TAL 9: Why you should do what you love, and do it now with Arvind Devalia

Arvind-Devalia640x640Arvind Devalia is a top coach, popular blogger and Amazon best-selling author of “Get the Life you Love and Live It”. He has been coaching for 10 years now and is know for his infectious and energetic nature and a deep desire to help others.

His main blog is at http://www.ArvindDevalia.com/blog

On this interview you’re going to hear about Arvind’s three C’s.

His core values in life which are so simple and are such an easy guide to what brings him true fulfillment.

He also shares some great stories from his life that led him to the place he is now.

What makes Arvind’s life Truly amazing?  Simple…the 3 C’s.

Quote From Arvind:

“We all want a life of joy and fulfillment. The secret to an amazing life is find what you really love doing.  Do it. And look for ways of contributing to others, connecting and celebrating.”

Find out what that means to Arvind and how he came to believe that way.

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Top Book Recommendation By Arvind

A Return To Love – By Marianne Williamson

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