Aaron: Alright. Welcome to the Truly Amazing Life Show. IÕm Aaron Kennard and IÕve got my friend, Gabe Strom on the line here. Gabe interviewed me a couple of months ago on his Podcast actually, which is called ÒRich and AwakeÓ. And they got the chance to get to know him a little bit but IÕm really looking forward to get to know him better on this call and diving on to his story because we had mostly talked about mine on that show. So, welcome to that call Gabe.

Gabe: Yeah, Aaron. I appreciate the chance to come out here and share. ItÕs a privilege man.

Aaron: Awesome. Well, just to give everybody a quick background on Gabe. Like I said, he runs a podcast. HeÕs also been in information marketing business, created information products, sold them and had various business throughout his life. And so, but right, now heÕs doing coaching and quite a few different things. IÕm going to let him tell us more about that in a minute here. But, Gabe, letÕs jump in to one quick question to get us started here and what is it that make you so thrilled to wake up each life and that makes your life truly amazing?

Gabe: Oh, man. Good question. IÕve been looking forward to this, whenever you got such a unique perspective man. But, you know what man? I woke up today, IÕve got all my arms, all my legs, all my eyes, all my ears. I just feel blessed man. I had a 30 Second commute from by bedroom to my home office. I was able to retire from Corporate America a little over a year ago when I doubled my corporate salary during internet marketing. And, ItÕs just a blessing man. I get to do what I love. IÕve got the best job in the world. I mean, you do too, you get to interview people and to find out those juicy secrets of life that make you know, amazing lives. So, I love it man. The podcast has been a blessing, IÕve just been connecting with so many amazing people and youÕre definitely in that circle as well. And I was just opening up so many doors. So, IÕm just having a lot fun man. LifeÕs good.

Aaron: Alright. So, let me recap that. So, you love life because you got a 30 Second commute, you do what you want to do, what else? Recap that for me in a couple words. What is the essence of what makes life truly amazing for you?

Gabe: Yeah. I mean, IÕve been (inaudible), I get to do what I love every single day man. I used to, I donÕt know, 5 or 10 Years ago, I had this like burning desire to become wealthy. I still do, but I have kind of have a paradigm shift where itÕs no longer about the destination, itÕs about the journey. And, IÕm just really enjoying the process of connecting with the amazing people on the podcast. IÕm fascinated with human potential. Absolutely fascinated with what makes us tick. Like, what are we capable of? You know, and IÕve always, and like, I love this analogy, IÕve always been just so fascinated with why is it that you know, a red wood tree is gigantic, you know, 300 foot tall tree is that there is 10, 12, 15 Feet wide out in California. Why is it you plant that seed in the ground that grows this magnificent tree. And, that part of creation never wants, says, well, IÕm not as pretty as the other tree and as much as tall that are next to me or I canÕt jump like the squirrel, I canÕt fly like the bird, like they never, that part of creation never questions itself. Yet, us as humans, we have this, self act, the self peace, where we are already aware of ourselves and works so good and putting these limits and beliefs on ourselves. IÕm just fascinated by this whole human potential movement. ThatÕs what inspired me to do the podcast ÒRich and AwakeÓ because I want to interview successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders to find out you know, what makes them tick and what are those common threads. It has been a really interesting journey. So, IÕm just having a lot of fun man.

Aaron: ItÕs cool. Well, we have a lot in common on that regard I guess. I just love that intrigue about finding out what makes us tick and those limiting beliefs. I can completely relate to you. I mean, I just love being in this space of kind of analyzing that every day and I guess thatÕs why you and I are doing what we do because it fascinates us right?

Gabe: Yeah. Totally.

Aaron: Yeah. So, we really have similar approaches I guess on our podcast. Yours is called ÒRich and AwakeÓ. YouÕre kind of more focused on the entrepreneurial aspect but being awake, being conscious, I assume is what that means right?

Gabe: Yeah. So, itÕs kind of bunch of meanings. You know, originally I started the podcast for a couple of reasons. I want to find out the art of the start. Like, what are the common threads that an entrepreneur or successful entrepreneurs go through? ItÕs a go from zero to start up. That kind of initial hustle phase and then, from start up to 6 figures of revenue and then, whatÕs the shift that happens an entrepreneurÕs mind set, I mean, leadership to take a business to a 6 figure revenue business to the 7th figure business revenue. So, that was kind of the intention of the show but you know, I (inaudible) ÒRich and AwakeÓ and really, my intention and my vision should be on the show was to remind people, specifically if youÕre living in the United States of America or North America. How wealthy you are already are? And this was kind of the big breakthroughs that I had in the past couple of years that you know, I used to put this million Dollar business up on this pistol and then as I have been maturing, IÕve realized, itÕs not about the destination, itÕs about the journey. And weÕre so wealthy already in America. I did actually adjusted a podcast and a week ago, I looked at some stats on the internet. I found out that if you live in America, you drive a car. You are at the top 9% in the world. And only 9% of the world owns a vehicle. So, if youÕre listening to this podcast, youÕre driving to work and maybe you hate your job, youÕre listening to Aaron, youÕre trying to find a way to find out what youÕre doing. Just remember how wealthy and how good with what you already have, these things. People in the world that would live off of a Dollar in a day and we just get so stuck in this rat race, youÕre in America trying to keep up with the JonesÕ and weÕve forgotten how wealthy we are. So, but rich in a way has a couple of different meanings. I wanted to remind people how wealthy you already are because a lot of people are you know, kind of always putting things in the future. And you and I already talked about this on our interview together on my show. How unhappy people can get when they live in the future only or now, present. So, whatÕs going on their life now because that was a part of it. The awake part is the conscious part right? So, itÕs not just about being wealthy or building a business of your dreams or being able to work on your home like you and I do but, you know, what do you do with that freedom? And what kind of bigger purpose are you up to in life. Although, I donÕt fully know what this looks like. But, IÕm going to and (inaudible) say it anyways because I believe that our human consciousness is in a middle of awakening right now, some kind of a revolution. And I say I donÕt quite know what that it looks like because I donÕt fully know what IÕm talking about. ItÕs just something that I can sense, a spiritual sensitivity.

Aaron: Like Eckhart Tolly has mentioned, people have said that kind of spiritual thought leaders I guess, you would have thought at the time. I said stuff like that and I think thereÕs that sense in many people, not just you.

Gabe: ThereÕs something going on. I mean, IÕm fascinated with history because if you look back on history like, history leaves clues right? And so, you look back through like, industrial revolution or you can go back before that. IÕm fascinated by this. Look back to in Christopher Columbus or people could argue that he wasnÕt the first one to discover America but, whatever. Whoever it was that came over here first, they thought the world was flat, right? And this was like, less than 200 years ago, that we thought that the world was flat and if you sailed West from Europe, youÕre going to fall of here at the edge of Earth.

Aaron: So, this isnÕt like the 1400Õs, probably 1600Õish years ago right?

Gabe: YouÕre right. Thank you for correcting me. IÕm suppose to say, permanent picture of what weÕre looking at.

Aaron: Exactly. I donÕt really have to live with that.

Gabe: IÕm not a details guy.

Aaron: Hundreds of years ago right?

Gabe: Fairly reason though, with the history of the world, right? We had this believe that the world was flat. And so, now, today, here we are, 2014, doing this interview. I was wondering. What about our world do we believe is flat now? What part of human consciousness? Are we still waking up to our potential. So thatÕs why I say, I donÕt fully know what that looks like, I can just feel it and sense it. But itÕs an exciting time man. ItÕs fun. I think what the internet. WeÕve kind of gone through the baby stages of the internetÕs, I donÕt know, 20-25 Years old now as it is. So, information, weÕre able to share things so much faster. Even like this podcast, like, you know, 50 Years ago, we couldnÕt tune in if you wanted to get information from successful people. You had to like, go meet them in person and hunt them down. You couldnÕt just pull in your iPhone or your Android and listen to a podcast on your way to work and just pick up some stuff. So, I just think, all that kind of put together. ItÕs just a really special time in history and you know, that gets me excited. So.

Aaron: ThatÕs cool. And you have a mind that is going, I mean, you just have a fast mind. I love it because youÕre saying so many things I could break in and talk in depth on many of these things that youÕve just gone into and I may like to but, I have this sense that thereÕs so much more that you have to share that IÕm just barely scratching the surface. So, IÕm hesitant to even come, go back and jump in. But I actually do kind of want to like, go back to that paradigm shift that you had. So, for bringing it back to the beginning, you talked about how grateful you are. HereÕs a couple of points that I think might be worthy of delving into and that is that paradigm shift and the other one is just, you know, that intention of reminding people how wealthy they are. And then, what you just said that questions of what about our world do we believe is flat now? I love that thought process of being just open and looking for that but. So, going back to what youÕve said initially though like, why is your life so amazing. ItÕs just, it feels like super grateful and that it had something to do with that paradigm shift that you had. Take us back in time into where you had that paradigm shift. Where you stopped seeking the prize so much and just started enjoying the journey. Tell me more about that?

Gabe: Yeah. I donÕt know if there was like one particular turning point. I will share this, I recently went through a pretty intensive leadership training course out in Los Angeles California. Initially, it was a week long seminar. It was a 5 Day seminar. It was pretty intensive. Then I ended up going back for parts 2 and 3. At the end of it, it was like a 4 Month period so. Very intentional like, life coaching. A lot of human potential stuff. But I think going through that, I mean, that was one of the experience. A good friend of mine, Lewis House invited me out there. IÕm super grateful that he reached out to me.

Aaron: What was the program called?

Gabe: ItÕs called ÒMastery and Transformational TrainingÓ. MITT for short. Yeah. A lot of different thought leaders had gone through this similar technology of this. But, I mean, that was a piece. Any time you take time out of your life, thatÕs why I think live events are so powerful. Any time you take 2,3,4,5 days out of your life, get out of your normal comfort zone, get out of your normal environment and get around under light-minded people. It can really open up a lot of possibilities but. I donÕt know, I mean, thatÕs definitely shifted a lot of things for me or recently in the past. Try 3 or 4 months, maybe 6 months but. You know, prior to that, when I first gone in on this internet space back in 2008, I am just like a lot of people. I had a dream like I just didnÕt want to go to work. I just felt riding off a serial entrepreneur. I didnÕt want to go how to boss. I just felt like it was putting a round peg and a square hole. And I always have this dream of youÕre creating this internet business that I could work for a couple of hours a day and money will come flying out of my machine. You know, shove my bank account. For me, I would have this like ultimate freedom. I lived in that fantasy for a while. Even through building my first successful company, it was a company called ÒFree Walk FactoryÓ. They still existed and I actually have really good friends. My buddy still runs it. WeÕve been on the reconcile a lot of our differences but, that business (inaudible) a nice 6 figure revenue stream that I ended up leaving basically with nothing and having to start over completely from scratch again. But, you know, all through that time come. That first phase, my first 3 to 4 Years on the internet, itÕs like, I lived in this. IÕm sharing the story because probably thereÕs a lot of people listening to your podcast that are maybe in that same space right now where they see the gurus, sees people out there that created these you know, total life style business and they dream about that they fantasize about that.

Aaron: And I hear about that fantasy aspect and how you elude to how you live in that fantasy for a while and youÕre more awake to reality now or what. Yeah, tell me more.

Gabe: Yeah, well, itÕs not that, I mean, the funny thing is, I do have internet business now and I do have total freedom to do what I want. And, IÕve had this conversation with a lot of people about this. ThatÕs why IÕm saying. I donÕt know thereÕs a specific like turning point where I said hey, IÕm just happy with what I have but I have just become really impressed that I think going through this leadership course that I went through. I hope this brings a lot of things present. Any time thereÕs lack of happiness is because weÕre living in the past, feeling guilty about something that happened or living in the future, waiting and hoping for something to happen. And, the falsity about the problem with the paradigm or that lens that you look through life is that youÕre never going to be fulfilled because you canÕt go in the past and change anything and you canÕt go in the future and you canÕt make a difference in the future with anythingÕs going to change. All we can control is now. Like, right now at this moment. Right now, you and I connecting on this podcast. Whoever is listening to this, wherever they are at in the world. And, itÕs a beautiful thing you know, you also pay attention to whatÕs happening now and just be happy with what you got. ThatÕs why IÕm such a fan of your work here because youÕre inspiring  people to be in minded of how great they have been and again, that was part of my intention from my podcast. Well, itÕs not always about the end destination. And IÕve learned this too specifically with money like I used to think that, you know, if I was living in scarcity, if I had more money for example, then IÕll be happy. Like, you know, when IÕm making $10,000 a month, then IÕll be happy.

Aaron: That is such a comment. IÕve dealt with that, personally, I imagine everybodyÕs felt that way at one point or another or it just fills out a lot right now, potentially, but, yeah. So, what about that?

Gabe: Well, itÕs easy to slip into that. Like, IÕm saying that, donÕt get me wrong. IÕm not (inaudible). IÕm still fall under that trap perpetually. The thing is, when you learn this, you make more money. Your problems donÕt go away. You just have different problems. So, I stopped. My prayers used to be, you know, God, bless me, bring me abundance. But now, my prayers has shifted to, you know, bring me to what youÕre already blessing and thank you for what youÕve given. You know, itÕs just, thereÕs freedom when youÕre happy of what youÕre journey and where youÕre at. Right? Because, youÕll look back. YouÕll pay attention to this in your life. If you look back on, IÕll just use this to example, like, college for example. College are one of the greatest times, personally from my life. I wasnÕt a big fan of high school like, the kind of the clickiness. But when I got to college, I enjoyed the freedom of just being able to be who you are in the world, right? The nerds were hanging out with the jocks, the music people. EveryoneÕs kind of hanging out together in this melting pot. And, you know, looking back, that was one of the greatest times of my life. But, when I was in college, this is the irony of it. I think all people go through this, when youÕre in school youÕre like, man, I canÕt wait until I get out and you know, get a job and get some money. Because being broke in college is just suit and socks. You know what I mean? Like, this isnÕt what I like. But when youÕre outside of that, you look back on it and youÕre like, man, that was like some of the greatest times of my life. No responsibilities. You could wake and barbeque with my friends.

Aaron: Yeah. That whole time weÕre sitting there. I mean, you could live that whole thing. Like, wishing for something else. Right?

Gabe: Yeah. And you just like, you waste the current moment. Like, you live, you take yourself out of the present, out of the beauty that is now that you can create. And, thatÕs what I think is so powerful Aaron about how weÕre wired as humans. It is like, and you listening to this podcast right now. You truly are 100% in control of what youÕre creating today. Now, what I mean by that is, I donÕt mean that, youÕre driving your car to work and someone smashes in to you that you created someone driving a car and  smashing in to you. What IÕm suggesting is, your creating the meaning that you give to everything that happens. So, if youÕre in a job that you donÕt like or a business that you donÕt like. You can control how you can interpret that, how you feel about that by shifting the lens, shifting you mind set or belief about your current situation. You change your entire paradigm, your entire world changes. And the day goes from being you know, gloomy Saturday to being a bright optimistic day. ItÕs all about how you look at things in the world. ThatÕs the part that IÕm fascinated with because one thing IÕve notice Aaron, from all the successful people that IÕve interviewed is that they have the powerful lens that they look at their life through and, if you want to change your life, if you are seriously committed to creating a better life or creating a truly amazing life, it has to start with you and your ability to shift your lens of what youÕre creating. ThatÕs the power of positive thinking. So, I forgot what your question was. I just get pumped up about this stuff so.

Aaron: That was perfect. Whatever the question was that, I forgot also. It was a good one apparently because it got into all sorts of amazing things you just said. Seriously, you were just. I hope everybody was taking notes. I was taking notes on that as you were saying to me because thereÕs a lot of power pack truth about what you just said right there. That was really cool. I like how you said one thing that you noticed from all successful people youÕve interviewed is they all have this powerful lens that they look through. And I think, that is so important for people, for all of us to hear, to remember is, itÕs all about the lens. If youÕre sitting there looking at the past and looking at why things are horrible through that lens, like, why things are so hard, well, youÕre not going to be feeling that good. You get to choose, you take that lens off. ItÕs just like a camera. I mean, I can pop on, I can 800 MM lens or 50 MM lens, right? And I get to choose which one. If I put on that 200 MM zoom lens, I can see something, IÕm in the same spot, I see the beauty, the detail of this little bird on a tree hundreds of yards away. Whereas, if I have this, 35 MM lens on, I can see this wide view. You cans see a totally different thing depending on your lens and you get to choose what lens that is.

Gabe: ItÕs so powerful man. This is the stuff that gets me excited. This is peace that I think those humans are just waking up to this kind of awareness about ourselves, right? Like, we can truly create what we want. We truly are co-creators with God in this world. And, itÕs amazing man. I havenÕt had kids yet. IÕve heard thatÕs another one of those experiences where, when you see your first child come into the world. ItÕs just, youÕre just kind of in an awe beauty of the creation there is. But, I mean, everything though. Like, the fact that you can plant a seed in the dirt. And, because of the way that God made the Earth and the chemicals and the photosynthesis. Like that little seed grows to this beautiful flower, the beautiful tree. ItÕs just, weÕve truly do live in a truly amazing place. And I think, especially now, in the 21st Century. WeÕve lost a lot of that beauty that human is stuck behind our computers, behind our phones, we go to jobs that we hate. IÕve heard this from stat different ways. If youÕve heard of different ways but, roughly, 70 or 80 percent of Americans dislike or even hate their job, like, they donÕt even love what they do. But we spent all this time, you go to a job that you donÕt like to buy things you donÕt need to impress people that donÕt matter. And thatÕs I think Will Smith was the first one to have said that. But weÕre in this, itÕs like this form of hell. This paradigm weÕre wasting our lives on chasing this pervurbial American dream which is a moving target. The JonesÕ like, always a movie, itÕs like always a moving target, always just out of reach. And I think if, especially as Americans are like, we recognize how already great we have things and start enjoying the little things in life and shift that lens. It changes everything for you. So, this has nothing to do with business or internet marketing. But it has everything to do with your personal happiness I think which, at the end of the day, the reason people start business is and you know, go through the pain and the grind struggle of creating something from scratch or buying something is to ultimately get that freedom. And, what and what I want to remind you of is youÕve got access to that freedom today without any of that other stuff just by you shifting your awareness.

Aaron: So, thatÕs a really good point and, that reminded me of what youÕre talking about up front and now. And so, this topic of financial freedom and where you used to be seeking for the goal and why youÕre much more happy now doesnÕt mean that you donÕt still seek financial goals. Tell me how you live with that? Like, since that paradigm shift, what is financial freedom mean to you now versus what it did before?

Gabe: Yeah. Well IÕm still, for all fairness, that is still with goal like, I still have a goal that create a 7 figure business. I havenÕt done it yet myself in full transparency. I mean, thatÕs a goal of mine. But my prayers and my intention shifted from you know, God, give me a bigger business to grant me work that I love. And that was probably the first big shift that I noticed, I guess in my consciousness is just, the power of asking more powerful questions because if you want better results in life, it all starts with asking better questions. So, rather than asking you know, how can I have more financial abundance, why donÕt start asking, how can I just do what I love every single day? When you do what you love every single day, you donÕt work. Like, I donÕt consider doing what I do with the podcast or coaching (inaudible). I donÕt consider that stuff work. I love it so much like, I just truly love doing that stuff. So, you know, that was the shift. I still have that goal. So, have a goal that create a 7 figure business, because when I give more, itÕs coming from a more pure place. Like, thatÕs always been my goal as to get to, I got the end of my life when itÕs all said and done. You know, if I look back, I want to be able to be in a place where IÕm giving more than IÕm putting in my own pocket. Like, thatÕs kind of my personal goal. So, to do that, IÕve got to create more financial abundance. But, I just donÕt want to, IÕve met a lot of wealthy people who, and youÕd be surprised. Like, if you would study, it was a great book called Ò The Millionaire Next DoorÓ. I forgot the guy that wrote it. But essentially, it was a study of the wealthy in America and he found out that. Like, most of the wealthy, they donÕt live in a huge mansion, they donÕt drive a Ferrari. They live in a 1910 or 20 Year old house that lived next door and either they do drive a 10 Year Old car. And you wonÕt even have any idea their wealthy. And, IÕve met a lot of very successful people that arenÕt happy people. They work their tails off, they never see their kids and you know, thatÕs not the point of it. ThatÕs the whole point of creating financial freedom, at least from my perspective, is to be with your family. For me, that was like a big driver.

Aaron: One thing, oh, good ahead.

Gabe: No. I was going to say briefly. Like, I mentioned, I donÕt have kids but always a big driver for me as always been. Especially with working on the internet has been to be able to have freedom so that, when we do have kids, I can take them to school, I can pick them up from school, I can take them to soccer practice and for me, this is one thing that I noticed from our podcast too, true wealth is being able to do what you love when you want do it. It doesnÕt necessarily mean that a Dollar amount which I think is a big misconception a lot of Americans still have.

Aaron: Yeah. When you have people, I think for sure thatÕs a huge misconception. ThereÕs a couple points that I wanted to make on this note. Are you doing what you love? I have this quote IÕm seeing in front of me, that I constantly have to remind myself of, that I just ask myself. ItÕs a question, and I ask myself. Do you love what youÕre doing right now? If not, how can you never do it again? Or, start loving it. ThatÕs for me, my personal thing. Like, if IÕm not loving it, if IÕm doing administrative work and IÕm not loving it, I either need to figure out how IÕm never going to do it again and stop repeating that or, figure out a way to start loving it. Because IÕm not interested in living a life that has to do with me doing things that I donÕt love doing. And that doesnÕt mean to say that IÕm not going to sacrifice in doing hard things sometimes. And sometimes I need to suck it up and like, make it happen, whatever but, I need to figure out a way to do that from love and not from grudgery. Right?

Gabe: Yeah. And let me put a disclaimer on what you just said because I think, you and I are talking about a lot of do what you love and money will follow, all these romantic topics. And, the truth is, youÕre an entrepreneur, all the entrepreneur is, sometimes you got to do things you donÕt like to do. So, donÕt misinterpret us, especially through the start up phase, once youÕre in the growth phase, you can build a team around you and kind of outsource the things that you donÕt like doing but, there definitely is. But hereÕs a different story Aaron, is if you donÕt like doing something, you could say, like, for example, IÕll take accounting. I hate doing accounting, I hate doing accounting. This is just an example. Maybe youÕre the same way too. So, but something has to get done. It is vital for the organization for a successful business.

Aaron: IÕm the exact same way. You and me are like, two piece of (inaudible) on that one.

Gabe: Yeah. Yes. I can look at that and say, oh, I hate my life. Today is going to suck. So I got to do accounting or I can just keep my eye on the prize and say, hey, IÕm blessed that I have, IÕm glad that I have money count, right?

Aaron: And some day, IÕm going to have somebody do this but right now IÕm going to do it and IÕm going to be grateful that I have the opportunity.

Gabe: Yes. Yes.

Aaron: ItÕs a good disclaimer. And I appreciate you bringing that up. ThatÕs why when I asked that question, I say, how can I never do it again? ItÕs opening up a thought of like, how can I, I believe because I donÕt love accounting, I believe there must be a way that I can focus my energy and my strength and get somebody else to do that some day. But if I have to do it right now, IÕm going to do what I need to do to make things happen. So, I love that disclaimer. HereÕs the other piece I wanted to talk about was that limiting belief that you talked about. I mean, just brought it up when you said, thereÕs a lot of wealthy people that we all see that arenÕt happy. They work too hard, they never see  their kids, they destroy their relationships and theyÕre overweight and blah, blah, blah, right? Like, we can all see that. How much do you think that affects some of the rest of us in our belief that, hey, thatÕs what it takes to take a lot of money. I donÕt want to make money because thatÕs whatÕs required. What do you think about that?

Gabe: Yeah. ThatÕs a load of question.

Aaron: I guess I did load that one up. I wanted to discuss that. I think that. So, let me rephrase that. I see that happening and maybe, and I see people with that belief I wonder I guess what, how much you think are people holding back or whether that is?

Gabe: No. Totally man. ItÕs a powerful question. I said, itÕs a load of question. ItÕs a load of question though because IÕve heard this like different ways, when youÕre young, youÕve got the abundance of time and youÕve got very little money. And then, you grow older, and you start getting more, more money but your time becomes less and less and pretty soon at the end of your life, youÕve got a ton of money, no time in your relationships. And you know, everyoneÕs tied to you basically. So, itÕs all a paradigm. And I will honestly speak with you Americans. Like, we can all relate to that. I donÕt know what or where your audience lives in the world but hopefully, yeah. All over the world. They can get value from this bit. We look at as if weÕre here in America and we look at the wealthy, the top one percent. We all aspire to be like them, right? TheyÕve got the nice things. TheyÕve got a nice life and I think what you really dig in to and from my work, coaching with CEO and working with these kind of people, thereÕs a lot of those kind of people that actually envy the freedom and lifestyle that comes from the other spectrum. So yeah, money is great. But again, itÕs all a paradigm. Like, if you donÕt have the time to spend it. My wife actually got this advice, sheÕs in her last master of law school and an attorney, itÕs like 20 Years, and attorneys are, you could either, thereÕs 2 types of jobs you can have. You could get a high paid corporate salary and youÕll have a huge house with empty rooms and lots of boxes because youÕll order everything on the internet. ItÕs going to come to your house and sit in boxes or you can take a job where you can be home by 6 OÕclock at night. You can have time with your family which youÕre going to make or maybe half as much. ThatÕs the choice that you can make and itÕs ironic because a good friend of ours is actually, he is an attorney and he do live in a big house in Hensdale which is a nice suburbs in Chicago. They do have empty rooms, they do have boxes, (inaudible) empty rooms, so funny but, itÕs all perspective thought. ItÕs all perspective of what youÕve actually want in life and I guess the point that IÕm trying to make here is, itÕs just the paradigm, the lens that you look through, what youÕre after because what you think you might want, right? That ultra success, it probably isnÕt that. It probably isnÕt the huge bank account, the nice cars, those things. ItÕs probably a shift in that. I promise you thereÕs probably some things that youÕve already have in your life right now and that youÕre looking over and taking for granted that youÕre going to look back on 5 or 10 Years and say, hey man, I really enjoyed this about what I am doing and itÕs funny because itÕs always hind sight, right? You donÕt miss what you have until itÕs gone. So, hereÕs what it is I guess.

Aaron: Well, what youÕre talking about is so relevant to my mission in life which is to help people live a truly amazing life. And then I first stepped to that is defining what the heck that even means. ThatÕs why I asked this question in every interview. What does it to live a truly amazing life to you and it never comes down until you got to have a Million Dollars in order to live a truly amazing life. So, itÕs like, but we somehow get that definition when we hear, oh, I want that life. We somehow tend to lean toward and fantasize and romanticize having this stuff that we donÕt have. And that is why you know, when people see the Truly Amazing Life poster, the principles on there, none of them say, have Millions of Dollars is the thing. I mean, and speaking of that note, well I guess I was just going to say, so everything you were saying is, these epiphanies that, you have these realizations matters to the ones that I had that kind of led to the creation of, that led me to this mission of really wanting to help expose and define what a truly amazing life is for people. And on that note, youÕre familiar with the 12 Pillars poster that I share with everybody. If you were to look at that, which of those pillars would stand out to you most right now and why?

Gabe: Oh man, good question. ThereÕs a couple that are jumping out on me. IÕll go out on the lim. IÕll speak my heart because this is whatÕs on my heart right now. Number 8 is really jumping out on me. This is ÒRemember Who You AreÓ.  And, I donÕt know what the spiritual belief of your listeners are. You and I had talked a little bit about this but,

Aaron: IÕm sure itÕs very different for everybody. But, speak whatever is true to you.

Gabe: So, I went and grew up. I went on a spiritual journey about 8 Years ago and just really opened up I was asking God, like, reveal yourself to me. I want to know the truth. And, so IÕm a follower of Christ. IÕll share that for the lens since this is coming true. But, remember who you are. This part about scripture, if you read the Bible or the Old Testament or the New Testament. It fascinates me was, in the beginning the word was with God and the word was God. This is like the beginning of Genesis. He spoke creation and existence. I donÕt know what your belief is, I donÕt know where youÕre coming from. So, but just be open to the truth from what IÕm speaking from whatever your background is. I donÕt want to cloud that up just by a lens of religion or whatever. But he made man different. In the beginning was the word. The word was God. Then God made all of creation then he made man in the image of God. Let us make man in the image of God. This is like the beginning of Genesis also. So, remember who you are. You were made in the lens, the likeness of the image of God. So, I donÕt fully know whatÕs God like. IÕve come to experience some different ways. I believe heÕs got a sense of humor, I believe heÕs playful, I believe he created us to being in a community with each other. Remember who you are. You were made in the image of the same energy that put this Earth into motion and that you are so much more powerful than you realize. YouÕre so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Us as humans Aaron, weÕre the only part of creation that has limiting beliefs. We talked about the tree earlier, the birds donÕt compare themselves to each other, the trees donÕt compare themselves to each other, the animals donÕt look at each other and say, oh, I wish I was as strong as a lion or as fast as a deer or whatever it is. They just are and they just grow and thatÕs just their purpose. But we as humans, we only have once have these, we have this innate ability to question our self, oh, IÕm not as pretty as that girl, IÕm not as rich as that guy or I donÕt have that, I canÕt speak as well as Aaron or IÕm not as good looking as he is. So, we do all these things to limit us. When I look at your pillars, that number 8 just jumps out of me. Remember who you are. That you were made in the image, the likeness of the same God that put all the planets in this whole Earth into creation and you were put here for a purpose. No, I donÕt know what your purpose is for you, this convinced me but IÕve been fascinated with pretty much my entire life like, why are we here? Like, whatÕs the point of us spinning through space to how fast weÕre going through the atmosphere. And IÕve worked out a process. I created a process that backwardsblueprint.com is a life mapping system that help people identify their purpose and what theyÕre here for. What I found out is that, if you look at, what things in your life do you do where time stands still? And so, you can answer this question if youÕre listening to this wherever youÕre at in the world right now. What things do you do in the middle of your week or in the middle of your day, what activities do you do where time stands still and you could just do it forever? Now, when you ask that question, there are some things that are probably coming up on your mind right now and I canÕt promise you that that thing is coming up on your mind right now is your divinely inspired purpose. What I can promise you though is that God wired you very unique for a reason. Like, if you look, IÕll do this exercise real quick too. If youÕre listening to this podcast, look at your thumbprint right now, wherever you are in the world. Just take a look at your thumbprint, left or right hand. Recognize if that thumbprint is one of a kind. Never in history have you ever existed. Has anyone ever like you and never in the future when anyone will ever be like you. WeÕre all created uniquely. Like snowflakes. So, what is that unique DNA purpose that was planted inside of you before you were a thought in your fatherÕs or motherÕs eyes? And thatÕs what you get to discover for yourself. So, you just know that youÕre unique, youÕre one of a kind, youÕre made in the image, the likeness of the creator of everything and thereÕs things that you love doing so much and you might even be a little weird, like, thatÕs how you know youÕre kind of close to your purpose when you love it so much, people like, they asked me, thatÕs the strangest thing. Like, I got a friend who loves counting numbers. HeÕs an accountant, he loves what he does and I know that heÕs close to his purpose.

Aaron: ThatÕs ultra weird to me.

Gabe: Also weird to me because I hate that stuff, right? So, thereÕs a lot of powerful stuff. But I love that poster that youÕve created there but I just, I mean, being totally being honest with you, that number 8 is what jumps out for me. Remember who you are.

Aaron: Tell me, how much does that particular principle impact your happiness on a day to day basis?

Gabe: How much did it impact my happiness.

Aaron: Yeah. What does that do for you, that stands out to you? And obviously, thatÕs something thatÕs important to you and has been and youÕve had a lot of time. YouÕve thought about that a lot. ThatÕs not just something you first time youÕve thought that thing.

Gabe: No, itÕs not. No, I mean, IÕm weird like that. I think about purpose and obviously a really deep questions, thatÕs why I kind of gravitate towards coaching and things like that. When you say, how does that affect your happiness, I wouldnÕt say that it affects my happiness as much as it affects my belief system. And hereÕs what I mean by that. If IÕm having a bad day or if IÕm you know, creating a new project or you know, working on a new webinar presentation or whatever IÕm doing, I start hitting that point where you get frustrated with yourself because things arenÕt quite going. When I really become the present to the power IÕve been given and how I was created, it changes everything, right? I stopped looking at things through my human lens and I start looking at things as okay, IÕm just a channel, like a musical instrument, and I just want to open myself up to let God blow through me or play my instrument, if you will. And let the music shine through me. So then, when I come from that perspective rather than coming from a limited human perspective, like, this is Gabe, IÕm creating this project or IÕm working on this presentation, coming from a divine energy where this isnÕt me creating it, itÕs just God creating it through me like IÕm just the instrument tool that heÕs using to bring this message or whatever is gifted. That, it doesnÕt affect my happiness, it affects my IÕd say limiting beliefs and just my identity about myself. And so, IÕm going to go here. WeÕre probably getting to wrap up here but this is a very powerful concept. So, in addition, weÕve been talking about the lens that we look through life and I believe that that lens starts with our identity about ourselves. This is one thing IÕve noticed about the really successful people that IÕve interviewed as well. And youÕve probably know this as well that their self thought, who they know they are. ItÕs a deep knowing. ItÕs a powerful identity in blue print compared to the same person, maybe the group at the same side of town who doesnÕt have the same success, they have a very weak or a distant power identity like, IÕm coming from a place that IÕm not good enough or IÕll never do this. Although, remembering who you are comes back through that youÕre not your flesh and bones. There is a divine spirit that lives in each and every one of us. WeÕre all connected by this, weÕre all created from the same material, the same God force that lives in the dirt, that lives in the ocean and everything. And when you remember that, and again, I donÕt know what your spiritual beliefs are. ThatÕs not the point of this conversation, the point is just to inspire you to recognize that you are more than you realize and that youÕre created from more. And so, if youÕre listening to this podcast and maybe youÕre on your lunch break or youÕre out the gym, not fulfilled with where youÕre at. Just have faith that youÕre right where you need to be perfectly, right now in the moment and that all these experiences that youÕve had or leading you to a life of greater service to people. So, and IÕll share this because weÕre talking a lot about a lot of happy things. We were talking a lot about of the lens, the paradigm, identity, all these great things there. But, we havenÕt talked about thereÕs so much struggle and challenges in my story. And I know your story, IÕve heard some of your pain which is like extreme physical pain.

Aaron: Yeah. We didnÕt even get into some of your past. But yes, keep going. Go ahead.

Gabe: Yeah. I want to bring that up though when IÕm happy to share anything. But I wanted to bring that up because itÕs through those pain and the struggle. Like, itÕs the refining process. You know, a diamond is created from millions of years of pressure extreme heat and pressure on coal, in over that time, right? Turning that resource of transfer and form into a beautiful diamond. But it doesnÕt come from happy, feel good, affirmations, personal  development, it comes from extreme pressure and heat and cooking. And I think, a lot of times, God will give us challenges and people will say, man, why did God take away my loved one or why did God give me this disease. And you ask all these silly questions and thatÕs just asking from our human perspective. But, if you look from an eternal perspective, from a divine perspective, it those, maybe God loves you that much, but heÕs giving you this challenge of how do you become the man that he intends for you to become. So, itÕs easy to say that stuff but maybe someone is listening. But hey, Gabe jumped off a cliff like, IÕm really in a lot of pain right now and I get it. Like, I had a lot of pain in my life too. But, IÕm just offering the perspective that, and I can say this because looking back about my challenges. Like, the years and years and years of like extreme mental poverty and just struggling, I mean, there was a time when I was in college, I had all 3 credit cards maxed out. I had not a penny to my name. I had no, like, this is back in college. But my bills was way more than I can pay each month and I couldnÕt see light at the end of the tunnel. So now, fast forward, IÕm credit card debt free, IÕm about 7 Grand away from having my car paid off, IÕm complete debt free. I donÕt have student loans, we donÕt have a mortgage. So, IÕm halfway out of the jungle as far as that goes and IÕm in a really creative place right now. But, looking back, those experiences as an example, itÕs those tough times that molds you and mold your character into who you are today. So, and I know this is probably resonating. YouÕve probably shared this on your podcast. So, a lot of your listeners probably know where you come from. I just want to affirm that what youÕre talking about Aaron is so valuable because

Aaron: I loved that you went in there a little bit more in depth because when people hear what youÕve gone through, but we didnÕt go through huge detail, but just knowing that, it gives more (inaudible) to what youÕre saying and it rings a lot and through with the message, the main principle message of the Truly Amazing Life and movement is conspiring for your benefit.

Gabe: Yeah.

Aaron: And so, and it circles back to the beginning and we do have to wrap up and I want people to get your contact info in a second but, it circles back to the beginning of what you just kept talking about. About how, be grateful for what you have now regardless of what it is because it is all for your good.

Gabe: ItÕs all good man. ItÕs all good.

Aaron: I loved your thoughts and I know that people are going to love hearing this. IÕm excited for everybody listening, to be hearing this from Gabe. HeÕs just loaded with so much power of truth. Thank you so much for being here in the call. Gabe, why donÕt you tell me briefly, you mentioned a couple of times you backwards blueprint. Tell us a contact information here before I jump off so I can send people. So people can go over to your website, learn more about you and discover how they can backend into their purpose. ThatÕs what theyÕre looking for right now.

Gabe: Yeah, totally. Well, I love you guys to tune in to the podcast to the richandawake.com. You can find the link to iTunes there and subscribe to the email list and all that good stuff. And the purpose piece, is cyclebackwardsblueprint.com. ItÕs essentially a 10 Minute video that I put together that kind of talks more about this principle from a 30,00 Foot view of how to identify what your purpose may be and if you feel inspired by that, I got a short application you can fill out and we could get on the phone together and talk through some of these things. And, I guess the last piece IÕll just say, IÕm just getting my sight redone, so I would probably look different by the time you get there. But, gabestrom.com is my main blog podcast site and over the web but. And Aaron, I appreciate it man. It was a real pleasure to jump out here and jam with you here for a few minutes.

Aaron: Oh. The pleasure was mine. Thank you so much for coming on Gabe and weÕll talk to you soon.

Gabe: Sounds good.

Aaron: Okay. Take care.








01:58 - I have kind of have a paradigm shift where itÕs no longer about the destination, itÕs about the journey.

08:11 - 50 Years ago, we couldnÕt tune in if you wanted to get information from successful people.

09:27 - it feels like super grateful and that it had something to do with that paradigm shift that you had.

11:04 - I am just like a lot of people. I had a dream like I just didnÕt want to go to work.

13:05 - All we can control is now. Like, right now at this moment.

15:40 - You truly are 100% in control of what youÕre creating today.

21:449 – ÒThe Millionaire Next DoorÓ

18:57 - 70 or 80 percent of Americans dislike or even hate their job

25:50 - How much do you think that affects some of the rest of us in our belief that, hey, thatÕs what it takes to take a lot of money. I donÕt want to make money because thatÕs whatÕs required

27:05 - Attorneys are, you could either, there are 2 types of jobs you can have

32:41 - I created a process that backwardsblueprint.com is a life mapping system.

34:30 - how much does that particular principle impact your happiness on a day to day basis?

38:08 - ItÕs through those pain and the struggle. Like, itÕs the refining process.