Aaron Kennard: Anil, thank you so much for being here. I'm super excited to have you on the phone today and excited to share everybody... share your wisdom with everybody here on The Truly Amazing Life show. So, how are you today, Anil?


Anil Gupta: Amazing. I am very pleased to talk to you and give your listeners amazing content.


Aaron Kennard: Good. I am excited to have you. So, Anil has written the book 'Immediate Happiness' which is a best-seller in Amazon and he just gives power pack content on how to find happiness, how to be happy and so obviously he's a very appropriate guest for our show, The Truly Amazing Life show which is also about how to live a truly amazing life and I will just prep it by saying Anil and I met just recently at this really, really cool event called "Awesomeness Fasten". Anil just happened to exude this energy of love and happiness. And it was so... It just had a big effect with everybody around him, including me, and I just... I think you're going to love hearing what Anil has to say. I'm excited actually to dig a little bit more Anil, on some of your story on how you got where you are. In addition to the content that I want to, kind of talk to you about. But I will say to everybody, I already, just in the brief time I've known Anil, he has given me some really valuable pointers on how to increase the happiness in our family, some things that we've done and so I'm just excited to share with you guys Anil right now. So Anil let's just start off, why don't you tell me, what is it about your life that makes it truly amazing right now?


Anil Gupta: The thing that makes it truly amazing is the adversity that I went through. Because I appreciate things more than even when everything was taken away from you, when you're in the verge of suicide and then you can turn it around instead of focusing on me, I just started focusing on serving other people. That every day I get to change every people's lives, every single day.


Aaron Kennard: So now... I guess... previously, and I want to get in to that obviously, That's going to be interesting to hear about that adversity. But so today, now, because you've had adversity in the past, you are saying that you are super grateful for what you have and you mentioned the ability to serve others. Is that the main thing that brings you joy and makes life amazing today?


Anil Gupta: This is what happens when you have adversity, you become a different man. You become a different person. You show up a different meaning in the world. Your focus has changed. So then you decide what your mission is, what your passion is. Once you start living in mission and passion, all stuff looks great. Beautiful things happen to you and you start serving other people. Once you start focusing on other people, your life completely changes immediately.


Aaron Kennard: Got it.  I like that. So describe to us what your life feels like right now. What it's like now that you're living this way? Give us more detail about what it is... What it's like to be Anil right now... on a daily basis.


Anil Gupta: I'm just... well you know,  I was upset this morning and I was upset last night. I mean it doesn't mean I have a perfect life but the levels of joy and fulfillment are enormous. I can just throw myself up just by thinking about my son and my daughter, my wife right now and I get to generate that right now. So if you are able to generate anything you want at will, you can decide on what you want. And I was annoyed about something that happened last night but that's okay because I know I'm not going to live in that world. But having to overcome that annoyance, I can say 'That was pretty cool.. I was annoyed last night now am not".. But I enjoyed being annoyed because it break up my pattern. So it's where you live, what you live in a world where you're depressed or become poor or do you live in a world full of abundance, joy and love.


Aaron Kennard: That's interesting when you would say that you enjoyed being annoyed. That's an interesting perspective, tell me more about why... why you would've enjoyed being annoyed?


Anil Gupta: Well because it was an unusual experience for me and it brought me back to the days before I would just get annoyed at everything and I didn't know that I was annoyed like I mean life was affecting me. Now I get to choose where I would run my life. So I was enjoying not being able to handle the situation, I've got like "Ah this is funny..." How am I supposed to do be able to do everything to everybody when I can't do it myself? So I thought "Ah.. this is interesting..." But then I realized that I was holding on to some stuff  and that's where I threw awareness at it. Once I realize the awareness wasn't there, I threw some awareness to it. And that allowed me to use the tools that I have.


Aaron Kennard: "Threw some awareness at it" that's an interesting phrase here. I don't know if some people have heard... I haven't heard that one much "Threw some awareness at it..." but I like that, I want to hear more about that too. What's that?


Anil Gupta: Imagine that you're sitting there right now and I said to you "Aaron, I am throwing some awareness at you right now." okay? What are you present to right now?


Aaron Kennard: I present to this smiling face of Anil, alright.. right in front of me, talking to me about how to live a truly amazing life.


Anil Gupta: Yeah. That's what it does. If you throw that stuff in your face you have to start using it. And it just makes you more present.


Aaron Kennard: Interesting. So, that's cool. I like how you said you enjoyed.. You are able to now... So it sounds like from previously, you just get annoyed all the time and you weren't even aware. It looks like this lack of awareness that you are even annoyed. Now because you are aware that you are being annoyed, you are saying, it's actually kind of comical because you look at it as "Hmmm... That's weird. I'm getting annoyed and it just..." It allows you to break up the pattern and learn more about yourself and get a good kick out of life and discover something new that you maybe didn't see before huh? (06:19)


Anil Gupta: Right. And it allow me to correct it because I thought I'd handle that but obviously I didn't and there were some issues in my past that came up and I thought "hmmm... that's interesting..."


Aaron Kennard: An interesting point on that is, how... that I'd be interesting as we go back in your story is you came to the ability to be able to laugh at getting annoyed like where did that transition point happen and maybe we don't talk about that right now but that's an interesting thought that I have about that and what do you think? Do you think that will come out as we dig into the past as far as what happened in things or do you want to address that?


Anil Gupta: It's just this easy, I'm not that important.


Aaron Kennard: What do you mean?


Anil Gupta: I'm not that important and I ask myself a question 'What's the funny side of this?' See, once you asked that question, you have to answer it. What's great about this situation? What's funny about it? What can I laugh about? [yeah] So, I asked these questions and I thought 'That would be very funny.'


Aaron Kennard: Ha... Okay. That's good stuff but you were always this. You didn't always feel this way, you didn't always have these tools. So why don't we jump back in to this, tell us what was I mean, you talked about this big adversity and there must have been some big... some transformational story related to that switched gears for you, is that right?


Anil Gupta: Correct [inaudible]


Aaron Kennard: Take us back. Yeah. But that was after the adversity or through the adversity?


Anil Gupta: That was well before. I started what? 12 or 13 years ago. I had a lot of knowledge. [yeah] People think knowledge is power but it is not. Knowledge is in fact powerless unless you implement. So the knowing pattern is wait is knowledge but not doing it makes it more painful.


Aaron Kennard: Yeah. That's a good point. Because now you know you're not doing it then you're beating yourself up because you know what to do and you're not even capable of doing it. You feel like a failure, right? That's so... 13 years ago you had been working even with Tony Robbins and something happened between that. Tell me more about your life? Tell us about what... where this transition came that you've figure out how to find this immediate happiness? take us back to his adversity. What got you here to where you are?


Anil Gupta: Its... 5 years ago I was investing in stock market. I had millions of dollars invested that lasted long. My savings, reserved funds, children funds...


Aaron Kennard: The 2008 thing, it just all got wiped up.


Anil Gupta: Yup. I did it before everyone else, you know, I'm like a high achiever.


Aaron Kennard: So you did it in 2007 just to make sure you are ahead of the curve?


Anil Gupta: Well I studied then but that was when it hit everything, you know? And I came to Miami and there was this special invite to Teddy Robbins and didn't really want to go because I was surrounded by lots of millionaire.


Aaron Kennard: So this is right after you've just lost everything


Anil Gupta: Just... During. And it was that week when the final pushed happened. [okay] And I didn't want to be there because everyone else was very successful millionaires, hundred millionaires...


Aaron Kennard: At this time in your life though, what was your level of happiness and your level of control over feeling control of your life at this point?


Anil: It was zero. It was absolutely zero that time.


Aaron: So you gained this certain amount of material wealth but you weren't happy.


Anil: I didn't realize that how I'm happy I was [inaudible]


Aaron: Until you lost all? Yeah.. until you lost all of that?


Anil: And that's why it is so painful. Because I thought my destiny was with the money, with the wealth. [yeah] *** intervention and he said 'Look, you are not money. You're identity is not money. The identity you have is causing you for pain. So Teddy did the intervention, his wife did an intervention, his wife's brother did an intervention then my wife stepped in. And this is what she said to me, she said 'Honey, I'm so glad you lost it all.' I was thinking it back I thought I know you loved me, I know you cared for me, I know you respect me, you can do anything for me. And I was angry and upset I said, "Why the hell would you say that?" She said "Honey, you can't sleep at night, you're a nervous wreck, I don't know if you ever get a heart attack. Every time you leave the house, I don't know if you're going to come back." For a while, she said "Now you don't have to worry about that stuff anymore." And I look at her and I thought, 'You were right.' [inaudible] it was perverse. And I thought 'That makes sense.' Then she said, 'You made one big mistake.' And I thought, here we go, am going to have like 20 years of  grave shift and I'm not going to let this down. She said 'Honey, you didn't lose it all. You have me, you still have the kids. We will sleep where ever we want to sleep. We'll sleep in the street if we have to as long as we're with you. We don't care about the money..."


Aaron: What was the big mistake?


Anil: Losing all money. Ah she was just like 'you just made one big mistake but you still have us and that's what's important.'


Anil: Yeah. The big mistake was thinking that I've lost everything. I thought I have but she said 'No. That's a mistake, you haven't'. And I realized in that moment what I was focusing on. See what you focus on and if you listen this down, what you focus on is what you get. If you focus on the economy is not working, that's what you are going to get. If you focus on your life is not working that's what you're going to get. If you focus on your wife or your spouse is not loving you, that's what you're going to get.


Aaron: So this intervention then, this trans... was this transformational moment then, all those interventions right to that point?


Anil: I was. Because I realized that I am not wealth. That's not my identity. My identity is serving other people, helping others. I remember sitting on a plane with Tony at 12 years ago, 13 years ago actually and he said 'Anil, why don't you coach for a living?' I said, 'Well why would you say that? See look I've seen you coaching my friends. I've seen you coaching my other *** and partners and you are doing an amazing job.' And out of *** I thought 'Nah... I'm not so sure, you know? How can I coach when you are around? I think you're God. You're the greatest. How can I do that? You know, I was comparing myself. This is another thing that people do, they compare themselves. But he saw a greatness in me that I couldn't see and that's often the case. what you see are greatness in other people that we can't see in ourselves.


Aaron: But that was 12 years ago and you kind of didn't pursue that path until you lost everything?


Anil: Yeah. I was comfortable. I was doing very well financially [inaudible]


Aaron: What business were you in then?


Anil: I was in London, I was a doctor of Optometry who lived in a mile away from the Queen. Everything was supposedly beautiful. But there was something missing inside, like there was something missing...


Aaron: like happiness...


Anil: It's happiness but there's something deeper than happiness which is fulfillment.


Aaron: You would have fully the happiness but you just didn't have fulfillment throughout


Anil: Happiness is easy. It's very easy to get happiness but fulfillment, It's a much deeper level.


Aaron: Well that's why you say, I mean your book is Immediate Happiness, you can create happiness on demand. I mean you can change your feeling immediately just by doing certain things, taking certain things, right? Which well give out to it later, but that deeper fulfillment isn't quite such a easy fix, right?


Anil: It is not as easy but it is easy.


Aaron: Yeah, I like that.


Anil: It needs more work.


Aaron: It is simple but maybe not that easy or...


Anil: It's easy. It's like. you know when you took your SAT exams, at the time it was hot, but if you think back on it, think 'Man you know, I could've handled that a bit better, I could've done it a little bit easier, I could've spent more time and got a bad results


Aaron: Yeah it's having an understanding... it's bringing more awareness to it. Great awareness to what is fulfilling. First of all, a lot of people don't even actually know what truly fulfills them. They think that the money is the thing they are going after or like in your example right?


Anil: Correct. They like the clarity. Awareness gives you clarity, clarity gives you focus, focus gives you action, action gives you results. Ultimately results will give you success, joy, happiness and fulfillment. But it's not from awareness. And a lot of people do not have clarity.


Aaron: Yeah. Got you. Okay. So at this point in your life then, that gave you clarity. Is that what it mostly do? Open your eyes?


Anil: Yes.


Aaron: And so what happened then? How did it... Where did that lead you from there?


Anil: Well my wife said, 'What is it that you love to do?' I said, 'You know what I love to do. I love to help other people." And she said, "Why don't you do that?" So I said, "We can't live like that." She said "Of course we can!" and that's all. Maybe we can. Then I receive another gift. Because in that moment, I realized that I had to become an instant billionaire.


Aaron: What do you mean? What's that?


Anil: Would you like to know how I [inaudible] I stopped using... the US dollar is my currency. I studied using a new currency. Currency of love, fulfillment, joy, happiness, giving, nurturing, loving, being present, forgiving. If you use that as currency we're all instant billionaires. Now I'm working on being a trillionaire and a quadtrillionaire and a quintillionaire. That means that I have working on myself so I that I get to a higher level. How cool is that?


Aaron: That's awesome. What are you doing... curious on that, what are you doing to work on yourself now still?


Anil: I'm throwing again. Throwing away *** myself, cleaning my mind up, growing physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. So if you do that, these things you become a different person.


Aaron: Sorry I just had a little interruption there, what? tell me that again?


Anil: So the things that I'm doing for me, is I'm cleaning myself up, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. I'm reading great books, I'm thinking, I'm doing some meditation, I'm cleansing my body, I'm aerating my body. I'm just having clearer thoughts.


Aaron: Well I love to hear that because you are a teacher of this stuff, you are... you are a happy and very fulfilled person now specially compared to where you were 5 years ago, right? And yet today, here you are saying 'You are constantly working on you, to improve, to better yourself'. I just want to highlight that because people and I'm the same way, I don't... I talk about this stuff all the time and one of the large reason is why I want to be better, I want to increase my joy even though I have a lot of deep fulfillment and joy in life that doesn't mean that you don't reach some point. And that's interesting because I've found most colleagues or people that our out teaching are out working on themselves more than anybody else even though they are out teaching it. Is that what you've found as well?


Anil: Yeah If I tell your listeners three parkways to fulfillment, if you do these three things you will be fulfilled. So number one is you have to grow emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Second thing you have to do is to give, give your time, your energy, your love, your passion, your gift, give you to the world without expecting anything back. And the third thing is be grateful. Be grateful for what you have and don't focus on what you don't have. We spoke about comparing before, if you compare, you are not being grateful for who you are.


Aaron: Yeah because how... I mean the very act of comparing yourself is saying you want something you don't have. right?


Anil: Well there's something wrong.


Aaron: And maybe you can improve but that comparison is showing that your focus is not what you are grateful for. Your focus on is what you lack, right?


Anil: The improving is going to make on a higher level. The improvement comes in the ability to give more. The ability to be more grateful. It's a muscle. Once you build that muscle, you can apply to every area of your life.


Aaron: What do you mean?


Anil: So imagine you're in business, you want to get more income, more revenue by you're throwing that awareness, By throwing those three disciplines in to your business you can ask better quality questions. How can I have more money? How can I save money? What is it I have to do? How can I be happier at work? If you are happy at work, you have higher productivity, better retention rates and a great place to work. So everything that I am teaching you is a Universal law that you can apply in your family life, your business life and your personal life.


Aaron: That's cool. When you're talking there - giving, growing and being grateful... yeah, you're definitely speaking my language there. You are talking about, I mean many of the things you're saying are the core elements that I teach in the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life. You're familiar with that. Which...Am just going to ask you real quick while you're on that topic. Which of those I mean so many of them just to foundational for what you teach. It sounds like, one of them stand out the most to you right now of the 12 Pillars and why would that be?


Anil: Well it's very obvious to me is the one that empowers others. If I empower you, you will change other people's lives so that they will change other people's lives to me it's the greatest. I'm teaching people to fish rather than giving a fish.


Aaron: That goes back to what I guess on what you've found to be the most fulfilling thing for you which is serving and giving and teaching, right?


Anil: To me that's the greatest gift.


Aaron: That's cool. What are the ways... For you, I guess I probably know but tell me more about what empowering means and in what you do that in your life daily?


Anil: I have a gift that can get you in touch with your greatness with your mission with your passion, once you're aware of that you'll be internally inspired. See motivation people tell 'I want to be motivated.' Motivation is easy but it's not fulfilling, it's not deep it's just temporary. But inspiration is incredibly powerful because it comes from within and it can never be cut out once you're inspired you're unstoppable. If you are inspired, you're unstoppable to help other people to make a difference to stand out to your greatness and it impacts many people immediately.


Aaron: So that becomes that's... you're mission is to inspire, to empower people through inspiring them as far as what their greatness is?


Anil: Well their greatness is what their mission and passion is. Once you've find your passion, three things happened. Time disappears. Two, you have abundant energy. Three, you're joyful.


Aaron: That's very true. I can make like definitely as you're saying it like Yah that's exactly what happens to me in the past. So you're time disappears, you're abundant, what did you say?  and you are joyful?


Anil: Yah. You're happy. You're just filled.


Aaron: So how do you find your passion? How do you do that for people? How do you help people find that?



Anil: You talk to them and it's a gift. You have to go in and find out what the issue is, what they're great at, what is it that *** them. It's a process but once you've find it is so fulfilling.


Aaron: That's cool. I like that, why don't we... let's see, why don't you tell us, if you have just a couple pieces of advice on how to find immediate happiness, what you would tell people as the most important thing they can do right now to begin living a truly amazing life, what would you say?


Anil: Okay, so is it really simple and powerful exercise and has an immediate effect. Write down ten things that you are grateful for. So you tell me right now ten things that you are grateful for.


Aaron: You want me to list them off?


Anil: Just tell me.


Aaron: Okay. So I'm grateful for my family, grateful for great conversation with you, grateful for the computer that I'm working with, I'm grateful for a home that's comfortable, I'm grateful for money to buy the food and the things that we need, am grateful for health and grateful that I feel so joyful, I'm grateful for this pens that allows me to write because I like writing and it helps me get out of my head. I'm grateful for this recording equipment that's allowing us to share this call with people and one more, you give me grateful for light. There's light that lights up my room so I can see stuff. How's that?


Anil: Now, how do you feel?


Aaron: I feel great.


Anil: It's powerful, it's simple and immediate. When was the last time you are grateful for your pen? When was the last time you were grateful for your light? This is what we do in life. We walk around not being grateful. Imagine that you weren't grateful for the air that you breathe in and then you have to fight for it. We don't have to worry where is my next breath be coming from. Will it be there? Is it clean? It's always there we take it from granted. We take the light for granted. Do you know the sun is always shining? Always. But people walk around as if it's not. It's the simple things. You can be grateful for the mails, your fingers, your teeth, for your hair, your ears, your eyes, your nose. It's so many things. Normally, I ask people to write down fifty things they're grateful for. But you put at ten things they are very powerful.


Aaron: So when you do that, do you have personally, do you have an exercise of doing that daily? Of writing gratitude?


Anil: I don't write it. I feel it. And it's *** that I build so that I stop and you know what can I be grateful for right now. So if you ask yourself better quality questions, if you change what you focus on that would have an immediate impact, you ask better questions, change what your focus and if you're focusing on what's not working, that's not going to help you. But if you focus on what is working and what is great, what can you be grateful for? It's a muscle that builds up and you get stronger and stronger. Most people have the muscle of what's not working, what's not working, what is not right in my life, what can I be ungrateful for? That's wrong muscle. So you just re-training it.


Aaron: So what is the... and I hear this a lot from a lot of my readers, a lot of listeners, their respond with I can't seem to get out of negativity, I can't seem to... I think I'm a positive person, I'm trying to be positive but the negativity just cues back in and it just seems to overtake me and I can't seem to stop thinking of this negative thoughts. So and that's that muscle, right? It's just this habit, this muscle that they've trained all their life to think those ways and just continues so how are they are changing? I mean one way, you are talking about this do the exercise and it just force yourself to write stuff down thinking of things you are grateful for. But do you, I mean it's not like one day this is going to change, you're just going to flip the switch and then you're going to have new muscles built, right?


Anil: No. it can't happen with that all you need to do is this, don't force yourself to do anything just write down 10, 20, 50 things you are grateful for. That immediately changes your focus. Once you change your focus, you are away from negativity. The other thing is, look at the people that you spend time with, do they bring you down? You are who you spend time with. Next thing, what you think about during your day. Do you think about the things that are not working or do you think about the things that are working. Think about the magical moments in your life, remember the day your daughter was born.


Aaron: Yeah absolutely.


Anil: Yeah. It's a beautiful day. You should be grateful for her.


Aaron: Hey. there's my beautiful daughter right there.


Anil: It can happen in a day.


Aaron: I guess like.. We can change... I know we can change our perspective, we can change our mood, our feelings instantly. It can all happen just by changing our direction and focus right? But it seems like the challenge is every day a new day, they are having a good day and you just have to wake up and we have this patterns, this habits, this muscles of negativity, I guess what I'm saying on that is those don't... habits and patterns and muscles don't just automatically, you just don't automatically have these huge positivity muscles one day and like the negativity muscles are gone. That's my perspective, for me it's taking years and time of effort like of constantly reminding myself back like I have personally and I am just curious of your feedback on this but I personally have had like rituals like writing like affirmations in the morning and meditation that I've practiced over years that have built those muscles over time and those habits of thinking like training myself  to think more positively rather than automatically thinking of a negative things so for me, it's having that routine that I set up in my life that I have something to rely upon that brings me back to that. Because otherwise, I'm in the past [inaudible] Now, I'm really positive even without that routine I remain more positively automatically, what are your thoughts on that?


Anil: Most people are trying. There is no trying, you either do it or you don't and you have to take massive action. That's all. If you make some progress your mind will want more progress. So you have to make some purpose. You have to throw your time, your energy, your commitment behind it. And as long as you're making progress, all of a sudden you're on a different place. It's not a matter of trying. It's a matter of being and doing. You can do happiness. Okay. Let me show you something, I'm I sad or happy right now?


Aaron: I can't tell.


Anil: Just find my physiology.


Aaron: Well you're smiling but your head's down.


Anil: So my head is down, I'm hunched.


Aaron: So you're more sad.


Anil: [inaudible] so you're physiology will determine how you feel. So do this exercise, look up and try to be sad.


Aaron: It's kind of hard to do.


Anil: It's hard isn't it? So when someone is sad, just look up. Because it's impossible to be while you're looking up. It's easy when you're hunched down and you look down, you stopped the breathing. It's easy to be sad. So changed your physiology, change who you spend time with, change what you eat, change what you think, do some exercise, do some reading, go outside and meet some different people or help someone, be grateful. If you do one of these and this is the effect, do you know what compounding interest is?


Aaron. Yes. Of course.


Anil: So imagine you are 1% happier, 1% more joyful, 1% more caring, 1% more giving, 1% more grateful....


Aaron: And when you multiply those all together, you're a lot more than...


Anil: Yes. So imagine after one day, a week or a month, you compound that, it's joyful. You are at a different place. But if you need to change 1% of your day that's enough to get the ball rolling. It's like getting to the gym, when you're starting on the gym, it's harder in the beginning but if you start making progress that's when you like to go more and more.


Aaron: So I guess bringing that back to my thought on the whole need to be like, you know, building it up over time. Fact is, yes you build stronger muscles over time but here's the deal, just do something today. That's it. You don't need to think about tomorrow and the next day and how much work is going to be to become positive or happy because you do one thing... all those things you're saying, you just do one of them, you will feel better, do another, you'll feel a little bit better, forget about tomorrow, forget about the past, and just do the thing that makes you feel better right now.


Anil: Absolutely. I mean how much you climb a mountain, step by step.


Aaron: And it's overwhelming if you think about 'ah .. I need to get up that mountain, how am I going to do that?' Just taking the next step is easy. And that goes back to what you're saying, when you change what you're focus on and so I think that, that's a good, very good reminder. If you're feeling down or discouraged you don't need to focus on 'man... I am so far away from feeling amazing, because maybe that's too big of an overwhelming task.' maybe we just need to say 'hey I'm going to do something to feel better, I'm going to take one step to feel better.' something like that?


Anil: You can even do what a child does, and it please in the moment, when it's sad it's sad. But it's okay but don't lift the scene. You know what? I feel down, let me be down for like ten minutes then I'll change it. Let me be just down now, it's okay. Because it's what beats the down, you appreciate the up. We need short people to appreciate tall people. So it's okay. Once you start saying "I don't want to be unhappy.. I don't want to be unhappy." that's not powerful. What more powerful is "I want to be happy."


Aaron: I like it.


Anil: You need to get towards something rather than away from something.


Aaron: I like it. That's fantastic. Well everybody, listen to Anil. Some of the little advice, a few pointers I think that Anil gives in his book "Immediate Happiness" I encourage you to go over to Amazon and look that up "Immediate Happiness" by Anil Gupta and why don't we wrap for today, Anil and give us just one final thought and one final piece of parting wisdom or let us know where we can get in touch with you directly right before you go as well, if you have a website or a blog that people can get in touch with you or anything like that.


Anil: Sure. I like to make an offer and it's really very easy, there's no catches. I'm committed to serving other people, so if you have an issue in your mind and want a free session with me, all you do is go to my website, which is ANILGUPTAINSPIRES.COM        /SESSION. Fill in the form and I will get back to you, we'll have a little discussion and highlight your problem and then we can move forward. How cool is that?


Aaron: Amazing. And you're just going to offer that for free to anybody that goes...


Anil: Absolutely. I have it limited to first 100 reserved. I don't want 10,00 people calling me.. but really, this is what the magic will happens, once you start filling in that form, you become aware. So as you become aware, you think 'well, that's my issue. I know certainly what to do about it." So you have a breakthrough just filling in that form. But I am certain to do a hundred, that's easy for me. My sessions are very fast, the results are very quickly and so... it's a phenomenal experience.


Aaron: So that is an amazing offer. First of all, anybody listening definitely go to ANILGUPTAINSPIRES.COM/SESSION and I'm going to put this on the show notes, a link to this over at TRULYAMAZINGLIFE.COM/PODCAST.  You can go to this podcast episode and get a link to all this, in case you're listening you can write this down. Just go over to his website, TRULYAMAZINGLIFE.COM to the podcast page and these information will all be there as well. And also, what I like to do is invite you to go do that. Go get a free session, go get a brief chat with Anil, if you don't do this, you're crazy first of all because Anil is amazing. I just had... I mean I just spend a few days with Anil and I will say that multiple other people at the event that we're at had commented to me and others after hearing about their breakthrough's that they had just in brief conversations with Anil. So Anil may not even know that, But I and other people were commenting that to me. So and I'll tell you just in the briefs conversation that I've had with Anil, he's lifted my life in massive ways just in little things that he's gifted, he's given me like this gift that he's given me are like this gift with our children to have a family meeting and just empower our kids to ask questions about how people are doing.. anyway, there's a lot that he has to offer so I think you're crazy if you don't take him up on that. So that's pretty amazing. So go over to TRULYAMAZINGLIFE.COM/PODCAST  for direct link over there for the direct link for his site in case you miss the spelling or anything. And thank you for offering that Anil, that's amazing so...


Anil: Thank you for having me on the show, a lot of sharing and giving and making a difference. Play and use the tools that we have here, tell your friends about the tools so that they can benefit too.


Aaron: Like I said, go check out, go to Amazon, open the link over to his book as well, IMMEDIATE HAPPINESS and am sure there's tons of.. I haven't read your whole book and I've known you that long yet and I'm excited to read it so to go and get more tools, am sure there's tons more tools than you discussed in here right? as far as how to do this stuff


Anil: Absolutely it's a manual so you can read one chapter, apply it and you'll get immediate results.       


Aaron: Hence the name. I like. Awesome my friend. Thank you so much for being on the call and look forward to hearing... One final thing is when you go to Anil's session, go to his session Anil and leave us a comment on the blog and Anil and I would love to, I assume you'd be willing to respond on the comments on the blog post that people were commenting when they are writing you?


Anil:  Sure I'd love to.


Aaron: So leave us a comment or feel free to ask any questions, we'd love to hear how it goes with you, what your experience was after you chat with Anil and leave us a comment directly at trulyamazinglife.com/podcast and click on the Anil episode. Thank you. Thanks again Anil and everybody have a great day. Talk to you all soon on the next episode.