The most animated response so far…

The most animated response so far…

After week one (as some of you remember) I like to ask that question “What do you think so far?” as you are going through 5 Minute Mental Mastery.

Well this response takes the cake ‘so far’;)

Had to share it with you:

“So far? You ask me WHAT DO I THINK SO FAR??

OK I will tell you….its wonderful!


I’ve been doing. Saying. Writing.

And I have received free service from my tablet to have it repaired from Samsung thru their ceo…

I have found ten dollars in my pocket I asked God to help me find…

I have been able to smile upon waking each morning and knowing I do in fact have an amazing life…

I found a way to supply rain gear and warm clothes to my homeless friend where I volunteer…

I was somehow able to print out a label and change my password. Don’t ask me to do it again!! I’m astounded and elated I did this.

For $50.00 my dear husband found the bike I have had on my list for a year.

I am so grateful for so many things.

Life is so good, all things big and small.

It is all conspiring for my benefit.

I found the perfect home for my deaf and abused doxie I have fostered. I have been looking for three years for his perfect parents. I rescued him from kicking electric probes. Mouth was tied shut. He knows sign now. God is good all the time.

Your system I will do daily and work thru each experience.

Want me to go on?!!!

Thank you so much! Looking forward to each mail you send.

I will keep going and growing positively.


Hello!? You guys out there? This is legit stuff. We are in control of our own destiny. We get to decide the outlook we want to take in life…which changes everything.

Just ask Eileen who decides if her life is amazing!

Here’s the 5 Minute Mental Mastery system that can help you.


If you’re going through it right now, and not experiencing what Eileen is, are you TAKING ACTION?

Are you fully committing to yourself and the simple program daily?

Nothing happens without you.

You are the key ingredient. your commitment and action.


I hope you are living amazingly like Eileen today!

If not? You can.

I believe in you.

And it is likely simpler than you may think.


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