Truly Amazing insights from Mexico!

Truly Amazing insights from Mexico!

Got an email from a new Truly Amazing Lifer Cesar from Mexico that is well worth your time to read.

This is a bit longer today…but important!

He said I could share this with you…:

“Hi Aaron! I’m glad to tell you that I’ve just finish your book! And that I feel like living a Truly Amazing Life rite now! 🙂

Just the minute I stopped reading, I wanted to write down how I feel about your experiences and how they changed my way of thinking. So, I want to share with you what I just wrote:

“Saturday October 19th 2013


This is truly an Amazing Life! Tonight, instead of thinking about the hard times I’m going through, I decide to think about the good times I have, and the better ones to come thanks to these present obstacles. Thinking that way, realizes me that there’s no such thing as a Bad Day in our entire life if we choose to see every problem as a potentially lesson for us.

Today I feel strong! It surprise me to feel this way, but it feels great. So it’s amazing! Certainly, this feeling I will take it mine for the rest of my life. These days have been challenge after challenge. Never been like this in my life.

But today I’m grateful for this opportunity to change my view on things, to Learn.

These weeks, I’ve learned tons about myself. All my life I had carry a lot of negative emotions. Now I thank the chance, from now on, to see my capability and strength to front my troubles. To trust that everything is conspiring for our benefit, without wondering in the “how”.

That particular thought is making a revolution in myself.

I’m so excited to decide that my happiness is depending on myself, and no one else! I know is my choice to make to think and live this way!

I’ve also learn these days, that reading a book, a work session, an afternoon with your friends, or simply take the time and write down about yourself, could be as simple and small as you may think, but actually they are so meaningful and capable of give you strength and enlighten your life for good!

This way of living is what I want now on.

From now, my troubles ceased to be “troubles”, now they are “challenges” that I accept thrilled and excited. For I know that, no matter how hard they get, they will never harm me permanently. Any challenge is an opportunity to grow, and “Growth is the only evidence of life” (John H Newman) … of a Truly Amazing Life!”

Thank you so much, Aaron! We don’t know each other, but I see you as my brother in life, and my friend. I know that it’s my choice to see this life as amazing, but you gave us a powerful tool in achieving it! So, Thank You! Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

I know my journey through this lesson isn’t over yet. I’m still 2 weeks left with the 5MMM System, and whatever comes next in life. But finally I feel ready to go for it!

I’m still thrilled. I’m in the path now! And I’m excited and ready for any test to come. So I can prove myself, that no matter the circumstances, this will always be an amazing life!

From Mexico, living a Truly Amazing Life:

Cesar 🙂

That is EXACTLY the passion and thrill for life that I hope for you…and for me.

I hope hearing Cesar’s experience re-lights your own flame.

It did for me.


I want to help everyone I possibly can grab hold of life just like Cesar just did.

And I’ll admit that one big reason for that is to help myself never forget again to live life ALL OUT!

It’s so easy to forget.

But when we help others remember, it keeps us on track.


So I invite you to join the Truly Amazing Life movement.

Live amazingly and encourage others to.

Get the free poster – Post it!

And share it with your friends.

I see 100,000 of these posters hanging throughout the world (and I know that’s just the start)

Showing people what it means to live a Truly Amazing Life.

And there are literally millions across the world, like you were Cesar, longing for a truly amazing life, but not really know how to find it, who need our help to make that happen.


It’s not about ‘the good life’.

To settle for good is to sacrifice amazing.

And that’s a tragedy IMO.

(and if you are struggling to just feel ‘good’ don’t despair, get to good first. Then move on to amazing. Just realize that ‘good’ is not the end goal, and you ABSOLUTELY can have amazing. Everyone can, there are no exceptions. Get the poster in front of you. Focus on doing just one of those things each day. You can.)


I love you.

I appreciate being part of your life.

Thank you, all of you who continue to encourage me to keep going! despite the critics and naysayers.


This is a Truly Amazing Life!


Until then, Make Today Amazing!

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