TAL 8: Why getting outside and involved in a community enhances your life with Stacy Bare


Veteran and director of sierra club outdoors Stacy Bare describes what makes life truly amazing to him, and it’s mainly about loving community and the outdoors.

“I get to go outside every day and I get to help other people go outside every day and that makes me thrilled to get up every morning.”

Stacy suffered post traumatic stress, depression, mild traumatic brain-injury after getting out of the military.

This forceful statement from a friend helped him find his way out of the struggles

come climb with me, commit suicide, or go back into the military.  I’m tired of hearing about it.

Getting outdoors with a supporting community helped pull Stacy out of his challenges.  Now he is living in his dream job of being in the outdoors with a community and helping others like he was helped.

Here’s an insight into why a loving community is so helpful for Stacy:

“That’s the challenge right?  We’re like ‘I’ve got to have this amazing life’.  And it’s true, life is really amazing, but sometimes it really hurts.  And with my community I don’t have to hold everything up.  I can collapse.  I can be sad, I can be hurt, because I know that people are going to help me move through that.  It’s a huge help and it’s taken me years to really realize that.”

Stacy really understands the importance of loving community and relationships, and it’s a great reminder to us of what is truly important and what really helps us be fulfilled, peaceful, and happy.

Listen in to find out why that is so important and how you will be positively impacted from enhancing both of those things in your life.

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Oh The Places You’ll Go – Dr. Seuss

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