What’s the real deal with Paleo?

Caroleen, one of our TAL Family members is producing a documentary on the Paleo movement and graciously invited me to co-produce with her. We just launched the project for funding on Indiegogo!

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Here’s why I’m doing it:

Healthy eating is a challenging topic because there are so many contradictions, biases, and misinformation.

It can be mind-boggling to see through all the pitches and fads and see what’s even real, especially when there are so many large institutions with big financial interests doing their best to sway the conversation.

I personally don’t claim to have all the answers by any means.

But I do have some very valid experience to share, and probably have more access than most to some truth on the subject.


I believe I’m in a position to help on the important topic of food. I lean toward the ‘paleo’ way of eating.

But there are reason why I DO support the ‘Paleo’ movement in general.

And also reasons why I DON’T fully subscribe to ‘all things paleo’.


First, a few reasons against:

1st reason:

Why I don’t subscribe to ALL of it?

There really is no ONE ‘Paleo diet’ and recommendation to follow from what I can tell.

There are a thousand voices and cookbooks and ideas floating around on the topic and it has all been labeled in general ‘Paleo’.

At least that’s my perspective. And they are all similar but have their own takes…so it’s difficult to know exactly what ‘the Paleo Diet’ is.

2nd reason:

Every individual is unique…and I am also an individual (go figure;)

And therefore there is no blanket solution checklist that everyone on the earth can follow for complete and total health.

It just doesn’t work that way.

I have allergies to certain things that you don’t.

I have greater sensitivity to all sugars than many other people.

We’re all unique.

So whether it’s Paleo or any other diet or food recommendation, there can never possibly be ONE answer.

3rd reason against:

What you think is Paleo is probably not Paleo.

There are TONS of misconceptions.

The biggest myth I hear is that people think Paleo means eating TONS of meat.

People generally hear the word paleo and think of a caveman eating 90% meat and maybe a few berries and veggies he can scrounge up.

That’s not it at all.

At least not from my experience. I’m definitely AGAINST eating excessive amounts of meat to the exclusion of all ‘carbs’ etc. Paleo is generally against all grains. I don’t fully subscribe to that…but I do recognize the huge problem with many of the grains in our food supply (wheat and corn specifically).

Also there are tons of great carbohydrates in many vegetables.


What do I do about food then?

  1. I study and seek out the best knowledge from all the resources I can.
  2. I get blood tests and specific knowledge about my body so I know what foods are detrimental and beneficial for me personally.
  3. I get clear on the guiding principles I feel are true.
  4. Then I create my own guidelines that line up with all that and call it MY DIET.

Nobody else eats my diet. It’s only mine. Because I’m the only one of me.

Same thing with you.

There is not ONE diet solution with exact steps of what is best for every person everywhere.

But from what I’ve experienced (immense pain and lots of trial and error), and read, and the advice of my functional medicine doctor who I trust highly, the general principles of the Paleo movement are the best place to build your foundation for dietary health.


Why Paleo as a base to start from?

Because it works.

I changed to most of the paleo principles and within two days of the change ALL my bloating, gas, and pain from a ‘supposedly’ chronic disease disappeared.

I immediately stopped needing narcotics for pain, I eliminated the side-effect causing steroids for anti-inflammation, and I have been drug-free and healthy ever since.

My blood work now shows a VERY healthy body with VERY low inflammation…whereas before (when I was eating wheat, dairy and sugar) I had EXTREMELY high inflammation and my body was intensely sick.

That’s the biggest proof for me.


But you probably need your own proof, which you can get through your own experience, testing, reading etc.

Here are the principles I guide myself by in general:

  1. DO Eat high quality whole foods that do not cause inflammation in the body.
  2. DON’T eat processed or genetically altered foods or food ‘substitutes’ that cause inflammation in the body.

That’s what resonates with me.

Eating real, nutritious food.

And those are the principles I live by with regard to food.

I taylor MY diet to make sure it lines up with those as the guiding principles.

All the rest is just details.

It really comes down to absorbing proper nutrients and avoiding inflammation.

If you do those 2 things, your body machine will likely function well. As with everything in life it’s always best to…


The Paleo movement in my opinion provides the closest place to start from that lines up best with those 2 principles.


Make sense?

I could talk a lot more about this, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Go watch our 3 minute intro to the movie we’re making here.

Then leave a comment with your quick thoughts on the movie, and my 2 principles above (agree? Disagree? Helpful? Have other ideas to add?).

Let’s talk about it! Food is an extremely important topic, key to our physical freedom, keeping our mind clear, and living a TAL!


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