What are my addictions you ask?

What are my addictions you ask?

I tend to be an emotional eater.

When I get stuck or overwhelmed, or if I lack direction or focus, I tend to default to eating something.

Can you relate?


We all have our default ‘obsessions’ or addictions.

Another one I deal with is the ‘information’ addiction.

For me it’s either food or information.

Just consume something.

That will distract me.

Numb the ‘pain’.

You know the drill.

What’s yours?


It’s healthy to acknowledge and understand what habits/addictions you have. Become aware of them.

Not in a judgmental way.

Not to beat yourself up.

Just to be aware.

Being aware of your addictions and habits, and refraining from judging yourself for having them, makes it possible for them to let go of you, and you to let go of them.

Or to replace them with a habit that serves the same purpose (comfort, distraction, whatever), but is more healthy and beneficial to you.


Most important first step is awareness though.

Then acceptance – Awareness without judgment.

You are OK!

I am OK!

We have these tendencies for a good reason, and resisting/fighting/hating them doesn’t help us feel better, be better, live better etc.



That leads to peace and release.


Here’s a thought I found yesterday, from myself over a year ago in my ‘positive things’ journal, that was a helpful reminder to me.

7/11/12 – THANK YOU!

Thank you for food cravings!

I’m grateful for food cravings. I think it’s awesome that I have them.

Because they are a built-in reminder system for me to take action to feel better.

I have learned that when I start to crave sweets or things that aren’t healthy for my body, it’s generally because I’m not feeling super good emotionally & spiritually.

So rather than be bugged by the cravings, resist them, and give in to them, thus feeling worse, I am embracing them.

Appreciating them.

I love the food cravings, because they open my eyes, and get me back on track instantly!

they are a window to my soul, to my emotions, and they clearly show me how I’m feeling, which shows me how I’m thinking.

And since I recognize it I can use it as a reminder for me to STOP! And change course.

They are my thermostat.

And I’m so grateful to have it. Without them, I amy not notice I’m going off course until I’m WAY out of the way.

Here’s how I can use them:

1 – Notice the craving.

2 – STOP what I’m doing.

3 – Breathe.

4 – Write 5 things I’m grateful for.

5 – Write 5 things I want and change course.

Hope that helps shift your perspective on whatever you’re addicted to!

There’s a positive side to everything;)


Have an amazing day!


P.s. – Update from the Philippines: Our team member Rei is SO CLOSE to being back to normal thanks to many of you amazing people!

With your donations Rei was able to get her roof, windows, and doors fixed. And electrical wiring just as of yesterday! Plus a small part of the funds went toward getting her a new laptop (I financed the rest for her) which I overnighted to her last week.

As of today she is back to working and was beaming with joy and gratitude in our Skype conversation.

So Thank You to all who supported her!!

She’s still needing funds to fix the plumbing and internet cabling for their house…and here’s the link if you want to support her with that. But she is feeling so richly blessed already…it’s an amazing feeling to see how overcome with gratitude she was for your support.

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