah.








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17:46 – I am worthy.

21:16 – What was it that shifted that for you?

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