Would you rather be ‘happy’ or ‘right’?

I often find myself asking my kids that question.

Us adults need the reminder too though.

The challenge is you often have to choose between the two.

Happy or Right.

Quite often you can’t have both.

But for some reason we as humans get so fixated on being right at all costs that we are willing to destroy our relationships and our peace and happiness to achieve it.

What’s the reason?

And how can we avoid the ‘I’m right’ trap?

Seriously…can you think of any time in your life when you won the argument and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were right, and that it brought you lasting peace and improved your relationships?

I can’t.

Sure, I feel vindicated!

My ego is bolstered!

I feel bigger momentarily!

Oh…and nobody wants to be around me 🙁

And I have this underlying pit in my stomach telling me it wasn’t worth it.


Contrast that with those times when we swallow our pride, even if we know (or think we know) we are right, and concede the point.

It always brings peace, and harmony in relationships.


So why do we keep going back to this need to be ‘right’?



Lack of self confidence.

Low self-esteem.

Something to prove…to ourselves really.

Lack of love for ourselves at a deep level…among other possible reasons.


So next time you find yourself about to launch into debate over… anything…ask yourself…

“Do I want to be right more than I want to be happy?”

Then I guess if the answer is yes…do what you gotta do!

But why the heck would the answer ever be yes to that?

(OK…maybe some high dollar negotiation is at stake…a situation actually just came to mind…but even then it’s not necessarily worth it. I’ve walked away from a lot of money over the years in exchange for peace and happiness right now.)


Let others suffer through being right if they must…go be happy!

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