The Moon app is getting closer

Hey [First Name],

Here’s a video update on The Moon – the mobile app I’m creating for you that I’ve been talking about the past few months.

Click here to see the video update

In case you missed the earlier messages I sent about it, I’m creating an app which will allow you to get daily training on the 12 Habits of a Truly Amazing Life, directly on your mobile device, without the distraction of email, or facebook or any other app.

It’s a dedicated app for you to get training and instruction from me, but equally or more important…

…It will also be a place for you to track your own daily goals and habits and interact with a small accountability team who you can report into daily to help you stay on track.

The app is going to be absolutely transformational because it will put you in a much stronger position to actually be able to do the things you know you want to do consistently.

What do you struggle to do regularly that you want to do?

Exercise? Eat Healthy? Meditation? Journaling? Daily gratitude?

Anything you know that is good for you to do habitually, but you struggle to do it consistently, that is what this app will help change for you.

Through proper instruction, and accountability to a small group of people who care, you can create life transforming habits.

My short daily training and regular motivation will be there to assist you and will be highly valuable — but the biggest game-changer is going to be having a system for tracking those things that are most important to you.

Then reporting in on them to people who care.

And importantly, a supportive environment with those people who are also working on important things in their life.

The #1 challenge I have faced personally in living a Truly Amazing Life, and the challenge I have heard more than anything else from others, is the challenge to actually do the things we know to do.

This app is going to solve that challenge by giving you clarity, focus, and most importantly, accountability to other people.

I’m super excited for it to be ready for some of you soon!

To see the latest version of the app and to get the details about getting first access as a beta user…

Check out the video update here.

The early access beta version is limited to the first 50 people and a bunch of those spots are already filled so don’t delay if you want to be part of the group that gets to start using the app prior to the public launch toward the end of this year.

Hope all is well.

Make Today Amazing!


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  1. Joyce C Cook Reply

    How is the app going. I am new to your site. Love your books and look forward to growing in spirit and life.

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