Vulnerability is weakness? Hardly the case

I guess there were 4 more letters I hadn’t shared with you yet! (Thought it was 3)

…so today, here’s the final 4 in the A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life:


We learn and think we know much but true understanding only comes when we renew our remembrance of how little we actually know.

This opens us to see other angles and grow. To deepen our clarity, expand our mind, and remove limitations one at a time.

An example is meditation which eludes the majority because misunderstood it is undervalued vastly.

If we knew the immense power our quiet mind possessed we would eagerly meditate, skipping some rest.

So true understanding in all areas then, brings motivation and expansion.

But how? And when?

Keep open the mind. All of the time.


Vulnerability is weakness? Hardly the case.

The opposite is true, it’s actually strength.

Afraid to be vulnerable we hold it all in, and hold up our mask with painted on grin, when inside we just wish we could let it all out, but the risk and uncertainty stifles our shout.

We love it when others expose their raw truth and feel instant connection to their inner goof. So why wouldn’t they love ours just the same! Oh yeah, they would! No need to feel shame.

Take heart! There’s exhilarating joyful flow in baring wide open the truth of your soul.


To many work is only a four letter word, just ‘surviving it’ year after year, it’s absurd.

No! Engross yourself, no matter your task! Give your whole heart and you’ll create art that lasts.

Your work done with love will surely endure in memories of many because it is pure.

And never retire, but if you must, re-hire yourself quick in a cause you trust to propel you forward, keep you alive with excitement in serving as daily you strive toward your worthy ideal until the day you die, at a ripe old age still with vision held high.


Zing: a lively, zestful quality; zest, vigor, animation, vitality.

Who does not want to live life like that?

And we can!

No matter our status, situation, or past, we can choose a new approach to life that will last.

Like this list we can all choose to finish with zing! Today is the first of the rest where we’ll sing our heart’s true song and refuse to hide. No regrets! We won’t die with our music inside.

Let’s live life with zing by deciding today to see everything conspiring to bring life our way.

This is a truly amazing life!

The complete list from A to Z is posted here



And Make Today Amazing!



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