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Here is your Free Download of the 8 X 10 Version of the Truly Amazing Life Poster.

  • The Truly Amazing Life Poster
    The Truly Amazing Life Poster

    Download your free copy of the 8x10" high resolution version of the Truly Amazing Life Poster.

    This Poster contains the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life. 'Believing' That This Is A Truly Amazing Life is the 12th pillar (that one word 'believe' isn't on the poster, but implied through the central statement)

    Enjoy! And make today Amazing!

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Check Out The 18 X 24″ Version of the Poster

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I created this poster as an anchor for myself. In case I find myself settling again, and telling myself that life is just OK, I wanted to have something to get me back on track.

I created it as a reminder.  If I ever find myself thinking that today is just a bad day, this poster now reminds me of the beliefs that actually serve me.  It reminds me that every day is good as long as I choose to see it that way.

I created it for a foundation.  As a means of keeping my thoughts grounded and focused on my truest desires.   It is a tool to keep my mind focused on what I want and more importantly why I want it.

And in creating it I realized it can also bless and serve others as it does me.

These posters are printed on really thick 18 by 24 inch poster paper and can be easily posted anywhere with or without a frame.  All the feedback from people who have received their shipment is that everyone loves it and thinks it's a really awesome and high quality poster.

We Need Reminders!

The fact is we are all human and we forget.

We feel really good one day, and we think we can conquer the world.

And then something happens that TOTALLY throws us off our game and we get discouraged or distracted by the circumstances.

That is why I made this poster.


Little did I know just how desperately I would need this!

3 months after creating this poster I became suddenly afflicted with the bowel disease Ulcerative Colitis.

Thanks to God I recovered fully after suffering through intense pain, losing 50 pounds and getting a life saving surgery.

I drew strength to go on living daily from this poster.

My body was in major pain daily and I had been reduced to being in bed nearly 100% of the time.

There were some very dark moments.  One night I felt the urge to rip this poster in half because every belief on the poster was being challenged for me.

But I couldn't do it.

That was by far the biggest challenge of my life, and with every bout of pain, and every test of my will, these beliefs only proved stronger.

I know that we are get to decide how we direct our thoughts, and having this poster staring me in the face every day in front of my bed turned out to be an amazing blessing for me in helping me be strong and remember.  I went through the biggest challenge I could ever possibly imagine...yet I know it will somehow be for my good.  And I know I still get to choose how I think and respond to everything.  And I won't lie, it was hard.  But this poster helped me daily in that challenge and I knew I would make it through somehow.  It helped me find ways to see joy in the littlest things I could each and every day.  And it still does that for me!


Let it be a tool for you!

If you post this poster on your wall, even if you don't read it all the time, just having the positive energy from the message on this poster in your surroundings will positively impact your life.

But if you will read those statements each day and take them to heart, they will absolutely help you keep your thoughts positive.

And keeping your thoughts positive all the time is the way to experience the best that life has to offer you.


Live Today Like It Is Amazing!  (Because it is;)

Here is my personal mission and personal desire:

I want every single person who knows me or who ever thinks of me in any way, to remember how truly amazing this life is.  And to remember right in that moment that their own personal life is truly amazing.

And I mean everyone.   Starting with my wife and children.  I want to live a truly amazing life for them.

I want everything I do, think, and say to be in perfect harmony and alignment with living a life of joy, peace, love, creation, and happiness in my relationships with my family.  Having this poster on my wall in my room reminds me every time I look up that I am in 100% control of my life experience.   While I can't control every thought that comes to me, I get to choose whether to look for good or see the negative.

I encourage you to get your poster now!  So that each day you are reminded that your life is in your hands.  So you won't allow yourself to make any excuses.  So you can Stop Settling for less than you deserve and less than you are.  So you are reminded to be who you truly are and want to be.  And by remembering and being the real YOU, you can experience true joy.


Aaron Kennard