Who (or what) is determining how you feel right now?

Are you a victim of your circumstances?

Are you a victim of your body’s need for sleep?

Are you at effect or at cause in your life?

Specifically, are you in charge of how you feel?

Or are your feelings dictated by the circumstances? How much sleep you got, how many tasks you have on your list, how many unmet obligations you have, how many people need your attention, how sick your body is…etc, etc.

I had to re-answer that question for myself today.

I want to believe I’m in control of my feelings, but I seriously questioned that this morning.

Here – take a gander at my conversation with self:

Where am I?

Feeling tired?

Feeling a bit lethargic?

Feeling comfortable?

Hmmm…I just had the re-realization that I get to decide how I feel.

Oh yeah! That’s a wonderful thought. So how do I want to feel right now?

Do I really get to decide that?

Am I in control of feeling energized, enthusiastic and refreshed?

Right now – even though I just felt a momentary sense of excitement at the possibility of changing my feelings – my state – I then felt tired again.

Like perhaps its too much effort to do the mental ‘work’ of changing my thoughts to change how I feel.


But why?

Is it really that hard?

it’s like my body just wants to sleep.

Go back to bed.

My spirit wants to be energized and take advantage of this moment and accomplish and be alive.

But part of me wants to close my eyes and drift off.

It’s challenging even moving the pen thinking of this.


(30 second rest – almost fell asleep)


This is strange.

I don’t love it.

I prefer energized, enthusiastic, stoked about life.

Tendency tells me to just go to sleep – get more rest – then I’ll feel better.

Is that true?


I’m going to test something.

Speak my affirmations – aloud – force a smile on my face – stop reclining – get in power position – sitting upright.

Then see how I feel. DO IT!

(15 second delay…feeling strong urge to just lay down)

AARGH! Something is resisting that. Just go!


(8 minutes later)

BETTER! WOW! Feels like I splashed cold water on my face! (maybe I should have started with that? a quicker, easier solution?)

Thank you self!

For blasting through that resistance with routine.

Thank you routine!

For being there for me to bring me back to life!

I love positive habits & routines I can count on.

That was unique.

The lethargy is gone.

I don’t want to lay down anymore.

I feel like charging!

I really do feel energized, enthusiastic and refreshed now.

Breathing deep with my eyes closed now I have visions of conquering and smiling instead of a soft bed to hide away in.


I really am.

I DO get to decide.

I have the power to change my state – even when I am weak.

Just by forcing myself to go through the motions for a bit.


I’m a huge fan of my affirmations and vision sheet.

Am I the only one here who feels like some days I’m starting from scratch?

Like I have to reboot and re-program my system almost every morning?


I have the feeling I’m not alone in this.

Because I hear from so many of you that staying positive, and believing in yourself are your #1 top challenges.


Here’s a direct download link to my affirmations I just used this morning in case you haven’t gone through 5 Minute Mental Mastery yet (which I recommend, MANY of you are commenting on how helpful and fun it has been…Join 5MMM here if you haven’t already)

I actually got most of these affirmations from my mentor Preston from his Wake Up Wealthy course.

If you didn’t see the video I sent from him yesterday about his course…

Go check it out <–click here to check it out.

He offers his 90 day – once per week – training video/audio etc. course where he teaches how he organizes his life and thinks in order to achieve freedom in the 4 key areas in life (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual/relational, and financial).

It’s really, really good stuff…

made a HUGE POSITIVE IMPACT on my life.


The affirmations process just served me again this morning in fact.

I remember now how he taught me to force a BIG HUGE CHEESY grin while saying the affirmations to myself while looking in a mirror. It helps a lot.

that’s a KEY by the way. Speak your truths to yourself looking in your eyes in the mirror. Very powerful.

It really works. Just try it! It gets you feeling better fast.


That’s all for now…make today amazing!!


(Seriously. just do it. You can. I questioned that this morning…it’s natural to question that. But you do have the power to change your life every moment…it starts with your thoughts, which you do have the power to direct. For a lot of great additional help on this stuff, and another person who truly believes in you check out Preston’s course)

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