TAL 13: John Bly never has a bad day and shows us how to stop taking life so seriously.


John Bly: It's just one day, there can't be anything that bad that happens in a day and you just move on and you have another good day the next day.


Aaron Kennard: Welcome to the Truly Amazing Life show where today you get to hear from someone who never has a bad day. I'm your host Aaron Kennard. And today, my guest is John Bly. He runs a massively successful public accounting firm in which accounting today has recently chosen in his list as the best firms to work for in 2013. If you could see John at anytime, you will almost always see a smile. It is not a fake smile, this guys is genuinely happy. Here's a living proof people, you are not just hearing this from me. This is a man who never has bad days. And it is not because he doesn't have challenges, like everyone else, he just happens to have an amazingly positive attitude which makes his life truly amazing. He only sees opportunities, literally everything. Listen to John. There is some great nuggets here on the importance of parenting, passing on to your children, a humongous blessing and advantage of a positive attitude. Are you ready to rock and roll?


John Bly: Absolutely Sir.


Aaron Kennard: Alright, John well let's jump right in then. My first question is what makes life truly amazing to you right now?


John Bly: It's hard... I was thinking about this when I knew that we are going to have this conversation. There are so many things that make it amazing. Today, I guess I have looked at this from a perspective of the last year and things that make my life amazing today are my, you know, number one is my wife and my kids and the rest of my family and then on top of that its business. I mean, I am lucky enough to be blessed to doing exactly what I love to do on a daily basis and I am lucky enough to not take life too seriously. I don't let the daily stresses that sometimes affect other people really takes its toll on me, I've always looked at it as a you know "It is just one day, there can't be anything that bad that happens in a day and you just move on and you have another good day the next day." I would say, my wife, I'm lucky enough to have been blessed now, 11 years of marriage and 15 years together and I've got a 7 year old daughter, a soon to be six and a soon to be four years old daughter. They are keeping kind of busy with soccer and sports and run around.


Aaron Kennard: We're pretty similar to that, I've been in love and married for 11 years as well. My kids are similar ages. That's kind of cool because I can relate there. So right now, it sounds like life is super full for you. Your family is a huge part of that and then loving what you do every day at work. I mean, it sounds like a lot of brightness to your life and fullness right now.


John Bly: It is. You know, it's funny how we laugh all the time at the house. We think whatever we do, we do it for our kids, I don't know if that leaves a good impression for you. I guess I just filled it with stuff that was totally useless, because I don't think I may have missed any of it. We are currently, you know with the three girls, even though they are young, we currently have 5 days of soccer a week. And you know, we just sort of make it happen. I don't know what we did before but we must have wasted a lot of time.


Aaron Kennard: For sure. It's funny because you think about those, what's your take on all the work involved? I mean, it's not easy running around 5days of soothe things and getting to school every single day and this all the little details of work, you say. What did you do with your time before? Well, you did not do so many dishes, you did not do so many, right? You didn't do all these, you did not changed diapers, well you're out of that phase now but what's your take on that?


John Bly: It's true you know. I didn't do a lot of those things. I didn't have all those things that people call it work and some of it is and some of it feels like work but its work that has a good outcome and you're doing it for all the right reasons. I pack lunches last night. I'm thinking about last night, right when I get home from work and I was packing lunches for the day, for today, for the three girls after they went to bed and stuff like that. You just didn't do for your kids. But I don't really consider it as a job and what's funny, maybe I did fill the time and other stuff, because I thought about the stuff that I didn't like to do and maybe this is one of the things kept me stress free or sane or really happy or whatever word kept it truly an amazing life, I try not to do anything that I don't like to do.


Aaron Kennard: I like it.


John Bly: I am willing to say no at anything that I don't want to do. So, for instance, it could be something like... I personally do not like doing a heck of a lot of manual labor. It usually sometimes I can't spend time with my kids, so we outsource all that. I mean, I outsourced the lawn mowing, I outsourced putting

stuff up on a wall at our house, hanging pictures, it may take half a day to hang all of that stuff in the house, anything like that, that takes me away from the kids. I feel like that's money well spent that I can go to a soccer game or hang out with them or even watch a movie.


Aaron Kennard: That's cool. I like that. I like that take. Well, let's think about this so, your life does sound pretty awesome. I can get a sense for that. Actually, back on the previous point though, how do you... when you talk about those drudgery things, some people think their drudgery and you said "I don't look at that as a job..." like doing the dishes or doing the chores and doing things that are so rampant with a family and then on top of that, you have got your business so, before I moved on I want to say how do you do that? What's your outlook on that, that makes it enjoyable for you and in the process of all these things that some people, a lot of people see as work and a lot of hard stuff?


John Bly: Yeah, you know it's true. A lot of people do see that as work and I would say my spouse sometimes would see that as work too. I just... you know, I do everything with a smile. People always say they never really see me frown. I'm always smiling like somebody delivering a bad news, I'm smiling and it's not because I'm being sarcastic or stupid, it's just the way I was raised. Because back to being a little kid, just being a little kid I always had a smile and it's just I don't take anything too seriously. If you take things too seriously, those people are always the most fun to be around. I've always wanted to have a lots of people around me. I try to be, I try to keep it light.


Aaron Kennard: Okay. That's good. That's a great tactic and I've been thinking about that. I guess things come up in my head where sometimes people have challenges and somebody just coming up and smiling at them and not taking things too seriously when they are suffering through an intensely, challenging situation may not come across that well and I guess, you're probably not saying that. I mean, I imagine when you are relating with somebody who's going through a hard it might be a little different or...


John Bly: Correct.


Aaron Kennard: But you are talking about events that you, just anything that comes up in your life, you are just smiling at it.


John Bly: Yeah. Somebody was delivering some uncomfortable or unfortunate news to me yesterday, a another person at my profession about a client that we share in and it was not unfortunate or anything it's not like anything bad happened but it was bad news for me personally...

Aaron Kennard: Like financially or something...


John Bly: Yeah. Financially. I mean they were taking some work from us and at the same time they are going to stiff us for about $20,000. And I just smiled through the process. Getting angry or getting frustrated or being upset, it's not his fault, he's just a messenger, right? You know the "don't shoot the messenger" It's not his fault, he was not out to make my life bad, he had nothing to do with it, he's just the circumstance that happens in life and you just got to be happy about it and move on and happiness is a choice. You can either allow those things to creep in to your head and you can choose to be upset about it or you can choose to be happy.


Aaron Kennard: Okay. So I love it. I love the fact that you clearly have mastered living that. I mean you, I've been around you and you do smile and you're a happy dude and that's why I wanted to talk to you because I wanted to get in to the head of how you are doing this and I totally agree with you, but what I think is, some people it's not that easy to make that choice. It's not that easy to just smile through the process. So, first of all, two questions, first of all, have you always been able to do this or was there, how did you get to the point of being able to do this or was there some story involved or things in your life, that the first question. We'll go in to the second one is, well, just slipped my mind... that's the question.


John Bly: So the first question, I always have been this way. It's funny when I think back to a kid, I'm in the process of writing a book now and I've had to think a lot about my childhood over the last six months and when I think back and when my parents tell stories, you know how parents are, I'm sure were on the same way, but when my parents tell stories, they always tell the good stuff they never tell the bad stuff. Maybe I did some bad stuff when I was a kid but those stories never seem to come out. But the stories that come out, my parents always tell people, you know, that when I was a kid it seems, even from day one, honestly, that I thought the world was made for me, and they don't mean that on a selfish sort of way, they just mean on a sort of I was going to take whatever came and make it my own and be happy about it and just deal with it and...


Aaron Kennard: What level... how many other kids were there in your family?


John Bly: I have an older brother and an older sister. They are much older.


Aaron Kennard: So you're the third.


John Bly: Yeah. I am the baby, the third and they were, to the extent when I was 11, I was basically an only child. it was like my other siblings were already in college. So even I can remember as a kid, in first grade, I would talk a lot in class, I like to give the answers, I wanted to share my knowledge on whatever I thought I knew...[inaudible]


Aaron Kennard: Nothing has changed. I remember sitting in class with you just recently. That's awesome.


John Bly: Yeah. That hasn't changed in 30 years or whatever. And so, even that I was always smiling and having a time and that costs me problems as a kid that I have to sit in a corner occasionally, because of you know I forget to raise my hands and I wanted to get an answer and, but you know, you just, you just go with it, I mean, I don't know. I have always been in that way and I think it goes back to my parents when I think about of how I was raised, I was raised by two of the best humans, not even the best parents, not even you know, I could not even argue with that, they are the best humans I have ever met. They were incredible people, they have always looked at life in a way they are super happy and now I am being married 11 years now I have always wondered, "Did they ever have an argument?" and I mean not like, I never, when I think back as a kid, I do not ever remember disagreeing on anything. Ever. Which I think is extremely unusual. [inaudible]


Aaron Kennard: I think that is super unusual. I do not know any other people who could say that. I know I certainly could not say it, that and I think that is probably super rare.


John Bly: Yeah, and when I think about my dad, I guess specifically, you know he coached me as a kid on every sport I played and he was on the school board for the local area just to give back and be involved and I think about all the other stuff he had to do, and I think, I never met a person who said anything bad about my dad, ever. They, I mean you know, he was just one of these people who, you know, draws people to them you know, like people like being around him if he does not talk about himself, he wants to hear about other people, shares information and he was just one of those kinds of people. So I think that is where I got, I was blessed enough to grow up at an house that had two loving parents, we are always happy and positive, somehow the genes spell in to me.


Aaron Kennard: Yeah. That is cool. Well that explains it, I mean, a lot of people who were not born in to that so they get born in to a negative environment and it is no wonder that they grow up dealing with all these negative things, right? and negative thoughts and habits that they passed down and just learn from the day they were born. So yeah for you I mean that was just a huge testament to parenting. The value of being a good parent and what that does to a child I mean look at your life, you have been positive through your whole life and you cannot even point back to any learning event of when you became so happy and felt so positive about life, it is just always been a part of you.


John Bly: Yeah and even to the extent, you know, people have challenges and when you asked about like if I have had any challenges or anything, you know I just always taken things like I just felt like a challenge you know almost like a SWOT analysis like strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and I always looked at everything like it was an opportunity, I never really looked at anything like it was a threat or weakness I was always like, "Well, so I did not do X, Y and Z, well, I will get it next time." or "I will work harder." or "I will study a little bit better." or whatever it might have been, I just felt like there is a no wall that was so high that I could not climb over it with a little of extra effort and you know, try a little harder and just thinking positive.


Aaron Kennard: Interesting. Looks like you have always had that so your head have just come down from your parents are from, you were born with it and your parents kind of set it up or kind of led the way huh?


John Bly: I think so. I think, as I was thinking about this knowing that you and I were going to talk today. I have the chance to think about you know over the last I am a little bit and I think that was really what it was I have never really had that life changing moment like I know many people have, and I guess I am just blessed that I have been where I am and the family I grew up with.


Aaron Kennard: That is cool. So what about fear? Have you ever had a fear?


John Bly: I have a fear of snakes. Does that count?


Aaron Kennard: Fear of, what is your fear of snakes?


John Bly: Other than that, honestly, besides being a bad parent which is probably the only thing that I have ever, you know, you think about people who ask a question like "What keeps you up at night?" It does not really keep me up at night, I sleep pretty well but the only thing that I could possibly do bad that would have any impact on anybody who I felt is substantial, parenting is the only thing I could think of that you know, I guess I could screw up some consulting gig or something like that but the impact would not be major. But if you make a mistake on parenting, as we just talked about a second ago, I mean it could last a lifetime. I was lucky enough to get incredible parenting and it lasted my whole life. So that is the only that I would say is back-of-the-mind sort of fear if you want it, I do not only fear it but is it something that I am conscious about.


Aaron Kennard: Yeah so what's your way to and so, what do you do with that then?


John Bly: It is a good question specially when you have multiple kids, they each have their own attention, they each have their own ways that they want to interact with you, I tell you, our kids I personally do not lack for love. I am a hugger so even at work, sometimes I hug my business partners which some of them are not really getting comfortable about, but you know, I am just one of these people who loves everybody. I have never really meant anybody that I did not like. There are lots of people who probably do not like me.


Aaron Kennard: And are you okay with that?


John Bly: Yeah, I am okay with it. That is okay. You know they probably do not like something about my personality, that is fine but that does not mean I should not like them they did not do anything to me.


Aaron Kennard: Absolutely.


John Bly: So the way that we tried to do it is we are probably tried to think about memories. Because when I think back as a kid, and I am sure you have the same experience, it is not about the day I went to school and came home and you know did my homework. I think about the times, I was on vacation with my parents or my dad coached a ballgame or I threw a no-hitter or whatever, right? [inaudible]


Aaron Kennard: Yeah, it was those memorable moments.


John Bly: Yeah I tried to create those experiences, those memories with my kids so, my wife always jokes at me that I am a fun dad because, like yeah I do them, Monday, day to day stuff but you know we will go to the movies like a couple times a month, I will take them on Disney on Ice, they have been to the zoo, they have been to Disney a few times, right? I mean I try to create the experiences and the stuff they remember and my kids still talk about that stuff about 'hey, remember two years ago you did this...' whatever it might be. We also believe that spending time together, all five of us, my wife and I and the three girls is very valuable. About 10 to 15 times a year, the five of us, and I know this kind of come surprising to some people, but the five of us would play 18 holes of golf a year together. 10 to 15 times a year.


Aaron Kennard: So you all love it. like your wife obviously likes golf.


John Bly: Yeah my wife likes golf, as a matter of fact this past weekend, she played on a three-day golf tournament and I was daddy for the weekend and running from soccer game to soccer game.


Aaron Kennard: Wow. So you get amused when you get in 10 to 15 times full 18 rounds of golf for the family the little kids just riding along the cart and stuff?


John Bly: Yeah. All my kids started on a golf course at six months old in cart carriers so they have all been in the golf course since then so they are amazingly well-behaved. They have better golf etiquette than most adults do.


Aaron Kennard: And do they golf with you too? Like now they are getting older?


John Bly: Yeah when they all turned about, the youngest pots on every green, the older two started playing when they were between four and five they started to take some lessons and they do some fun stuff so we let them key off around a hundred yard marker and *** in to the green and finishing and pot and all that. They love it. They all have fun because when I think back, and when you think about, you know, for those people who play golf, listen to this, when else can you spend four hours with your family without a cell phone, without a TV, without a radio, without a book and actually be present in a conversation, there aren't any other places where that happens?


Aaron Kennard: Yeah. you are kind of... you are there in a cart, you are just together.


John Bly: Yup.


Aaron Kennard: That is cool. So it sounds like that you just load your life up with, I mean your main focus then with family and that say, fear, that thing you would look at to your future potentially regret if it went bad is you are working to create experiences all the time with your children and your family.


John Bly: Yup.


Aaron Kennard: And that goes back to what you said initially, just kind of that, that number one thing, the thing that make your life the most amazing is your wife, your kids, your family, those experiences. That is really cool. Well, let's see. I like exploring this, it's a different take than most of the conversations I have had. I mean a lot of people have like big challenges and it is really cool and inspiring to hear what they doing about that. On the other hand, you have got, you have been blessed with a very positive attitude from the get go and very clear how that has, I mean everything you are saying it just does not bother me, rolls off.


John Bly: Yeah. It really is. It is funny when I... just to give you a sneak peak in to my parents, when I was getting married, my mother, I asked my mother, "What is the secret to a great marriage was?" and she said 'It is not the big stuff, you know if your spouse cheats on you or you cheat on your spouse or you have been running in to money problems and you become bankrupt or somebody has a fatal accident or something'... She said, 'Those things hit you in the face and you have to work through them.'


Aaron Kennard: Yeah.


John Bly: She said, "It is the little things that eventually erode a marriage, right?' I mean it is the things that you know 'he never really...' It is the ants, right? or if something happens, you know if something happens, 'he never took the garbage out anyway', 'he never did this', 'he never did that', that they pile on the little things that just throw in your face on the last minute. And so her advice is that 'Always do not let that stuff bother you.' She said, 'Do not let that little stuff bother you. You cannot shoot an ant with an ammo. Because if it bothers you then you have to talk about it but if not (then let it go) then you cannot use it later. So it is just the way that I have always done it so, let everything sort of roll off my back.


Aaron Kennard: Yeah. That is cool. That is really cool. So John, let me ask you, I sent you the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life, which one of those stands out to you the most right now and why?


John Bly: Can I pick two?


Aaron Kennard: Okay.


John Bly: Sure. Okay. Those two that really stream to me, one was Grow. If you are not growing you are dying. And the way I think about this has multiple assets to it. One is it could be business, it could be personal, it could be family and so I have used this personally as a saying for a long time, for business but I...


Aaron Kennard: Do you know where do you heard it from? By any chance... I do not know who would have credit that to you from.


John Bly: It is a good question. I actually do not. I have heard of that as a saying.


Aaron Kennard: No worries. Yup. It is common, but keep going.


John Bly: And so when I think about that, I thing about the stuff that I am personally doing. Not to die. Not to die in a way that I am not growing is I guess is the saying. But you know, so for instance, I read twenty book a year, and they are all self help, I mean they are business type books or personal development type books.


Aaron Kennard: Is that like a goal? A goal like 'I am going to do twenty' or kind of minimum of something?


John Bly: It is. I try to read a book for about half a month. I've done that through audio books  and regular books here in the last few years, because I believe the average American only read at .8 or .9, I saw the number recently, books a year. So if I can read twenty books a year, imagine the advantage of my life could have if I apply some of that stuff in my life.


Aaron Kennard: Yeah not to mention the fact that it is fulfilling and you are growing. That's life.


John Bly: Yup, and then it also means 'If you are not growing you are dying', it is a personal learning like stuff like that, hey it's the program we've met at right? I mean it's the Entrepreneurs Masters Program at MIT stuff, you know you and I were not, we didn't have our thirst for learning quenched previously and we continue and try learn through stuff like that.


Aaron Kennard: Definitely.


John Bly: And it is also coaching. I do coaching for my kids and I am also coached by people so that one struck home [inaudible]...


Aaron Kennard: So that one it has been part of your life, I mean that principle.

John Bly: Yeah.


Aaron Kennard: In all areas from, you personal to you seeking others grow it was just a big principle in your life, that sounds like cool.


John Bly: And the other one probably is not going to be a surprise to you. But the second one is smile. It feels good, it is contagious, it will change the world. And I am always laughing, I am always smiling, you know people think it is amazing but the way I look at it what does not kill you makes you stronger and you might as well be happy about your life while you are going through it.


Aaron Kennard: Seriously. Why, I mean you get to choose it, so why did you choose to not? right?


John Bly: Yeah. I do not want to look back in 30 years or 2 years and say "Jeez, those were  too tough years..." No. I want each year to get better and I do not really want to have regrets. I do not want to regret not enjoying the time I had or all I did was too much or I should've paid more attention to my kids or whatever that might be that would be somebody's regret. So by enjoying throughout you are extremely maximizing the time you have here.


Aaron Kennard: Well you gave us one example already like when somebody walked in and like handed you a bad news and you had some client leave, you just smiled through it all, do you have any other examples of life like when something that seemingly horrible happens to somebody or not even horrible, just negative, that a lot of people wouldn't smile about that you are smiling through? Can you think of anything off the top of your head?


John Bly: Yeah. It is a good question, another one is probably sometimes when my kids maybe or not the ideal behaved kids. And you got that opportunity to take that one or two ways, and there are certainly times when, you know they misbehaved or are not at their best or whatever. But when I specifically think about is when a couple of times when teachers have that issues with my kids, Actually, I am talking too much. Let us skip that from there. And you sort of take that  and instead of taking it too seriously, You know I've said I'm sorry and I will smile about it and I will be like 'You know they get it all from me and unfortunately you know it is just who I am, and you know we'll talk to him' and they will just sort of if you take it too seriously or get angry or in some parents cases, because I see this, and I am sure you see this too, parents think, the teacher or whoever is leaving the message is like an enemy. They think that they are out to get your kid and they are lying and then your kid is not really loud or doing something wrong like [inaudible]


Aaron Kennard: And that thought process comes, I mean from something deeper within that person obviously with some level of I do not know exactly where that comes from but that is very true that happens quite frequently.


John Bly: Yeah. You know and then you hear people complain about anything. And I am just not a complainer either, that kind of goes with my attitude. I am a believer that if you are going to complain, you should do something about it. And people talk about politics, it doesn't matter where you are in politics, I don't really care, but people talk about politics and they will complain about it. And in the last of my opinion, I mean in my opinion is very quick and easy and I say, 'Here's what I believe but the reality is I am not in the position where I do not want to do anything about it so I really cannot complain too much. I vote every time but I am not doing anything else. I am not making it an aggressive stands, I am not running for office, I am not backing a candidate, so if I am not going to do anything about it, it only brings negativity to complain about it. '


Aaron Kennard: Yeah, definitely. So in the case of your kids though, I mean you said the challenging kids your smiling through that, what's the point that you, how did you do that?


John Bly: When I go home and talk to the kids, you make sure that you are still engaging. You do not want them to think that every time something bad happens, it has to be the end of the world and doomsday is coming and daddy is going to frown or upset, but having a conversation and just making a little bit light of it, not making a joke of it but saying 'you know guys, I know that you probably got this from me, I'm a lot of talker or whatever or in school it is not okay. At home it is okay feel free to talk about it as much as you want, and you can talk about that either, at school you can try to tone it down a little bit.' and that sort of how the discussion goes. And you do it with your smile rather than you go home and then you put them on time out or take something away, you got to treat them like an adults and have a conversation about it and you do it smiling, makes it so much better to deliver news like that. People take things much easier  when you are smiling while delivering news than maybe when you are angry [inaudible].


Aaron Kennard: That's an interesting point. I like how you say that, that is a challenge for any parent, to just smile while dealing with kids or being not perfectly behaved so I can relate and I am sure ton of other people can. I think that would be an interesting challenge to try and say 'I am going to smile in delivering messages to my kids, regardless of what they are today. See how it goes, see if can be John Blye a little bit more.


John Bly: I appreciate that. Tell me how if you try it out for a day, then let me know how it goes. I think you will feel better and I actually think your kids would react better.


Aaron Kennard: I am trying it and I can check in back with you because I think that's the way to grow. I'm on the hope now so you will soon hear from me. Alright, tell me John, what one book would you most highly recommend to help someone make a massive shift toward living a truly amazing life?


John Bly: Apparently, I am not a good decision maker because, like the last question, I want two, if that's okay, E-books. I've got two that I've read in the last year, that I think could be impactful for  people who are struggling with this concept. One is, Life don't miss it, I almost did by Gary Kunath and the other is Enjoy the Ride by Steve Gilliland.


Aaron Kennard: Enjoy the Ride?


John Bly: Yup. And both of those focus on sort of, both of them were driven individuals, specially at work and had some moments in life that change their life much like some of the other folks you've probably been talking to. And they got their life back on track in a way that got it in focus so that they are happy and they were not rushing to the next thing and they were not always thinking about work, they were not letting stress get in to them. they were enjoying their family and building those experiences and memories and those books are both really good reads, easy to read, they both tell great stories, and I feel like those things for people that are out there that are struggling to make it a truly amazing life, I feel like those two could have an impact on helping them get over.


Aaron Kennard: That's cool. Thanks for those recommendations. Alright John, well it has been fantastic, to wrap up, let us know how people can see John Bly's business. Tell us where is your business address is, in any way people might want to look at who you are and get in touch with you when needed and leave it us with one final piece of wisdom about the most important thing you've learned about living a truly amazing life.


John Bly: Sure. So John Bly, LBNA Certified Public Accountants, Charlotte North Carolina, it is where located. We have offices located in Charlotte and Greensboro. Happy to take emails, my email is john@cparesults.net, our web address is www.cparesults.net. The thing that has made it, last piece of advice is I guess, is really Happiness is a choice and each trying to wake up and say "Today's going to be a good day.", you would be surprised that, that saying you will hear people say 'I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning', happiness starts the first minute you wake up, I do not ever have a problem getting out of bed, I do not ever have a problem getting my day started and it is a choice.


Aaron Kennard: Yeah, you are such in an habit of that choice, you have been making it for a long time, right?


John Bly: Yup. It all starts the first minute, if your day starts bad, it's a tough uphill climb.


Aaron Kennard: You told me before that you have never really had like a down day, like you have hard moments or whatever, you are basically saying you never really had a bad day.


John Bly: Correct. I am actually saying that. And my wife would agree, it is not like I am just saying this for our discussion purposes, my wife and my parents would agree, my wife jokes and I do not mean this in a light way and my wife jokes that somehow I have a 1-800 number to God, it seems like everything falls in a happy way for me she said that. It is just that I do not take things too seriously and I am also happy about it, people like to be around like happy people. I like to make things happen for happy people so I've been lucky a lot of times.


Aaron Kennard: Well we agree on that point John, that is why I wanted to ring that up because I do not believe that there is such a thing as a bad day at least through such in my life I made that choice in December 2011. You have made that a long time before that and I love other people who agreed that, that is total choice that there is never a bad day unless you decide that there is but why would you decide that there is.


John Bly: Yup I agree on that 100%.


Aaron Kennard: That is awesome, and it has been fantastic. Thank you so much for being on a call today.


John Bly: Take care and I really appreciate it.


Aaron Kennard: I hope you enjoyed that call. It is hard not to smile when talking to John, he gives a  such a great example and I invite you all to take the smile challenge for this entire day. Be like John. Do every single thing you do today with a smile no matter what. Let us give it a shot and see how it changes for you, see what it does for you, then report it to John just make a comment on this episode page at TrulyAmazingLife.com/episode13. I will be doing that myself. So, join on in the fun and let us go smile today. That's all for now. Have an amazing day.