These 12 Pillars Support the 4 Freedoms We All Crave

I’m going to share with you my framework for living.

This is why life is truly amazing for me.

I’ve already shared it actually.

I’m sure you’ve seen this:


I call these the 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.

Because these 12 items literally are the framework that a truly amazing life is built out of.

One pillar is not explicitly written but implied – BELIEVE that this is a truly amazing life.


From my studies, experiences, interviews and observations, it has become clear to me that anyone who builds the house of their life with these as the framework, absolutely will live a truly amazing life.


And it is my chief aim in life to help people live a truly amazing life.

So my goal is to teach you this framework, so you can use it to help you live the truly amazing life that is your right and privilege by virtue of simply being born.

I want to clarify this framework for you so you can see what I see.


There are 12 pillars which hold up and support the 4 fundamental freedoms that we all desire and crave.

The 4 freedoms are beautiful components of the Truly Amazing Life, and they can only be fully experienced in unison when the 12 pillars are firmly in place.

These are the 4 freedoms:

  • Physical Freedom
  • Mental & Emotional Freedom
  • Spiritual & Relational Freedom
  • Financial Freedom

Here, I made this quick drawing so you can easily visualize what I’m talking about:


You’re going to hear me talking a lot about the 12 pillars and 4 freedoms.

It’s important.

It’s the framework of a Truly Amazing Life.

So when you hear me speaking of one or another pillar, you’ll clearly see how it fits into the whole.

The picture I see.

The framework I choose to build my life on.

The framework that brings me massive joy on a daily basis.

Keeping this framework clear in mind and heart, guides all of my decisions and brings me stability, clarity, and peace, among many other wonderful things.

My hope in sharing is that it brings you similar gifts.

More detail tomorrow, just wanted to give you this visual real quick today.


Think about how these pillars and freedoms are all interrelated.

I’ll give you more of my thoughts on it tomorrow.


Make today amazing!

(and yes I know how hard that is sometimes, but you can do it. Start with gratitude, even for your trials…perhaps ‘especially’ for them)



  1. Linda Shay Reply

    So very true…thank you for sharing this!

    • Absolutely! Thanks for reading Linda. What resonated most with you in that post?

      • Linda Shay Reply

        I’m reminded that we are truly the center of it all. The 12 pillars clearly focus on our own actions but they emerge from the 4 freedoms; our role in those freedoms is vital just as our role in our own lives. Quite often (and I am very guilty of this) we live in a state of “auto-pilot”, perhaps focused on some of the pillars (succeed, love, grow) but don’t work the others enough. When that happens the foundation (the 4 freedoms) suffer.
        Sidebar…up to the point where your son is reunited and you and he share some touching moments re-connecting. Great book.

  2. Aaron Kennard Reply

    Thanks for sharing Linda! Loved hearing your thoughts on it and your observation. Couldn’t agree more. We need to daily remind ourselves to fully live and engage in every way, its so easy to slip into auto-pilot, which isn’t fully living in the moment.

    And thanks for reading the book! so glad you are liking it.

    PS – regarding the 4 freedoms as the foundation, there’s actually an interesting distinction there. I place the 4 freedoms as capstones on top of and supported by the pillars. Because in my experience those freedoms emerge out of living the pillars. I know what the foundation of a Truly Amazing Life is for me, but I left it blank on purpose for now. I’m inviting people to consider for themselves what their foundation is. Of course you’re more than welcome to use the freedoms as foundation 😉 Just wanted to clarify the way I look at it. Thanks again for sharing!

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