“When are my feelings inappropriate for the circumstances?”

A 5 Minute Mental Mastery Subscriber asks:

“I am discovering that my biggest personal struggle is relying too much on my partner for happiness. When he is stressed I seem to respond by feeling like it is directed at me, even when I know its not. I’ve been working on my emotional response for months now, and it seems like it hasn’t really improved much. I know its healthy to talk about your feelings, but when are my feelings inappropriate for the circumstances? “

Here was my quick response to her:

“Thanks for replying Michelle! It’s an honor and privilege to hopefully serve you and help in some way.

That’s a tough challenge! You’re not the only one that struggles with that.

5 minute mental mastery will help you by re-framing your perspective.

Our feelings are 100% generated by our thoughts. But it’s often subconscious, so we don’t even know why something made us feel a certain way.

As you re-train your subconscious mind to automatically think in new ways, you will also gain control over your feelings.

It’s a process.

Doesn’t happen immediately.

Creating new subconscious thought requires repetition over time.

That is exactly what this system is designed for. It’s not polished or perfect yet, but if you will give it your heart and go through it I know it will help.



Thought you might appreciate what some others are experiencing.

If you haven’t already gone through the first module of 5 Minute Mental Mastery, you really should check it out here.  It is transformational.

Extremely simple and easy – yet extremely powerful and transformational.


Make Today Amazing!


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