What do you think about when you don’t have to think about anything?

When you are in between things?

Do you default to FB to do your thinking for you?

Or email?

Or twitter or news or blogs?

I do sometimes.

I was liberated for 3 weeks by abstaining from the tendency to ‘check in’. It freed my mind and soul.



I let the old pattern creep back in for a couple days and felt it.

Less confidence.

Slight anxiety.

Less peace.

Felt myself reaching again for something “new” to fill the gaps – the void.


Here’s what I can clearly see from the test:

Distracting oneself to avoid thinking does not lead to confidence, peace, or joy.

It may temporarily ‘dull’ or ‘numb’ the pain.

And you might mistake that for peace or joy.

But it won’t last.

You’ll need another distraction soon enough.


Here’s my lesson:

Think faithful thoughts. They feel amazing. They lead to confidence. Peace. Joy.


Here’s the question that would be good to sit with and think on (rather than just avoid through any form of distraction):

What void are you seeking to fill?

How do you feel when you fill your mind with the news?

The FB or twitter feed?

The latest whatever?


Sometimes uplifted I’m sure – when it’s positive.

That’s why I tend to like FB actually.

Because I have crafted a good news feed for the most part by ‘liking’ positive pages and people.

So I’ll definitely keep using it (in moderation).

I condone it. I like it. I think it is good. And I love how Facebook connects us all to each other so well.

But often, if you’re just looking for distraction, maybe you’re like me and it’s like a sugar rush.

You get that immediate satisfaction, but followed by a ‘wow…I just wasted 30 minutes getting distracted, ugghh’ pit in the stomach feeling (which oddly enough leads you to want to go eat some sugary thing perhaps)


So here are some questions to consider:

Do you need “outside” information to feel good?

What do you WANT to think about?

Is the habit of seeking constantly “out there” to help you feel better the most empowering habit?

Or can you look INSIDE to find the faithful and good thoughts?


I encourage you to take just one day and test out looking inside instead of outside.

For one day look inside instead of out – for your positive – uplifting – faithful thoughts.

In your in ‘between times’ – talk (kindly) to yourself – think to yourself instead of filling up your head with outside thoughts.

Ask, what do I want most? Then think about that.

Ask who am I? Then think about that.

Then tell me how it goes.

I’d really love to hear about your one day experiment.

(or if you do this all the time already and have mastered distraction, I’d love to hear what that does for you also. Others would really benefit from hearing it I’m sure.)


Here’s the challenge really simply put:

For one day – limit yourself to checking your habitual sources of information to only TWO TIMES. Whatever those sources are. FB, twitter, email, news.

When you feel the urge to ‘check in’ to something, use the opportunity to check in with yourself. Ask yourself what’s new. Ask yourself what you most want to think about. Then think about it. Use that precious time to envision and create in your mind the things you most long for.

That’s it.

Then reply and let me know how it went.

I’m curious.


Make today amazing!



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It’s extremely valuable to have it around for a visual daily reminder.

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