The A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life

This is a 2635 word short book 100 words per letter of the alphabet on the principles of living a truly amazing life.

The A to Z of a Truly Amazing Life


Life is meant to be amazing.

Not mediocre. Not just good. Not even great. But Amazing!!

Your birthright is a Truly Amazing Life. Nobody can take that away from you.

It is within your power to live amazingly despite your circumstances, no matter what, no matter who you are, where you were born, or who you know.

Living a Truly Amazing Life has little to do with material possessions and everything to do with your thoughts, choices, and the way you decide to live your life.

To choose to see your life as Truly Amazing is to make it so.


Everything is conspiring for your benefit. There is no ‘bad day’. Acquire the habit of believing that and your life will be nothing short of amazing.

You will overcome all obstacles. Even the impossible and horrifying. Even though they may beat you into submission, discouragement, or depression seeing no end in sight, you will still smile inside knowing it is for your good.

And that knowledge will be an unquenchable spark in your soul that will never go out, no matter what.

In fact the greater the challenge means more amazingness is coming your way than you can possibly imagine.


Living a Truly Amazing Life is simply a matter of decision. You can choose to celebrate life or curse it.

Is anyone else choosing that for you? Can they?

No. Your response to life is solely Your Responsibility.

Only you decide whether you celebrate life…or hate it. Or simply survive it. Or let it pass by unaware in your zombie-like daze.

You can choose to live a mediocre, bland, or miserable existence. Or you can choose to celebrate each moment of precious life and live in joy.

You are free to choose! So why not choose to Celebrate?!


It takes courage to live a truly amazing life. You have to dare to stand up to your own fears. The essential actions are:

Stop settling for mediocre and
Start living life fully right now!

Stop worrying about the future and all the potential problems and
Start creating the life of your dreams right now!

Stop waiting for tomorrow to be happy and
Start feeling good right now!

Stop complaining about the lack, hardship, or pains in life and
Start being thankful for the every single thing!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and
Start empowering others to greatness right now!


To live in a constant state of gratitude is to live in joy. Even challenges and trials don’t stop you from experiencing joy when you are in a state of awe and gratitude for everything in life. In fact they only deepen your joy.

When you have zero doubt that everything is conspiring for your benefit, you are free to enjoy each moment regardless of pleasure or pain. Because then there is awe, wonder, and amazement in ALL things.

Can you see that? Can you see that the meaning you attach to everything is your own choice?

Enjoy every moment.


I do not believe we came to earth to discover the secrets to
a pretty good existence.

It’s not compatible with our true nature, to waste even one moment settling for a second-rate, miserable experience in any aspect of our lives.

By choosing to complain and settle we bind ourselves to mediocrity.

Each person on earth is equally endowed with freedom to choose to live in awe and gratitude.

All people are truly amazing, but many do not remember that yet so they move about in denial of their chains of quiet misery, sacrificing their precious gift of life.


Many people just want to be comfortable. Not knowing that comfort kills. Slowly. Imperceptibly. One drop at a time, day by day.

If you’re not growing you’re dying. And you only grow outside of your comfort zone.

Life and joy happen outside the comfort zone. Death and misery are inevitable within. That’s the crazy paradox of fear.

It lies about the terror’s ‘out there’, and lulls us into it’s sinister and deadly security blanket. In truth the thing you fear most is the first thing you must do.

And when you do that thing?

Welcome back to your amazing life.


True happiness is the nature of our very existence and can only be found within oneself. We all know this. Yet our goals and strivings constantly trick us into believing our happiness lies in their achievement.

For every moment we live thinking happiness is ‘out there’, we suffer unhappiness.

Striving, reaching for it, for days, sometimes years, in an undertone of misery and emptiness. Yet achievements will never bring lasting happiness.

But not to worry!

Re-recognizing the scam, we simply begin right now expressing gratitude for our abundance of blessings.

Bingo! Connection to our internal source of happiness restored!


Patience is essential because life is incremental.

We don’t plant seeds and expect fruit the next day. And a wise farmer doesn’t dread each day until harvest.

At times we’re impatient for the prizes we seek.

But impatience is our clue that we’ve slipped in the trap of believing our joy is at the X on the map.

Yes, goals are important!

But seek them in stride, life’s a journey that gives you joy the whole ride. It’s yours for the taking today, just decide.

There’s as much joy to be found in the striving as there is in arriving.


Joy is the purpose, our reason for existence, yet inevitably we meet with pain and resistance.

So then is our purpose impossible to attain?

Not when we learn to find joy in the pain.

Adversity is a blessing, and when viewed through that lens, our suffering decreases and often it ends.

Kahlil Gibran wrote: “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

So embrace the sorrow and accept the pain.

With awareness that both make room for more joy, we learn first to accept, and then to employ, gratitude for literally every single thing.


How do you feel when you’re unkind?


How do you feel when you’re kind?


Any questions?


Here’s living amazingly in one powerful word: Kindness.

It starts toward yourself with your habits of thought, which create your mood instantly, like it or not.

Depending on whether you choose kindness or spite you fill yourself up with either turmoil or light.

The choice is yours, but habits have carved deep paths in your brain that need to resolve.

These paths need re-doing through small efforts each day. So be kind in your thoughts, and joy comes your way.


What is true love? Unconditional love.

A gift all can give to oneself and all others, and the greatest gift of all.

Full of mercy, forgiveness, patience, and understanding.

Not requiring anything of anyone, it’s a heart of compassion regardless of misdeeds or offense, which sees through all the masks and straight to the soul which yearns to be loved.

Love can be given despite the circumstance. Simply think “I Love you” toward all. Give it a chance. You’ll get caught by love’s spell and get lost in the trance because each life it flows through love will instantly enhance.


Life balance mastery – a wonderful ideal, to strive for throughout life with effort and zeal.

With mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships, and vocation all taking their proper place in priority and each given appropriate attention daily avoiding accruing painful debts to be paid later due to avoidance or neglect of one area.

It starts in your mind.

Everything does.

Master your mind and you master your life.

Nothing can stop the master of mind, no matter what happens they will weather the storm. The master blasts through the dark every time, and handles all obstacles with grace as they form.


A truly amazing life is yours for the living right now.

This very moment.

The sole requirement is a decision to believe that everything in the past, present, and future is conspiring for your ultimate benefit.

That choice allows you to fully experience the precious, wonderful gift of this moment of life you have been given.

It grants you freedom to live fully right now, releasing you from the bondage of regret over the past or worry about the future.

There is infinite power, joy, and love available when you are awake, aware, and present in the here and now.


Optimism is virtually the same thing as faith; there are great misconceptions here though. Such a shame!

Sometimes confused with being out of touch, with reality, wearing blinders, or loopy and such.

But optimism does not hide from what is, its a choice to view life through true reality’s lens. To see the big picture of life’s grand voyage, not getting hung up on today’s limited message.

A journey ascending majestic mountains of joy, then painful forests where fear attempts to destroy. The masterpiece clearly shows perfection of life includes happiness as well as sorrow and strife.

Perspective enables optimism.


Life is painful, there’s nothing we can do to stop that, and it is folly to try.

Pain is good.

Not to be sought for its own sake, but embraced for the sake of life, growth, and joy.

Pain is the master teacher and its presence means it is time to learn.

With greater intensity comes more amazing possibilities, impossible without the gift of pain.

Hating, resisting, and cursing pain only traps you in a self-made prison of fear.

Learn to love pain and a universe of infinite potential and freedom is yours.

Enduring great pain is a privilege.


Too often we allow the silent noise of distraction to insidiously destroy our quiet peace.

But shutting out the noise we regain our connection to self, purpose, love and ease.

Ego desires constant chatter, knowing the power of silence within, to subdue it and block its intent to shatter our dreams and allow drifting in mediocrity to win.

With dispersed focus our energy for creation dissolves and loses its vast potential.

But with quiet we find joy in our mind and aligned we are exponentially powerful.

Quiet stillness replaces fearful lack-induced anxiety with immense peace in life’s abundance reality.


Being realistic is tricky indeed.

What is real? It’s hard to concede. The visions in our minds or things we see with our eyes?

Often choosing just eyes then what do we get? Whatever the tide brings in as we let life happen to us; we moan and complain of repetitive pain as our mind goes insane.

But choosing to add faith filled reality in our mind we see life happening for us and everything’s fine.

It’s all good, life’s amazingness now understood.

So what’s your reality?

You get to decide. That’s the beautiful thing, you create your own ride.


“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” according to the inspired Earl Nightingale.

Embrace this and you can succeed right this instant, no matter your circumstance, just be persistent.

Take one small step forward and you’re a success.

Redefine it this way and you’ll clean up the mess of your head filled with thoughts of failure and gloom.

Redefine it and instantly clean the whole room of your mind, and create a clean slate indeed. One step turns your state to joy, so you need just one action progressing your goal, that’s how; you can succeed right now.


Are you escaping thinking?

When you fear the silence in your mind you fill it as fast as possible.

As with all fear it’s best to confront.

Go to the silence. See what you find. Be still and direct your own thoughts with your mind.

Defaulting to others thinking for you as they please is sacrificing your creative power for the sake of ease.

Every thought you dwell on creates your life experience.

When you clutter your mind with meaningless distraction that precious moment to create a beautiful new reality is lost forever.

Your thoughts create your life.

Choose wisely.


We learn and think we know much but true understanding only comes when we renew our remembrance of how little we actually know.

This opens us to see other angles and grow. To deepen our clarity, expand our mind, and remove limitations one at a time.

An example is meditation which eludes the majority because misunderstood it is undervalued vastly.

If we knew the immense power our quiet mind possessed we would eagerly meditate, skipping some rest.

So true understanding in all areas then, brings motivation and expansion.

But how? And when?

Keep open the mind. All of the time.


Vulnerability is weakness? Hardly the case.

The opposite is true, it’s actually strength.

Afraid to be vulnerable we hold it all in, and hold up our mask with painted on grin, when inside we just wish we could let it all out, but the risk and uncertainty stifles our shout.

We love it when others expose their raw truth and feel instant connection to their inner goof. So why wouldn’t they love ours just the same! Oh yeah, they would! No need to feel shame.

Take heart! There’s exhilarating joyful flow in baring wide open the truth of your soul.


To many work is only a four letter word, just ‘surviving it’ year after year, it’s absurd.

No! Engross yourself, no matter your task! Give your whole heart and you’ll create art that lasts.

Your work done with love will surely endure in memories of many because it is pure.

And never retire, but if you must, re-hire yourself quick in a cause you trust to propel you forward, keep you alive with excitement in serving as daily you strive toward your worthy ideal until the day you die, at a ripe old age still with vision held high.


Xenodochial pronounced ‘zeena-doh-key-ul’ – means “Friendly to strangers”….what a great way to be!

It blesses their life, and yours equally. Well maybe not equal, maybe one gets more, but who cares, what’s important are the good feelings galore.

Would be hard to overdo and really tough to touch an excess of friendless, kindness or smiling too much.

Rooted in love or else why be a friend to a total stranger you may never see again?

Because your heart’s full of joy and you love to have fun, and making people smile is just how you wang chung!


Remember who you are. Look into your eyes. You will shed tears of joy each time you realize.

There is power and joy in remembering who you are and it is essential to true happiness. Forgetting this alway brings unhappiness.

But you can always remind yourself.

Just look in the mirror and ask “who are you?”

Allow answers to flow and keep asking until you feel the complete joy of knowing that you are an infinite, joyful, powerful, loving, and creative being!

Ironically forgetting yourself by serving others is the other sure-fire way of reconnecting to the real you.


Zing: a lively, zestful quality; zest, vigor, animation, vitality.

Who does not want to live life like that?

And we can!

No matter our status, situation, or past, we can choose a new approach to life that will last.

Like this list we can all choose to finish with zing! Today is the first of the rest where we’ll sing our heart’s true song and refuse to hide. No regrets! We won’t die with our music inside.

Let’s live life with zing by deciding today to see everything conspiring to bring life our way.

This is a truly amazing life!

The End!

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  1. Jim Scolari Reply

    I learned a new word, Xenodochial………a challenge for my introvert personality….I’ll try it.

    • That was a new word for me too! Thanks to the community for pointing it out to me.

  2. Cathy Peterson Reply

    first I have to say I like them all but I find that I really related to Pain and realistic. Yes I have have had a lot of painful things happen in my life ie… getting fired from jobs, losing both set of grandparent and a adorable little girl that I had two great year of taking care of before we lost the right to adopt her. But the reality is we knew going into foster care that could happen but my heart believed in the system of doing what is best for the child. Now it is to get to work on me and not worry what others think of me or what I’m doing!

    • Very good Cathy – I love your attitude of that last sentence. You can do it!

  3. Pranamee Reply

    Hey Aaron,
    I went through your writings and found out that the main message you want to give is “everything is conspiring for our benefit”.
    ok, all my life, i am 30 now, the only thing i wanted is a best friend/soulmate/partner/companion to share, enjoy, explore , live life. all my wishes, dreams, thoughts ends in this one person. i feel if i get him, i need nothing else and together we will experience the goods and bads of life and make life very adventurous, exciting, amazing. i dnt want anything else. but i am 30, all my friends are settled, and i have never found him. i find everything very boring. Now, where if the conspired benefit here? I am thankful to God that I am healthy, sane, have family and friends. But i am not happy. What do you have to say?

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