Aaron: Hello and welcome to The Truly Amazing Live show. I am your host, Aaron Kennard and today, IÕve got one of your very own Truly Amazing Life family members on the line to share how she made the shift from literally preparing to die every day to now, full of life and fire in her life. Her name is Betty Horn and her experience and her words here are simply powerful. IÕm really excited to share this with you today. ItÕs a little break from the norm to actually go in and get one of our own Truly Amazing Life family members here and I liked it a lot and I think, we may have to continue this because it was a great call. IÕm looking forward to you hearing it and hearing how you like it. But first, I wanted to share just one of the latest feedbacks on this podcast over on iTunes reviews from Danny Oats. ThatÕs her username. Anyway, 5 stars. IÕve been listening for a month. These podcasts are very helpful and uplifting. I look forward to listening to the rest. Keep up the awesome work Aaron. Thank you. Well, thank you Danny Oats. Everyone else listening, please let me know your thoughts and review on iTunes. It would be such a huge help in spreading the Truly Amazing Life message and mission. You have no idea how motivational it is for me to hear from you to know whether itÕs working or helping. If you enjoy these podcasts, really, IÕd just appreciate you taking just a few seconds to go over iTunes and leave a thoughtful honest review. Now, letÕs just move on with the call. Betty Horn here and IÕll touch base with you after the call.

Alright Betty, welcome. So glad to have you here to discuss with me the principles of living a truly amazing life here on the Truly Amazing Life show. And everybody listening, IÕve got Betty Horn on the line. She is one of the Truly Amazing Life family member. SheÕs just a wonderful asset to the community and I am really, really excited to share with you her perspective and wisdom and her experiences and personally, just to know her better. So, welcome Betty. How are you today?

Betty: IÕm doing great. How are you doing?

Aaron: IÕm doing fantastic, so glad to have you here. Why donÕt we first briefly introduce yourself and where you are in the world, what youÕre up to right now and then only dive in to some questions, just kind of maybe brief personal intro on you real quick.

Betty: Well, I live in Florida and I am a mother of 2 children who both were killed by drunk drivers in separate crashes. One was killed in Utah in 1991, in June of 1991 and the other one was killed here in Florida, in June of 1994.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: And IÕve been since I have become a victim advocate for MAD. And my email reflects that. My email address and I am.

Aaron: MAD is mothers against drunk driving?

Betty: Yes.

Aaron: Yup.

Betty: And I am recovering from that. ItÕs something that you donÕt ever get over.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And, it has affected my (inaudible) of ways and it has affected my health, it has affected my mental health and it has affected pretty much everything I have done from that point on.

Aaron: And you said that was in the early, mid 90Õs?

Betty: Pardon?

Aaron: The dates you said was in the mid 90Õs?

Betty: Right, right. And even prior to that, IÕve had issues in my life that, IÕve had abusive marriages and all kinds of issues in that regard and my mother died when I was a teenager and I ran away from home and after she died, I ran away from my living arrangements and I put myself in danger in many ways and just issues that you go through in life that IÕve grown from and IÕve learned from and then, you think you get to the end of it that you know. And then my children died, it just like put me into a whole new dimension.

Aaron: Wow. Yeah, I can only imagine. ThatÕs..

Betty: ItÕs justÉ And then, this past year really would be in a tail spin. I didnÕt think I was going to recover. In fact, they thought I had cancer.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: And IÕve lost actually more than 120 Pounds and they donÕt know why. And in fact, I just got word last week, they still think I have cancer.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: And so, IÕm facing that. But you know what, the thing is, is my whole attitude changed since I started this. I talked it over with my husband even before this last test came through and I told him that, if IÕm dying this time. Last year, I spent a year in bed thinking I was going to die, I was prepared, I was prepared to die. I even made out my will and everything, I knew everything. I was dying.

Aaron: And what was your feeling through that process? I mean, you were preparing to die. That must have not felt really great.

Betty: When I was preparing to die, I was dying. I was laying in bed doing nothing. I was moved in a way, I was doing absolutely nothing.

Aaron: And how were you feeling?

Betty: I was feeling awful. I was literally withering away like a flower. It was end of days that was doing nothing , that was losing petals, itÕs colors that was losing, everything.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: And, I told my husband last week before all this information came through, I said, well this time, if IÕm dying, IÕm going to go out living.

Aaron: ThatÕs powerful.

Betty: We planted a garden. WeÕve actually harvested our first lettuce.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: ItÕs in the refrigerator. I told him, IÕm going to go out living. IÕm writing a book.

Aaron: When you said that, IÕm just going to tell you that this gave me the chills like all through my upper body when you just said that. It was such a powerful statement. In just feeling of the truth of where you just came from, we didnÕt even dive into a lot of these stuff yet which I knew, I kind of want to throughout in a little later in this call is going in to some more details on some of these stuff but, keep going. What were you just saying? YouÕve planted radishes and what?

Betty: Yeah. WeÕve planted 18 different vegetables and my (inaudible) are coming out wonderfully. And itÕs just, we planted them from seeds and everythingÕs coming out wonderfully. And IÕm just so excited about them. And weÕve had carabi, weÕve never had carabi. I understand it tastes like cabbage but I love cabbage. And weÕve got that. And theyÕre all seeds, theyÕre not just, theyÕre heirloom seeds, theyÕre all rare. WeÕve got one (inaudible). TheyÕre shaped like carrots and the heirloom goes back thousand years.

Aaron: Huh.

Betty: And so, we planted this garden, weÕve rented a roll out at this one ranch and these people keeps you out of grow gardens.

Aaron: Well this is. Hold on for a second. This is a far cry from what you said you were doing a year ago. Then all of a sudden, now, youÕre living. And I want to get in to this. Let me take us, let me direct this another way real quick here. So, youÕre just about to describe what your life is right now and just moments earlier you were talking about withering away and this flower dying and now youÕre talking about literally growing flowers, growing plants. But you yourself are not withering away, you yourself are growing. I want to get in to kind of this transition. But first, I want to hear what your life is like right now before talking about before we kind of how we got here. ThatÕs going to be the main essence of what I want to get in to is, really understanding some of this trauma and this stuff that you have been through so that people really hear the challenges that youÕve gone through. WeÕve kind of gone through a brief scenario of this but, I want to hear about that transformation. What occurred to turn you back on to life. So, weÕre going to get in to that. First of all though, youÕre now describing what life is like now. Why donÕt you just describe for us, what it is right now, at this very moment, that makes life truly amazing for you and why are you so happy all of a sudden right now? I mean, just what is it about your daily life I guess is what IÕm getting at right now that makes life good for you?

Betty: What makes life good for me is I found out that life is worth living. I found out that my heavenly father doesnÕt want me to wither away. I found out that even if I only have six months left to live, at that six months is pact full of life to live  that I am suppose to do more than just read the scriptures.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: That I have more wisdom to learn and I have more wisdom to give.

Aaron: ThatÕs powerful. So, knowing those things, it just sounds like it just gives you this energy and drive and excitement and passion for life now?

Betty: Yeah.

Aaron: Yeah. Well, I want to get in on how you found that stuff out. So, weÕre going to, letÕs hold on to that thought for a minute though. Take us back a little. I mean, weÕre just going to kind of recap where you went through. Sounds like, youÕve had some rocky past through many things. Your mom died when you were young, youÕve ran away from home, youÕve been in multiple abusive marriages. I mean, this is a lot of heavy traumatic stuff that youÕve gone through throughout your life. Has it always been, I mean, I guess throughout your younger years, youÕre going through all these traumatic things. It sounds like youÕve got to a point where youÕre relatively happy after that before your kids died. Is that right?

Betty: ItÕs always been hard. Even with my kids, itÕs been hard. My younger son used to run away from home and when my second husband, he wasnÕt physically abusive. My first husband, just to give you an idea, my first husband was on the FBIÕs most wanted list.

Aaron: Wow. Did you know that at the time or were you unaware of that?

Betty: Yeah. I actually ran away from him and he ended up in prison.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: And my second husband was verbally abusive then and, I mean I was told on a daily basis how worthless I was and of course I bought into that and my younger son used to run away from home all the time and I mean, and itÕs all because he hated school and he knew that if he came home, heÕd get in trouble. So, it was easier for him to run away than it was for him to come home.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And so, I mean, he was 7 years old and sleeping under school buses because he didnÕt want to come home and I was (inaudible) you know, can you imagine a 7 year old not coming home and

Aaron: That is wow.

Betty: I mean, he has been gone for 3 weeks at a time.

Aaron: As a 7 year old?

Betty: 7 years old.

Aaron: And, would you have like search parties out for him and stuff?

Betty: Oh yeah.

Aaron: Holy cow. That is intense.

Betty: Yeah. And the kid there had been living in the street, a 7 years old. You know?

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: And so, it was like, it was an ongoing thing and I remember at his funeral, one of the ladies in my neighborhood came up and patted me on the hand and says at least, now you know where he is. I mean, I couldÕve punched her

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs a sensitive comment.

Betty: But anyway, it was you know, an ongoing thing and it just was so hard to live. It was just a daily struggle.

Aaron: So, pretty much throughout your life has been a struggle, it sounds like.

Betty: It really has been. And, really up until I married my present husband. WeÕve been married for almost 20 Years now. And until I married him, I havenÕt had peace.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: And I thought that I finally, I had peace. I married him and then a year after I married him, my elder son was yield.

Aaron: Wow. So, you had this little brief window of what peace felt like for like a year.

Betty: Exactly.

Aaron: Did that do a lot, I mean, what did that do for you from the stand point of giving you hope and life and all that?

Betty: Well, it gave me wonderful hope and wonderful life. In fact, even since then it has. I mean, he has been wonderful. ItÕs just been, if it hadnÕt been for him and if it hadnÕt been for my faith, IÕd had fallen apart. In fact, and if it hadnÕt been for my faith, IÕd had taken my own life after my son died.

Aaron: Through you and into a tail spin of depression, IÕm guessing huh?

Betty: Absolutely.

Aaron: And so, if it hadnÕt been for him and my faith, I know, I know in my heart, I had taken my own life.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: But, the past 20 Years had just been really wonderful and the, this past year, I donÕt know what happened, I just went into a tail spin like it all hit me.

Aaron: Well, you had a diagnosis right? I mean, you said you donÕt know what happened from the start with any particular.

Betty: I just started losing weight and the doctors started looking for cancer. In fact, she said that there was some (inaudible), she said she was looking for a hidden cancer because there was some reason. Because all of my numbers are wonderful except for I was losing weight and they had no understanding as to why.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And she says that the only reason that our body does that is because of cancer.

Aaron: Well, I can disagree with that. First off, but, thatÕs a different topic. I mean, I lost tons of weight and I didnÕt have cancer but. Anyway, every doctor has their own opinions obviously.

Betty. Right, right but all my numbers were all good, you know. I didnÕt have any imbalances other than the fact that I was losing so much weight.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And, she just couldnÕt figure out anything other than usually that means that thereÕs a cancer thatÕs eating up all the calories.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And, they did a blood test and what the blood test shows is that I have markers on my blood for pancreatic cancer.

Aaron: Okay.

Betty: And they did an MRI. The MRI showed that I didnÕt have anything. Well, and so, for 6 months we thought that I didnÕt have cancer and then I went back to my GI doctor a couple of weeks ago and they had me do another blood test and I still have the markers.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And so now, I have to go in for a specialized test. He said that the MRIs sometimes miss it. To see as good as they are, they sometimes miss it. So I have to go inside with a specialized test to look in the pancreas from the inside.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And so

Aaron: And so, this is what instigated this tail spin down of just further depression and just preparing to die, right?

Betty: Yes.

Aaron: ItÕs kind of like, and so, you described that for us on just withering away and everything and just how horrible that must have felt and

Betty: Yeah.

Aaron: I mean, that just, the feeling of dying, not wanting to live, not wanting to move and get up, thatÕs just not a fun place to be.

Betty: Right. ItÕs not. And the thing is that I came at peace. I came at peace, you know. It was like, I was ready to die. I had come to peace with everybody. IÕd forgiven everybody that I thought I needed to forgive.

Aaron: And you really thought you were going to die huh?

Betty: Yeah. I really thought I was going to die. And I was, and like I said, I had made a will. IÕd you know, everybody I had thought I needed to forgive, I had forgiven.

Aaon: But yet, you were still miserable. It was like, kind of an awful existence?

Betty: It was an awful existence. It was awful because it was depressive. You know, I wasnÕt doing what IÕm supposed to be doing. I was dying, I wasnÕt living. You know, I was spending 5 or 6 hours a day studying the scriptures and I wasnÕt doing anything else.

Aaron: Wow, just kind of laying in bed reading.

Betty: Yeah.

Aaron: Sitting around.

Betty: And itÕs okay if I was reading. But thatÕs all I was reading. I wasnÕt reading anything else.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And thereÕs marvelous things out there to read, you know. Even if I couldnÕt do anything else, you know, thatÕs okay. But, thereÕre other things that I could be reading and I know that the heavenly father wants me to enrich my mind, you know. There are other things out there besides just one thing.

Aaron: Yeah. Definitely.

Betty: And, I wasnÕt getting it. ThatÕs the thing. I wasnÕt getting it.

Aaron: And you were feeling as a result. You were in the stagnant dying, withering away state. So, letÕs talk about what made the shift for you then. Tell us what happened. What turned this thing around? What turned the light on for you?

Betty: What turned the light on for me is I started getting free books on my kindle.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And one of the free books your book. The positive thinking secret. And I wanted to start putting positive things in my life. But IÕm real skeptical too about. IÕm not into do wavy kind of things. You know, I donÕt want to go to horoscopy things in that kind of stuff. IÕm just not into that kind of stuff but I have to be real careful what I put into my brain.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And so, at first I wasnÕt quite sure but as I started reading your book and thinking. Oh, okay. And so, itÕs like, okay. I get it. And the more I read it, the more I find out. Okay, yeah, okay, I can get this. And so, and by the time I was done reading the book, I was like, yeah. And itÕs like, totally, everything that you said in the book, I agreed with.

Aaron: Huh.

Betty: And itÕs like,  a light bulb went on my head and itÕs like, this is what I need to do. And itÕs like, woke me up.

Aaron: That is so awesome.

Betty: ItÕs like, it shook me. ItÕs like, hey, this is what I need to be doing. I need to be doing something more in my life than just laying in bed doing nothing.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And so, I started the 30 Day thing and I even started my husband on it. And it just changed my perspective on things. And it changed my whole attitude. And itÕs like I said, you know, even if I only had 6 months left to live, IÕm going to go out living. IÕm not going to go out dying.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: IÕm not going to be laying in my bed preparing to die. I already know how to die. I learned how to die a year ago. IÕm going to go out living.

Aaron: ThatÕs so awesome. So, what were the key things? Can you pinpoint anything on what was the jist, aha moment, light bulb that went off the big shift that, I mean, thereÕs some kind of beliefs. Obviously, itÕs words, itÕs powerful words, this perspective and something that shifted a belief within you. Can you pinpoint what that is at all?

Betty: Well, IÕm looking at the 12 Pillars here.

Aaron: As listed on the poster. Yeah.

Betty: The one thing that came out in the 12 Pillars that really hits me is the think spacefully.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And that to me is just resonates with me because thatÕs what I, it comes down to faith.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: It really was me. It all comes down to the faith. Do I believe? Do I really believe what God tells me?

Aaron: Uh-huh.

Betty: You know, and it if I believe it, why do I do the things that I do?

Aaron: Yup. So if you believe like in that moment, I mean, why am I preparing to die if I really believe that this is a truly amazing life?

Betty: Exactly.

Aaron: And was it like shook you up, made you realize you werenÕt thinking faithfully? That you are just giving up?

Betty: Exactly, exactly. That I was giving up instead of giving out, instead of giving my spirit to those who are still out here that are still needing me.  I have a friend that I rely on heavily that I think sheÕs brilliant. I mean, sheÕs someone that has thought me how to can. IÕve never canned food before and she taught me how to can food and sheÕs taught a lot about gardening and so on and I think sheÕs brilliant and she thinks IÕm brilliant because I teach her about the gospel and stuff like that and she thinks that she needs me.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And then so, apparently, I need to be giving out to her and I need to be giving out to my husband and I have other friends that IÕve never realized, I have had people on Facebook that want me to be friends with them. I just recently joined Facebook.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And that was only reluctantly. And I have found a lot of people that wanted me to be friends on Facebook that I never realized that they were impacted by my life.

Aaron: And youÕve probably, I mean, thereÕs this recently, you happened to be one of the founding members of our Truly Amazing Life Mastermind prelaunch team and you probably had no idea that thereÕs all these people that are inspired by you that you can support and love and that are feeling, that would feeling and benefitting by just your light and your caring for them. Did you have any idea of that?

Betty: Right. I had no idea. I had no idea that I had that kind of impact on people.

Aaron. Yup.

Betty: I mean, I grew up, when I was a little girl, talking about bullying. This came up on Facebook in the back. When I was a little girl, my last name was Chattum. They used to call me Chattum Beast. I donÕt know if they even knew my name.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: I mean, I guess I was on the wrong side of the track. I donÕt know but, this is 50 plus years later, I still get sick when I cross that road from the elementary school. ThatÕs how bad bullying bothers me. ThatÕs how bad bullying affects people.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And it is so bad, thatÕs how bad itÕs affected my self esteem.

Aaron: That you just didnÕt really feel like you were valuable to anybody because everybody was so mean huh?

Betty: Yeah.

Aaron: And so, yeah.

Betty: And it jus sickens me.

Aaron: Yeah. Thinking about it now, I can clearly see you see, you understand that you have value and that you have so much greater worth than you are seeing. And yeah.

Betty: Right. And it boggles my mind. It really does, to look back and see the difference.

Aaron: Of how you were then versus now?

Betty: Right. From when I was a child than what I am, of what I am now and to see the influence that I have versus what I once was.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: It boggles my mind.

Aaron: Yeah. I can tell you, IÕm just from somebody whoÕ just recently met your recent friends and thank you so much for sharing all of that by the way and your experience. ItÕs really, really powerful to be all of these things that youÕve just said that from somebody whoÕs recently known you. IÕve only known you since youÕve contacted me after reading the book and after this shift, this epiphany in just seeing somebody full of light and full of like caring compassion and love for others and seeing how you whole desire is just to serve and give within the Truly Amazing Life community and itÕs just a wonderful thing for me to see that itÕs really cool to hear what youÕve come through and I just want to point out that anybody listening, thereÕs so many of us that deal with this exact issue on various degrees, this feeling of not feeling good enough or not feeling worthy. Just from, it could even be mild. You had an extreme circumstance and look what you overcame, look what happened. And so, for anybody out there listening, you know, and doubting their own worth and their own value and how it can contribute. Every single on this planet is a valuable contribution and can bless and serve and is here to bless and serve others. And so, for anybody thinking that they arenÕt good enough to serve or give, thatÕs just, thatÕs the biggest lie that needs to be rooted out. For me, thatÕs kind of the root of the mission of the Truly Amazing Life is rooting out that lie, that false beliefs so that we can free people. Because what you have here, what youÕre describing is like, getting rid of those beliefs and replacing with this faithful, empowering beliefs, itÕs like, remove the shackles off your legs and hands right?

Betty: Absolutely. Everybody has value.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: ThereÕs not one person out there that doesnÕt have value.

Aaron: And that isnÕt capable of giving that and serving that in some way. Even the people, I just bring this up because in the mastermind, this run, this Facebook group and for those who arenÕt aware of it. ItÕs one of the things that weÕre doing together as a Truly Amazing Life family gathering in a Mastermind community to share and support each other and IÕve created the first module of Five Minute Mental Mastery which Betty eluded to, she mentioned she went through it this 30 Day system that was really transformation of her and IÕm creating one of those for each of the 12 Pillars of the Truly Amazing Life. And so, weÕre going to be, in the Mastermind, weÕre going to be working through one habit per month together and keep going through these principles, these foundational principles to prove our habits and our thought processes on these things that are at the essences of living a truly amazingly. And so, but included in that training, the training hasnÕt been released yet. So, right now, weÕre in a prelaunch phase and weÕve got this Mastermind group. And what I was getting at was, thereÕs people in there, thereÕs some family members in there that are struggling right now with depression worst than others and some of us are feeling really, really good like,  not in that mode of feeling depressed right now and weÕre supporting those that are and those people that are struggling worse right at this moment are also a value to the community their spirit, their like, IÕll tell you, they inspire me and to just one day say, IÕm struggling but IÕm going to get up and to my best again today. That right there inspires me and propels me. What would you say Betty, is that kind of stuff served you as well?

Betty: Absolutely, because I have struggled with depression my whole life because of the episodes that I have to deal with. And so, anybody that have the courage to get up. In fact, thatÕs one of the things that IÕve said, especially after losing my boys, that sometimes getting up at a bed in the morning is enough. You know, even if you can just get up out of the bed in the morning, thatÕs enough.

Aaron: Exactly. ItÕs, yeah. And we are, anyway, to point out that value of everybody, even if that all you can do is get out of bed, that fact that you said hey, IÕm going to take a stand and say, IÕm going to get out of bed, IÕm going to put this out there and let people know, IÕm not perfect, IÕm struggling, IÕm willing, IÕm humble enough to ask for your help. But that, and then asking for help is inspiring for the rest of us. So, everybody has a place, everybody has a value in this life. And thatÕs just kind of this Mastermind is kind of just a small micro column of life in general. ThatÕs how it works, that we all have value wherever we are. And if we can get out and be honest and truthful and just seek to take a step outside of ourselves, thereÕs just so much life to be lived.

Betty: Right. And we can be there to help one another if all you can do is get out of bed in the morning, then you reach out to somebody and somebody else can help pull you and maybe they can pull you up out of the bedroom and get you into the living room where you can sit down and watch TV and enjoy something.

Aaron: Exactly. And then you know what, just to give people hope. Look what happen and you take those steps and if you keep striving to read like you do Betty. And, just put yourself in a position to be inspired, enlightened, youÕre going to have a breakthrough at some point. No storm lasts forever and what I just love about what youÕve just shared with me with your experiences, you are on a high with life right now. And I mean, I can just feel your smile beaming. I can feel it through the exclamation points on your posts on Facebook and just, your excitement and drive that as we talked about the beginning of this call. YouÕre living your life regardless of what happens whenever you may or may not die from whatever may come up. YouÕre going to live t his day and I am just inspired by that. I donÕt want to finish on that note. Well, you could just, tell us a couple of other things that are most exciting to you about life now and then, maybe you wrap up with the most important thing youÕve learned through this last process, this transformation that can potentially help somebody else in their desire to live a Truly Amazing Life.

Betty: Well, what IÕm most excited about the book the I am writing, the fact that thereÕs always going to be another chapter.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: And, you mentioned about thereÕs always going to be sunshine after the storm. I actually wrote that on my journal this morning.

Aaron: Wow.

Betty: ThatÕs one of the things that IÕm grateful for yesterday was the storm. And I wrote this morning that thereÕs, today is a sunny day, the truth that thereÕs always, the sun always shines after the storm.

Aaron: Yeah. ThatÕs awesome.

Betty: (inaudible) and such.

Aaron: Yeah, absolutely. Any final, just thoughts, anything that you finally want to share with people on,  give them encouragement or any other things with regards to their ability to live this truly amazing life.

Betty: ThereÕs always hope. There is always hope. Having survived the deaths of my children was by far, burying my children was by far the hardest thing I ever faced. ItÕs probably the most hardest thing a mother would ever do but thereÕs always hope. I know that I will see them one day, I know IÕll be reunited and in the mean time, thereÕs work for me to do, thereÕs always hope.

Aaron: I love that.

Betty: ThereÕs always hope.

Aaron: And youÕve probably didnÕt always feel that and you have probably doubted that at some, many of those moments right?

Betty: Actually I donÕt think I ever did doubt the whole.

Aaron: ThatÕs awesome.

Betty: I think thereÕs always a little seed of hope there. There was despair, there was a horrible, horrible home sickness type deal. You know, but at the same time, I never doubted God.

Aaron: Yeah.

Betty: I never doubted God. It was mankind that I doubted.

Aaron: I guess if youÕd lost that hope, thatÕs what would have probably let to taking your life if that had gone out right?

Betty: Exactly. It was like I said, I never doubted God, itÕs mankind I doubted.

Aaron: And even though it was intense and even though it was complete despair sometimes, there is always that that you had said there, thereÕs always hope. I love that. I love it Betty.

Betty: Hang on to your facing God.

Aaron: Absolutely. Thank you so much Betty. ItÕs been a real pleasure. IÕm just so excited to hear peopleÕs, or get this out to people, let people hear your thoughts and your experiences. You are full of inspiration and IÕd bet you didnÕt think when you are preparing to die that you are going to be here speaking and inspiring thousands of people and you are going to and IÕm so grateful that you are. IÕm so grateful that youÕre here. IÕm glad to have you as part of the family. And so, thanks again for being here.

Betty: Thank you.

Aaron: Thank you for tuning in and thanks for being of the Truly Amazing Life family. IÕm grateful to have you here. IÕm grateful that youÕre tuning in and listening and hope itÕs helping you. I really loved hearing from one of our own Truly Amazing Life family members today, Betty. If you liked it as well, IÕll plan on continuing, highlighting these inspirational stories of our members. I thought it was great. It was really good for me to hear from her, hope it was from you. Let me know what you think in a review on iTunes. It would really help. Just go over to trulyamazinglife.com/itunes and we discussed the Truly Amazing Life Mastermind on this call as well as my book, The Positive Thinking Secret and the product, Five Minute Mental Mastery, this 30 Day training system. All of which Betty pointed out were the things that really led her out of despair and helped her out as epiphany and changing from really just wanting to die to being on fire with life. So, you can get access to these resources and information on the wall over on our podcast page trulyamazinglife.com/episode27 or just go to trulyamazinglife.com and browse around and youÕll see. You can clearly see on podcast, click on this episode and links to all these resources. All of these things are right over there. Also, leave Betty and I your comments while youÕre there. WeÕd love to hear from you on that podcast page. And if youÕve enjoyed the dayÕs call, like IÕd set in the beginning, IÕd really, really appreciate it if youÕd go over trulyamazinglife.com/itunes and leave a quick review on this podcast. I cannot over emphasize what a service youÕre doing to me and others by filling out this review over there. ItÕs just instrumental in spreading the word about this Truly Amazing Life mission and this podcast. And thatÕs what brings others and helps other people. One final thing, IÕm involved with another Truly Amazing Life family member Caroline in producing a documentary that is called, We Love Palio. And IÕm passionate about the Palio movement because of how it transformed my health and brought me back to life in so many ways and I believe that in our awareness of the topic, weÕll last many lives. So, IÕd love your support in our efforts to create this movie. ItÕs really exciting, just head over to trulyamazinglife.com/palio to get all the details or you can directly to welovepalio.com and you can see the deals on what weÕre doing. WeÕre actually raising funds to create the movie right now and you can meet the team and everything over there. Love  to have your support and that is all for now. Go and make today amazing.















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16:45 - And until I married him, I havenÕt had peace.

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