Hello and welcome to The Truly Amazing Life podcast where today we are going to learn about how to get anything you want as far as physical things are concerned. Let me tell you upfront that this interview is a slight veering from our norm show. Quite often on The Truly Amazing Life Show we are discussing stories of overcoming incredible adversity and being able to find happiness and joy regardless of your circumstances. But today, we are actually discussing how to create the circumstances you want. But do not interpret this conversation to me but I think you need anything outside of yourself to be happy. This whole discussion is really just about (inaudible) benefits in life. Now, I want to stress the fact that you can get all the money, power or fame or anything in this physical world that you want and none of it is going to give you deep and lasting happiness. But, starting from a deep place of happiness within and living the principles of The Truly Amazing Life, it is certainly a wonderful thing to understand then learn the principles of getting and achieving the things in this world that you want. So with that, let me introduce you to the Nathan Jurewicz from leopardpill.com and we are going to hear his story and his philosophy and he is going to teach us the principles of how to get anything you want. Let us jump right in.

Aaron Kennard: I have heard you have had a pretty stellar lifestyle. That is the impression I get. Just tell me, first off, what is it about your life that makes it so awesome?

Nathan Jurewicz: It is really, really it is because I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want. You know, if I have to make. If I have to, probably the biggest thing when I get emails or if I have someone walk up to me in like a seminar or something like that and someone said I bought you know, this course or you know, I saw this podcast and I did this and I completely changed my life. I mean, there is not a whole lot of people out there that have done things and influence people in a way that has actually changed someoneís life that you do not even know. There is very few people can actually say that. And yes, I am doing this for the money because what I do is very high cost per hour business and it is fun. It is probably the most fun business I have ever been in. But, at the same time like, as cheesy as it sounds, it is true. Like when you have people you have literally changed your life for the better because of something that you did or for some type of information or course or book or whatever that you put out. There are very few people on this planet that could say that.

Aaron Kennard: That is cool. So you are saying, so you did not talk a lot about your lifestyle. I may want to get in to your business and what that is and stuff. But, I really want to focus on that. It sounds like one of the key things for you that makes your life fulfilling and meaningful is feeling that you have made and impact on somebody.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. And that is true. It was really like what I was born to do. You know, as far as my lifestyle. You know, I live in a luxury town home and I sit at home all day and do not have to like go to work and I can do whatever I want. If I need to make more money, you know, it is I am not like limited to some boss that I have to like hope that he will give me a raise. Instead, I have to think, okay, how can I make money this week? And that is a totally different reality that most people never experience. (inaudible) never take that leap because the transition from normal job to you know, becoming an entrepreneur where you really create your destiny. Most people just do not have the balls to do it or they are in a situation where they cannot do it.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Definitely. It is not the majority for sure right. So, you said. Being able to do whatever you want and feeling like you have made an impact. That sounds like the two fundamental essences of what make your life amazing.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yes.

Aaron Kennard: Anything else?

Nathan Jurewicz: I think that the other thing is this. I have an un-fared (inaudible) because of my past life experiences of sitting in you know, 150 plus you know, homes and dealing with people that are in foreclosure and in absolute rock bottom and observing you know, how they deal with the adversity that they are in. And then also, getting into information marketing and teaching people how to succeed in real estate and internet marketing and noticing the fact that there is like you sell 100 corpses and only one person does something and the rest of them do not. And then, studying marketing to like the nth thickery and then figuring out why does one marketing campaign completely crushed and why is one completely bombed and what is the difference. So, I am understanding how people think and just having that birdís eye view really kind of lets you see things in a completely different perspective because I have figured out the difference between the 1 percent that do something and actually step out of their comfort zone and go start a business whenever whether it be real estate or online marketing or whatever. And then 99 others that just either do not do anything or they try something once and then fail and then bitch about it on some blog and forum, like I figured out the difference.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. That is cool. So you are saying, that is the unfair advantage is just that you have had this exposure to all this stuff at a different level right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah.

Aaron Kennard: How did you get that exposure? Where did that come from and where and what not?

Nathan Jurewicz: It is definitely. Well, how did I get that exposure.

Aaron Kennard: Why did you get that advantage all of a sudden? I mean, you said it is unfair advantage but it is something you took right?

Nathan Jurewicz: It is breaking in to information marketing and being like a big leader. Like a thought leader in one industry definitely had a lot to do with it.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Your industry was in real estate and short sales initially right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah.Yeah. Initially. Yeah. And also joining other masterminds and I think that the biggest difference is that the people that are able to infiltrate The Good Ole Boys network of whatever it is they are trying to do.

Aaron Kennard: Would you say that would be the pieces of the advantages you have?

Nathan Jurewicz: Absolutely. But here is the thing though. In every single success book or interviews like that you are always here to sing lines. It is always about who you know or it is in an average of 5 people that you want to sing out with. And people listen to that and they know that it is true. But, it just kind of like just stops there. And then like, okay, are you right? It is all about who you know.

Aaron Kennard: And then what?

Nathan Jurewicz: Most people donít actually think. Okay, so, this is where I am. This is what I want. This is where I want to be. And these are the people that can make that happen or prevent that from happening a.k.a. The Good Ole Boys. So, how are we going to actually take actionable steps necessary to infiltrate that club and hang around the right people to get whatever we want and what are those steps and what are the things that could prevent us from getting in the club or not. They just kind of know, oh yeah. It is all about who they know. It is going to be the average of 5 to just hang out with and just kind of stops there. Most people do not think, okay, how are we going to get in with those people. And a lot of us probably, because people that are really networkers are naturals at it. They do not even know why they are good at it.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. So, that sounds like it goes back to what it really makes your life amazing. Your feeling to be able to make an impact and change peopleís lives is connected to your ability to be connected to people. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. But, it is a lot more specific than that.

Aaron Kennard: What do you mean?

Nathan Jurewicz: Like there a 7 different things that I have done in the past and developed over the last 10 years that are going to prevent you from getting in the club or actually get you in the club and I have, because if you could remember my background. I was in home school. So like, you know, but I was that kid. I was pulled out of junior high. I was picked on junior high school. Home schooled in high school. Did never had a girlfriend. Did not kiss my first girls until I was 22 years old. So, all these things. I have had developed and learned on my own from you know, reading books and hanging out with the right people and studying marketing and really setting communication skills to the nth degree and that the 7 different things that are going to either get you in the right The Good Ole Boys Network and the appropriate people to get whatever you want or it either get you in or keep you out of it or third party endorsement, friend control, like ability, appearance ability and the popularity ability to tell stories.

Aaron Kennard: You just wrapped up to those pretty quick.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. I mean it would take me probably 3 hours to explain all 7 of them but.

Aaron Kennard: Could you say that one more time a little slower?

Nathan Jurewicz: Third party endorsement and what that is. Third party endorsement was basically never directly talking about yourself and getting someone else to talk about you. Like an example would be,if I am trying to sell you consulting. I would say something like, I would never walk up to you and say.Hey, you know, I am awesome, I am great, Internet marketing. You should totally hire me for consulting because I would do something that you are seeing in all your clients have all these amazing successes because I am talking about myself. It is prideful, I am boasting. It is not likable. But let us say that, our mutual friend Preston calls you up and says, hey, you need to Nathan and because he does this, this and this and he says all the exact same things that I said. It is a totally different story.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: Dating is the same thing. If you walk up to a girl at a bar. He saw how awesome you are. It is probably not going to happen. But if her friends said you got to meet Nathan. He is amazing and here is why and says all the same things. It is a totally different meaning because you are getting an endorsement from a trusted source.

Aaron Kennard: Did you learn that from Evan Pagan? (inaudible)

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. I have never really followed Evanís stuff.

Aaron Kennard: (inaudible) being mentored by him right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. Yeah. He was but I did not really.

Aaron Kennard: So, okay, third party endorsement. Rattle through those again. I know there is a lot that we could cover in that but, sum it those with us real quick.

Nathan Jurewicz: Okay. So third party endorsement number one. Frame control is number two. Frame control is extremely important. Frame control is basically like whoever has the highest frame has the power is the best most likely to get whatever they want.

Aaron Kennard: By the way, just to let you (inaudible). I hear this from you before. You recommended that book pitch anything.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yes.

Aaron Kennard: I read it since you did like three times actually since you recommended that. Very impactful stuff. So, you are talking about impacting lives. I mean, I will tell right here. You definitely impacted my life. Just on the interview. I have heard from you. It kind of these little recommendations for me. Three or four months ago. It has made a big difference, so.

Nathan Jurewicz: Here is the thing I am doing it. Like I recommended a book on frame control.

Aaron Kennard: Okay.

Nathan Jurewicz: I endorsed the book. You never would have been searching on Amazon.com and just saw something called pitch anything.

Aaron Kennard: That is it. Third party endorsement.

Nathan Jurewicz: And said. Oh, I am going to buy this book. But because you have listened to a podcast that you heard me on and you saw that it was good and then I talked about this amazing book, then you bought it. And that was the difference.

Aaron Kennard: Oh, and I have listened to it multiple times actually. I have turned a lot of other people on to it and it is awesome.

Nathan Jurewicz: The thing is. Going back to third party endorsement. When people are always saying, how do I get third party endorsements? How do I get people to endorse me? The secret is, to give them. So, I am always the guy that were networking. Also you know, Aaron. I want you to meet my buddy James. He is a copy writer and he is the resource that you are looking for. James, I want you to meet Aaron. Aaron. You know, has this podcast since coming over to his offer has someone who is (inaudible). Okay, I just kind of told stories about both of you about how by both of you are awesome. So, as a result, now both James and you, both feel like you owe me because I both gave you a third party endorsement that for resource that you wanted. So, I am actually more likable to you because I recommended a book that you thought was really good. You will never forget that. So, the secret to getting the third party endorsements is to give them. But, you have got to make sure that what you are endorsing is actually good. Because if you endorse you know, Satan. Okay, it is not going to work out at all.

Aaron Kennard: What you said there was kind of cool because that is actually the secret to a lot of things. To get is to give it.

Nathan Jurewicz: Most people are always out for themselves and they do not think about this stuff. So, I will always be in a like my web guy that does all my web stuff. He does all my stuff for free because I have hooked up so many people with him, the guy that does my logos, same thing. My video guide comes in. She shoots all my videos and gives me a significant discount. And it is because I am always endorsing my networks to my clients and stuff like that. It is a very viable thing I have and that is how you have to have real influence when you are always giving good endorsements because people are going to think twice about like ever ripping me off because they know that my network is so big. That wouldnít take very much long. Let us say, listen to this guy ripping me off. Do not use him. I mean, that is power. You know. So, back from frame control. Frame control is basically like a contest to see who does the credit the most. So, like an example would be like the person with the highest frame in the world is the Barrack Obama, the President of the United States. You know, he has presence of power. He walks in the room, (inaudible). He has snipers and bodyguards that are trying to pick people off for anyone trying to kill him. You know, and politically, I veer way more further to the right. You know, I pretty much disagree with all Obamaís politics. However, I respect him. If you were to go make me a sandwich. He asked me to go make him a sandwich, I would do it. Okay. So, you always want a position every conversation so if you would have asked the opposing party to go make you a sandwich, that they would actually do it. Okay, and that is frame control. The thing is, is that you can cheat without being the president of the United States because there are adjustments in you language patterns that you could make when you are to have the higher frame in any negotiation, debates, conversation whether you are trying to get a date from the opposite sex, you are trying a negotiate (inaudible) generate money for a business or you are trying to get someone to do what you want them to do and this is all very, very, very covert. It is completely goes against the normal like sales tactics stuff. You know, for example, the book we are talking about Pitching Anything. When you hear the work Pitch Anything, it sounds like, just make another sales book. It sounds like every other sales book you probably read. The thing, I am not totally crazy about the name to be honest. But, it is really the opposite of that. So, I have found that there are four different types of frames that you need to be aware of and you want to use the appropriate one or a combination of them whenever you are communicating people or writing something. So, if you are writing, if I am writing a copy for a sales letter or I am writing a blog post or anything.

Aaron Kennard: So, you have incorporated that in to everything.

Nathan Jurewicz: Everything. Yeah. So, the four different types of frames are setting the frame, smashing the power of frame, giving the frame away and accepting the frame. Okay. And that book Pitch Anything, more in talks mostly about smashing the power of frame. But it really goes a lot more in depth than that.

Aaron Kennard: So, you said, giving the frame away and what?

Nathan Jurewicz:And then, accepting the frame.

Aaron Kennard: Okay.

Nathan Jurewicz: So, setting the frame is probably the most commonly used one that you want to set the frame when you know that your opposing parties are going to be a total pain in the ass in most cases. So, you set a frame that they have to live up to so that they will not be, they use like a, let us use like a real estate as an example. If anyone has ever been to real estate know what I am talking about. You know, probably about 25 percent of real estate agents are a total pain in the ass to deal with. They figure out ways to sabotage every single deal. They say everything is illegal and they have to have like eight billion disclosures and they are complete and total control freaks. So, if I have a house that I am listing and I am a real estate agent goes to show it. She (inaudible) and she demonstrates that type of mentality. I know that she has a buyer that really wants the house. I have to make sure she does not sabotage this deal and also be difficult to work with. So, I might say, what is your name? Sue Smith. Do we have a mutual friend. Do you know Aaron Kennard? No? So, anyway, some of us are saying that you really know your stuff and you really easy to work with. I can already tell from talking over the phone that you just want the deal closed and you are really easy to work with. I am really looking forward to work with you on this deal. Okay. Now she has until about to tell a friend that I set for because I said all great things that they are not even been necessarily true. If I tell her, if I said, listen Sue, enough for being a pain in the ass and just close this deal. Her sinful rebellious nature will kick in. And she will do the opposite that I told her not to do. And this goes back to the first story ever told, Adam and Eve. What a guy told Adam and Eve to do. Do not eat the apple. Oh, you can have whatever you want in the garden. You see that big tree in the middle of the garden? Do not eat that, okay. He knew that they are going to rebel you know, like he knew it. I do not know why, but he did. It is another example be like the commercials that came on early 80s like do not do drugs, say no to drugs, do not smoke pot. They did a study and it turns out that those commercials actually cost more kids to smoke pot because the ones with Mommy and Daddy issues had something to rebel against that they (inaudible) commercial.

Aaron Kennard: Anytime you tell somebody not to do something, you just basically asking them to do it.

Nathan Jurewicz: Exactly.

Aaron Kennard: It is, yeah, it is funny.

Nathan Jurewicz: Setting frame on (inaudible) I mean, you know, I can tell you are smart you know. I can definitely tell you, you are smart. Most people would not be able to figure out how to build that desk over there but I can tell you, you are not like most people. You are going to be able to do it.

Aaron Kennard: This is cool stuff. There are so, you have gone through two of these and you could go ahead, we could talk about frame control all day long.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. We really could.

Aaron Kennard: I mean, really. That is a stuff I checked that, I can tell you have studied it a lot and practiced it a lot obviously. So, but I want to circle back here because this is cool stuff and I also wanted to kind of tie this into what, how this impacts to most meaningful things in your life. Like you are talking about these 7 things. How did The Good Ole Boys network, how you did. You basically listed these 7 things that you actually did over the time. Now, you are trying to teach that to other people because so you see that it is going to help us to get in to what is it going to help us do and I want to go over some of a little more. So, if we go into too much detail on it, we are going to go longer. I do not know how much time you have. But, I just want come and gauge we are at the conversation to make sure that we are going to hit what we want to hit. How much time do you have first of all?

Nathan Jurewicz: I got another hour and 5 minutes.

Aaron Kennard: Oh cool. We could go over the 30 minute mark because there is a lot to talk about I think. But, I do want to tie this back. First, it is kind of like an overview. Tell us, why these 7 things? Why networking? Why getting in to, what you say, The Good Ole Boys network is so important and meaningful to you? How it has helped shape like how tough it would bring you a truly amazing life? What does it do for you?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. Well okay. Here is an example. So like, one of my very first big things I did was when I got on internet marketing and so the website is called shortsalesriches.com and you know, this was after figuring out how to flip houses and via that were all leveraged and without doing any of the work and outsourcing the real estate agents, stay at home moms that would negotiate short sales for me. And so, I would basically layout the systems. Okay, well, you have got to find things to deal with the sellers and buyers. You have got to find stay at home moms or out of work mortgage processors to deal with the banks and you do not have to do anything and then these are the paperwork that you use and this is a close a transaction and this is where the sellers come from, where the buyers come from. Laying out all those systems you know, a decent percentage of people like probably between one and five percent of the people enrolled in this program would actually go up and do deals.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: And we even give out sales scripts.

Aaron Kennard. And you still had just a miniscule percent of the people who would actually do it. Show them exactly how.

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. And we had these sales scripts on what to say to the realtor, what to say to the bank, what to say the buyer. But nine or ten times, you know, they would come back and they will say why canít the real estate agent work with me, they do not want to work with me. I do not understand why. And also had these scripts, I didnít understand what to tell them to get them to where they had that frame control so that, because like if I (inaudible) I do not understand why.

Aaron Kennard: And so you would tell somebody else to do it. They were not getting the same result.

Nathan Jurewicz: Only one out of the ten times. It is because the people naturally understood how to infiltrate The Good Ole Boys Club.Because The Good Ole Boys in this case is the real estate agents. They are the ones that can bring you all their short sales or not bring you all those short sales. Those are The Good Ole Boys in that case. So and then, what happens is when you start marketing programs that teach people how to make money in real estate. Every single objection is like, oh yeah, we are going to give you all of the money that you need for your deals. We are going to give you access to that. We are going to give that for your own. We are going to give that (inaudible) of (inaudible) and asset manager contacts and you do not have to know anyone or talk to anyone. You just push one button and this automatic marketing machine just goes and gets the deals for you.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: All those programs are good but the problem is, it is like it handicaps the students because when the expectations are that they are not going to have to talk to anyone. Then they always think, Oh, I have to talk to people. Well, I cannot do what you are doing because you know all of these people.Okay. So, rather than like trying to like sugar coat that and basically give them a crotch to have some type of excuse as to why they are not succeeding the same level that I am succeeding. I am basically setting a frame that they do not want to live up to with what I am teaching now by just saying, you know what, it is a Good Ole Boys Club and you are right to think that. If you would ever had a sneaky suspicion that it is all about who you know, you are right to think that. Okay. So, I am going to break down exactly how I did that in extreme miniscule detail. But listen, this is only for smart people that have accepted the fact that life was a Good Ole Boys Club and are prepared to shift their mind set. So okay, how am I going to be get to that club? And this is only for people that truly believe that they deserveto be told the truth. So if you need that criteria, right here at this frame that I am setting. Then, you know, you can start following me and you know.

Aaron Kennard: Well. Quite frankly, a lot of people do not want to believe that and actually will not believe that.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. But when you.

Aaron Kennard: When you said it that way, most people. Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: When I say it the way that I just said it, most people do because they will (inaudible) and when I set the expectations that it is going to be a little bit difficult when you run across your first hurdle, they will look back and say, you know what, Nathan said it was going to be a little bit difficult by probably fail the first time I tried something. So, this is what is suppose to be happening.

Aaron Kennard: So it sounds like you have shifted from teaching kind of how to give the specifics of let us say, a business to teaching the higher level of.

Nathan Jurewicz: Like the most advanced networking strategies you have ever heard is what I am teaching because it is the most important part in most people.

Aaron Kennard: Why? Why is it so, I mean, I get why but, can you kind of clarify that for me. Why is this so critical to your life?

Nathan Jurewicz: Just think of any business. We will just think of anything that you want to do and nine or ten times people will be able to come up for an excuse as to why they cannot make that happen. Like well, I cannot start a business because I do not have any money. Okay, what is next? You find an investor that has money and you get him or her to give you.

Aaron Kennard: But I cannot do that. That is too hard or I donít know any investor.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. I know. It is probably, this is not, this is the one percent. This is not for everyone. Okay. And if you really, truly believe that you deserve to be in the one percent, you are going to learn this skill. So right now, the mindset that you have is I do not know anyone. I cannot do it. Yeah. You are right. That is why you need this. But you know, I am going to say, it is not for everyone. There will be some failures along the way. I mean, you are smart. You know that every smart person and every successful person has experienced several failures along the way. I mean, Abraham Lincoln filed bankruptcy twice. I am not sure if you knew that already but, you already know and you are smart enough to know that if you want to get what you want, there is going to be some adversities in learning (inaudible) I mean, you know that right?

Aaron Kennard: You are throwing down some serious, I am going to pee on this too.

Nathan Jurewicz: I am setting a frame here to live up to. Okay. So, not only am I teaching this. But I am doing it to program people, program their mindset that actually take action to actually do things. And you know what? Even if I put all this good information out, it is still not going to be like an 80 percent successful or even close to it. But it will be higher than whichever.

Aaron Kennard: Do you have somebody you can make a bigger impact that say?

Nathan Jurewicz: Right.

Aaron Kennard: Like when somebody does and that goes back to your highest value. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Right.

Aaron Kennard: Like you are making a bigger impact. And it sounds like these kind of things, it is like learning these stuff for you is what has given you the ability to actually reach out and make impact in large ways with people. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Absolutely.

Aaron Kennard: I mean if you did not do these stuff we are talking about, you might impact five or ten people which is great. It is not to be little, the impact that you can have on the people maybe right around you right. But, what you are doing is, because of your ability to networking, to know people, put yourself in The Good Ole Boys network, if you will. It is allowing you to fulfill what is truly meaningful to you which is impacting a lot of people getting lots of, is that right?

Nathan Jurewicz: I mean absolutely. I love talking about these type of stuff. You know, we have like and other things that is being researched, teaching something. You actually learn more about yourself. (inaudible) frame readingbooks like Pitch Anything and then I started teaching it. And I started like understanding that there were different facets of frame control that are (inaudible).

Aaron Kennard: Was there other books you read on the topic? I mean, Pitch Anything (inaudible) that term frame control right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah, yeah. Another book, a book called, it is not even really well known but it is really good called the Covert Persuation by Kevin Hogan.

Aaron Kennard: That is cool. So, alright, that is cool. We have kind of establish why networking and why teaching this is so impactful for you and how it relates to really what brings you the most meaning which is helping people and feeling like you are making a big impact on peopleís lives. That is cool. So, let us keep going through over one and two. What were the third? What is the third one?

Nathan Jurewicz: Likeability.

Aaron Kennard: Okay.

Nathan Jurewicz: Likeability is like, I mean, really can mean you know, a lot of things. But, being like a bull does not mean that is sound like. If you think always you are really likeable, I mean you think that he is trying to get everyone to like him and I am not trying to do that. I am trying to get a certain segment of people to love me even if that means pissing off another segment that I completely offend and piss off. So, when it comes to being politically correct or you know, I am the type of person that just kind of and says, what everyone is thinking, then it actually turns off a certain group of people.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. So, what do you mean by that? Because, it is not like you are trying to go out and take people off through the sake of taking people off. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Well. Like for example be like I talk about Obama, when I am teaching about frame control.

Aaron Kennard: Because it polarizes you somehow.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. I am very polarizing. I do not make it a secret. But I do not want to talk about politics okay. If you do not want politics then, honestly, you are too much of a pussy to actually say what is out there and say what you believe. So, that is really kind of sad and the (inaudible) I think. Okay so, I do not make it a secret that I veer more to the right. Okay. So even though the people on the left are going to be listening to me, maybe completely turned off or like you know what, I do not like that kid, okay. It does not matter because the people that have the beliefs of that are more of the right, now loveme even more because like, wow I cannot believe I actually said that. It is just like, why is Tim Teebo. Why does he sells more jerseys that anyone? Because he goes and prays to Jesus in front of everyone and even though the (inaudible) and Atheists, people of other religion probably do not like Tim Teebo. The Christians love Tim Teebo.

Aaron Kennard: Why do you do that? I mean, so what is your reason for

Nathan Jurewicz: Because the people that are in your network, even though the relationship you have, they all share the same beliefs as you do. So, the relationships can be a lot stronger and then also the people that followed me on the internet, like, I have hardcore raging fans. I do not just have customers.

Aaron Kennard: Well and also, how much would it have to do with just integrity and being who you are, being free?

Nathan Jurewicz: And that is likeability as well.

Aaron Kennard: I mean, that it sounds like to just speak who you are. You just be who you are and you do not care if somebody does not like that. You celebrate the fact that they do not like that. You are going to be who you are and you think that is actually the best thing to do.

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. Our mutual friend Preston is very much the same way. He is not (inaudible) full of people to think about them.

Aaron Kennard: No.

Nathan Jurewicz: And the people would have loved him or they hate him. Another example would be Howard Stern, same thing.

Aaron Kennard: And why is it better for people to either love you or hate you rather than just, say tolerate you?

Nathan Jurewicz: Because if you try to be like

Aaron Kennard: Everybody likes you.

Nathan Jurewicz: If you are targeting for everyone to like you, then you are basically like a politician. So, if I am a politician. I am just going to come out there and say, hey you know what, if the guys that are poor guns, you guys are good (inaudible). Hey, you guys are going to get married and you know. We are not going to get married anywhere. You know, pro abortion and then it just comes off insincere, mediocre because you sound like a politician.

Aaron Kennard: You have no true belief. Just trying to (inaudible) to everybody.

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. People do not trust them.

Aaron Kennard: And that person, who are they really? They are not the person who is trying to (inaudible) everybody. Do they really know themselves? Are they really true to themselves? No. They are not being true to themselves.

Nathan Jurewicz: So, literally, if I get someone directly confronts me or emails me about something that I did or said. I always maintain frame and I never react. Let us say, someone

Aaron Kennard: Someone hates what you did.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah.

Aaron Kennard: Like you did a whole review on something.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. And they said something and I am suppose to respond to that. I would say something like, you know what dude, I totally get it if I were you. If I came from your background, I would probably think the same way that you did. But you know what dude, you are not my home. You are not the guy that I am trying to reach. I am over here and it is very rewarding when I have this demographic that listens to my stuff and I change their lives. It is like this one guy that I changed life. So, that is who I am trying to help. If I rub you the wrong way, I am sorry you feel that way but I am not changing my beliefs. I am not going to apologize for what I said. That is what I believe and you know, best of luck. By the way, do you want coffee. I am over here and I am brewing coffee. Donít you think?

Aaron Kennard: I love that example. I just had that the other, just the other day. But, somebody actually put a review on Amazon that was like warped on my book. That is like I am getting raved reviews from people, a lot of people. And it is either a five star or a one star review. Like, I am getting no reviews and I actually kind of like that. Because people either hate it or they love me.

Nathan Jurewicz: That is exactly where you want to be.

Aaron Kennard: I mean, he is like he is warped something about Christian thought warping or something or some person puts like this one star and then you got like six or seven other people that like, I mean, it is really touching that it changed their lives and it is not the exact same thing. You just do not care about, you do not need to get hung up on the person that does not like you because that is not your demographic. Correct?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. I mean there is a verse in the Bible. I do not know where the verse is. So, I have to look this up.

Aaron Kennard: What is that?

Nathan Jurewicz: There is verse in (inaudible) in Jesus. I do not know exactly what he said. But he basically said that if you are trying to be like you know, if you are trying to get everyone like you, that is basically that path to the anti-Christ. Jesus said it.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. And it is also, there is other scriptures to talk about you know, be hot or be cold. But, whoever is lukewarm gets spit out. But, it is kind of that concept. The lukewarm is not the ideal.

Nathan Jurewicz: So, that is kind of like when you are responding to this (inaudible) basically you are giving them the frame.

Aaron Kennard: Hey, it is always the funniest when you are responding and trying to (inaudible)

Nathan Jurewicz: Like hey, you know what? I totally get it. Let us say there were a party and let us say that is some girl looking at my hair and she thought it was like cuter or whatever.

Aaron Kennard: So first of all, what is up with your hair?

Nathan Jurewicz: It is actually just a birth mark. Really sensitive, I do not want to talk about it. My mom had an affair with a leopard okay. So, next question. Yeah. So, it is just marketing. People never forget the leopard print hair. It is a pattern interrupt. So, on networking like, let us say that we met at an event and a seminar on networking.

Aaron Kennard: People will not forget it.

Nathan Jurewicz: People will not forget it. Hey, do you remember that one kid that teaches networking skills. No? Who? The kid with the leopard print hair. I do not know man.

Aaron Kennard: How technically did you do that though? I am curious.

Nathan Jurewicz: They shave it and then they bleach it and then she just paints it on a free hand. I am actually.

Aaron Kennard: Every time you had to do it, you had to do a new one?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. I do a leopard print every time now though. I do not know. Five years?

Aaron Kennard: That is cool.

Nathan Jurewicz: But going back to my example. But, let us say we are at a party. Okay, unless there is a girl checking out my leopard print hair which I am not going to deny or confirm that the attack does not happen. But, let us say that she is there with her boyfriend. Let us say the boyfriend is like some big like athlete. I am 150 Pounds. Let us say he weighs like 200 Pounds. Let us say that he confronts me aboutit and he says no. That is my girl over there. You know, your leopard print hair is a total joke or you know, whatever. I think it is gay, you know whatever. I would totally just give him the frame. And I will say the three magic words. Yeah I know. Okay. I would say, yeah, I know dude. I mean, I always like I was not born with this giving the same genes and good looks as obviously you have. But, I do the best with what I have. But anyways, Hey Jude, I am getting a drink here. Do you want anything? Okay, you can always end the conversation if you get like at a coffee shop or you are at your house or you are at a bar. Always in the conversation unless, like agree with them, justify it and then be nice to him and say (inaudible) I am going to get a drink. Do you want anything? I do not know what to do.

Aaron Kennard: That is funny.

Nathan Jurewicz: To recap the reliability.

Aaron Kennard: Like really. It is like being who you are and being true to yourself.

Nathan Jurewicz: Do not apologize for who you are. If you do not know what your political and religious beliefs are, that is really a shame. And really you should figure that out.

Aaron Kennard: What it does when you are true to yourself at all cost, the people that resonate with you will love you. And then the people who hate you and that is fine or they will do whatever they want. But that way you have true like ability rather than just people like, yeah, that guy has no clue who he even (inaudible)

Nathan Jurewicz: Being self deprecating is also really likeable.

Aaron Kennard: That is cool.

Nathan Jurewicz: So, they are making fun of myself all the time. The master self deprecator is Conan OíBrien. Just watched Conan OíBrien, he is making fun of those, his pasty (inaudible) red hair whatever. But the truth is, Conan is the freaking man. He is hilarious. He was a lead writer alive and now he has his own show and he is really likeable. Nice guy, people like him because he is confident in enough to make fun of himself as the shortcomings. And sometimes when people said, just be confident. Okay. What does it even mean? That that is part of what he is.

Aaron Kennard: He is being to laugh at himself.

Nathan Jurewicz: Exactly.

Aaron Kennard: That is cool. What is the fourth one?

Nathan Jurewicz: Our fourth one is appearance.

Aaron Kennard: So we have to get leopard print hairs in order to

Nathan Jurewicz: Well maybe, probably not though. See, here is the thing. Let us first talk about like good looking people and I will not say ugly people. We will call it, underdog looking people. Okay. It is no secret that if you are better looking. It is going to be easier for you to infiltrate any Good Ole Boys Network in life. Okay. You know, but the problem is you have to be careful. Okay. You see the hot chick, okay, the hot blonde with big boobs and she is like he is only with her because she is hot. She is only with him because he has his money. The only reason he got that job is because he is good looking. The only reason she got that job is because she is good looking. And then, what happens is good looking people are consequently have (inaudible) in some cases, in most cases have the lowest self esteem out of anyone because they hear that snickering. You know behind their back of people saying that and they start to act and actually believe it because they havenít fully tested the gift God blessed them with of having good looks and they never really work on the other steps. So, they are consequently, some of us insecure people of the face of the planet. Okay. So, if you are good looking, just accept that, use that to your advantage but do not forget about the other six with not so good looking people or having an underdog appearance. Yes, you are going to have to really learn the other six things to get what you want. But if you do it, you are not an underdog and you are now more powerful than the good looking person because everyone respects that. Remember Susan Borough on Britainís Got Talent?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: If she was good looking. Would she be as famous as it is now?

Aaron Kennard: No.

Nathan Jurewicz: No way.

Aaron Kennard: Because she just nailed it and her looks just amplify it.

Nathan Jurewicz: Look at Duck Dynasty. I would not want to say that any of those guys are particularly good looking.

Aaron Kennard: So, what you are saying, you do not need appearance.

Nathan Jurewicz: I am not saying that you do not need appearance. I am just saying that if you are good looking, use it to your advantage and if you are not good looking, like I am 150 Pounds. So, I do not really think that I am good looking like I have a lot of print hair and I like my whole character that I have created on the internet is like this skinny home school kid that has crazy hair. So, if he can do it so can you.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: And use that disadvantage as (inaudible) I am 32 years old. I look like I am 19 years old. I figured out a way to use that as my advantage. Other thing is that, so you got this understanding which category you fit in and just accepting it and using it to the bestof you ability.

Aaron Kennard: So, this understanding that got you.

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. And then, pattern interrupt versus pattern interrupt. So, no pattern interrupt. You just are a very traditional, you wear a suit and tie, there is nothing crazy about you and having a pattern interrupt, appearance would be like, my leopard print hair is an extreme example. Donald Trumphy has this wig or whatever the heck is this one called. Mark Zuckerberg always wears this hoodie. Steve Jobs always has a turtle neck and antenna shoes. Okay. Those are pattern interrupts for people to always remember them so they get more attention. So, if you decide you are going to have something about you that has a pattern interrupt appearance, you are going to get more attention and be more memorable but then you have to be careful because you do lose some credibility.

Aaron Kennard: Well like, you because you always wearing like these Star Wars shirts right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Exactly. So I would in certain circles.

Aaron Kennard: In addition to the leopard print, you are really pegging yourself in to one play.

Nathan Jurewicz: Even though I get more attention, I lose credibility.

Aaron Kennard: So what is with the Star Wars? You love Star Wars?

Nathan Jurewicz: I just love Star Wars. Yeah.

Aaron Kennard: So, I love this. You just do the thing that you are true to and it comes back to the same thing. So you use that appearance too. Cool. So what is the other one? What is the next one?

Nathan Jurewicz: Next one is credibility. So, okay. So, basically, the first three, the Third Party Endorsement, Frame Control and Likeability.You can typically use just those three things to get whatever you want. The next three which is appearance, credibility and popularity, when you really work on those three things, it is going to be easier to accomplish bigger and bigger goals because all three of those things raise your frame before you have said one word. So, you have the power frame.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: When you walk out the door. The good looking person that is extremely credible and extremely popular has the higher frame. You know, if Tiger Woods walks here, he does not have to say one word, he does not have to use any (inaudible) has the power frame, but walks here. He is Tiger Woods. Okay. Those like Obama, same thing. So, credibility. Here is the thing now, and they are different like there are different diff. You know, facets of how can I make myself credible because all of these stuff can be manufactured. So, what you have to realize is to first thing is credibility is like would be a certification or a college degree. This is, so like a college degree instead of education. You are going to get your license whatever. That is going to make you more credible so that you can infiltrate The Good Ole Boys Network of whatever you want. You know, duh. Why am I saying this? It is like captain obvious.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: Well, what I am saying is all of society is only focusing on that right now. They focus on, okay they got these blinders. They are going to go to college where in you get that piece of paper and once we do that, it is all going to come to plan and they do not realize that that is only just like one fourth of one of the seven things.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Because their college degree is not even really that much credibility these days.

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. College really should really be used for networking and if you can afford to go an (inaudible) like I was home school. I never went to college. But, if you can afford to (inaudible) school like Harvard or whatever, forget about the Harvard degree. Think about the networking and all the relationships for fraternity or whatsoever that you are doing business with these people later on your life because that is the cream of the crop. Yeah. So like, community college. Yeah whatever.

Aaron Kennard: You did not even start college?

Nathan Jurewicz: Never. Never.

Aaron Kennard: That is cool. And you did not even go to public high school? Home school your whole.

Nathan Jurewicz: Home school in High school. Yeah.

Aaron Kennard: No wonder you have (inaudible)

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. Exactly. I am not kidding.

Aaron Kennard: That is awesome.

Nathan Jurewicz: So, I am not like a kid. I am 32 but, so.

Aaron Kennard: Cool.

Nathan Jurewicz : So credibility is important. So, I mean. You can self publish a book. Obviously, think about it. Since, you have a best seller on Amazon right?

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: I mean. Even if you did not sell one copy of that book, let us just say that it was published on Amazon which any idiot can do and you know this. How much credibility is that I am going to give you? These people put authors on the pedestal, I mean you own a book.

Aaron Kennard: The cool thing about Amazon is, I have on Amazon best seller. Well, it is, they call it number one in two categories. But, they are both free and also in these lower categories. It is legitimately not number one. But it is not like number one, the number one book on all of Amazon. But it is cool because there are these different categories and it gives you credibility because you published some thing. Even though it does not have to be. It is not like you have to make a New York Times best seller to get credibility out of that. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Right.

Aaron Kennard. Yeah. Cool. So, what other ways are there to

Nathan Jurewicz: Having your own blog or website that is like a well put together website. So like, my blog for example leopardpill.com. I do know that you have a website for your podcast.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. True. Trulyamazinglife.com

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. Even if you meet someone somewhere else and they go look you up and then see your website, that raises your frame and gives you credibility. It is like, oh wow. He has got a website. It is like a big deal.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. So popularity that is important to.

Nathan Jurewicz: Say, credibility and popularity. Some of these stuff overlaps but it is not necessarily both the same thing. So, if you self publish a book and sells your copies, it gives you credibility. But, if you self publish it and becomes a best seller, that falls to your popularity. Okay. If you have a facebook fan page. Let us say you buy ten thousand fake fans all on for your facebook thing or page. Okay. That gives you credibility. But it does not make you popular because none of the people are real. Okay. Starting a podcast, that gives you credibility and that makes you credible because a podcast in a store is apparently a big deal. Being, it makes you popular because you are getting several thousand downloads a month you have become more likeable because you are giving free contents every single month. You know, that is all part of

Aaron Kennard: It all is just going to add up to

Nathan Jurewicz: The seven things.

Aaron Kennard: So, appearance popularity, credibility, they kind of they all go together. It sounds like what you are saying.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah.

Aaron Kennard: Cool.

Nathan Jurewicz: And then the final one is story-telling and it is probably one of the most important things you can really master and it is not about writing a book, it is not about writing a screen play. You will not notice that throughout this interview, I have given several examples about how third party endorsement, frame control and likeability has been used and people can understand them. And what I am really doing, I am telling stories. If I were to just say, okay, this is what frame control is. It makes you, you position yourselves that you are a bigger deal more than anyone else. So, if you go tell them to make you a sandwich, they will make him a sandwich and you just show confidence. Okay, I am not telling you any stories. So, it does not, I am not connecting, you are not, people do not get it. Okay. So really studying story-telling using open loops when in your language pattern. So like an example would be. Okay, listen, so there are seven different things. I want to cover the final one, is one of the most important ones. I will tell you about that one later, the makes sense as I go over the first six first. That is an open loop. I just gave a hint that something else, I was going to say later.

Aaron Kennard: You do a cliff hanger story mitigation.

Nathan Jurewicz: Exactly. So, yours are not using your open notes and you are writing or you know, your language pattern or you know, whatever.

Aaron Kennard: I love these things. That we could go on more in story telling too and how important that is you have got. And that is really cool, those seven principles. I appreciate you going in to more detail on that. I want to get a story from your life though. As your, to kind of segway because you are talking about story-telling. Your life is pretty awesome right now. Your life is amazing. You are impacting people. You are living in a fulfilling way. Was it always this way for you? I mean, you grew up in home school. Tell us the story from your life when you did not enjoy life so much when you were not in the Good Ole Boys network and what made the biggest impact on your perspective? Give us. Take us back to the story.

Nathan Jurewicz:One story that life is all before the people I like. There was this, there was a time after the market had crashed. (inaudible) 2006 really, it crashed. Well, for Florida you had the real estate market. Yeah. So, late 2007

Aaron Kennard: You were already in the real estate game already.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. I was in the real estate game. The market had crashed. I was on the short selling at my own house. I had a ton of credit card debt and just like trying to figure out what I was going to do trying to you know, figure out this whole short selling thing. So, I decided, okay, well I am going to move to South Tampa. It was a condo building that has just been built in a place in downtown Tampa called channel side. It was called The Grand Central Kennedy. And what happened is the builder had built all these units. They sold only half of them and you know, everyone that bought pre-construction were now stuck with them because they could not resell them. And the builder could not sell anymore. So, the builder was just renting out those luxury condos and the owners were renting out these luxury condos just to get someone in there. And that drove the rents down. So I said, well okay. I am going to find a twelve to fifteen square foot condo buildingfor twelve to fifteen dollars a month and that was crazy, is the market rent. Even when everything was happeningwas like two thousand dollars a month. People are like, how are you going to get that? I do not know. I am just going to make it out and watch out. The first thing I did was I declared that I was going to do it to my friends to hold myself accountable to make sure I am actually going to do it. So, I went to the builder and figured. Okay, I will just rent some directly from the builder first. And went to them, showed me a couple of units I put in offer in one. It is like five hundred dollars off to mark down the market price. And they said, no, that is the price. Get out of here. That is it. I am like, but all these in realism is just sitting on the market 90 days, 180 days. Why donít you just give it to me now?You are costing yourself money longer thought. But, that is just the price. So, that was failure number one. So then, I figured. Okay, maybe I can find rent from a individual owner and what happened is they often hire real estate agents to list it on multiple listing service. So, I got to a rental section and just made a bunch of offers and they all said no. That was failure number two. And them, I am like. Well, maybe I can find someone that does not want to pay a realtor and I can just you know, make contact with them directly. So, maybe they have some listings on Craigís List. So, on Craigís List,I made offers and (inaudible) in the building that met my criteria. And they all said no. That was failure number three.

Aaron Kennard: What made you keep going? What is driving you to keep?

Nathan Jurewicz: Because I am not Homer. Like, maybe you have even heard of Homer. I mean, (inaudible) in the past. But basically, what most people do at this point and this is the difference between one percent and everyone else. Is everyone wants sense of gratification. Everyone is what I call a Homer Simpson.

Aaron Kennard: Right. You just want to push this button and have everything (inaudible).

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. But why is The Simpsons the longest showing cartoon ever? You know what when I was in third grade which was a while.You know, so much of the Christian service do not watch The Simpsons because Bart is like really disrespectful to his parents and I am probably 8 years old on third grade. I am 32 now. After 24 years, it is still loving. It is because these lazy Americans, we all connect with Homer along the way. He is fat, he is lazy. Eats donuts and drink beer. He goes to work, his job is he pushes one button at a power plant. Okay. Every single marketing message is either designed to push one button or take some magic pill to give us instant gratification. The problem is if you do not one to be the lowest level, most least aware person and the most like Homer because it usually never works out. They tend to seek instant gratification where you are going to take the easy way out. You are either going to have no results or mediocre insults at best. Okay.

Aaron Kennard: For some reason, we all kind of want that easy button right? It is just human nature to really want. Which is why marketing works so well to that part of our humans. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: It is not like, if you bend Homer up until this point of life. It is not your fault that you are Homer.However, once a Homer is bending away that he is a Homer, then from that point moving forward, it is his fault. So, if you are listening to this interview right now. And like, oh crap I have been like Homer. There is no excuse for that. No you cannot do that.

Aaron Kennard: So, you had deserved failure?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yes. Well going back to the story. So like alright, well, here is what I need you to do. Craigís List, you know, they are trying to list on how (inaudible) they make. They find someone who has got their head in the sand and have him go around the listing. And yeah, even at Craigís List you are naming. So, the address of the building is 1208 East County Boulevard in Tampa. So, I get on the property appraisal website, type in that address and nothing came up because it was so brand new that were still assessed on the property website, the government website has raw land. So I could not get the owner names. So then, because of my knowledge and attending real estate seminars when you are in real estate. You know, they are having this stuff.

Aaron Kennard: Yup.

Nathan Jurewicz: The actual stuff that is necessary to you know, to succeed in real estate. I reverse engineered the MLS and figure out the name of one of the owners because sometimes it is something in the last listings. And then, I went to the clerks website. It is a government webpage for current, where you like find out where the deeds are being recorded and then what it is you are being recorded and basically the title search. And I figured out what entity sold that person the unit. And the entity was Grand Central Kennedy LLC. I am like, aha. So then, I did, I ran search for Grand Central Kennedy LLC and found 180 records that were deeds of people that were crossed reference with this entity. So those are the owner names. So the owner names, plugged them in to the proper appraiser. The record popped up as them owning a raw piece of land. But I knew it really was. And I showed their tax address lobbies buyers were out of state. Took that name, took their tax address and then plugged them in to this skip tracing software you know like detectives use, to like track down people and just phone called every single one. I was just like, yeah, are you renting this? It maybe sounded weird but yeah, you bought three months ago at Grand Central Kennedy. What were you doing? Are you renting it? Are you buying it? You know, whatever.You know, and then I was just there for three hours and pretty much had gotten nowhere and left a bunch of messages. The next day, this one guy had called me. He said, Nathan this is Joe, the unit you want is for rent. Then I said, really? Which one is it? He said, it is the biggest and best one 2186 Square Feet. You know, and like did the guy paid 580 Thousand Dollars for that place. The market rent that the builder was renting at the same unit for a 3250 a month. And I said, really, what are you looking right out for. He said 3 Thousand Dollars a month. And I just, pretty much used frame control but without even realizing I was in frame control. I just gave him the frame. I said, you know what dude, that is not my price range. I do not need a unit that big. Anyways, I am only looking to spend 12 to 15 Hundred Dollars a month. So, I am more than willing to hook you up with a real estate agent friend down here in Tampa because I know you are up in Ohio. By I got to tell you man, you know real listing are just sitting in the market 90 to 180 so you know, good luck. And the guy said, you know what dude. I had just to get someone in there. You can have it for 15 Hundred Bucks a month. So like, I exceeded my goal. Like I said, 12 to 15 Dollars for a unit. 12 to 15 Hundred Dollars a month. I got a 2200 Square Foot unit for 15 Hundred Dollars a month. I moved in January 1st 2008 then I walked downstairs to this 2nd floor of that building. There is a Keller Williams real estate office that is on the 2nd floor. Because it is like a commercial space. So this luxury kind of building. And what did I do, I did not walk directly in the front door because I told myself that I am going to infiltrate this Good Ole Boy, these real estate agentsto give me their short sales because right now the market is crashed, short sales is what is high. You got to learn, you got to figure out how to get these done because no one knows how to get these done. So, I made friends with the mortgage company next door. I told them, I was going to start giving him leads. I started giving him leads. I said, hey, can you introduce me to that real estate agent over there?He introduced me to that real estate agent. I love this guy Jason. I started working with him and two other agents in that office. I built up my short sales funds to a 120 deals. And in August of 2008 later,you know, 118 Thousand Dollars gross profit in one month.

Aaron Kennard: How many months later?

Nathan Jurewicz: 8 months later.

Aaron Kennard: Nice.

Nathan Jurewicz: And then like, you know what? You should meet our owner, our owner is this guy Chris (inaudible) he is an attorney. And he teaches short sales but he does not do it the way that you do it. So, (inaudible)I said, tell him. I should explain to him how I am closing these transactions. He had an internet marketing background. So then when we partnered up, because I did not know anything about internet marketing at the time. We partnered up, you know, August of 2008 and 2009 or first full year on that year that short sales reaches (inaudible) reaches 5 Million Dollars first year.

Aaron Kennard: Wow.

Nathan Jurewicz: It is all about who you know. I would not have met that guy or done that if I have given up on the Craigís List stat.

Aaron Kennard:Yeah. Exactly. So, it is all about who you know but you had to push through all these failure and all this crap in order to get to the place where you can actually meet those people. It all kind of led you in to that place because of your perseverance before right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. Well, (inaudible) First of all, people focus on success. They focus on the knowledge. Then, you have to have that. I had to have the knowledge and the stuff necessary to understand how to reverse engineer the public records to get the owner names. But, I had to have the stuff. But you also, some people are like, we just have to try harder to make it happen. And there is not really substance in that. I was trying harder by this strategic in what I was doing. I was thinking, okay, this is going to work, this is going to work. I was not just doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. That is insanity. And then also, using this networking formula. I was getting third party endorsements and using frame control in my language patterns to get what I want and then ended up meeting the guy that was the one that was a result of 5 Million on internet.

Aaron Kennard: So, I am looking at this. You are telling me your story. You basically, tell me if I am wrong here but, it seems to me like some point in your life you recognized the Homer inside of you. You decided to leave him behind and not be Homer and that is what is kind of kicked you off on the basicallyliving a truly amazing life.

Nathan Jurewicz : Right. Do not be Homer. That is step one.

Aaron Kennard: So, when did you recognize at what point in your life did you start being this way where you were in control?

Nathan Jurewicz: I was not consciously aware of the whole Homer thing when I was doing this because I had started to understand that copy writers in direct response called a customer Homer. Yeah. And then really started to really understand that really appealed to anything. But that was, I mean, I could remember the very first house in the very first cellar that I ever met with on the very first short sale that I ever did. I was like shaking. I am like, looking at it now, what the heck was I even afraid of? What is the big freaking deal? I was a 23, 24 year old kid. And I looked like I was probably 16. So, you have that, you are always going to have this uncomfortable, I am afraid that I am look like a fool if I fail and the best thing to do is to give the frame away. To say listen, I need your (inaudible) I said, yeah I know. I know that I am new at this and I probably looking like an idiot. But you know what, I am just going to do it anyways because that is what winners do. I know you are a winner right? Okay good.

Aaron Kennard: What I want to know is how did you get to this place? Like, well what point in your life? Were you 12, were you 10? When did you learn to be this way?

Nathan Jurewicz: I mean, it just happened like when I was 15 years old. My dad was a locksmith. So to speak, they have gone sick. My parents were always encouraged me to be an entrepreneur.But, 15 years old. I just told my parents, mom dad, I am not going to college. I do not need it. Like, you will be fine. You know, story.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: So, like a business mentality I had a high paying sales jobs at an early age.

Aaron Kennard: Your parents were entrepreneurs?

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. My dad is a locksmith.

Aaron Kennard: Okay. Got you.

Nathan Jurewicz: So, but as far as getting to this next level, was when I started teaching and observing what like more people are Homer.

Aaron Kennard: And that was when you were in internet marketing and teaching.

Nathan Jurewicz: When you realize that everyone is a Homer. Your fear almost goes away because you realize you have like no competition.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. That is cool. It is good stuff my friend. Let me ask you this. I showed you the twelve pillars of the truly amazing life and let us bring this back around and we are going to wrap up. What of those twelve pillars stands out to you most right now and why?

Nathan Jurewicz: I would say probably number nine, empowering others.

Aaron Kennard: Cool. Why.

Nathan Jurewicz: Well, because everything I had success has been doing was empowering others. You know when I was doing real estate. I was empoweringthe real estate agents I was working with to get their deals actually done. I got them excited about actually doing short sales you know. Once I started teaching, I was empowering people to go out there and make things happen now and empowering people by teaching people advance networking strategies.

Aaron Kennard: That is cool. Yeah. Definitely, I mean, it lines up what you said right at the beginning what really brings your life most fulfillment. You recommended, you talked about one book on here that you recommend. Any other particular books that you would highly recommend people read?

Nathan Jurewicz: Pitch Anything is good and 48 Laws of Power is good with Robert Green.

Aaron Kennard: What is that good about?

Nathan Jurewicz: This basically just looked always historical years. And just thought 48 different laws of power. The focus actually kind of evil. But, it is important to be aware of this stuff so you are not deceived by other people when you are doing business. Another book that (inaudible) is a follow up to that book. A book called mastery.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. It is a great book. Kim Preston recommended that.

Nathan Jurewicz: I recommended it to Preston.

Aaron Kennard: So, you are impacting me all the time. You do not even know it.

Nathan Jurewicz: And then a four hour work week by Tim Farris.

Aaron Kennard: Cool. Those are all good books. I have not read 48 Laws of Power but that is an interesting perspective you said.

Nathan Jurewicz: But I did not tell you this, I am writing this book called getting anything you want and I will be (inaudible). But I do not want to be in Amazon. I wanted to be in the New York Times more than a best seller. But I was listening to New York Timeís best seller is more difficult because you have to figure out a way to get into book stores. You got to know how you are going to get in to.

Aaron Kennard: And you have to sell it throughout the country in order to actually make the list.

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. So, I am going to use these seven things to get what I want which is the Good New York Times the best seller and document the whole thing in my blog at leopardpill.com so that people can actually see whether I am (inaudible) or not with the whole getting anything what you want and no bs.

Aaron Kennard: Getting what you want and no bs.That is it. That is a big promise I am making.

Nathan Jurewicz: It is.

Aaron Kennard: And these seven things, I call it the GAYWNOBS formula. If you take the acronym for getting what you want no bs and spell out GAYWNOBS. Okay. The W is silenced. Okay. You know why the W is silent? Because whatever you want, you do not talk about right away because that is what Homer wants because he wants instant gratification. No, no, no. The W is silent. We are going to actually have these leopard print pills. Okay. And you take them. You take whatever you want. Okay. But unfortunately, we could not get FDA approval because the side effects are way too high. Okay. Way too many people are getting exactly what they wanted. So, we are going to release it anyway in book form instead of pill form because the FDA does not regulate books, they only regulate pills taken either orally, anally or by injection but they cannot touch books. So, we are good. And can you believe this? I actually had some critics that were criticizing me saying that I had come up with this GAYWNOBS formula to gain attention for myself by exploiting all the gay marriage controversy regarding around our country and that is just ridiculous. It is an acronym. Hello. I mean, evil genius will come up with something like that and I am not evil and I am far from genius. Yes. I had my IQ test. So, anways,the W is silent. Remember , The W is silent.

Aaron Kennard: I like that.

Nathan Jurewicz: See, all those are stories.

Aaron Kennard: I loved it. And you were doing third party endorsement in there. You were doing all sorts of stuff in that. And people need to listen to that again and those are good spiel.

Nathan Jurewicz: Well, I mean, think about it.

Aaron Kennard: Okay.

Nathan Jurewicz: Because this is all marketing. Okay. So I am writing a book and I want to show you really advanced networking skills. Ask me how. Well that does not, whatever.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: But I am telling stories. There is a Good Ole Boys Club conspiracy.

Aaron Kennard. Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: Okay. And it is actually, if you were thinking that you were right to think about this Good Ole Boys club conspiracy. So, you can either accept it and shift your way of thinking to infiltrate it because this is what winners do and you are a winner right? Okay. It is all frame control and story telling. And there is the Homer vendetta. Okay. It is a story. I am telling a story. They GAYWNOBS formula, you know, we could not get FDA approval. I am telling a story. It is all story- telling.

Aaron Kennard: I like it. You are good at that. Good example my friend. It is cool that I would get to know you better. Thanks for sharing the wisdom. It is faceting. We can go a lot to it. I am sure.

Nathan Jurewicz: So this is where I get to deal almostly promote my website. Right or.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. Absolutely. Didnít we just talked about leopardpill.com.

Nathan Jurewicz: leopardpill.com. You can subscribe to my email list and you know, I release blog post coming out with a video training course that goes a lot more in depth in telling the stuff that I am talking about now. That is going to be released in a few weeks. And then, also, the book will be released after the course. So, in time of 2014.

Aaron Kennard: So, you are working on writing it right now?

Nathan Jurewicz: I am working on a course first. And then, because the book is going to evolve out of the course.

Aaron Kennard: Out of the course. Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: Because like, there is going to be questions that people have that I have not even thought of. So, I want the book to be one of those books. You know, when you are reading a book and some books are like, that is pretty much every other book said. But when you read that book, that is like, woah. Okay, books like Pitch Anything in (inaudible).

Aaron Kennard: But, when you go through a course and you actually take people through and you solve all these peopleís real problem. It is going to be real impactful on the book.

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. And then what happens is the book goes viral. If someone hits like a best seller list and it drops off the week later, that means your books suck but you knew some people to endorse it to get it on (inaudible).

Aaron Kennard: If it grows after that, then it is good.

Nathan Jurewicz: If it grows after that. But if it remains at number one or somewhere on the top shelf like 6 times a year. Then your book was so good that you could start getting third party endorsement from other people. They are like, oh, you need to read this book Anything you want and no bs. And it (inaudible) Okay. That is the GAYWNOBS formula.

Aaron Kennard: Actually, I am following similar formula I guess for The Truly Amazing Life when writing a book. I think, called the twelve pillars of the truly amazing life. And I am actually on this project. This mission to just talk with as many different people as I can. People like yourself, people from all different walks and analyze what I means to them. So, I am compiling this information to which will then be the next book that I write. At some point, I may create a course as well. But, mostly I am interviewing and just gathering tons of information, getting tons of peopleís stories and perspectives. What it means to them then compile all of that and then do the exact same thing.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yeah. What I am kind of doing the same thing because I am really interested to hear because when you put all these content. It is kind of narrow minded in the sense that we can only think of how we are going to apply this from our perspective.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: I am really forward to people that found that special someone or got that job or started that real estate business or launch with that clear mind or raise money for some business or some charity by using the GAYWNOBS formula and like listen to the story-telling. This is when I use third party endorsement. This is how he is using frame control. This is how he is using credibility and popularity. Listen to your story-telling. And pile those stories that will make the book that much better because the stories will be inserted in the book. So, I am really looking forward into that.

Aaron Kennard: It is cool from your stand point, I mean that is what you really thrive on. In seeing that, I mean, the most meaningful thing for you is to see how somebody use that thing to grow themselves and improve their life. Right? It is cool man. I love how you lined it up. You were lining up just your lifeís purpose, you lifeís mission with your work that you are doing. I mean it is interesting we have got a similar approach because we both started in real estate. I do not know if I told you that and I have a real estate house flipping business while I started back in 2006 and it is a similar thing we both kind of working on it. More pursuing other passions at this point, do you still have your real estate business?

Nathan Jurewicz: Not at the real estate anymore. Back in the day, I can do one thing for three and a half years and I for what it is worth.

Aaron Kennard: I still have my business. Well, I do not really work full time day to day. I have got it mostly automated but.

Nathan Jurewicz: Well, that is good.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. But, very similar. So, it is cool to relate to you on that. Do you have any final parting wisdom for us before we (inaudible).

Nathan Jurewicz: Well, once you understand all these stuff. It is really important that you come up with a master plan. If you could write this down, probably on a white board, however you want to do it. So, once you learn all these and you really understand these seven things, then it is like strategic how am I going to get what I want. So, this is not a seminar. Oh just do it. Just make it happen or try harder. Okay, you have to ask yourself. What do you want? Write that down. Who is the person or people that can make that happen? A.K.A. The Good Ole Boys club and you can write down all the potentials that can make that happen. So, if you trying to hide a paint job with five different companies that you are going to work for. You only figure out who is the decision makers of those five companies. Where do those people hang out? Okay. How can you put yourself in front of as many of these people as possible via a third party endorsement? Okay. How can you be someone to be introduced to that person and then, after that, how can you use your appearance, credibility and popularity to the best of you ability to raise your frame to get what you want in this situation? Okay. So, it is like you are strategically coming up with you master plan and then you have two different types of thinking that specific strategic thinking and faith strategic thinking. An example would be, specific strategic thinking where to be, if I want them to get to know you, okay, specific strategic thinking is like, I know what Presto knows. So, you know, Preston, can you email me to this guy. Yeah. No problem. Okay. Nathan, are you there? Okay, but I got what I want. Faith strategic thinking would be something like. Okay, well, if I know if I just hang around here. If I do this, then opportunities will eventually come my way that I have not even really thought of yet. So, an example would be, if I started podcast, I just start interviewing people in my network. Not only will I get a following, but there will be opportunities that will open up that I have not even bothered. And that following will tell me what they want and that may lead to me selling another book or coaching program or I do not even really know what it is. But, it is just a faith.

Aaron Kennard: Just faith, you are going on faith. You just know it is a good thing to do.

Nathan Jurewicz: Yes. Specific and you have faith. So, this specific is like okay. If I do this, I get in with this guy. If I do this, I get in with this guy. And faith is just, if I go to this seminar, I know that it is likely something good will come out of that. If I go insert this podcast, because it would likely though, (inaudible) if I write this book and if it becomes a New York Times I am on best seller, that is going to open up all kinds of doors for like higher

Aaron Kennard: Even though it is going to cost you a lot of money to get it there and see specific return on that investment right away. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Right. There is not much money in selling books unless you are like (inaudible) who sold a hundred million books.

Aaron Kennard: But, to get the New York Times best seller role open all sorts of doors and there is also some other reasons why

Nathan Jurewicz: And there is stuff that I kind of already know what will happen once (inaudible) I donít

Aaron Kennard: There is things you do not know. Yeah.

Nathan Jurewicz: You do not even know. You know. And most people, they are just too lazy because they are like Homer because they do not know the instant gratification is. So, they just do not do it. It is like, oh, that seems like a waste of time unless I can really do it.

Aaron Kennard: It is so challenging because once you do make the plan and you have got, let us say, a year to plan to get there. And there is no money rolling in, there is a lot negativity that bombards you. It tells you to stop, like you are an idiot. You should stop doing this because you are not making anything.

Nathan Jurewicz: I am not going to sit here and say, oh hey, listen, you will be fine, yeah. I have got to eat too. She also has to specifically talk about why am I doing this? What is going to pay the bills right now?

Aaron Kennard: Exactly.

Nathan Jurewicz: And I may be, the answer may not be that you want to hear. Maybe, you are waiting tables. Okay, you know, whatever. Okay, so you have to think about that as well. Or else, you are not going to be able to (inaudible) your spouse to support you either because your spouse is saying, honey, we have to pay the bills and you are sitting there trying to be superman. You know.

Aaron Kennard: You said a key word there which is why that it is something huge for me is in that master plan and knowing the master plan, knowing why you are doing it is going to stick you to the plan so that you can actually pass through all the hurdles like you pass through those three nose is because you knew why you are doing it, you knew it requires sacrifice, you are just going to keep going until you got what you want. Right?

Nathan Jurewicz: Exactly.

Aaron Kennard: Yeah. It is awesome man. Super cool.Love it. You said much cool stuff in there. I appreciate it. I am excited to share this with some people and see how they benefit then and I appreciate your time. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

Nathan Jurewicz: Awesome. Awesome. Alright. Thank you.