The 12 pillars and 4 freedoms are all intertwined

This drawing might make it look like 3 pillars support 1 of the freedoms.

But its all one structure.

All the pillars support all the freedoms.

If you are missing a couple of the pillars, the entire house is weakened and once it starts crumbling its like a house of cards.

Example of a crumbling house of a NON-truly amazing life

There are people (we’ve all seen them) who are ‘financially independent’ and even famous in this world who are living FAR FROM a Truly Amazing Life.

They are stressed.


Miserable even.

Always wanting more.

Never satisfied.


In pain.


Their relationships stink.

And deep down they hate their life.

But they are financially free! Hurray for them! They did it! They worked so hard. They obsessed and clawed their way to the top, they conquered industries (at the expense of all their family relationships, their health, and their happiness).

Are they really free?

Sure, they don’t have to worry about money anymore. They made it. But now they have cancer and their family can’t stand them and their life is empty of joy and full of pain.

There’s nothing ‘free’ about that.

That’s not financial freedom.

The ultra-happy day laborer in the 3rd world country who is surrounded by loving family and friends, smiles constantly, and lives until he’s 90 enjoying the entire ride is far more financially free than the person above.

They are ‘free’ from the love of money.

Instead they love people.

That person has all they money they need.

They are happy and healthy – what good is all the money in the world if it isn’t buying you that?

That’s just one example.


But that’s not to say people who have achieved financial independence (meaning they don’t have to work for money every again if they choose) can’t be happy.

And it’s also not to say that working toward that isn’t a good goal.

I could list many more examples of people living truly amazing lives who are financially independent and completely full of joy.

And in fact, because of their financial abundance their joy is amplified because they now do so much good in the world and make such a positive impact in other’s lives and they have amazing relationships.

The point is…

money is not the answer.

The other point is, creating financial freedom alone is not the way to build a truly amazing life. It’s just one component.

People living a truly amazing life experience ALL 4 FREEDOMS.

And their life is nothing short of amazing.

And the 4 freedoms are ALL just natural by-products of living the 12 pillars.

If you get the 12 pillars firmly in place, you’ll naturally begin experiencing physical, mental/emotional, spiritual/relational, and financial freedom.

Those freedoms are all supported and held up by the 12 pillars.

That’s why I invite you to live the 12 pillars.

Focus on them.

They can  ALL be lived and achieved right now.


This very moment.

DESPITE your circumstances.

You can do ANY AND ALL of the 12 pillars NOW.

And doing so can instantly make your life Truly Amazing.

You don’t need to get anywhere or achieve anything to start experiencing amazing.

But in time, you’ll experience more & MORE Freedom in those 4 key areas.

Print the poster out and hang it up!

Or go order the big beautiful 18X24″ version here.

So you REMEMBER every day.


Living the 12 pillars will ground you, keep you in line with what truly matters, what brings you true fulfillment, and it will open up the possibilities and options in your life in ways you cannot even imagine. (ask me how I know;)


Next week I’m going to share one of my mentor’s teachings with you.

I found out after he started teaching me, that he shares my view EXACTLY on the 4 freedoms at the core of our life.

His mission in life is giving others those 4 freedoms.

So naturally we get along pretty well 😉

I know you’ll like what he shares.


For now, make today amazing!



PS – You are more than welcome to send free copies of the 12 pillars poster to a friend who would be blessed by it.

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