Hello and welcome back to the Truly Amazing Life show. I'm super excited to have you here today and to introduce to you my friend, Al Diaz and Al is an international keynote Speaker, he's an author, he's a film producer and he's an online radio host. He host a podcast on a different show as well and Al really specializes in guiding other people in to remembering the answers that they have within themselves. So welcome to the show Al.


Al: Thank you for having me Aaron. I'm looking forward to this conversation that we are about to have and I'm sure it's going to be phenomenally well.


Aaron: I am sure this is well. It was... Just so everybody knows, Al had me on his radio show the other week actually. We just had a fantastic conversation. I enjoyed it a lot and I really want to begin Al over here on the show and introduce you all to him. So just looking forward to finding out more about you today Al because we kind of talk about more of my stories over there. So let's... Introduce me a little bit more to yourself, maybe tell us... give us just a brief intro on you, maybe a person a little bit and tell us what makes life truly amazing to you right now?


Al: Well for me personally and here... I have a personal mantra that I used and it took me awhile to get to this point and this is how I live and before I tell you what it is, Hope and Faith are important. They are critical to have Hope and Faith. But how I live, how I'm being, how I function is to trust the un-hoped and to know beyond Faith. And when you live that way, you should know as you and I were talking prior to the show, I sense your energy and I know I have that inner knowing that you represent something that amazing and you are a gift to the whole world, not a gift to somebody else's, you constantly are moving forward and I have this knowing. And that's how I function. I know beyond Faith and I trust beyond Hope and it makes my life phenomenal.


Aaron: That is really cool and I kind of want to stop you right there and dig into that a little bit more because that thing what it is you've just explained what makes your life phenomenal, how do you trust beyond Hope and know beyond Faith? What does that mean? Can you explain that a little bit more?


Al: I'm going to use prayers in example and this is me before, years ago. I used to pray, let's say I require a $100 to pay some bills for that week and so I will pay you know 'Please Lord, can you come to me I can use a $100' and I would beg and sure enough I would be blessed by a $100 on the following week, on the following month I'm praying and begging again. Hoping that I will get the money are you know and I was told before 'You got to have Faith.' And then finally I realized 'you know what, I'm always taken care of, I'm always provided for, I'm always supported. I got to go beyond hoping. When you get to the point where you just trust that you're going to be taken care of. And then, as I understood that and I saw it more often and more frequently and don't get me wrong, my ego played with me, fears stepped in and what if. What if it doesn't happen, what if it doesn't go through and I just stand on my ground but it is and that momentum accelerated and more and more instances and experiences start to happen where things just happened. And here's the thing, if it didn't work out the way I pictured it or how my ego wanted it to be but it happened in a different way then I realized, you know what I don't have to be sitting my ways that it has to happen in a certain way, I just got to trust that the end result will happen the way it's supposed to.


Aaron: So that goes beyond... so it's kind of like you know beyond faith, like you just know things will work out whether you know how they're going to work out or not you just set that aside and just know that it will and then you say it's like a trust combined with that regardless of how it happened it WILL work out somehow it's supposed to.


Al: Yes.


Aaron: That's cool. So that you've said that makes... that living that way trusting beyond hope and knowing beyond faith makes your life phenomenal so describe to us what is your life is like then right now when you say life is phenomenal. Sounds to me like you are agreeing that life is truly amazing, that's how I described that word and what is that, what is that life for you what is your life like on a daily basis right now?


Al: Before August of 2005, I had a corporate job, I was living in my dream home - still I am, I had an awesome family, I had all the what outsiders will consider... I was very successful. People look at me as a God. You got it all. You got a great job, beautiful family, awesome house, you live in the dream. And to be honest with you, I thought that was enough. Consciously or to my ego I thought that was enough. Even though on the first 30years of my life I lived on a rollercoaster and then I started to wake up. And from August 05 until today, I published 3 books... When I did my first book, I thought 'who am I to publish a book?' and if I do publish a book maybe a hundred of people will buy it if I'm lucky and 90 of those will be from my friends and family but the book ended up selling. And my second book came out and being a 100 copies and came a best seller. I was thinking 'wow! this is crazy!' then I decided well let me take a step forward and go on a national tour that I created. And I went on a national tour and I came home few months later and I'm thinking, 'if I can pull that off, let's go to Australia and New Zealand.' And I pulled that off and I became an international speaker. And after that I said, 'well, let's do a mini-world tour.' and I did that and I became an international keynote speaker. And a year and a half ago, my team said 'hey Al you're being invited to go to this film festival in Bangkok to speak and why don't you submit a film.' and I did a little film it got honorable mention, didn't win anything, got an honorable mention because of that I produced a 34minutes film and that got rated reviews and I became film producer and now I get to talk to people like you. So it just keeps growing.


Aaron: What else is it like today...


Al: [inaudible] that I never thought in my wildest dreams!


Aaron: Yeah that's cool. And how does that all feel? What is your life feel like? What does it feel like to be Al on a daily basis right now?


Al: The best part about it is I'm living in Joy because I am fulfilling my purpose. I feel that I love getting up in the morning, my wife thinks I'm crazy, like I go to sleep late and I get up early in the morning but I enjoy what I do. I know where I'm headed I know what I'm doing, and I know "what I'm supposed to do" and I enjoy it. I enjoy talking to people especially they're right in front of me and watching them and they shift. That brings me joy because I see the shift, I see the light bulb go up and I see the 'aha' moment that they have and I love seeing that.


Aaron: That's cool and so you just do that stuff on a daily basis now?


Al: Correct.


Aaron: That's cool and it sounds very fulfilling, it sounds like you I mean I just like what you said there the best part about of your life is living in joy. And really what other purpose... what greater purpose do we have, I would say that is the purpose of life is to live that way and yet for some reason it eludes so many of us for so long and so I go back, that's a cool description where you're at. The kind of that short description of what... you're journey is been like since 2005 but take us back then to August of 2005 and before you said you were successful by all the world standards, everybody thinks you're living the dream and that moment in time, you say people thought you were but apparently you weren't or you didn't feel the same way, you weren't fulfilled, what was it like right before then?


Al: I am 57, the first 40years of my life I thought I had it all because my ego convinced me and Ego is all the stuffed you accepted as true either consciously or unconsciously, from when we were born until whenever you realize I false personality. I was living by the standards of what I was told was successful. I was living somebody else's dream, I was living somebody else's thoughts, I was living somebody else's opinion instead of being authentic to myself. And I force things to happen, whether it's money, whether it's women, whether it's the pretty stuff in our home, the vehicles, you name it. I was able to force things to happen with living to this ego. And ego for me and personally was low self esteem, instant gratification mindset, low self worth and living in fear like I was never going to be good enough in the eyes of others so I'd push myself and sometimes I will be on top of the mountain and sometimes I will be in a deep valley. That's how my first 40 years were. I was living in an up and down roller coaster and several major experiences that I went through in my early 40s, I had enough. I said 'you know what? I have to heal. Not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.' And it was that point when I said, 'there's got to be more...' and I went after it. I had a great thirst for wisdom or knowledge or information how humanity coexist with the Universe and I went after it. And I was blessed with an amazing mentor and guidance and books and seminars and conferences. And there's another aspect to that. Because when I realized eventually I was searching for the answers outside of myself. I kept thinking the next technique was going to perfect what I was going to do or I wasn't doing it right. Even though some person to do this technique and thereÕs and I wasnÕt working the way they told me would work and I kept searching and searching and searching. And then one day I woke up and I said, you know what, I already have the answers. And the best anyone or anything can do for me is to guide me to remember answers I already have. Like, all of us did not come here stupid and dumb and to struggle and barely survive. We all came here to thrive, we all came here to live and we all came here with the wisdom to fulfill whatever our destiny is.


Aaron: ThatÕs cool. So, let me go back here a little bit on what youÕre saying. You went through this rollercoaster, basically, ego living up to when youÕre 40. Then, you kind of had these break down experiences that led you to say, no, IÕm done with this, IÕm going to heal and you wanted this thirst for learning. And, how long was that period where you were seeking self improvement and before you realized the truth of that you have all these stuff within you?


Al: When August 2005 and what happened in August 2005 is I wrote a few paragraphs, a couple of paragraphs on three different sheets of paper.


Aaron: So, is that the time? Is this the breakthrough moment?


Al: IÕm sorry. Go ahead.


Aaron: So, August 2005 was where you had this breakthrough moment with realizing what was inside of you?


Al: Yes.


Aaron: Okay. Go ahead.


Al: Well, actually, I wrote down these paragraphs, a couple of paragraphs on three sheets of paper and I thought for myself, I think this stuff is crazy. Life cannot be this simple. And I set it aside. Well, prior to that, I would say for probably 8 Years. So, from 40 to 48 I guess or around there. I was doing that journey of discovery and but it wasnÕt until August 2005 that I wrote down these paragraphs and I thought you know, this is wild. And in that, in those paragraphs, being the premise to my first book. And that is what I came to halt. It took me 3 Years and hereÕs the thing, if you give a toddler an ice cream cone and he yanked the ice cream cone away after he had a few licks, itÕll go into a tantrum.


Aaron: Yeah.


Al: Same thing with ego. If ego has been your master or your authority figure all your life and you decided to go through a heart based consciousness rather than ego, your ego is going to react and say, no, IÕve taken care of you, you survived out for 40 Years. Why are you taking my authority away? And, ego will present with you all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. And so, I had to go all through that. But I stood firm on my ground and said, no, I deserve better. I have got to prioritize and put myself number one now. IÕm important enough to be number one rather than anybody else.


Aaron: Yeah. So, what was it that spurred the writing of those paragraphs? Was it just like a morning, you just felt inspired one day or was there any specific thing that kind of spurred that transitioned?


Al: I just thought of writing. It was weird. I just thought of writing. And, like I mentioned earlier, I was left with some amazing mentors. And, I wrote these paragraphs, put it aside. ThatÕs life and I thought that was stupid and crazy. I donÕt think no one is going to believe this, itÕs too simple. A couple of weeks later when my mentors came over and she was downstairs and my wife and I went down there and I started these paragraphs and she asked me, where did you get this from? I wrote them down. I know you wrote them but, where did you get them from? It came from me. I wrote them down. I asked her why. She goes, I donÕt think its freedom. I go, what? She goes, this is freedom. And I said, well, thatÕs pretty awesome. And but, what inspired me to write that? I just sat down in my office one day and wrote.


Aaron: Were you a writer? Did you ever write before? Like, even writ journey? Had you ever been to writing at all before that moment?


Al: I enjoyed writing but, no. Not really. And at that time, I was involved in all kinds of forms and yahoo groups because like I said, I was going after the wisdom to understand the answers, to understand how humanity co-exist with the Universe. So, I belong to all these forms and I would write thoughts on these forms back then. And, that was about it. Nothing like, to write a chapter or a book or anything like that. It was just like learned.


Aaron: You just write on forms but you didnÕt have that practice of writing a journal or anything else like that?


Al: No.


Aaron: Until this one day that you just felt like writing for whatever reason.


Al: Yes.


Aaron: And then it came out. So, what was the premise? I mean, those few paragraphs you say, begin the premise of you book? And, is there a way to describe essentially what it was you wrote about right there?


Al: Yeah. I could tell you that everything in our past, present and future is for our best and highest good.


Aaron: No wonder we get along so well. Right? Because I was telling you last week and youÕre asking me my opinions and I say, you know what? The basis of living a truly amazing life is to literally just know and believe that everything is conspiring for your benefit. ThatÕs exactly what you just said in a different word. Everything our past, present and future is what?


Al: Is for our best and highest good.


Aaron: Best and highest good.


Al: And here is whatÕs awesome. And thatÕs the simplified version of the paragraph. LetÕs go a little deeper here. So, whatever has transpired in the past and understand, I was in the journey of discovery and I was doing my ego. You know, telling me, what about this? What about that? You know, blah, blah, blah. And then, when I said, you know what? Guess what ego, everything from my past was for my best and highest good. And, what did I do right then and there in that moment, I empowered myself and number two, most importantly, is I shifted the energy of everything that has transpired from my past regardless for what it was. And if ego goes through instincts or in experience, I completely forgot about or I buried, I would just say, thatÕs for my best and highest good. What am I doing? IÕm shifting the energy of it. And then, as far as my present, if I stomped my toe, and it hurts like crazy and I tell myself, this is for my best and highest good. What am I doing? IÕm shifting the energy in that moment. IÕm being conscious. And as far as the future is concerned, if I desired or required something that is going to happen, I donÕt know, if like IÕm going to a meeting here you know, after our call here and IÕm trusting itÕs all going to work out but, IÕll throw that in there and say, whatever happens in this meeting, itÕs for my best and highest good.


Aaron: And what that does do for you, it just releases. ThatÕs why you get that word freedom from because now youÕre free from the fear of the result. YouÕre free from the burden or weight of the past, your screw ups and you can forgive yourself and that word freedom is just so (inaudible) I think and I get so clear now why you would say that its freedom. ThatÕs awesome. I mean, because thatÕs how you. How do you feel? You feel free whenever you think that stuff, right?


Al: Right, right.


Aaron: That beautiful. I love that description. So, you wrote a book about essentially those concept there and that belief?


Al: Yes, I did and actually, the first book was about money because back then well, the world economy wasnÕt doing so well. I couldÕve marketed towards relationship, money, well-beings, self well-being, blah, blah, blah but, money was the biggest thing so, I used all that concepts in regards to money. And because when you sip the persistence of the past and the present and the future regarding money, people you would attract more because youÕre raising your energy, your vibration. And so, I wrote in regards to money.


Aaron: So, when youÕre saying on that note. On the money thing, you shift. Give me an example of like how somebody would use that belief in regards to money to change their energy around money.


Al: Okay. IÕm going to use myself as an example. As I mentioned before, those 40 Years of my life, I was on a rollercoaster. I would have all the money in the world to do whatever I got to do and then, a year or few years later, IÕll be in a deep (inaudible), struggling and broke. And hereÕs the thing, so in the present moment of all you could think about is with all the struggles youÕve had and youÕre moving forward to be successful in whatever it is, like youÕre utilizing the drama or the experiences of whatever happened in your past on that foundation, how are you going to build a successful future if youÕre living through your past? So, what I did at that moment out is, I said, you know what? Regardless of whatever happens in regards to money in my past, is its now for my best and highest good. And when I started stating that, what happened in that moment is, instead of living in that drama, I garnered the wisdom of that experience. So, I grabbed wisdom, kept the drama, well actually, it got released because what I said it was for my best and highest good. And then, in the present moment, if I was going to purchase something or I had a decision to make in order. Okay, I got 200 Dollars in my bank account and this productÕs going to cost me180 to purchase a (inaudible), for example, in making a pork or something. Well, I would say, IÕm going to purchase this and this is for my best and highest good. What IÕm telling the Universe, that what the action IÕm about to do is for my best and highest good. Even though if youÕre going to leave me 20 Dollars in my bank account, IÕm dictating right now, at this moment what IÕm doing is for my best and highest good and as youÕve said,  the Universe will conspire. Life will conspire you to fulfill whatever it is youÕre indicating. And as far as my future is concerned, all I have is 20 Dollars left in my bank account, I just purchased something for a 180, IÕm going to dictate that whatever happens in my future is for my best and highest good with the 20 Dollars and all the other income that IÕm going to be receiving.


Aaron: Just trusting and believing that. So, believing that everything that happens now is for your best and highest good. So, how does it change your decision making about whether to spend more than you have or going in debt or  whether to save or do you feel like that change or decision making around money to give you more stability?


Al: What would happen was, as I evolve, and IÕm going to tell you this happened overnight. But, as I evolved, and I became more trusting, and I became more knowing and then one (inaudible) my purposes, then I could ask myself, I am going to use money as an example. And this can go any in anything, relationships, regrets of your own well-being, your health, you know, whatever. When you get to the point where you understand why you are here and the reason that you were put here in your lifetime, then you can ask yourself, what IÕm about to purchase or whatever IÕm about to do regardless (inaudible) to support my purpose. And, if it doesnÕt, then you let it go. And if it does, you say, okay, this is all going to work out. This is for my best and highest good. It is supporting my purpose. It is fulfilling my true destiny. And then, thatÕs how you start deciding instead of going on a win, you have this knowing, you have this trusting that itÕs all going to work out and itÕs meant to be.


Aaron: And then sometimes, youÕre going to spend that last Dollar on your bank account on faith because you know this is fulfilling my purpose and I deeply feel this rather than, oh, IÕm going to go into debt if I spend that last Dollar because I need to numb some pain, I need to go shopping, I need to go buy that thing that IÕve always just wanted because IÕm kind of sick and tired of dealing with crap that IÕm dealing with in my life. So, IÕm going to go spend on that. So rather than doing decisions that are working against your purpose because you donÕt really know your purpose and youÕre stuck in this place. Now, your decision is based on purpose, something like that?


Al: Correct. Well said.


Aaron: ThatÕs really cool. I hadnÕt thought about that. I mean, when I say everything is conspiring for your benefit, I think of it the same way that it literally applies to every aspect of my life and yet, weÕre all learning, weÕre all growing, evolving. And so, as youÕre saying this about money, itÕs just interesting to me to apply that concept there and I think that whatever listeners are going through, I loved how you said, it really applies to everything. Take whatever your challenge is and apply what you just said, this is for you best and highest good and that everything is conspiring for your benefit and see what that does to shift your energy. But, I guess I would shift to then. How did you find your purpose? How do does one find that purpose so that everything in their decisions line up with them? Because I think that is a big challenge for a lot of people.


Al: As I mentioned before, I used to have a corporate job. And actually, IÕll even mention the name. I used to work for corporate Toyota.


Aaron: Okay.


Al: And, they have a philosophy called ŌThe Toyota WayĶ. And thereÕs a whole book written on it. And, part of their philosophy, when their dealing with a situation, a problem or a challenge or an obstacle, they have a way to get to the core of the situation. Not that it would manifest because of the core but, they have a way to drill down. Well, and what I did is I refined that process and I put people to this process to find out what their purpose is. And IÕve done it for tons of people around the world and up until this day I still get messages and emails what this process has done for these people. With the 90 Minutes that you sit with me within a call, I can guide you, I wonÕt tell you what it is, you will tell me what your purpose is. And my purpose is to allow heaven on Earth and thatÕs not in the sense of religious, IÕm talking about optimal (inaudible) internally and externally. And by me guiding others, IÕm allowing heaven on Earth by them remembering or others remembering the answers, their wisdom to function and live their purpose. To function and live (inaudible) and the reason why they came here to be. And, I donÕt know if that answers your question?


Aaron: Yes. ThatÕs perfect.


Al: EverybodyÕs here for a reason.


Aaron: Yeah.


Al: People should have to realize that.


Aaron: Yeah. So, one way is that they can come to people like you for guidance. Take one session and say, let this person ask the right questions that will help you look within and be guided toward understanding yourself better. Not, that youÕre going to tell them why theyÕre here but, youÕre going to help them discover it within themselves. Is that a good way to say it?


A1: Yes. Because there is enough people already out there. The institutions and people and gurus and masters and teachers. Everybody is telling people what to do and how to be. IÕm not that. I guide people to remember. We all have the answers. And hereÕs the best way I can explain it. You ever do something and you will, guys! I finally get it. Or you had an ÔahaÕ moment like, wow! I understand now. ItÕs not because you learned something, you already knew. YouÕre just in that moment, something triggered you to remember.


Aaron: Yup. And now it connects deeply on some different level.


Al: Right.


Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs awesome. Well, IÕm going to say to everybody, IÕm going to put up AlÕs information on the pod cast page so you can go to trulyamamzinglife.com/podcast and you can connect over with Al. WeÕre going to put that up again, trulyamazinglife.com/podcast and his contact information will be on the show notes to this podcast episode right over there. So that if, that is something that youÕre working on, you can schedule one meeting with Allen, see if he can help you find that guidance. What I would say for anybody who maybe canÕt do that or maybe isnÕt in a position to work with whatever reason, is there anything you would give somebody guidance to kind of like help themselves on to start seeking and finding what their true purpose and calling in life is.


Al: Here is that where we will open the door wide open. And I wish I can tell you what that open happens overnight. But here is the one thing, the one most important thing you can do to create the foundation for your life, is to love yourself unconditionally. ThatÕs probably be the most important thing that you can do for yourself is to love yourself unconditionally. IÕll tell you how to do it really quickly here.


Aaron: Yeah. Please.


Al: Go to a mirror. Before you go to bed, go to a mirror. YouÕre ready to go to bed. YouÕre not (inaudible). Go to a mirror and look into your eyes and inside your pupil and tell yourself, I love you unconditionally 3 times. And then, when you go to bed, youÕre at peace. Your body, mind and spirit will accept those words too. Well, as soon as you wake up, youÕre still have groggy, half awake, half asleep, before you go to bath, before your brush your teeth, before you wash your face, go back to the same mirror, look into your eyes and inside your pupils and tell yourself, I love you unconditionally 3 times. I guarantee you within 30 Days, you will have a shift in your life. What I donÕt know is to what degree. You might have a small shift, you might have a miracle, but you will have a shift. And that is the foundation because what youÕre doing at that moment is, by loving yourself unconditionally, you doing 2 things. One is, youÕre raising your vibration, youÕre raising your energy. So, youÕre becoming more of who and what you are and the second best thing about it is why youÕre doing that. When you love yourself unconditionally during that process, not only you are giving, which must be humanity is givers, but youÕre also receiving. And youÕre internalizing that. And youÕre telling life that your God, whoever that you have the ability to receive, you have the ability to be blessed. And youÕre internalizing to yourself that you allow yourself even to be blessed.


Aaron: That is amazing. That is so fantastic and love the advice and everybody listening, seriously like, you want to find out who you are, what youÕre here for, start there, do exactly what Al said, thatÕs exactly what I teach as one of the 12 Pillars of a truly amazing life, one of the foundational principles of living a truly amazing life is literally getting to know yourself, remembering who you are and doing what he just said is the best way you can possibly do that may feel weird at first but, I totally agree with that. Al, thank you so much for sharing that and I think thatÕs a great place to wrap up today actually and I just appreciate really being on. I was going to ask you which of the 12 Pillars stood out to you the most. Maybe just tell us that quick. Which of the 12 Pillars of the truly amazing life stand out to you most and why?


A1: Love unconditionally because when you love yourself unconditionally and others and all experiences then, it doesnÕt matter anymore.


Aaron: Yeah. I didnÕt know what you were going to say but I figured that was going to be the one after you just said. So, thatÕs the basis like kind of the bottom of the holster and itÕs really, the poster says, love unconditionally, show compassion, what matters more and the first person that you need to do that for is yourself. You canÕt love others or anything else unconditionally if you hate yourself. ItÕs impossible. ItÕs just not going to happen.


A1: I totally agree.


Aaron: Yeah. I love it Al. Thank you so much for being on the line. Everybody go, if you do want to get in touch with Al and you want more information. Go to the show notes, trulyamazinglife.com/podcast and with that Al, IÕll let you go. Get on to your next meeting and everybody else, thanks for being here and weÕll see you on the next call. Thanks Al.


Al: Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it.


Aaron: Alright. Talk to you soon.


Al: Alright. Take care.


Aaron: Thanks for tuning in today. I hope you got as much out on that call with Al as much as I did. I really loved that nugget of wisdom and actual advice that Al gave us at the end there. In fact, IÕm planning to create an entire 30 Day habit creation training course at some point as part of my 5 Minute mental mastery series on that specific habit of loving yourself unconditionally. Such an important, important thing. And if you enjoyed todayÕs call, IÕd love it if youÕd head over to trulyamazinglife.com/itunes and leave a quick review on this podcast or just go to iTunes and search for the truly amazing life podcast and leave a quick review. That would be super helpful for us in our mission in here. And as always, if you want daily dose of inspiration and insight of living the truly amazing life, just join the truly amazing life family by subscribing over on the website at trulyamazinglife.com and IÕd love to get to know you better and hear from you over there. Just put your name and email in over there and youÕd be able to get right on the list. So, in the mean time, have a fantastic day and weÕll catch you on the next episode.


























2:31 - You represent something that amazing and you are a gift to our world.


5:59 – I had all the, what outsiders would consider, I was very successful.


9:50 – You are successful by all the world standards.


13:35 – August 2005 is where you had this breakthrough moment realizing what was inside of you?


17:14 – Is there a way to describe what it is essentially that is you wrote about there?


20:57 – How somebody would use that belief in regards to money to change their energy around money.


23:17 – Whether to spend more than you have or in debt or whether to save it.


26:33 – They have a philosophy called ÔThe Toyota WayÕ.


28:42 – Wow! I understand now.


30:10 – The one most important thing you can do and it will create a foundation for your life.