The tragedy of good enough

6 years ago today I was curled up in the fetal position in my bed in physical agony, enduring the early stages of the systematic destruction of my large intestine by my own immune system

There was nothing pleasant about my circumstances that day…

…And as it turned out, that was mild compared to what lay in store in the coming months.

Yet I found myself somehow feeling joy that day.

Today I re-visited some of the thoughts I wrote around that time and I felt like perhaps we could all stand to be reminded of this main lesson:

Our state is not dictated by our circumstances.

It is actually possible to return to a state of joy despite physical or emotional pain and despite anything else that we are confronted with.

But so often, it’s not even the big painful things or crazy challenges that get us off track.

It’s the little daily grind that slowly adds up over time, and one day we find ourselves in a state of apathy or mediocrity and can’t remember how that happened.

I was reminded today and feel impressed to share with you a perspective that can hopefully help you back to a beautiful state today.

Back to feeling joy, love, and perhaps most importantly, peace.

Sometimes we can slip into feeling like victims to our circumstances.

Sometimes we can forget that we are actually still in the driver’s seat of our life.

And as victims, we almost instantly start to settle.

It happens to us all at some point and on some level I think.

And because life has the constant potential to be amazing, to settle for ‘mediocre’, or even ‘good enough’ is to sacrifice amazing.

And to me that is tragic.

“Life is good…I can’t stand my job, but things are good at home, and my job gives me a steady income, so I guess things aren’t so bad.”

To me, that feels a lot like settling.

A friend said that to me one day, and I wished there was something I could do to help him see the amazing life that is eagerly awaiting him the moment he opens his heart to it.

I believe this is a Truly Amazing Life. And it deserves to be lived for what it is.

I don’t believe we are just here to figure out how to have a pretty good existence.

I don’t believe it is compatible with our true nature to settle for apathy or misery in any aspect of our lives…even if we are confronted with pain or severe challenges.

I must admit I settle for those things myself sometimes…more than I would like to admit.

It’s the path of least resistance.

But the lazy path is not the path of true joy.

And I believe we all have the potential to live in joy, regardless of the circumstances we face.

I believe we are all endowed with freedom to choose better.

To not settle for apathy or mediocrity.

I believe that all people are truly amazing at the core, but many do not remember that yet.

And many of us, myself included, forget who we are.

So we aren’t *currently* enjoying the beauty and gift of this life we have been given.

To say “I hate my job,” or “I’m bored with my work, but I’m going to keep plugging away, getting by, because it pays the bills,” is just like saying, “I don’t believe I deserve an Amazing Life.

And that’s simply not true.

Every single person on earth deserves to live in the state of love.

And I don’t mean someday.

I don’t mean ‘once you check off a bunch of boxes of some list’.

It’s so easy to get sucked into thoughts like:

“I just need to wait for this to pass and suffer through it, then I’ll be happy.”

“Someday I’ll find a new job, then I’ll be happy.”

“Someday I’ll address this problem in my relationship, then I’ll be happy.”

Those are all just a bunch of lies.

We don’t need to wait for someday to return to the state of ‘amazing’.

The state of love, joy, and peace of mind and heart.

Because remember:

Our state is not dictated by our circumstances.

So today, instead of settling at all, let’s accept the truth of who we are – absolutely amazing beings fully deserving of a Truly Amazing Life – regardless of our circumstances!

Let’s go to what used to be our “boring” or “annoying” or “frustrating” jobs or businesses or home duties with a completely different set of eyes.

Let’s go there choosing to find the amazing today.

Let’s go forward saying thank you in our hearts for the abundance of opportunities right in front our face.

Let’s decide to love all aspects of our life, and pour out our soul in love and service in whatever it is we are doing.

We don’t need to be out of pain.

We don’t need a Million or 100 Million dolllars.

We don’t need a new job or anything else to experience a full, passionate, amazing life starting this very instant!!

We only need to change the way we choose to see things, and the things we see will change.

To choose to see your life as truly amazing, is to make it so.

And the first step is to say thank you, and truly mean it, for everything you see around you.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been given that awareness before I went through that torturous pain I described above.

It made all the difference in the world to me in those tough times.

I had already decided that the only way to live is to choose to say thank you for literally everything…

To believe that literally everything is conspiring for your benefit.

And because of that, I found myself weeping with joy that day six years ago…even in the midst of extreme pain. And many other days.

I experienced deeper joy during that trial than perhaps ever before because of the choice to view that pain as a blessing instead of a curse.

Lately I haven’t had any pain…and yet some days I don’t cry tears of joy.

But I could be!

And quite frankly I like the days best that include at least some tears of joy.

And why shouldn’t they all??

This is a truly amazing life after all!

So I’m grateful for this reminder today personally because I had obviously let the practice of deep gratitude slip lately.

How about you?

Do you purposefully practice deep gratitude each day?

It’s a proven fast path back to joy.

Highly worthy of making it a central daily practice.

I hope you are well.

Let me know if there’s something you are struggling with at the moment that you could use a fresh perspective on. I can’t promise a lengthy response to everyone, but you never know!

I will do my best to help if I can.

Make today amazing!



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