Why do we have fear?

According to Steven Pressfield it’s there to help us.

I tend to agree.

I’ve been reading his book “The War of Art” (no, not a typo, it’s not the Art of War) this week and I love being reminded of the beauty of fear as an indicator.

It’s like a gas light. Sure glad I have one of those in my car! It would be pretty annoying not to have a gas light or fuel tank gauge and not know when I need to fill up.

Same with fear.

Glad I have it. It shows me what to do!

Steven wrote:

“The more fear we feel toward a thing the more sure we can be that we need to do it.

If you are paralyzed with fear it’s a good sign. It shows you what you have to do.”

I love that. And I agree with it.

He also said this which rung true to me:

“The more important a calling or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel towards doing it.

The truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self mastery.”

It is so liberating to be working on what your heart calls you to do. And it takes mastery over self to surmount the resistance that we all face when we make the decision to start following our heart.

It always happens.

And it’s a good sign!

We embrace the resistance and fear, being thankful it is there because it confirms what we should do: plunge straight ahead right into it.

An exhilarating, fulfilling way to live. Which produces joy.


That’s a great book, I highly recommend it to those who create art in any fashion (which is everyone, or should be everyone if they want to live amazingly…another topic…but definitely one important pillar of living a TAL).


Checking in on my goal to only check email and fb two times per day or less…I’m LOVING it!

100% so far after 9 days, and so far here’s the result:

More focused, accomplishing much more of my priorities much faster, more connected with my wife and children, more connected in all my social encounters, and more fulfilled in all of them, more happy, more peaceful, more confident, not overwhelmed at all, even with a lot going on. My mind is more clear than it has been in months.

I highly recommend any habit dealing with less distraction in life and more focus.  And tracking it somewhere is important – to keep you accountable.


Make today amazing!


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