The Positive Thinking Secret is not revealed to the faint of heart…

WHOA!!  Talk about contrast!

I’m getting some amazing reviews from some folks I’ve never met who are finding my book on Amazon:

Only Awesome Days for me now:  I love this book.  It truly gets to the heart of the matter and is definitely an eye opener.  Life is amazing and awesome!

Angela Cantley

Couldn't put it down:  Wow.  Very Inspirational.  I feel better already.  Thanks for telling your story Aaron.  May God continue to bless your family.

Lela Diane Hurley

Great read! Most compelling argument for "clean" eating yet!

Paula L. Hays
Wow!  Thank you Angela, Paula, and Lela!  I’m honored and grateful you benefited from it.

But then I got this review:

Disgusting, this book is misleading and downright gross - the details about his anal issue were too graphic / I was horrified and couldn't flip the pages fast enough to try and find the "positive" message from the book - which I never did. Truly disappointed - and left with nightmares!!!

Jodi (no last name given)

OUCH!  That stings a bit.

Certainly I have no desire to mislead someone into reading the book, so I have to wonder if I need to revise the description on Amazon or something.

This is what it says on Amazon…what do you think??

Author Aaron Kennard exposes in frank and emotional detail how this secret revitalized his own life overnight, and then later sustained him with the peace, hope, & faith required to navigate torturous unimaginable pain and disease while feeling immense gratitude for it all. The Positive Thinking Secret has already helped many find greater freedom to enjoy life. You're next.

Do I need to give a more explicit disclaimer?

Truly I don’t want people reading it who may get sick or have nightmares.  And I wondered a lot as I wrote whether I was including too much of the intensity I suffered.

But I felt compelled to leave it there for some reason.

Obviously the majority of commenters are thankful I did!

I aim to speak the raw truth as I experience it.  I guess that’s going to offend some people.

Whaddaya do? 

As far as never finding the ‘positive’ message, I’m not sure how that is possible.

But hey…this book is not for everyone!

But if you think you can handle it, I’d be honored if you read it – you can pick it up on Amazon here.

Your honest reviews are appreciated.

***But here’s your fair warning if you really don’t do well with some intensity – Just read the first and last chapters.  They contain a nice summary of the meat of the message without going into all the suffering.

Please comment right here below and tell me what you think about this crazy extreme of comments.


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