This 1 shift brought peace in a financially distressing time

Life gives us unexpected obstacles. Everyone gets them. Nobody is exempt.

Chances are good that you are in one now. Maybe its not massive. Maybe its seemingly small.

But things happen, and they tend to wear at us, until one day we wake up and realize we are grumpy.

Unhappy consistently.

What happened?

Hard to pinpoint sometimes.

But the fix can be simple!


Listen to what Henri from South Africa (new 5 Minute Mental Mastery user) says…some powerful points are made:

Hi Aaron

We have been watching the news reports on the floods in the States here
in sunny South Africa, bummer for someone I just met, but you are the
catalyst for others to get something positive out of the situation.

Thank you so much for the first email, I received it this morning and
have the affirmation before me, it truly is an amazing life!

I have been having a very tough and unrelenting year in terms of my
business and cash flow. It has been awful. I realized also that I had
lost my way and was becoming a ‘Mr Grumpy’.

Did a Google search for some positive messages and you came into my life.

I believe in the power of good, the power of affirmations and the power of living in the here and now. Thanks for putting me back on track, my positivity levels have increased and my heart is beginning to sing its song of joy again.

I’m not out of the woods yet, but at least I am positive and know that there is not much that life can throw at you if you accept it and use most of the lessons as an opportunity to be optimistic and confident.

Greetings from sunny SA

Kindest Regards


In distressing times you can find peace with one simple shift – feeling gratitude for the experience by knowing that it is conspiring for your benefit.

When you are buried in debt, or unsure of where the next pay check’s going to com from, you can find peace if you come back to this present moment.

Forget the past. It’s done.

Forget the future. It doesn’t exist.

All that matters is right now.

And right now you are alive. You can breath. Do that. Sit. And do nothing and think nothing.

Just breath.

For 10-15 minutes. See how relieving that is. Then go take the very next action step. Knowing that ll of this…whatever it is, is absolutely here for your ultimate joy.


How did Henri get on the positive side of the mental tracks?

1st, he BELIEVED he could!

That’s why he searched google in the first place.

2nd, he was led to a reminder of what he already knew:

That this is a truly amazing life and that every single thing that happens is conspiring for his benefit.

Then what happened almost instantly for Henri?

His heart began to sing its song of joy again.

YES!! That’s it! Is there anything better in life than that? How can we give love, serve, do good, be happy, if our hearts are not singing a song of joy? And if they are, then there is nothing we cannot do.


So how can Henri stay on that side of the tracks more of the time?

By burning the habit of believing that deep into his subconscious by going through the course with real intent.

Keep it up Henri!

Thanks for sharing so we could all benefit.


If you haven’t gone through 5 Minute Mental Mastery yet, go do it!

If you’re in the middle of the 30 day process now, keep going!  Burn those beliefs deeper into your subconscious.

Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world.


Make Today Amazing!


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