Aaron: The thing that causes me to want to go eat?


Nick: Yeah.


Aaron: It's anytime I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


Nick: Feeling stressed or overwhelmed makes you want to eat.


Aaron: Yup.


Nick: How often does that happen? Does it happen very often?


Aaron: Yeah. It's pretty much the natural response to anytime I feel stressed or overwhelmed. That's the default response is like 'I'll go grab something to eat.' to.. in order... one of *** is like it's natural reaction.


Nick: How often do you got stressed or overwhelmed?


Aaron: Well it depends on the day. Like some days not at all. Some days I... I mean like I'm like go multiple days like three or four days without it. And then there's phases when my task list is really big. And I'm just, I'm get in to that overwhelmed state not seeing how I'm I going to accomplish all the tasks that I want to do in the time or that I needed to do and then that leads to feeling overwhelmed or stressed and then the natural reaction to that is... I don't feel... I mean overwhelmed or stressed is not a great feeling and then and that just leads me to wanting to go eat something to like stop to numb the feeling or whatever that is.


Nick: Yeah. Yeah. So you don't have anything else in your life that you feel stuck or unhappy or nothing else like major that's like disabilitating or anything but...


Aaron: No.


Nick: Okay. No, that's good.


Aaron: Its mostly just like the ambition to do a lot of things, to want to do a lot of things and not feel like I've had enough help to do all the things knowing that I need more assistance to really do the things that I want to do. Having so many tasks on my list that one time and having too many expectations on myself, and then that just leads me to the feeling overwhelmed, which... When I feel the desire to eat something, it's not just when I feel overwhelmed, it's when I feel... It's really like any time I'm feeling low that kind of responds to getting out of that low feeling, the natural response is to eat something whereas the logical response is when I know really actually helps me feel better is to do something like write or go for a run or you know. But the gut-level feeling response is like that initial reaction to any time I'm feeling low and overwhelmed just happens to be the most recent thing I was dealing with last week. Does that make sense?


Nick: Yeah. So where do you feel... can you feel that feeling of overwhelmed-ness in your body right now?


Aaron: Not right now. Not like in it a whole lot... I kind of got overwhelmed yesterday once my task list and felt pretty good and I'm trying recall where that was, are you saying what location in my body?


Nick: See, usually if it's something that's persistent, you can kind of pin point it. right? So, what it sounds like you need is just, it doesn't sound like you have anything really major going on [inaudible]. It's just one sub-conscious pattern which is when you feel low, your instinct or your sub-conscious reaction is to go grab food.


Aaron: Yeah. right.


Nick: I mean so we can do is switch pattern on that online and see if it works. Have you ever got it online before? So it will be interesting. So we're just kind of go and see if it works and kind of just go from there.


Aaron: Let's try it out.


Nick: I mean I'm more apt to looking for the reason that are making... see, the feeling of overwhelming you get is normal, it's for health reasons. So there's no need to work on the overwhelming-ness. Now if you're feeling low often, then that is something we cure as well. Because if you're feeling low then there's something going on that make you feel low that doesn't need to be.


Aaron: Yeah. right. So I mean, when you say the overwhelm is a healthy thing. Explain that more, maybe...


Nick: So, okay. Let's us anger feelings as an example. If someone leave a carton of milk on the kitchen counter and you get angry and flip out because of it, that's unhealthy anger, right? that's unhealthy behavior. If somebody takes a baseball bat and smash it on the windshield of your car and you get angry because of that...


Aaron: that's a healthy...


Nick: I don't use the word healthy.. because those emotions aren't healthy anyway. But that's a... an expected normal anger response.


Aaron: Well it's like more within the range. You should say it. But those normal ranges are really subjective too because it was just what we consider as normal. right?


Nick: Right. Like when somebody takes a baseball bat to your car, if you don't get angry in some way then there's probably something wrong.


Aaron: I got you. Are you super enlightened or what?


Nick: I mean, you could be. Your supra inner peace. I, you know people say that I don't mean is that I never got angry or whatever. But you also have to make sure that you're not suppressing the anger. It's not like a black and white, emotions aren't black and white in terms of what is acceptable response and what's not acceptable. I mean you can get an idea. So you wake up and you know, your boss drops huge jug-lines on you and you should tell her that you can't get better in a day, that is normal feeling of overwhelmed.


Aaron. Yeah. yeah. So, and then there's just  process for getting out of overwhelmed. So I guess the question being though, when I do feel overwhelmed, so you say that is normal, it's not helping me to go eat food.


Nick: No. And that's two different things. So first of all, your question is this, are you overwhelmed more than you need to be? right? so  if your wife [inaudible] groceries after supper and you not know what's going on, if that overwhelms you then there's a problem.


Aaron: Yeah. So it's not... I'm not... yeah. I think you are right. There's not an issue with me be... I think the reason I'm overwhelmed is very clear. It's because I'm just giving myself too many expectations, too many tasks and I just haven't taken the time to literally like go through a clear mount plan of the day. That's it. Once I do that, I'm clear. I'm free. And if my wife give me a list of this and yeah It overwhelms me unless I've already like full for the other things on my list and yeah I'm like one more thing added to the list. right? So I don't think that's a huge issue. I think more I'm interested in discovering you know when I do get this feeling, there's always going to be things in life that affect my feeling and my mood. I'm going to feel up or down based on, you know, how I'm living my life in various ways. Like whether I'm planning well that can lead to a strengths of an overwhelmed. But what I want to do is empower myself to 'okay, I didn't plan well, I do feel overwhelmed, how can I break that pattern of an unhealthy habit reaction to my overwhelming and replace it with 'okay I feel overwhelmed, what's the way to resolve that and get out of that overwhelmed?'. Because it's not eating. Eating doesn't help me ever. It feel overwhelmed so I could temporarily bandaid, it makes me escape it for a minute, but then makes me feel worst later.


Nick: So like I'm not identifying any emotional work, so let's do this switch pattern let's do this emotional trigger. So what are we doing is an *** technique in neuro-linguistic programming. And NLP is basically a series of programming that you use to communicate with sub-conscious mind, so right now what happens is when you feel low, when you feel overwhelmed, you're sub-conscious mind reaction is to trigger you in some way and make you want to eat. It'll make you feel hungry and that's probably a behavior being picked up as a teenager or as a childhood just to a repetitive behavior kind of got programmed in to the subconscious that whenever you feel a  certain way that it makes you want to eat, it'll make you feel better. So what are going to do is, we are going to replace, we are going to change that behavior. So what I'd like you to do first is I want you to, when you you're listening to that behavior, so let's say now you're overwhelmed, and we're going to call this the present state, so the present state when you feel overwhelmed, can you draw a picture on your head on what does that state look like.


Aaron: What do you mean? like a picture of...


Nick: A picture that comes to mind for you when you feel overwhelmed and you're being triggered to go get food when you're not hungry and you shouldn't be eating.


Aaron: I guess the picture comes out of this big list of red tasks, like 40 of them that are past due.


Nick: Okay and that's when you know it's time to go eat basically. Perfect. So we are going to call that image the 'present state'. So when you take that image, you put that on a pause and kind of move it out of the way for a second.


Aaron: It's a big image right in front of my face and just kind of move it where?

Nick: Move it to the side.


Aaron: Should I close my eyes to do this?


Nick: It's up to you if you want to get your eyes open or your eyes closed.


Aaron: So move it to the side in my mind, in my vision in front of me, is that what you're saying?


Nick: You kind of bookmarked it so you can come back to it later. So now we're going to create a new image and this new image is going to be called the 'desire end state'. So what type of behavior do you want to elicit instead of going for food. So what do you want to replace, what behavior do you want to replace with that current behavior?


Aaron: A couple of ideas would come to mind would be just the ability to just work through my task one by one and that's what I would like to do when I feel a little overwhelmed just to be able to focus on one task and do it or but it's challenging sometimes because now I don't feel that great so maybe I need something to do to help me feel a little bit better that I can get back to the task  at hand.


Nick: Okay great. What kind of thing will make you feel better. You want your subconscious mind to tell you to do it instead of telling me not to eat.


Aaron: I'm not sure. I'm not really sure what... I mean I do know things that would make me feel better, I'm not sure what's the best solution would be I guess.


Nick: So earlier you mentioned when you're feeling overwhelmed, you are going for a run.


Aaron: Yes going for a run but that might make me feel more overwhelmed because I don't have time to go for a run. Like I'm doing with a time pressure, right? And then going for a run adds to the list and pushes me farther down away from so a really long duration of time thing kind of adds to the overwhelm. Although I know it makes me feel better too. So that's why the food thing is like a quick immediate fix, you know, I just feel a little bit better right now.


Nick: So what would be a quick immediate thing that helps you feel better that will come down that will be healthy response than grabbing some food?


Aaron: One that wouldn't have negative side effects.


Nick: Correct. Meditating...


Aaron: Yeah. It could be a quick meditation like breathing, meditating stuff.


Nick: The more that it excites you, the more you enjoy. Whatever you want to elicit, the better. Because if meditations kind of *** for you, do you want to replace it with something that feels like it's more work than grabbing food.


Aaron: So something that makes me, that immediately satisfies me and makes me feel a little better is what I'm looking for?


Nick: That would be ideal.


Aaron: Writing? Just taking some time to write makes me feel... I know that always makes me feel a little bit better just to write my thoughts on paper or just doing saying things, closing my eyes, meditating and saying 10 or 15 things that I'm thankful for, definitely always makes me feel better, so...


Nick: Or just going outside, going for a 5 minute walk or something like that.


Aaron: I haven't ever tried that but I think that would make me feel better. right? If I just replace... if I did anything besides eat If I could like get myself to like want to do that, the problem is I want to go eat. That's like the crazy thing. The desire so, what you're trying to work is trying to get me something that I would want to try and go do. right? And so if I was to be able to choose what's the most thing that I would want to do, like whenever I feel overwhelmed,  what I really want to be able to do it would be to write. I just love writing. I really, really like writing. I would write for hours every day If I could. So maybe that's the thing that I could do a quick fix like hey let me take some time to write and think.


Nick: Okay. So let's try that. When you think of writing and relaxing, sitting down and writing, can you create a picture for that now of what that picture looks like?


Aaron: Like it can be me outside of my body picturing myself?


Nick: Yeah.


Aaron: Yeah.. yeah... I got it.


Nick: You got it? and so that's the desire end state. And so the first image was the present state and now this new image that you are looking at right now is the desire end state. And now we're going to just some of the sub modalities of this image. Keep that new desire state image up


Aaron: Vague in front of me?


Nick: Yup. Is that image in black and white or it's in color?


Aaron: It's in color.


Nick: Is it near or is it far?


Aaron: It's kind of far.


Nick: Okay. Do you want to bring it a bit closer?


Aaron: Zooming on it?


Nick: Yeah. Bringing it... make it as comfortable as you can in terms of the distance of that picture drawn.


Aaron: Okay.


Nick: Is it very bright or is it kind of dim?


Aaron: It's kind of dim.


Nick: Okay. Do you want to brighten it?


Aaron: Okay.


Nick: And so how's the contrast? How are the colors in that picture?


Aaron: It's pretty colorful.


Nick: Okay. Do you want to make it more colorful, nice and bright?


Aaron: Yeah got it. Okay.


Nick: Done. Okay. And how big is the picture? Is it kind of small, is it medium size or is it nice and big?


Aaron: Pretty big. I put it big in front of me. It's kind of like...


Nick: Is it a good comfortable size?


Aaron: Yeah.


Nick: Okay and how's the focus of that image? Is it a little fuzzy or dull or is it crystal clear?


Aaron: Yeah, it's kind of fuzzy.


Nick: Okay. so clear that up.


Aaron: Like focus on a certain part of it or...


Nick: No just like a, if you're adjusting a camera lens on a camera. You wouldn't want the image to be blurry, you want it to be nice and crisp. Done?


Aaron: Done.


Nick: Is it a moving or is it still?


Aaron: It's still.


Nick: Okay good. Is it 3D or is it PAL?


Aaron: It's 3D.


Nick: Okay. And you like it like that?


Aaron: Yeah.


Nick: Okay good. And what about the viewing angle like the looking of the image is at. Is it a good angle? Kind of like where you're looking at the image from?


Aaron: No. Kind of like I'm kind of bug ***, I'm looking at the image down from behind myself.


Nick: Go ahead and switch that angle.


Aaron: Okay.


Nick: And how does the image feel. Do you feel nice and calm, nice and peaceful, nice and relaxed?


Aaron: Yeah.


Nick: Is there anything else that you want to add to that image to make it even more appealing?


Aaron: Yeah.


Nick: Background music,


Aaron: No. Just added a nice NIKE jacket on to myself, that was good.


Nick: Cool. Anything else you want to show on there.


Aaron: No.


Nick: Okay. So I want to make sure that you're out of your body in that picture so you're looking at it from a distance. I want you to take that picture and I want you to shrink it. I want you to shrink it so it's about an inch by an inch. I want you to move it down to your lower left hand side.


Aaron: Okay.


Nick: Now I want you to take that old picture and bring it up in front of you, that current state.


Aaron: Okay.


Nick: So you got the current state image in front of you and then you got the desire end state on your lower left hand corner.


Aaron: The current state is big like in front of me, the old un-desired state right?


Nick: That's the current state. And in that current state, make sure that you are looking through your own eyes. Okay. So I'm going to get you pause everything right now. I'm going to explain to you what the next step is. So you can open your eyes and what I'm going to do is this is a little bit harder online but it should still work. I'm going to go current state and desired state... right there.


Aaron: You want me to do it or you are just doing it?


Nick: I'm going to do it. I'm going to current state, keep your eyes open. I'm going to go current state, just hold that state. So when I say current state, you see the current state.


Aaron: Really big in front of me.


Nick: Really big in front of you and I'm going to desired state. and you will see that in the lower left hand corner. And go 1,2,3 switch. And when I go 1,2,3 swish, you're going to allow that desired state to explode, big and bright in front of you and just going to replace that current state image.


Aaron: Where is that current state go? Just disappears?


Nick: Just... it can shrink back down to that corner.


Aaron: Okay.


Nick: Or it gets replaced when the other one comes up...


Aaron: It's like pops right in front of it.


Nick: Yeah.. okay. And I'm going to say 1,2,3 clear the screen. When I say clear the screen, I want you to picture out a big white movie screen.


Aaron: Just so you go, if you want to scoop more in the middle of the picture, it might be missing on the recording there. Just so that you're not cut off just kind of space for you..


Nick: Yeah. So it's going to be like it's kind of go. Current State, Desired, State, 123 swish, clear the screen - Current State, Desired, State, 123 swish, clear the screen. I'm going to do that over and over again.


Aaron: Okay. The idea is my eyes open looking at you.


Nick: Yes.


Aaron: Cool.


Nick: So once again, bring up that current state, big and bright in front of you. right? that's the current state. You're looking through that image to your own eyes. You can see the desire state on the lower left hand corner, so current state, desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. current state, desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen.


Aaron: It's going too fast. I'm not being able to get them up. Just keep trying?


Nick: Just keep going. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Current state, Desired state, 1-2-3 swish, clear the screen. Go ahead now...


Aaron: It just feels kind of like I'm missing it. I'm not getting them up in to place. It's like it's just too fast. I'm lost.


Nick: What are we clearing again? What are we changing?


Aaron: What do you mean?


Nick: Like what are we working on?


Aaron: I'm working on {laughs}


Nick: Perfect. That was the response that I was looking for. So you could see here, the subconscious switch over worked because you can't remember what we are working on. right?


Aaron: Interesting.


Nick: So we're basically altered that behavior in your subconscious mind. So if  I asked you, how many more times you need to run the pattern, to make sure it's [inaudible], what number comes up?


Aaron: Maybe 10?


Nick: Okay. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. Current state - Desired State - 1,2,3 swish - Clear the screen. How are you feeling now?


Aaron: I feel good. I just want to keep that desired state, It's like I don't want to keep going back, it's harder for me to go back to that old current state.


Nick: That's what we wanted. So now what should happen is, subconsciously when you feel overwhelmed, your subconscious mind should trigger with thoughts and feelings associated with the desired state now.


Aaron: That's cool. That was a weird when you asked me, what the issue was I was definitely drawing a blank thought so that's interesting.


Nick: That's how it works.


Aaron: So basically now we just go for in life and see how I notice, If I feel overwhelmed again or whatever, see what trigger happens...


Nick: And often people wouldn't notice it right away and that there's a difference. I've had people where we do session for weight loss and she left not feeling much of a  change and a week later, she sent me a message saying "I'm not sure if it's what you did, but I'm not eating emotionally at all anymore really just after our session." People don't realize sometimes until they recognize oh holy crap, my behavior is different, I haven't notice it.


Aaron: Well because what you did and I guess your verification when you asked that question was what are we working on. I couldn't figure it out. It was like you can see definitely in to this patter and interrupted my subconscious or something.


Nick: Yeah.


Aaron: I mean, is there anything I need to do with that desired state image to cultivate it or just...


Nick: Nope. That's it.


Aaron: I mean it doesn't hurt me to think that I want that desired state more, right? If I want...


Nick: No. Absolutely it won't hurt. It's good.


Aaron: Yeah it's cool to get outside of my.. It was cool to get outside of my.. it was interesting to notice that the current state being right through my own eyes and seeing the desired state through outside of myself. I'm like seeing a picture of myself in that desired state and then making that big in front of me. It definitely felt good, it felt good just to see that picture in that desired state it's cool.


Nick: Yeah. That patters are a little bit easier to work with in person. Because when you're flashing your hand, you're doing it right in front of the person's face. So it's a big easier to follow steps that's  why you had a little bit of a hard time following. But I'm pretty sure we'll see the results from there.


Aaron: Could you see that my eyes tracking your hand. But it's like in person you see them tracking a lot more.


Nick: It's a lot easier to track because you kept the hand movement going  all around in front of you.


Aaron: I should've made you full screen, I wasn't thinking about that. But it probably would've been more effective. I had you on a little... it would have been better if I had you on full screen. Maybe for future reference, you might notify the person to make you make it on full screen just to, if that helps better.


Nick: And like I said earlier, this isn't a pattern I need to use often, most of what I do involves clearing negative emotion and what men believes, which is a few different techniques, but overall it's totally effective.


Aaron: Interesting. We should do a follow up to this. Like saying a week or something. I will have had a chance to get overwhelmed again, and I'm sure in the mean time...


Nick: I'm going to find out what your wife would say when the centers is down and saying we're doing everything... we're on there..


Aaron: She doesn't have to try.. I can overwhelm myself very easily just with my own mind by creating a task list so... but it will be interesting to just go for it and see what that did and we can follow up on another call and see if we could get another call and maybe do some Q and A if other people have questions on this stuff and wanted to get on, maybe we could... I'm just kicking our own ideas we can potentially throw a Q and A, maybe on this call, for people listening, put your... go on to blog, trulyamazinglife.com/podcast and look for the link to this interview with Nick and let's invite people to go on and leave us comments on the blog if you want to have, if you have questions about the process, if you'd think it would be valuable to get on a follow up Q and A, like if you want to jump on a call we could maybe take some live answers or leave your question and you and I can jump on an answer on other peoples question about this process on a follow up call and see how it went for me and I'll report back in and so what do you think about that, Nick?


Nick: Yeah. I love hearing from people and help them figure out what have them going on because after they are going to be surprised at some of the patterns they have going on that they never realize a lot of times that they are going on their whole life. And once they do realize it, it can pretty create some really great shifts by releasing some of these stuff so it's always fun.


Aaron: Yeah. Cool. Let's do a follow up. I guess we don't need to labor this one. This particular... thing anymore I went through. That was interesting. Very cool. I will just say, I am intrigued by I was really surprised to find that my mind was just blank right there after you did that. Because you didn't seem like it was working, it didn't seem like, I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. I just didn't seem like I was doing a very good job of swishing the thing in front of me because it was going so fast...


Nick: That's what you want to do.


Aaron: It's too hard for me to do it. I was like please slow down so I can actually get this image solid.


Nick: It kind of gets the conscious mind out of the way so you can get through your subconscious mind to reformed that up.


Aaron: But it was interesting because it was overwhelming me, I mean it wasn't making me hungry or going after food that was interesting. It was actually like, it was shifting word to word and you just wanting to keep that picture in front of me. Like you wanting that feeling that I've created when I, I mean the picture that I've created in front of me was an image of me at my desk where I'm sitting right now but like it turns out it was my feed up on the stand and me writing my journal with kind of like leading back to my chair, that's my favorite position in everyday to be in, like first thing in the morning, I sit back after I meditate, anyways so I was like really in to that picture from the outside and  it felt really cool I just want to keep it up like hey stop swishing it with the old one and I want...


Nick: Good.


Aaron: Interesting. Very cool. Well, I guess were wrapped on this for now and everybody checked back in. We're definitely do a follow up call on this. I will get Nick back on the phone but we should, what we are going to do is depending on when we do the follow up call may depend on how many questions we get and how much preparation time we need for that and we may end up doing, I mean we can consider doing a live webinar or something in place of this follow up call where you, where we, I checked back in and we answer a few other people's questions live or something. We'll keep those ideas around. So everybody, comment on the blog trulyamazinglife.com/podcast and let us know what you want to do or what you think. Let us know if you have questions or if you want to jump on the live call with Nick and I and just get some brief answered on this process and you know maybe get a little bit insight in to your situation. I know, another quick thing is, the emails that I send out to the group here on the truly amazing daily so for those of you listening on iTunes that maybe aren't familiar with Truly Amazing Daily I get email questions daily from users that are trying to work on their *** beliefs and trying to work on living a truly amazing life and so I usually respond to those via email and this is the time where you that are on the Truly Amazing Life community, speak up because those people that actually speak up and ask questions and we answer them, they get huge benefit and value and there are so grateful. In fact, let me just read you an email, actually I just popped this up and just to share with you the ladies Sam who I answered the question of today, this was her response when I sent out the group email afterward, replying to her question and giving her just a little bit more guidance, he said, I love you Aaron, with about 13 exclamation points and 2 smiling faces for giving me your time, for helping me understand, for really being here for me, I'm absolutely struck with overwhelming shock at your timing with this email. I'm in my cave when I feel closeness to God right in the middle of writing my affirmations, pondering your words of recalling your 5 tools of manufacturing complete happiness when this email came to me. Just this morning I was telling my friend all about the correspondence with you seeking some response from you and from God and  here it is. It blows me away. I'm too excited and moved from here. God bless you Aaron. He helped me find you, I truly believe that he uses you to speak to me. Thank you for your help with this and everything. So I just showed that with you guys that you know, leave a question for Nick and I. We're here to help. And we want to be able to help with any issues and we can't help you unless you speak up and leave a question and we would love to be able to answer. right Nick?


Nick: Absolutely.


Aaron: Cool. I think that's good for now, any final thoughts?


Nick: No, great stuff. Let's hear from some people.


Aaron: Thanks for your time Nick. really appreciate having you on the phone on the team here to help people out so until the next time, we'll catch u guys soon.


Nick: Thanks. Until next time.