TAL 20: Nick Breau Re-Programs Aaron’s Emotional Eating Habit

Show Highlights

03:01 – Aaron discusses his emotional-eating habits

07:40 Healthy emotions vs. normal subjective emotions

11:13 NLP Technique; reprogramming the subconscious mind

12:07 Picturing a present state when Aaron feels stressed or overwhelmed

18:20 Aaron tries a mental technique to shift his unhealthy eating habits when feeling low.

21:09 Nick instructs on how to set the mind to remove the unwanted eating habits

24:47 The shocking response of Aaron after altering a certain behavior patter on his subconscious

35:00 Wrap up discussion of the results a month later.

Detailed Intro

This is part 2 in a series of interviews I’m doing with the breakthrough specialist Nick Breau.

On the last call we discussed in detail a lot of the real examples of breakthroughs Nick has helped facilitate in his clients which were super impressive.  And we both thought it would be a really helpful thing to show you how Nick does some of his work, so for anyone unfamiliar with how it is to work with someone like Nick in uncovering limiting beliefs or reprogramming the mind, you can see it first hand.

So we picked me as a guinea pig, and in this call you’re going to see Nick working through the process of helping me reverse my automatic behavior when it comes to emotional eating.

The idea here isn’t to suppose you have the exact same situation as me, but rather it’s our hope that by listening in on how this process goes it will open your mind to the possibility of breakthroughs in your own life in various areas.  And hopefully help you see some other methods that are available for your help that you probably weren’t aware of.

One other possibility is, and this really may not work well, but it is feasible that you could put yourself in my shoes, replace the answers to Nick’s questions with your own, create your own visualization and it’s possible that you could use this call to effect some breakthroughs in your own life.

Again, I’m not sure on that…but if you test it out and have success I’d love that and I’d love to hear about it.

This interview was recorded over a month ago, and now the results are in of how it affected my life, and I will share that with you today directly after the call with Nick.

Nick has also agreed since this call, to do a special breakthrough call session sometime in the upcoming weeks where everyone will be invited to join who wants to work on releasing the emotional eating habit.

This is a super common habit so I’m sure many of you will really benefit from this call, and I’m really grateful to Nick for offering this super valuable service to everyone in the Truly Amazing Life family

Since the dates and details aren’t set yet, make sure you’re on my email list to get the updates and invitation to this special breakthrough call with Nick.

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