What happens when you Remember Who You Are?

The paperback version of Remember Who You Are is ready! Thanks for your patience…those of you who were waiting for the print version.

There was a little delay from the printing house…but it’s ready now and available on Amazon right here.

New feedback has been rolling in consistently the past week or so, and more and more people are experiencing the power of remembering who they are.

I thought it would helpful for you to hear these experiences from others about what happens when you Remember Who You Are.

Usually hearing other’s experiences is the best way for us to relate, and it gets our minds kicked into gear and motivated to take action that helps us.

So hopefully this helps…because I’d love to hear of your life-enhancing experiences also.


“Hi Aaron,

Telling myself ‘I love myself’ is a new thing which I have learned and really feel good about it. So far I have never heard anything like this and it’s a very good way of connecting with oneself.

Your teachings have given me a new approach towards my life. You have really given a gift for life. Thank you very much.

Warm Regards,

Siddhi Dave”


“Hi Aaron

It’s great to be receiving your daily emails again!

In just a few days I have noticed a big difference in my attitude – at random times of the day I will just start smiling and feeling good….weird ay?

Thanks so much for helping me to feel better!

Kind regards

Glenda :)”


Dear Aaron

I’m thankful to receive the lessons. The teachings really boost my soul and spirit.

When I’m down I repeat the affirmations and it really boosts my life. I immediately sail out of the state of darkness to sunlight.

I’m always looking forward to the emails.

Thank you very much.

Tebogo Mhinga”


“Hi Aaron

I really love the e-mails each day as it’s easy to access on my iPad anytime and anywhere. It’s also a lovely reminder which keeps me going.

When I feel everything is getting on top of me I think of the affirmations and it lifts my mood and self esteem immediately. I am more productive and positive in my attitude.

Thanks again,



Practicing the habit of loving myself and remembering who I am was amazing last month and continues to be this month. My awareness has shifted and I am able to stay in a positive vibration most of the time.

It feels so good!

I have had the opportunity to share your work with a few people in my life who have also found benefit from it. Keep it up! You’re definitely on to something valuable for us all!

-Cassandra Kostuk


If you haven’t gotten started on this 4-week challenge of developing the habit to Remember Who You Are – go get the book and join us!

You won’t regret it. The simple practice we do together has the power to be life-changing.

Here’s where to get the book (which includes daily email delivery if you want it):

==> iTunes (eBook & audiobook)

==> Amazon (for paperback or kindle)

==> Google Play (eBook).

If you have started, and you’re struggling at all…stick with it! Everyone’s experience is different and takes different time.

Come share your challenges with us so we can support you in the TAL Family Facebook group.

I’m grateful for you! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Make today amazing!


P.S. – If you have also had good experiences, please share! Email me, or share it in the TAL Family group. Sharing your experiences is a great service to others…you never know who might really relate to your specific situation.

And if can take a minute or two and leave a review on the site where you got the book, that would be super helpful to others. User reviews are so critical in helping these books reach others who could really use the help.


Aaron Kennard

Chief Life Lover


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